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  1. This is the original source with better context: https://www.ecb.europa.eu/press/key/date/2020/html/ecb.sp200910~31e6ae9835.en.html I've bolded the parts of what I think Lagarde refers to as a 'foreign provider'
  2. I'm not seeing why this may be good for XRP?
  3. I’m not clued up on VM’s sorry. P.S I’ve added an edit to the above post
  4. If you download Bithomp Tools to a usb stick, extract it on to your laptop and open the html file in your laptops browser, you’ll be able to generate an XRP key-pair and do the account set transaction. To test, send 25 XRP from Kraken to the new address and then try an offline transaction with your new wallet and send 5 XRP back to Kraken. You’ll need a QR code reader on your phone. Most modern phones have them built in to the camera app. Edit: Once you’ve generated the wallet and tested that you’ve wrote down the key-pair correctly and done the test transactions back and fore t
  5. @tar Do you have a spare computer lying around?
  6. You should be good if you follow these instructions https://coil.com/p/wietse/Prepare-for-claiming-your-Spark-token-Flare-Networks-a-tool-for-XUMM-XRPToolkit/NkXJQUqpi
  7. I wonder if cash usage has anything to do with the decision. Both China and India have a high percentage of cash users. China also banned crypto trading a while ago. Maybe those nations hadn’t developed the technology to monitor the inflow/outflow of money going in/out of crypto. A temporary ban until they can monitor the situation. Just pondering 🤔 https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/wap.business-standard.com/article-amp/economy-policy/cash-is-still-king-in-india-but-digital-payments-rising-sharply-rbi-120022500056_1.html
  8. @xerxesramesepolybius Well, there’s no denying the fact that XRP is the clear leader as there are no other competitors to ODL yet. Even if you think ODL is a three-legged donkey called Captain Obvious, he’ll still be the clear winner in a race with only one horse. The fact that that pundit has been paid by the horse owner will have no influence on the punters decisions until there are other horses in the race.
  9. If Kraken doesn’t participate, the simplest method would be to transfer your XRP to a participating exchange for the snapshot.
  10. @Cesar1810 Changing the ‘gramatica’ helped a lot. Thanks
  11. @peanut56 I meant on a personal level. Something we can all do right now with presently available tools on the XRPL.
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