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Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

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2 hours ago, Valey80 said:

Would be interesting to re-run this. Take, let's say $10,000 of XRP 12 months back, theoretically trade based on the daily recommendations of this TA, what would be the value of the holding today?


$50. Those numbers are based on users opinions voted in and averaged. nothing more. 

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14 minutes ago, RegalChicken said:

What usually cracks me up about TA is the articles I see usually say "if the price raises to this, you should buy, but if it drops to this, you should sell.". .......so buy high, sell low.

Whereas if you just dollar cost averaged a worthwhile asset you'd probably end up with the same or better results. 

I would take that even a bit further and say that dollar cost averaging and holding will lead to far better results for vast majority of people than active trading will.

Active trading is a bit like playing the wheel of fortune;  everyone thinks they will walk away as a multi-millionaire, but most walk away with a bag full of groceries.  Or, they could just hold and be guaranteed to walk away with a car or a house.

Ever watch Family Guy?  Remember that episode when Peter won some contest and had to choose a prize that was either a boat or a mystery box? "Lois, a boat is a boat, but the mystery box could be anything!  It could even be a boat!!


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6 minutes ago, Zerp_Legend said:

OMG they are so awesome, I will buy Zerps from them just because they are so COOL  (Repost but you gotta see this)



that's neat. their website doesn't tell us anything though, like where they're from. 


edit: i see on twitter they are from London. 

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2 minutes ago, Zerp_Legend said:


Who is Coinbase?

Everybody, share the sh!t out of this.

More people need to be aware of easy ways to purchase XRP.

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2 minutes ago, RegalChicken said:

will they have an app that allows for easy buys like Robinhood, Schwab, Coinbase, etc? 

They are a completely new Exchange but you are right - These things are important, they will gladly answer your questions on twitter :)

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