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  1. Way too early to deem it a failure. Maybe as a short term speculative investment from 2018 onwards, yes that would be a great failure. Long term, we’ll have to wait and see.
  2. @LetHerRip It had not been marketed as a viable product until Oct 2018. I gave it 5 years from that point in time to see what would come of it. It’s a mammoth task and an uphill battle Ripple is undertaking. I expect set-backs and I’ve been under no illusion that this is a dead certain opportunity. It’s way too early to deem ODL a failure and the time aspect is what bugs me the most. That and opinions stated as facts. With that said, I’m expecting another crypto bubble to do more for the price of XRP within those 5 years, than that of ODL volume. I’ll assess the situation in Oct 2023 and decide whether or not I want to look like your avatar. In the meantime, I trade a playstash to bring my DCA down and add a bit of excitement to a buy and hold strategy.
  3. Did you miss the bit where I said ODL? I even included the short time period when it was called xRapid within that timeframe.
  4. You’ve got to elaborate on this statement. And this one...
  5. Here’s one. Not what you suggested though. Our friend Sporticus on form there. Are you for real? In a thread about XRPChat improvements you’re suggesting creating previously created topics, to make it easier for other threads to stay on topic? Then you go and create a topic titled ‘Which XRP YouTuber do you hate the most?’ My suggestion would be to create a Topic or Club called ‘Red Candle Syndrome’ where you can complain about the price, your hatred of Ripple and why ODL isn’t serving the world after 18 months.
  6. @Sporticus You are providing a fine example of why the OP is having to ask this question. The majority of this forums activity is now contained within private groups. The main reason for that is the constant hostility received from members like yourself. A quick history search of your profile provides the reason why you are disgruntled. Directing your anger towards this forum because of decisions only you had control over is not fair.
  7. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/ripple-other-crypto-firms-respond-130018016.html You’ll be delighted that they’re working on it 😉
  8. @Sporticus To be honest, I don’t know and I don’t care and It’s hardly a propaganda machine. There’s more negativity than positivity here as of late and the mods hardly ever step in. Your views on XRP being a security and accusations of XRPChat as a censored, propaganda machine come across as propaganda itself. Sometimes, it seems you want XRP to be a security.
  9. Full of assumptions aren't you? NikB who last visited 23 hours ago?
  10. On the 'All Activity' page, 22 of the last 25 posts were in the Zerpening. For those not a member of that club, the site must seem dead at times. It's a shame too because there's some really good researchers in there that post some really good content. There's also talk of different projects that would bring discussion to the alt-coin section. There's loads of off-topic stuff, also questions about tech/wallets (Toast unavailability e.g) that others may benefit from.
  11. You can always access your secret key from within Toast and import it to another wallet.
  12. xrptoolkit and Xumm combo looks intriguing. Not sure if it can be airgapped though. Haven’t looked into it.
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