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  1. https://flarefinance.medium.com/flare-finance-will-launch-first-experimental-finance-exfi-platform-on-the-songbird-network-195ef008906c
  2. Copy and paste coming up: To utilise FLR for FTSO delegation and using in dApps like Flare Finance, FLR is wrapped and becomes WFLR which is a separate token. There was concern as the DFLR airdrop was to FLR holders and if your FLR tokens were being utilised as WFLR at the time of the snapshot, then you would miss out. Flare Finance have announced that they will airdrop DFLR to those who are utilising their FLR (WFLR) on the Flare Finance platform at the time of the snapshot. If your WFLR are being utilised outside of Flare Finance, then you need to check with that particular platform or FTSO provider that they will support the airdrop to WFLR holders. If not, then you will need to stop delegating before the snapshot/airdrop so your tokens are FLR at that point in time. https://youtu.be/RtBvSvBJdsE
  3. Flare Finance will airdrop to DFLR to those who are utilising WFLR on the Flare Finance platform. If you are utilising your WFLR outside of Flare Finance, you must check with that particular FTSO or dApp that they will support the DFLR airdrop.
  4. KYC will be carried out by Civic https://www.civic.com/
  5. Flare Finance has announced support for GitCoin: This will be the last token supported outside of Governance. Going forward, tokens will have to be proposed and voted on in Flare Finance Governance during beta and when launched. https://gitcoin.co/
  6. I think I recall Stellar gearing up towards tokenised securities for Delivery Versus Payment (DvP) way back when. I think Tiffany was rather public about it too.
  7. Flare are currently being audited by TrailOfBits. FF recently completed an audit by TrailOfBits and are currently under an audit by CertiK. There will be a final audit by Halborn after the beta. I think @JASCoder is barking up the right tree
  8. Hey folks. According to the Flare Finance white paper, only F-Assets had the potential to farm for initial YFIN rewards. One of the founders have just announced on Telegram a change to this allocation which should please those who are holding supported Y-Assets. I suppose you have also noticed there that another supported asset is being announced today too.
  9. I’m not fully convinced by the sell pressure due to taxes. I get there will be some pressure by retail, but I’m assuming that any big players with weight in the game and would like to keep it, would pay taxes from the cookie jar and leave the honey in the pot.
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