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  1. You also need to consider supply and demand. If there is no demand, the price isn’t going to rise (utility). Also, the price could rise due to utility without regulation and legislation (from the U.S). If the rest of the world carry on regardless with more corridors and growing volume of ODL.
  2. There have been loads of small transactions lately with dodgy links in the memo field of the transaction. Maybe that has been flagged by Bitdefender, but not sure what the threat could possibly be exploring a transaction from Ripple. You’d have to contact them to find out. Guessing it’s just a blanket flag. @Warbler May possibly know something regarding this issue.
  3. @facts_dispenser If XRP hit $10 in 10 years, I would be over the moon. That’s a massive ROI. Just ignore all price predictions or you’ll be continually frustrated for the next 10 years. Monitor ODL growth because that is what will eventually increase the price. If ODL volume keeps growing, I’m happy.
  4. @Tinyaccount Would be rather amusing if they are here to complain after buying at the recent premium of $0.25.
  5. Oh yes, me too. It was supposed to be a reply to the comment above 🙃
  6. Maybe bad news for those trying to make quick profits from speculation. Im waiting on ODL demand for my profits, but I’ll be equally happy to cash out into speculation if it hits my target.
  7. A google search should sort you out https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=bohemian+grove+owl&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari Not sure what the link is with Christine’s broach though 🤨 My daughter has Owl earrings and Owl bed linen.
  8. @JASCoder Section 4 may potentially have some helpful info too. I stop short of routing through the references though
  9. @JASCoder Not really clued up in all of this but maybe 3.5 on this has some info regarding FX overheads. https://essay.utwente.nl/78027/1/Ginneken_MA_BMS.pdf If not, its a good read anyways
  10. @TiffanyHayden You think ODL can’t compete with a wholesale CBDC? Is that what you are saying?
  11. For the U.S. that may be the case. Even if/when wholesale CBDC’s get the green light, they still have liquidity management costs for cross border payments which will keep Ripple competitive in the sector. I don’t think ‘level playing field’ is been thrown around without purpose.
  12. How are Central Banks, IBM and Stellar relevant to the discussion of Ripple’s ODL and it’s effects on the price of XRP? You are so far off topic that you may as well be on a different forum... at the very least start a new topic.
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