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  1. Agreed...the Zerpening 3 Club is more interesting - well...alright i've never seen the Tin Foil Hat Club but on Zerpening 3 there are alot of good guys on there, some disagreements at times but very normal, and others with strong backgrounds in banking/markets.
  2. Yup, on occasion i tend to acquire outdated versions (once in a while) of PBC and they spoke highly of Ripple back around July 2017, and mentions a few other times since. Still 3K is alot for his membership....just don't have the appetite for that membership cost.
  3. What's amusing about CNBC Fast Money is their misunderstanding of "getting ripped off". We most certainly did get ripped off, of the entire hour waiting for Brad's interview due to their idea of what's construed as "MAJOR" breaking news....a white house crony resigning? Who cares? Of all things on what was suppose to be a crypto-focused show.
  4. When they announce speakers, there is an expectation they will have some air time, but forcing a speaker to take a 'back row' seat as a recent announcement over some white house panzi retiring, tells me that CNBC media thinks that Brad Garlinghouse is 'lesser' or lesser of a media-gatherer or somehow less important and they will show it, of all things, on what suppose to be a discussion on a "crypto" show?!!? Maybe Ripple can buy CNBC, and pull the same thing. Brad says "Oh....we have a flash news announcement...i'm sorry Cohn will not be able to speak as a result....but this after our co
  5. That was a complete waste of an hour....half of it were shi-tty "we pretend to care about your health" commercials, and listening to the last half of it about "Cohn"'an' the WhiteHouse Barbarella who sh-it his pretty little striped slacks and is retiring on, of all things, a crypto show.
  6. And will come back to "Cuddle" the "Kudlow" right after these messages to "Rock your world" with further ****** commercials, to talk about Larry's socks.
  7. I'm guessing this is how these twats drag what would normally be 10 minutes of information into a 60-minute CNBC "FIRST MONEY" (Rockin' the cryptoworld with our shi-tty commericals) show.
  8. Nice to see CNBC hold everyone hostage while they soak us in ****** commercials only to find Coinbase is implementing an Index Fund (only for accreditated investors i think i heard). Boooooring.
  9. This sounds like movie material....this needs a title, "The Time Traveller and Ripple Man" or ""Ripple1todd960" meets his Ripple HitMan".
  10. I go by dog years....1 human yr = 7 dog yrs......so i'll be waiting approximately 21-35 dog years. It makes me sound like a far more patient investor than i really am.
  11. Hey Buckor, good article....and a good read. If you published it for a price you might already have a cabin in the smoky mountains and a suped-up jeep.
  12. Sorry if someone's posted this already: https://www.coindesk.com/payment-provider-fleetcor-pilot-ripples-xrp-cryptocurrency/ another one on fleetcor: https://www.pymnts.com/news/b2b-payments/2018/fleetcor-ripple-cross-border-payments/
  13. You know i was looking at Ripple back around March '2017 when it was .006 cents/per XRP....i hummed and haughed for weeks, when during this time i could've bought a 1,000,000 xrp for $6,000.00. I did buy in volumes at prices between .02 cents and .20 cents but again nowhere near the volume i could have because, while i understood the investment generally (diversifying a bit), i didn't understand the investment as thoroughly as i do now. Hindsight is 20/20 and always an as-skicking in my case. I'm glad i got in when i did.
  14. Yeah true enough. What i'm saying here is more guessing than anything but once investors start understanding Ripple's value, their partnerships, how many are testing implementation or directly using xRapid, and possibly start flowing in at larger volumes, perhaps the whales will have less control over manipulation, market depth, but i can't be sure.
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