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  1. Well I guess this is more insightful than when he was screaming "War!" on Twitter because he thought Ripple was helping to promote prank calls to his house...
  2. We don’t know precisely. Maybe it’s only tens of millions. LOL Regardless, Larsen does have billions and they both stand to benefit from XRP’s rise. https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2018/01/02/meet-the-crypto-billionaires-getting-rich-from-ripples-xrp/#7ac966232894
  3. Larsen and Garlinghouse hold billions of XRP. They have every incentive to see it succeed.
  4. So, just so I’m clear...if XRP “only” returns an average annual return of 14% over your five year window, you’re out? This is twice the average annual long term stock market returns!
  5. This. A 1000%. XRP holders care about price. Ripple cares about revolutionizing the global financial system. XRP will rise as they do this, but they are not worrying about short term price.
  6. He’s referencing his exchange being number one, not XRP.
  7. This is the money quote. Implicitly, they have a timeline to announce something. The patent filing spilled the beans.
  8. Not sure if she’s doing the paid speaker circuit, but Yellen could be another interesting idea.
  9. I would expect Kitao. Maybe LaGarde or Carney. The CEO of Moneygram. Possibly former SEC Chair Mary Jo White. With that said, these are all powerful policy-oriented people. Ripple seems to like also to have a celebrity paid speaker at Swell. Not sure there is an obvious next choice in that category once you have had a former US President.
  10. I think $1 by end of the year. Up to $2 if FOMO kicks in. In 2020, $2-$5. Too many people let their greed make them delusional.
  11. I always love it when some random dude who doesn’t even use his real name and has no known credentials is magically deemed an “analyst” on some dodgy “news” site.
  12. I don’t get it either. Ripple’s services are for financial companies not the general public. This seems poorly targeted.
  13. They often seem to have no idea what they’re talking about. However, they realized few are rating this space and it’d be a way to build visibility for their brand. With that said, the average person will just read the headlines and not question their qualifications, so it may be marginally helpful that they are saying good things about XRP. Positive noise in the system.
  14. SEC Chair Jay Clayton has said crypto can be both a security and a non-security depending on use case. Impossible to see XRP being a security when it’s used by a FI to transfer value across borders on behalf of a customer. XRP is clearly not a security when used by third parties in xRapid. Whether direct or indirect sales of XRP by Ripple is a security, well, that’s for the court to decide.
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