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  1. I don’t care about the 589 or 100+ USD within 2-3 years BS. As long as we can get to even 5-10$ in that timeframe, it would be a chance of a lifetime I love to have taken advantage off. which in imho is very plausible given the great fundamental changes in XRP’s ecosystem during the last 2 years.
  2. I bought just before the dip, but oh well, we either bounce hard or be f*cked anyway
  3. You should cut off the arrogance and big ego too, that is worse for your health than all things you have mentioned.
  4. Smells like a fake out to me but id love to be wrong!
  5. I think with this big fundamental China news and clear manipulation right now, current TA can be taken with a grain of salt. Usually when fomo or fear takes over, TA becomes less reliable.
  6. They already are... LianLianPay is onboard and i am certain they are working on others.
  7. Indeed. Let's praise someone with maybe 1 out of 100 nice comments😜
  8. @MQB why the continuous ‘laughing emoticon’ when Molten explains a theory of his? What’s so funny about it... I find it quite annoying that someone is putting a lot of effort in explaining his TA views, is constantly ridiculed by you or others without actually counterargumenting it. It comes accross quite childish and is not very polite IMO.
  9. Imo the more a resistance or support line is tested, the bigger the chance it will break through eventually.
  10. Anything that guy writes can be thrown into the garbage bin immediately. He haa no skills whatsoever. If het gets anything right, it’s pure luck. What a waste of time.
  11. Pity, I was just starting to enjoy the drama!😜
  12. Agreed. But I think it it too eary to call it a trend. The downtrend we have been since jan 2018 however... but on a macro view we are in a big uptrend since XRP’s inception. It dependa on how we look towards it, but in the short term I haven’t seen enough bullish behaviour to truly believe we have bottomed yet.
  13. We’re talking abou a ‘trend’ of 2-3 weeks. I’m far from impressed.
  14. I have a hunch that all TA analysts are weather men. They somehow seem to love forecasts😜
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