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  1. Curious, I have yet to come across an asset that falls more than 100% 😜I guess XRP really is that special after all!😅
  2. Don’t mind him, he has nothing of value to add in any discussion and is just trolling all the time.
  3. I hope so, I already bought plenty around .30, thinking it was a gift. But breaking the .28 support quite violently has caught me a bit as a surprise. Fear and panic seem back in the market, at least for the alts. Maybe this was the ‘spring’ we needed for another run, but I have also thought that many times before. Very hard to guess what will be next.
  4. What do you expect as bottom for XRP if we follow a similar breakdown like BTC? Maybe we even see lower than 18 cents from wehere we took off from in dec ‘17, which would be quite crazy, but plausible in current condition.
  5. XRP is not aimed to be a currency, but to be a bridge asset. Having a set USD value negates that value proposition, thus rendering your statement not plausible. This is all just very basic stuff, which has bewn talked about over and over. I suggest you do more research and negate any fud/moon posts and make up your own mind objectively. If you have any new insights or questions that have not been discussed in length before, I and others will be happy to give our point of view on it.
  6. Hopefully at that time, BTC will be written down in drops😜😅
  7. I’djoin you with a MKII, classic cars have so much more bravoure!
  8. I always enjoy reading your posts, but please use paragraphs for easier reading😜😅
  9. Not entirely true. We pay about 1.5% tax on crypto holdings, but the value of the 1st of january in the year counts. This is very profitable if crypto moons after jan 1st, but very expensive if it dumps. People who had huge stacks of XRP on jan 1; 2018 for example, and didnt cash out in time, still have to pay the 1.5% tax on the value of their holdings on jan 1st of that year. We have zero taxes on trading btw. if I am not mistaken, Germany has no taxes for assets that you have held for longer than a year.
  10. I think that was a good decision. LTC has so far performed worse after the halving, so I think it could lay dormant for a while, especially since it already went 4-5x from it’s bottom.
  11. Great episode. True sci fi classic👍Add to that, pigs are my favourite animals.
  12. Fair enough. But according to my market cycle research and fundamental analysis, it doesn’t matter that much at the moment. Unless Ripple suddenly goes apesh!t, I worry little. I think it is important to look at both sides. Ripple either overpromises like you said, or amazes in a good sense like the MG deal. It goes both ways. TBH, because prices are down, and have been down for almost 2 years, people tend to focus on the negative.
  13. He looks at price, not at progress. Common mistake. Can’t take people seriously who judge an asset on it’s price behaviour, especially in a mostly manipulated and nascent market. Sentiment is bad, very bad in here. Even in the Zerpening FUD has been stronger than ever. Great, if this isn’t anger and depression and looking for reasons to blame our investment choices on, I don’t know what is. Market cycles, bots and manipulation is what counts right now. So far, I have no reason to believe we wont go on another run whether Ripple is ‘supressing’ the price or not. There is no other Crypto with more fundamentally promising progress like XRP, not even close. That even the most die-hard believers start to doubt that, is reason enough to believe the ‘market’ is winning again. Retail will always lose, smart money and whales will win. As always. Don’t act like retail, act like smart money.
  14. I’m thrilled BtC is doing so well, cant wait till we get our turn. I have q feeling we may have to wait until BTC breaks it former ATH before XRP gets some love.
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