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  1. Anyone seen a date for the launch of SBI VC?

    Except February is 2/3rds over.
  2. I believe I read that it was delayed because SBI wanted to see how the March G20 meeting goes and also wanted to do a security review in light of the recent hack on a different Japanese exchange. I would assume sometime in mid to late March but when I scan articles in Japanese (and use Google translate), they often aren't coherently translated. Any intell?
  3. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    SBI-Woori was yesterday I believe. Wonder how soon before SBI and/or Ripple tweet out an update.
  4. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    I’m not sure what you mean. Last year, take off was a 36000% return. This year we had a January marketwide correction and are now moving into a fast recovery, consolidating nicely around $1. I have always said that it is the “use case” that will help us take off long run. Right now, the price is subjective speculation. But many more exchanges are adding XRP over the coming months. SBI VC is “all in” and launching their exchange in the next month. All of this will add liquidity, new fiat pairs, and decouple us from BTC. Meanwhile, the Japanese-Korea XRP tests are just concluding. We have more and more xRapid pilots. And, investments in crypto, in general, are likely to grow well into the trillions this year. So, it’s not always a week or two away. Q1 2018 is fundamentally different than anything we’ve ever seen for XRP and there is nothing but a rolling snowball of good news.
  5. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    SBI’s use of XRP is going to be a game changer in that regard.
  6. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    I’m happy to be proven wrong. 🙂 but I still think end of next week through end of March is when things are going to really take off. So many exchanges adding XRP as well as the SBI launch. Plus who knows what other big announcements from Ripple.
  7. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    With the Lunar New Year starting in Asia and the Presidents’ Day holiday in the US on Monday, I’m expecting a quiet period until the end of next week.
  8. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    Nice tweet from Ripple staff ICYMI....
  9. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    I find his posts annoying and childish. Writing in binary instead of text. Posting cryptic photos. References to kings and princes and pawns. He seems to have the maturity of a 12 year old. He may well have access to insider information, but his Reddit page gets tiresome quickly.
  10. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    I thought I read somewhere that because of the recent hack on another exchange in Japan as well as anticipation of the G20 meeting, they are delaying until March to make sure they have all their ducks in a row from a security and global regulatory perspective.
  11. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    Maybe the market is absorbing Brad’s talk and the long term implications are being priced in. He was great.
  12. G20 in March and Ripple/XRP

    Glad to see they are already starting the policy conversations. http://thehill.com/opinion/technology/372971-banning-cryptocurrency-would-be-as-sensible-as-banning-the-internet
  13. G20 in March and Ripple/XRP

    I thought it would be interesting to start a conversation about the upcoming G20 and its impact on XRP and all cryptocurrencies. What are people’s hopes/concerns? Merkel and Macron clearly want to lead on this and Mnuchin has started to speak up, too. Personally, I’d like to see Ripple issue some sort of White Paper before the meeting to help drive the conversation and their policy preferences. And my guess is that the major topics re:crypto at the meeting will probably be: 1. Exchange regulation/investor protections 2. Anti-money laundering/Know Your Customer 3. A crackdown on ICOs What does everyone else think? https://www.coindesk.com/mnuchin-talk-crypto-regulation-g20-summit/
  14. More pairings this month could be helping. More rupees, more dirham. Soon more Canadian dollar pairings as well as the big prize: the yen-XRP explosion on the horizon. Lots of progress over the next two months on this front.