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  1. Fair enough. We respectfully have a different point of view on the matter. I respect you stick with your points nonetheless All we can do now is wait and see how it pans out. I did expect more right now(pricewise), but am happy to wait if that means high enough gains within 1-2 years. I’m still positve for a very good outcome, but nothing is a certainty.
  2. The problem is that you don’t provide a balanced view. You are the direct opposite of ‘moonboys’, which is just as annoying as people cheering for $589 imho. You are always negative and grasp any news item or progress made by Ripple to talk it down or make a negative spin. Probably because the price has moved in the wrong direction, you feel inclined to do the same with your mood. The most annoying part is that you never back up your viewpoints with facts, analyses or anything else. It is always the same old same old: price hasn’t moved up so let’s be negative... without any basis other than price movement. Like I have said many times: judging an asset’s success by price movement alone(especially in a manipulated and very nascent market) is the worst parameter for actual progress and future success. XRP could fail, sure, it could. But the chance of that seems very unlikely to me giving the immense progress that has been made behind the scenes and right in front of us. If you can’t see that you either haven’t done your due diligence in research or you are unable to grasp the conprehension of what is going on. You wouldn’t be so negative if you did imho.
  3. Plikk

    Zerpening Club

    You are of course allowed your own opinion, even if that is perceived as being negative. You have all the right to be carefull with huge price predictions. But that doesnt mean you should out them all the time inside a club where the general sentiment is very joyfull and besides from the crazy gif posts, contains lots of posts with analyses of how crypto price action behaves and why it is very much possible to see big gains again. It feels like you kinda disagree with anyone positive or who shares positive news/analyses just because you got burnt during the spike when fomo was all around the Zerpening, and that you maybe hold a grudge and blame the Zerpening on your losses. You are either pessimistic or kinda rude inside the club, and often ridicule it in the main forums. Again: this is how I perceive you judging from your posting history and that is just not a ‘nice’ guy to have inside the Zerpening. But reading your later posts in here makes me see there is also a good side in you that is not just sour but tries to stay carefull and just want to warn people for fomo. My advice to you: adjust your attitude from being sour and picky to a more nuanced version. Just like you dont like ‘moonboys’, the Zerpening doesnt like people that are sour and extremely pessimistic all the time. Even more negative opinions are welcome but just try to bring them as a positive contribution to the forum. I hope you get what I mean.
  4. Plikk

    Zerpening Club

    The only posts from you in the Zerpening have been either unrealistically pessimistic, rude or kill the good mood we have in there. You always hate on the Zerpening in the main forums, as you do now again. But somehow you want to be in it, and are going to miss it? Wel sorry, but I don't think anyone is going to miss your hateful and pessimistic presence there. Even your apology does'nt seem sincere, to me you come over as someone overextended and very afraid for your investment going to 0 or indeed have to wait 7 years for some gains. That is not the general consensus in the Zerpening and that is fine, but that doesn't mean you should p*ss on what is going on in there and make a fool of other people's dreams and hopes. The Zerpening is a two-way deal: you get vital XRP information, but you also have to accept there can be days with only sh!tposts and rocket gifs. If that a annoys you, just don't pay attention to it and don't be so extremely sour all the time. I am getting sick of pessimistic mood killing posts that lack any substance. There are enough realistic minded people in the Zerpening and plenty people can be bearish AF sometimes in there : that is no problem! Because it is being expressed in a polite way instead of just being rude and sour like you mostly present yourself imho. That being said, everyone deserves a second chance when deserved. I will let that up to the leaders of the club. It is a club after all, which follows certain rules and guidelines. If you can promise to adjust your attitude a little, you might be welcomed back.
  5. Great first post. Now let’s discuss what would happen if Aliens visit Earth tomorrow and start a mining firm.
  6. @Eric123 big respect to you and your continued analyses of the past couple of months. You have been spot on!👍 any views on XRP as of now? It screams breakout on the XRPBTC chart according to past cycles imho
  7. My take on this: The whales and manipulators with their bots are selling off alts to fuel BtC, they are buying up every BTC dip for weeks now and want to induce fomo. Fomo amongst other crypto investors at first, luring hem to sell their alts into BTC to make it rise even more.  Then, when BTc gains media attention again, retail fomo will sustain the BTC prices and the whales now have enough liquidity and retail buying power to sell their BTC into alts, which are dirt cheap thanks to the process described above.  Brilliant for them. Get dirt cheap alts with their ever increasing BTC stack value. 
  8. @karlos this member has been copying posts from the internet and claims them as his own(provides no source whatsoever). He has been warned by many members, but continues his malicious practices. Please advise. Thank you.
  9. Currently, the best way to get Peso is to get on a plane with a suitcase and just buy it there.
  10. Regulation is the opposite of manipulation. You guys are talking about manipulating the price of XRP to certain people’s agenda’s. I am getting a little fed up of this conspiracy talk without presenting solid facts, that is getting quite old imho. Anyone can shout the price is manipulated downwards or to be ‘stable’ and people will believe it because they are disgruntled and looking for a reason their money is ‘gone’. Sure, manipulation is around and in times it is clearly visible. But to claim a mysterious ‘they’ can control the price as much as they want is utter nonsense. There is no valid proof to back that up other than claiming all kinds of things and pointing towards the big bad old conspiracy theory, which is usually accompanied by coincidences disguised as facts.
  11. He is indeed the best. Takes manipulation, fundamentals and techinxals into account.
  12. I feel for you. You are invested for more than a year in something you dont really understand. And instead of doing more research about market cycles in crypto and how this perfectly fits in the current market trend, you decide to blame others for their optimism, just ad you’ve done many times before. It’s OK to vent or to feel down about the current state of the market and XRP’s price. But to blame others for your own decisions, is something I really loathe. Sorry, but in such cases I am not taking the effort to sooth your pain.
  13. It amazes me people in here talk about trading the ups and lows and possible profits, as if it were that easy... If it was that easy, everyone would be rich already. Everyone could have 10x their stack and profits. Probably some have, bit it takes guts of steel and market insight of a hawk to accomplish that. 80%+ of retail money loses, everytime! Dont be a fool and imagine you get it right next time and as if it is just a simple game. It simply doesnt work that way.
  14. Transferwise is directly aimed at consumers. Ripple is directly aimed at enterprise/businesses. Big difference.
  15. Transferwise is directly aimed at consumers. Ripple is directly aimed at enterprise/businesses. Big difference.
  16. No one cares if others get rich, as long as they themselves get richer.
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