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  1. If XRP has not sufficiently decoupled from BTC when xRapid goes live, what we may see is that XRP pulls BTC and other cryptos up with it. There are lots of trading bots that move together.
  2. MatinMontreal


    XRP remains highly correlated with Bitcoin and Bitcoin is tanking. This will change as XRP is added as a base pair to more exchanges and XRP use cases are implemented. The price of XRP today does not reflect its future value and won’t until it is freed from the useless BTC. I suggest making decisions 6-12 months from now. Not on today’s price. I’m considering buying more.
  3. MatinMontreal

    President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

    Despite the nonsense on Twitter, Clinton actually is a well respected leader by many in poll after poll around the world. This news will likely be very well received by target audiences, especially in Asia and Europe (where they’ll better separate policy from the personal.) The intended audience of Swell - senior leaders of FIs, corporations, central bankers, regulators, and remittance companies - will appreciate the chance to sit in a small invitation-only space to hear from a former President. This is Ripple signaling status and exclusivity. Additionally, it would not be surprising at all if Ripple (and the Gates Foundation) have been exploring opportunities with the Clinton Foundation. All share a mission to improve global economic opportunities for the masses. I hope they stream the talk. He is a great speaker and I’m sure will have done his homework.
  4. People are impatient and greedy. That is usually why they fail to make money in the market. I bought last fall and lost about a third of my investment almost immediately. The price sat there for months and I waited because I had done my homework and believed. It was not fun but I had confidence for the future. I sat through the Dec/Jan speculative bull run and didn’t sell because I know the future is much better than that. Now I’m up about 200% but I understand the boredom and frustration of the past few months even if it’s illogical. Ripple is building an entirely new payments network. This is complicated hard work. And every week, it seems they are hitting huge milestones. New exchanges, base pair added to exchanges. Additional partners. Launching xRapid in beta. Fine tuning it to go live. Investing in a larger XRP ecosystem - an advantage no other crypto can or seems willing to do. Building their brand through major charitable donations. Building trust with regulators. Etc. Etc it’s mind-boggling how much they have accomplished and how quickly Brad has said that major banks will use xRapid this year and that dozens of banks will use it in 2019. There is no reason to doubt his word. This will be the moment that matters. Not dreaming of a speculative XRP run in a larger bear market. I’m not worried in the least. You couldn’t write a better business case study of talented visionary people running a company and putting their plan into effect.
  5. I haven't seen this report elsewhere on XRPChat yet, but wanted to share this post about the non-speculative value of Bitcoin being only around $1800. In the long run, if true, we should expect the market to behave rationally and Bitcoin to trend in this direction. I've yet to see any Bitcoin maximalist explain the value proposition of Bitcoin beyond a store of value and we all know it is technically slower, more expensive, anti-environmental, and more limited in its use cases. This makes it all the more important that we see new liquidity ASAP for XRP and we decouple from Bitcoin's movements or we'll be dragged down the rest of the year. Still, there are lots of reasons to be optimistic. SBI VC, the DX Exchange, remittance companies going live with xRapid this year, improved regulatory certainty, a few banks going live with xRapid this year, etc Still, it could be a very volatile summer ahead. https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-price-has-hypotehtical-value-of-1800-federal-reserve-report/
  6. Shouldn’t we assume that some of their clients (ie big FIs) will start running validators? Also some of these universities that just got blockchain research money from Ripple. Those would all be credible and really help move decentralization. Edit: Oops. I see @Simounjust addressed this.
  7. MatinMontreal

    6 Months, 10 transactions.

    Probably not suitable today but they face a big risk by not anticipating the future. XRapid will enable fees to drop to a fraction of what WU is charging. Other market participants as well as start ups will be more competitive in this space and WU will be tied to an outdated legacy system that they should have started updating yesterday. Banks (eg Santander) will move more and more into this space as well. People will also, more and more, just remove all third parties from their remittances. It’s adapt or die.
  8. MatinMontreal

    I really do love the scripted FUD...

    I will give credit where credit is due: you are one of the more effective FUDsters on here, concern trolling, spreading pessimism, and generally dragging things down. One might wonder why you are on here posting day after day as if you have nothing better to do. What could you possibly be trying to accomplish? Hmmm..
  9. MatinMontreal

    I really do love the scripted FUD...

    So which is it? 100% cash or 50% cash? One post was three hours ago but this last post was two hours ago. If you’re going to spread pessimism and FUD, at least keep your notes in front of you.
  10. I think part of the equation is that most XRP hodlers are here for the long term. There is less day trading compared to other cryptos.
  11. MatinMontreal

    XRP & True Financial Disintermediation

    Yes, I reference that above. But there needs to be something with an easier User Interface so it's more accessible to the masses. That's why I asked about an app for your phone.
  12. With the Santander app launching, the success of the XRP tipbot, and other emerging technologies in the pipeline, I have a question. Is there anything keeping someone from developing an app which would readily "store" XRP and could then be easily transferred from person to person or person to business directly? That is to say, I download X amount of XRP from my Nano or an exchange to an app-linked address much like a checking account. Then as needed, I pay others and also receive funds into the address associated with the app. No need for a 3rd party. Or there any legal or technical reasons preventing this from happening? It seems to me that, while a pretty simple concept, this would be a big game changer undermining the very value proposition of FIs and remittance companies while also allowing XRP to function as a potential secondary currency in any/all countries. Thoughts?
  13. MatinMontreal

    RIP Matthew Mellon- what about his XRP?

    I guess it depends on the safeguards at your financial institution. I was told by the bank employee issuing me my safe deposit box key that even with a copy of my will, any heir seeking to gain access to my SDB would have to go to the courts first for permission. Now, this is in Canada, not sure how stringent it is elsewhere.
  14. Kitao did say that in an interview but I took the “overnight” as hyperbole. Number one very quickly, yes, but not in an instant. And how a top new exchange with XRP as the primary base affects price is hard to say. Upward pressure, absolutely. But how much and how fast?