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  1. You started with a pretty aggressive attitude towards my neutral observation. Never heard of spoofing or false exchange data/washing? It is so common in crypto those data points you refer to are often misleading. The ‘made up’ trendline has held support exactly where it should. Not saying it can’t reverse from here, but waving it away as non-sense and claiming exchange data is a better measure is plain wrong IMO. We’ll indeed leave it at this, we’re simply on a whole other page and an endless discussion between us is undesirable.
  2. They also told you to sell the bottom and flip full-blown bearish during a bullmarket correction? Oh please, you have made enough fun of yourself as is.
  3. I am talking about trendline and fib support. Which hasn’t been lost yet, but it’s close.
  4. If BTC doesn’t hold this level, a move back down to at least 42k is what I expect.
  5. You’ll never hit the exact top or bottom, don’t try to. Having multiple sell targets reliefs you from pressure and minimizes risk to miss out on any gains(or to sell panicked in a dip). It’s all up to you when to sell
  6. Yes, the end of cycle run will commence soon. Madness across the board and gains in our pockets.
  7. 15$ is a possibility, but I would certainly sell a large portion way before that. Fib target of 2018-2020 point to 9-13 USD this cycle, and that is if everything goes smooth. More recent fib targets is where I would sell to get at least your original investment back to feel comfortable and let the rest ride for 9-13. Maybe leave a small part for if we get a Doge like endgame(unlikely, but possible)
  8. ADA showing the way. Prepare for massive volatility, i.e. parabolic rises with quick hard corrections in between. Wouldn’t surprise me to see ADA correct soon, but it will be bought up massively. Have your sell targets ready, soon wil be the time to take profits and pull out the majority of your investment before the end of this cycle. Last thing I want is to live through another bearmarket of 3 years. Between oct-jan will probably be the time most coins hit their ATH. Most of my buys which were ridiculed over and over again in the midst of the correction, are now 80%+ up already. Love it. Exciting times ahead. Don’t get caught up in euphoria, hold and sell when your targets hit and don’t look back. That has proven over and over again to be the most profitable strategy in crypto. Good luck!
  9. Back on topic. BTC nearing heavy resistance. Let’s hope for a break through this time, I remain cautious around this area.
  10. 60% has been a longer consolidation period for dominance, so that would be a pretty logical target. It mostly depends on if we do get a massive alt season, crash and fleeing to BTC again at the end of the cycle. Maybe this time around, people rather flee into DeFi and actually earn passive income during a bearmarket, further diminishing BTC’s importance.
  11. Yes, 12-15% is my target. We’ve seen 36% in the last cycle, It seems only logical with the amount of new successful alts and BTC focus shift to ETH, that dominance will get struck down to such levels. People and businesses are starting to appreciate actual functionality over blockchain SoV hype. Remember it is a target, it can get hit in a day and mark the bottom, then shoot back up to 30%+ in a matter of days/weeks. That’s what I expect.
  12. As soon as dominance loses the blue lvl, I expect it to go down fast. So far everything going pretty much as expected. I am excited for the next couple of months, but especially look forward to the end of this year. It will probably remain a rocky road ahead with plenty of scary corrections. But this was probably the worst and most scary one and I’m glad the market is recovering as anticipated. Shared this some time back, seems to be playing out perfectly. But let’s wait and see if we do get a real breakdown on the dominance, it could still show resilience.
  13. Now battling around the 0.5 fib. If BTC can retake the .786 around 56.5k we’re good to go at new ATH’s. Dominance so far being rejected, if we get a 2017 similar move, we’ll soon see alts shoot up ferociously.
  14. 2nd rejection on BTC Dominance. Good sign.
  15. Some bearish diverg. on the daily. Could be we need a little cool-off time.
  16. Bullmarket back in full swing confirmed IMO. 21 weekly ema flipped support as a boss.
  17. 21 weekly EMA is the level I watch, recapture that and then the bullmarket is back in full swing.
  18. Thank you. I do have to admit my approach in counter argumenting both the trolls and genuine bears wasn’t always very tactful or refined, but when people get under my skin it is not always possible to remain the gentleman. But enough about that, weak hands are now either gone or will scream SELL at the next red candle again and remain ignorant about the true nature of financial markets, which simply moves in waves and cycles. A few months of deep red during a clear macro uptrend, is no reason to get so extremely bearish and expect the market to keep going down. Bottoms are found in depressed downturns, tops are found in euphoria. Fingers crossed I have indeed judged this market correctly once again and hopefully many people in here will be able to profit immensely throughout the remainder of the year. We’re all in the same boat after all. Good luck to us all
  19. A few months of drawturn and consolidation doesn’t make a bearmarket or confirm a long term trend. Weak hands have been shaken out and market is returning the bullish trend as it should(cycle and fundamental wise). This is the trend I see unfolding and BTC dominance is headed towards 12% IMO. Very bullish on alts for the remainder of the year, the bigger the dump the higher te pump. We are in for a treat later this year, if you can remain patient and don’t get shaken out by fear and market noise. Bullmarket in crypto aint easy at all, as you can see it is very hard to remain bullish during a few months of deep red and retail investors complaining and with constant fearmongering. Luckily the market moves on a trend but also in waves. We had over 6-8 months of upwards waves, now 2 months of downward waves. We are still within a bullish trend until this cycle ends, bears will deny it until we make a new ATH probably, but if we can maintain a clear and broad vision and perspective, it’s pretty darn clear where this market is headed next. I give it about 1-2 months to recover and then 3 months to pump to ATH and way beyond. Then it’s time to sell or live through another bearmarket. But that bearmarket is certainly not here yet!
  20. The ‘worst’ was in terms of many coins not reaching ATH or come even close, but indeed there were plenty opportunities to make money around the market. The bullcycle is still not lost as long as we hold that 28k. So far, dips keep being bought up and bearish pressure seems to be fading. Usually when all seems lost, the market turns on itself. Hopefully we’re close to that moment Or we’ll keep dwindling down and I was wrong all along. We’ll see, I am still fully long.
  21. Well we lost 30k and 28k is now the last hope we’ve got. If we loose that as well, we have witnessed the shortest and worst bullrun in history of crypto. And most of all: the most selective. Only a handful of alts and especially meme coins and certain newer projects have truly mooned, most have not even taken back their 2017 ATH’s. Really tough market to read and do TA on right now, cycle and history wise we should hold and go up again. But looking at our rejections at MA’s ever since the dump, we could be in a prolonged bear period. I remain hopeful, but it’s no easy time to be long in crypto.
  22. Fair enough. The jurassic park meme was not meant to offend anyone. Let’s return back to topic
  23. Totally different, a personal attack vs a meme of a sh!tmarket as reaction on someone else. if you really compare those, you’re just looking to bash me any way possible. Sad.
  24. Good you ask, I would have stayed 100% true to my strategy and I eould be happy I had sold a good part of my ADA and VET around the top and then went down with the ship indeed. Would then re-Learn bottoming structures, as apparently they failed me. I would learn from those mistakes and adjust mu strategy accordingly. I never ever adjust my strategy based on my fears, dreams or emotions, that’s my golden rule, and hard to uphold as is.
  25. Perfect example of that is right now. I shared a ‘funny’ meme on how the market is like sh!t right now, as a reply on a different member than Troote. Then he targets me personally, while immediately after his ‘friends’ show up(that always choose to share a very negative outlook, surprise surprise) and they somehow turn the blame of derailing the topic to me. Can’t make this sh!t up, lol.
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