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  1. Bahahaha welcome to the salt mine. Please sir, how much for a pound of your finest salt? You can't cry about the topics of a club when you literally chose to join it knowing it's based on a cartoon bear and internet riddles 😂😂
  2. Yes indeed. We are late compared to some but very early compared to most....
  3. I don't want to borrow funds against my DA though. Would definitly be interested in earning interest off of them for lending into some sort of utility pool but I would be very dubious of handing them to a bank as I just like with your fiat, the funds become theirs. Much harder to get your DA back should something go wrong. Exciting times ahead nonetheless.
  4. I agree with this as the best course of action. There currently isn't any good options for deriving income from your digital assets, how do you see this working in the future?
  5. OOL Thanks for letting us know @Pablo appreciated it and totally understand the position of the mods.
  6. It's like a game of chess that is also a picture puzzle at the same time and more than once piece moves per turn in synchronization
  7. That is literally the guy I see in my mind when I picture AB. @JoelKatz can you confirm AB is the real life version of Professor Xavier??
  8. Do you find being naked increases the effects or you just like to live dangerously?
  9. Welcome! Don't be a stranger!
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