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  1. Using xRapid will be a ramp up process. A dozen banks may turn it on and only move $5 million a day for the first month, $10 million a day the next month, and so on. Don’t expect massive changes overnight. Also, it’s chicken-and-egg for use. The higher the XRP price, the more banks can use it but price comes from speculation driving it up.
  2. MatinMontreal

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Well, one thing he didn’t know was EOY price! 🤣🤣🤣
  3. It’s all about the volume. Using but in small amounts, not at full capacity. We need to be at a regular daily volume of +5 billion before we see significant price increases.
  4. MatinMontreal

    Tiff Hayden is XRP Trump

    I don’t really care either way although they have very different personalities and styles which would be very hard for one person to maintain. They both contribute immensely to fighting FUD and educating others often with incredible patience and willingness to share the same information over and over again. If you don’t like them, don’t follow them but I think they are enormous assets to the ecosystem.
  5. MatinMontreal

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    Crawl, walk, run. XRP is just learning to walk. Patience. And keep an eye on volume. We need to reach 2-3 billion a day and rising before we get true lift off.
  6. MatinMontreal

    The Securities Act of 1933. Section 13

    As someone pointed out to me on Twitter recently, one key factor is the case being consolidated and moved to federal court (and the request for it to be remanded back to state court being rejected).
  7. MatinMontreal

    TIPS Launch Event - We are live!

    This has nothing to do with XRP or Ripple.
  8. Impossible to say. Daily volume has increasingly been over a billion the past month which is great news. However, I’d like to see this move up to an average of 2 or 3 billion over December and price would start to follow. The overall toxic market is really harming us. I’d call it a victory if we could more solidly decouple from the overall crypto freefall and climb up towards $0.80 - $1.00. Then, in 2019, I suspect there will be exponential growth as network effects take hold.
  9. Exactly like this! Fantastic! 🙂
  10. Very nice! If you ever have time, would also be interesting to have a world map showing which countries have ready access to buy XRP.
  11. We see these dates appear regularly. Someone posts a date in April that is supposed to be big. Then nothing happens. Then it’s a date in May, in June, etc. Best not to pay much attention to anonymous prophets and alleged insiders. Many of them disappear as soon as they appear. There are enough hard facts out there to understand the long term trajectory of XRP. Worry less about the specific date predictions and the narcissistic oracles trying to get followers online.
  12. Garlinghouse has said dozens of banks using xRapid in 2019. Schwartz has talked about the need for a much higher price in order for FIs to be able to use XRP. We can read through the lines. They are telling us plenty here without specifics. Personally, I assume XRP has to be in the double digits next year to meet the information provided above by Ripple leadership. What do others think?
  13. Interested what people think about this...Is my logic correct or what am I missing?
  14. Brad does go out of his way to talk about the use cases for Amazon and Uber in his talk. https://ripple.com/insights/ceo-brad-garlinghouse-talks-internet-of-value-and-customer-traction-at-swell-2018/
  15. MatinMontreal

    What's your profit strategy?

    HODL until I hit my retirement price. Cash out 3-6% per year depending on market conditions.