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  1. Hold and insure are fine. However if they try to make it a crypto portfolio similar to a stock portfolio and try to use an outdated "formula" to trade crypto as if it were stocks Their antiquated management for novice investors will make paupers out of many unskilled crypto investors. An example would be JP Morgan advising the investor to hold an excessive amount of JPM coin. Also what kind of fees would big banks charge to hodl crypto. Asset custodian = Bank fees !!! There is a lot of good and bad hodling yourself or having big bank take care of it. I choose the former !!! at least for now.
  2. Also... Congrats on making silver..... Quickest in the chat's history !!!
  3. Also don't forget that we of the Zerpening 3 have a near familial attitude toward our fellow Zerpers. Technical is what we are here for..... BUT ..... Being more than a teacher/writer will encourage others to be more open and social along this journey and you will learn more. Posting a gif or liking someones comment goes a long way towards becoming familiar with the people here. Thanks for listening. P.S. No bikini pics ..... Karlos doesnt like em LOL
  4. Try Worldcoinindex.com Its set up a little strange, but eeeeehhhhhhh!!!
  5. Thanks Rey The interesting thing is our last names are Hook , His first name IS JAMES ! (as in captain James Hook) and now I cant wait till he heals with his new peg leg so I can raz him about the whole Captain Hook thing ..... LOL ...................(gotta mess with my bro)
  6. Mr Way First off I would like to thank you for the gifted insight on our little forum...... much appreciated. Secondly I would like to offer my words of wisdom regarding your health problems specifically diabetes. As I reported on here 3 weeks ago, my brother lost his lower right leg from complications related to sugar, and an injury. He failed to take advise I would like to impart to you ! I also have diabetes. At one time I was up to 3 shots a day. Thru a combination of exercise diet and one other thing I am now easily controlling my sugar with diet. The other thing I am speaking of is a combination of caplets of cinnamon and chromium taken by mouth daily. This combination is nothing short of a miracle that I have used and hopefully my brother has seen the light and will use. I also helped my neighbor with the same therapy with amazing results. I urge you to research and see for yourself the benefits of these two substances. Thank you Bob, and as I always say ....................................................................................................................... Buy more XRP !!! .... of course you know this !
  7. In the finest tradition of the Zerpening ..... I welcome you " Bob Way " to our little chat !!! Buy more XRP !!!
  8. But reallly.... Is David Hasslehoff a member of the Zerpening ? I wish I could say more Bob !!! Buy more XRP !!!
  9. We can study, joke, make up stories and talk till we are blue in the face on here. All the while the whales, and the powers that be work against this new idea called crypto/blockchain ect. Old hippies would say that the man is trying to keep us down! That is they want to keep us in our place and control us. The interview today was a prime example. This is a fight. We need to fight back. We need innovative ideas to help our cause. Our main weapon is knowledge. The knowledge of how to work with crypto. buy/sell/ect. We here can be the teachers, the Guru's, the Shamen of this technology. Get the word out. Take it to the people. make websites. Make Simple basic courses on how to do it! Find and implement whatever ideas you can figure out that can bring people into the fold of crypto. Locally, nationally, and across the world. Bring your knowledge to those Who dont know. Make what we all know spread out to others like "ripples" in a pond. Take this message and spread it as far as you can. Repeat this as many times as you can and as many places as you can. Thank you.
  10. There once was a WHALE named Marvin. Who knew all the Zerpers were starvin. He was a rat. So big and so fat And he monitors XRP chat. NOTE: To the wives out there. My wife is supportive of Not only XRP but crypto in general. She realises that just like life there are ups and downs in the crypto world. The reason for investing in this is that you are just trying to make a better life for the family. Be patient wives, and be part of the decision process for crypto. Its a lot more than joking here on the forum, it takes patience and force of will to hodl for the good times. Do the research, and study with youre hubby (as his equal) It will bring you closer together and help you weather the cryptostorm. Great things come to those who wait!!! (HODL on Yall!!!)
  11. There once was a zerper named Jane. Who thought that she was a brain. But she fretted all nite. Sitting under a light. Cause the FUD sters they drove her insane!
  12. There once was a hermit named Dave. That kept all his ZERPS in a cave . As Coinbase went broke. He thought he would choke. And laughed till he fell in his grave. (thank you!)
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