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  1. Flintstone

    200M to 700M Volume

    Good man. Priorities! I’ve been playing through Ocarina of Time! No sign of BG123 in Hyrule Castle!
  2. Flintstone

    Avocado Tree Time Machine

    I went to take a photo last night but my phone was full. That’s a job for today. Avocado is a budding 3 inches. Lime look really good too!
  3. Flintstone

    Is r/cryptocurrency censored?

    r/cryptocurrency is the Wild West of forums. Gets crazy in there! Monthly skeptics thread is another!
  4. Flintstone

    XRapid in use within a month

    Precisely. Small cogs. Big cogs. Many cogs. Linked cogs. While to go yet, but cogs are coming!
  5. Flintstone

    XRapid in use within a month

    We’ll just have to wait and see. They may start with low value payments first, Caullix style. For how long, who knows? Maybe they’ve been piloting already? We could be at this price for another year yet. Maybe $+ by eoy. See first sentence.
  6. XRP is centralised - not any more. Banks won’t use XRP - soon to be corrected. xRapid won’t increase the price - let’s review this EOY 2019 XRP will never be $589+ - I’ll never know.... I would have happily Greg’d before that!
  7. @HHamster I would expect so. Possibly transactions under a certain value to begin with.
  8. Flintstone

    +589 explained

    It’s an interesting theory but when you bring all exchanges and arbitrage into play, your going to need a fkton of XRP to raise it to those levels and hold it there!
  9. Flintstone

    xRapid goes live on November 14?

    Here’s another link to compliment the one above. Gives you an idea of how CBDC’s or walled gardens would work on ilp. https://developers.ripple.com/become-an-xrp-ledger-gateway.html#suggested-business-practices As for cross border payments, not using XRP and xRapid would be like a salmon walking across the land to get to the source of the river.
  10. Flintstone

    xRapid goes live on November 14?

  11. Flintstone

    What is Your Secondary Coin?

    Nebulas was another I found interesting.
  12. Flintstone

    What is Your Secondary Coin?

    Yes, there are some horror stories regarding the wallets and how the issues were dealt with. That put me right off. I’ve read that Nano can do M2M without the need to include info within the transaction but alongside it. Still not sure where value would come from though.
  13. Flintstone

    What is Your Secondary Coin?

    I like Cardano but Codius put a dent in its appeal for me. I like the idea of IOTA but wallet issues are off-putting. Not sure where the value will come from either. I need to look into supply chain management a bit more too and see where the value in those come from. I find it kinda hard looking at anything other than extra XRP.
  14. @pumpndump What are these ‘Bitcoin based financial instruments’? Or do you mean Bitcoin linked trading products?
  15. @BagholdersUnited With regards to bitcoin, I don’t think they have. There is still a profit in mining. But then again, ‘new money’ would like as low an entry as possible. Anyways, just enjoy it for what it is. I love the entertainment in his style of writing and how he doesn’t *****-foot around the bush and dives right in head first! You can’t deny that Bitcoin maximalists need a virtual *****-slap with a gigantic trout!