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  1. https://www.okex.com/academy/en/olympusdao-protocol-owned-liquidity-defi-reserve-currency-ohm Worth the read IMHO, explains many questions I had. For example treasury management and how treasury actually turns profit from minting assets.
  2. https://docs.wonderland.money/partnerships/abracadabra Sounds like a great idea! Leverage FTW!
  3. I bought some TIME 😎 Let's see how this lotto ticket plays out 😜
  4. Protocols owning their own liquidity and earning fees from all transactions, does make a lot of sense to justify where the rewards are actually coming from. I did read the FAQ from OlympusDAO: https://docs.olympusdao.finance/main/basics/basics And in some strange way, it is starting to make sense 🤔 Brainwash complete? 😂
  5. Thats interesting, OlympusDAO team is looking for official fork into AVAX. Isn't that quite strange considering AVAX already has Wonderland that is sponsored by the same people behind MIM/Acrabadabra? Competition ahead?
  6. I think we are thinking and trying to reason too much 😂 After all this is crypto and magical internet money 🤑 Perhaps this is it!?
  7. Runway 411.8 Days Backing per $TIME $1,310 https://app.wonderland.money/#/dashboard Um, if I'm not misunderstanding something. Runway would imply that there are x amount of TIME tokens minted to be distributed as rewards? Also, TIME is backed by the treasury, share of that pool essentially. Yet, it trades at extreme premium atm as people are aping in... 🙄 Is there a way to avoid this premium by minting? 🤔
  8. That said, does anybody know how these work at all? 🤔 😂
  9. Money is a scam anyways 🤷‍♂️ So, MEMO when unstaked gets converted to TIME. Ok. TIME gets minted when assets are locked to treasury. Ok. Now, we either need TIME value to rise against other tokens it trades against and/or we need more TIME to pay staking rewards. Isn't that the X on this formula? 🤔
  10. Question 🙋 Staking TIME earns MEMO, what's the price of MEMO tied to? 🤔
  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fTod1rMyWQpxIiKKqeWT4RRy3kex2-g_3yF7_E4bd54/edit#gid=943577762 Handy calculator 👆 This thing just sounds crazy, even if TIME would drop -99% you would still make money when staking for a year 👀
  12. When we talk about n/vostro accounts, I think we are forgetting one major factor, that's TRUST. When banks establish n/vostro relationships, they are bound to trust the counter party, one reason why current correspondence banking is ineffective on certain corridors. It's also time consuming, hence expensive to establish these relationships. Second part is the FX risk, while this exists during the transaction its is also constantly existing risk for banks to hold foreign currencies that are influenced by political and economical forces... Ripple's solution addresses both of the issues related to n/vostro accounts by enabling any RippleNet member to transact trustlessy between each other's when settled via xRapid while removing the need of foreign currency exposure, trust and excess paperwork. Heck, multihop even allows non-RippleNet banks to benefit from this.
  13. XRP isn't designed to replace fiat, fiat ain't going anywhere. While there will be more options to use crypto as means of exchange, most of us will still need to convert into fiat at some point.
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