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  1. Flintstone

    I got banned

    Well, there’s quite a few there who disagree with your ban. You’re a well-liked character throughout this forum and CSC. I understand your decision considering the personal circumstances you endured last year and I hope you can help your family out sooner rather than later. Wish you all the breast 👍
  2. The next paragraph after this one is what they are testing. Here’s how TIPS works: https://www.ecb.europa.eu/paym/target/tips/html/index.en.html And previous discussion about TIPS vs Ripple here:
  3. Did you do a back up of your Toast wallet first?
  4. I see your point. I can see FI's opting for BNB instead.... based on gains in a bear market
  5. Flintstone

    I got banned

    5 wallets would be at least 100xrp. 20xrp minimum to activate 👍
  6. Besides a few colleagues in work, I didn’t think there was anyone else until I seen an old friend in a Crypto Facebook group. I joined and noticed there was quite a few people I knew, including 2 of my best mates! They were all over shitcoins, didn’t know what PoW was, debit card purchases on Conbase and cheerleading Electroneum to me 😂
  7. Phewww.... Thought it was Max Entropy!
  8. Flintstone

    I got banned

    As long as your not in it for the tech Zenkert! 😂 Hope it pays off for you 🤞
  9. That’s a good enough reason as any. Probably the best actually. Haskell is a functional language and is critical to aviation, military, communications etc as it is verifiable mathematically and offers high assurance of what a program should be doing. If you want a high degree of certainty, then Cardano will be best placed for that market sector. Im a big fan of Cardano..... still haven’t bought any though
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