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  1. @GoodTimesRoll I’m not going to trawl through the hi, I’m Bob thread, but this might help
  2. Do you have your rXXXXX and sXXXXX keys? If so, you can access your XRP from any other wallet. If you created the wallet with the Toast app, read here: https://toastwallet.com/faq
  3. If I remember correctly, ILP 4 is tailored for faster and smaller data packets whereas ILP 1 is more suited for larger data packets which RippleNet requires. I’ll have a rummage on the Interledger forum now to double check. https://forum.interledger.org/t/ilp-versions/179/2 There’s a couple of hyperlinks in the quote below, so better to use the above link for more info on HTLA’s + PennySwitching.
  4. Some wallets have a passphrase which is a series of words, like the Ledger Nano for example. I’m assuming that is what they are asking for as it’s on the import existing account page.
  5. That’s unfortunate. It seems like a missed opportunity for both Ripple and yourself.
  6. @Sukrim Have you ever been interested in working for Ripple? I’ve often wondered that considering you’ve been around so long, but never asked.
  7. Hey @vsyc, long time no see. You should set a price you are happy selling at or you are going to be indecisive again when the market is green. I recommend you at least have a price in mind to sell a percentage to recover your initial investment. You will then be able to relax a bit with the remainder of your investment and have a bit of freedom to see how high it goes. It’s highly unlikely you’ll sell at the top but if you break your investment up into pieces, you’ll get a few attempts at it. I tell you what, I know people don’t like to talk about how much money they’ve put in, but what the heck! Here’s my situation: I’ve put in around £3,000 (that’s a lot for me now, but that’s 17 months of investing what I could afford to lose) and I plan on selling 1000XRP at £3.00 to recover my initial investment and take Wilma and the kids on holiday. With the remaining investment, I have a bit of freedom to try and time the market knowing, whatever happens, I have not lost any money. Hopefully, within 10 years, my mortgage will be paid off and all the money I can afford to lose will be paying for my kids to go to university. Wish you all the best!
  8. Never added a trustline before. Guess I’ll be learning how this weekend. Thanks. I’ll PM you as soon as I’ve sorted it.
  9. @scoobysi Yeah, The Sims: Crypto Edition would be quite brutal.
  10. As it’s asking to delete apps, I’m guessing that would be to resolve the space issue. Perhaps best wait for another Ledger user here for the ok if you’re not confident.
  11. Your Zerps are safe on the XRPLedger and as long as you have your seed (passphrase), you’ll be able to access them. What version update is it? There was a few bugs in the January update that affected some users who had multiple currencies. https://www.ledger.fr/2019/02/14/righting-our-1-5-5-nano-s-firmware-update/
  12. I’m glad you replied. People must think I’m a Bithomp rep sometimes
  13. @AsYouWere You could do an offline test transaction of say 1xrp to an exchange or even better https://www.xrptipbot.com/u:stjude/n:twitter and then check your account on the explorer with your public address.
  14. @RareData I need to test drive xrp toolkit. I know Hodor is a fan although he doesn’t give recommendations. @PunishmentOfLuxury I’d be all over a Wietse client too. I’ve had fun with his vanity generator. Have you ever used his Kyte wallet? I never bothered as it is still in Beta.
  15. I’m a fan of Bithomp’s offline wallet/tools for everyday use. Plenty of functions and nice GUI. As for generating a key-pair (paper wallet) I installed NodeJS and NPM and created my own offline with the minimum code required.
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