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  1. C’mon Director, keep up. This has nothing to do with XRP. You should know this!
  2. Binance (non U.S) KuCoin, poloniex, Kraken. These will likely want name and address but no photo kyc. More anonymous would be sites like Changelly but I think the fees are a bit higher.
  3. Depends on which country you live in but a google search should help you out. Some exchanges do not require KYC unless you need to withdraw more than 2 BTC.
  4. There was a poll on Twitter recently(Best source for people in the ‘know’), BTC up or down 20%? - 20,000 people - 50/50 split. I think it possible that this coming halvening may repeat the same effect, maybe to a lesser degree, but I don’t see a fourth, not unless there is a change that stops mining pools gravitating towards cheap electricity and becoming centralised. Eric does have a point though, BTC is a good hedge against the USD. Regarding the downside, I’m not sure. XRP usually falls further than BTC, but how far will BTC go up or down? What will the price need to be for mining to cover costs? Will Miguel fire up his programmatic sales again? This market is bloody crazy. I should really stop with opinions because I really haven’t got a clue!
  5. https://www.bis.org/publ/work765.pdf After reading that I came to the same conclusion.
  6. The lack of volume/liquidity makes it rather easy for it to go somewhere.... Up and down though. Good for trading a playstash. It’s main volume is from the XRP pairing on Bitrue. Used to find that it didn’t follow XRP though. When XRP went up, there was fomo from CSC back into XRP. Made a nice chunk on the recent run.
  7. @SquaryBone You do not need to print out a paper wallet. You can just write down your generated key-pair.
  8. There should be a ‘utility floor’ somewhere down there. How far is anyone’s guess, but for the present volume, it’s quite low. Being tied to BTC will probably prevent it from going that low, unless BTC becomes unprofitable to mine for a long period and dies or BTC goes off on a run and Miguel fires up his program, then follows BTC on the way back down.
  9. The teacher seemed genuinely apologetic, but she could have been laughing all the while!
  10. That’s what my daughter worked out rather quickly, but a few letters in I told her that she was wrong as there seemed to be an anomaly. Turns out that the phrase contained 4 mistakes which made it rather mind boggling! (The word ‘usually’ being the fourth) I messaged the teacher to point it out (teachers pet) and she said that she’s used this resource before and never had a complaint. My daughter found it rather amusing that her teacher pulled the activity from the app and left a 🤦‍♀️ doh apology in its place.
  11. I used to enjoy these riddles by BG123. Then the $589+ EOY picture came out. That was pretty much the end of my fascination. Although, BG123 did resurface this morning, in the form of my daughters teacher. She sent this activity. Absolutely stressed me out!!! I usually love these but this was cruel. 20XRP to the first person to complete it.
  12. If Ripple is successful and captures a large chunk of cross border volume, there may not be much of the Escrow left. Imagine our local pessimists here are correct and this bear market continues on its downward trajectory for the next few years. XRP sitting at $0.01 all the while new corridors are opening, new customers adopting ODL and volume growing. $10 million dollar would buy you 1 billion XRP. That Escrow would soon diminish under those circumstances.
  13. I would say c) was the main objective. https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/32253/ripple-exec-says-dlt-not-ready-for-banksyet Would depositing XRP to a particular destination tag be considered an attack? Not sure if that could play havoc with account audits or not. Or maybe the word ‘attacker’ is just a substitute for ‘nosey barsteward’ which is a yes to all
  14. I wouldn’t have chose any of those seven either. I guess they have their reasons 🤔 Just realised the trade volume on ETC. Found that quite surprising. Guess that’s why it’s on the list.
  15. https://www.bitstamp.net/article/bitstamp-exploring-support-additional-digital-asse/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=New_Assets Bitstamp is reviewing a number of digital assets to provide our customers with a broader range of trading options. We have been closely monitoring the market and performing due diligence to determine which projects fit within our internal digital asset framework. Today, we are announcing that we are actively exploring support for the following cryptocurrencies and stablecoins: • Basic Attention Token (BAT) • Ethereum Classic (ETC) • Paxos Standard (PAX) • USD Coin (USDC) • Stellar Lumens (XLM) • Zcash (ZEC) • 0x (ZRX) The decision to support any additional assets requires strict technical, safety and compliance reviews, as well as regulatory approval in certain jurisdictions. As part of this exploration process, you may see signs of engineering work on our platform related to the assets listed above. We cannot guarantee that this will result in any new listings and it does not disqualify any other assets from being monitored for possible support at Bitstamp. While we will continue to take a thoughtful approach to any new listings, our customers have asked for more assets and we believe providing them with a broader offering is the next step of our mission to enable freedom of exchange. Edit: Please move to Alt-Coins if more appropriate.
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