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    The Securities Act of 1933. Section 13

    As someone pointed out to me on Twitter recently, one key factor is the case being consolidated and moved to federal court (and the request for it to be remanded back to state court being rejected).
  2. MatinMontreal

    TIPS Launch Event - We are live!

    This has nothing to do with XRP or Ripple.
  3. Impossible to say. Daily volume has increasingly been over a billion the past month which is great news. However, I’d like to see this move up to an average of 2 or 3 billion over December and price would start to follow. The overall toxic market is really harming us. I’d call it a victory if we could more solidly decouple from the overall crypto freefall and climb up towards $0.80 - $1.00. Then, in 2019, I suspect there will be exponential growth as network effects take hold.
  4. Exactly like this! Fantastic! 🙂
  5. Very nice! If you ever have time, would also be interesting to have a world map showing which countries have ready access to buy XRP.
  6. We see these dates appear regularly. Someone posts a date in April that is supposed to be big. Then nothing happens. Then it’s a date in May, in June, etc. Best not to pay much attention to anonymous prophets and alleged insiders. Many of them disappear as soon as they appear. There are enough hard facts out there to understand the long term trajectory of XRP. Worry less about the specific date predictions and the narcissistic oracles trying to get followers online.
  7. Garlinghouse has said dozens of banks using xRapid in 2019. Schwartz has talked about the need for a much higher price in order for FIs to be able to use XRP. We can read through the lines. They are telling us plenty here without specifics. Personally, I assume XRP has to be in the double digits next year to meet the information provided above by Ripple leadership. What do others think?
  8. Interested what people think about this...Is my logic correct or what am I missing?
  9. Brad does go out of his way to talk about the use cases for Amazon and Uber in his talk. https://ripple.com/insights/ceo-brad-garlinghouse-talks-internet-of-value-and-customer-traction-at-swell-2018/
  10. MatinMontreal

    What's your profit strategy?

    HODL until I hit my retirement price. Cash out 3-6% per year depending on market conditions.
  11. If XRP has not sufficiently decoupled from BTC when xRapid goes live, what we may see is that XRP pulls BTC and other cryptos up with it. There are lots of trading bots that move together.
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    XRP remains highly correlated with Bitcoin and Bitcoin is tanking. This will change as XRP is added as a base pair to more exchanges and XRP use cases are implemented. The price of XRP today does not reflect its future value and won’t until it is freed from the useless BTC. I suggest making decisions 6-12 months from now. Not on today’s price. I’m considering buying more.
  13. MatinMontreal

    President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

    Despite the nonsense on Twitter, Clinton actually is a well respected leader by many in poll after poll around the world. This news will likely be very well received by target audiences, especially in Asia and Europe (where they’ll better separate policy from the personal.) The intended audience of Swell - senior leaders of FIs, corporations, central bankers, regulators, and remittance companies - will appreciate the chance to sit in a small invitation-only space to hear from a former President. This is Ripple signaling status and exclusivity. Additionally, it would not be surprising at all if Ripple (and the Gates Foundation) have been exploring opportunities with the Clinton Foundation. All share a mission to improve global economic opportunities for the masses. I hope they stream the talk. He is a great speaker and I’m sure will have done his homework.
  14. People are impatient and greedy. That is usually why they fail to make money in the market. I bought last fall and lost about a third of my investment almost immediately. The price sat there for months and I waited because I had done my homework and believed. It was not fun but I had confidence for the future. I sat through the Dec/Jan speculative bull run and didn’t sell because I know the future is much better than that. Now I’m up about 200% but I understand the boredom and frustration of the past few months even if it’s illogical. Ripple is building an entirely new payments network. This is complicated hard work. And every week, it seems they are hitting huge milestones. New exchanges, base pair added to exchanges. Additional partners. Launching xRapid in beta. Fine tuning it to go live. Investing in a larger XRP ecosystem - an advantage no other crypto can or seems willing to do. Building their brand through major charitable donations. Building trust with regulators. Etc. Etc it’s mind-boggling how much they have accomplished and how quickly Brad has said that major banks will use xRapid this year and that dozens of banks will use it in 2019. There is no reason to doubt his word. This will be the moment that matters. Not dreaming of a speculative XRP run in a larger bear market. I’m not worried in the least. You couldn’t write a better business case study of talented visionary people running a company and putting their plan into effect.