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  1. No worries ? Just hurt my eyes with all that green - even though it would've been awesome ?
  2. They are completely wrong. You cant say 10% of the 100% utilization. You have to do 10% of possible contracts - server costs! Not just take 100% of utilization - server costs and then 10%. Its not the same! In Row 25 a server till costs $12,005.58 even if you only utilize 10%. 10 % = 78080/10 = 7808 xrp. with xrp at 1 dollar = 7808-12,005.58 = -4197,58 Your sheet says +$3,406 because you just did the 100% utilization of $34,062*10% wrong by $7000
  3. Pricing will only be one of several aspects to a developer choosing a server. I doubt there will be huge profits to gain long term, but I think it will still be able to tum contracts, maybe not at 100% utilization though. My guess is that early birds might be able to earn decent for a while though - Codius has to become really mainstream for a company to move a lot if power towards that - they need to earn really good money first ?
  4. Guess the default shows wrong info then ? pretty much all fields green on that one
  5. You are calculating profits as direct xrp x xrp price! You need to deduct server costs to get profit. Profit = returns after expenses
  6. Calculations looks wrong... most arent profitable before 40% and above
  7. I got 9 hosts running currently (existing servers, so might as well make them run hosts also). In time we will see contracts come in - will take some months though!
  8. Doubt it for just a single post regarding this - they would have used it for scams
  9. Hope for VISA to follow Their volume was like $280 XRP hehe. If they get both then the deal is made and its win win going forward
  10. They would use it for way more than the fee. They process all they payments themselves and having their transactions globally XRP would be the perfect use case for them! Their transaction volume alone would be able to bring like $100 XRP
  11. Several people in here saw the tweet themselves. So not photoshopped
  12. Lets hope.... Then the $589 might not be that unrealistic anymore...
  13. They did a tweet announcing the ripple partnership... got deleted shortly after!
  14. Don't forget the tweet that got deleted! Everything is coming together
  15. But seriously... This looks waay better than everything else. Even the wallet address mentions MC for Mastercard as well as the domain. Wonder when this news will pop out! Will bring a new type of engine on the rocket to the moon
  16. Trademark protects them. No need!
  17. r LedgerppMC MC for Mastercard nice
  18. .id is indonesia. So they must have that domain
  19. Using that name without being real could cause some real lawyer attention! Must be something true!
  20. Never give away your crypto to anyone... you got no control of them what so ever when they left your wallet. Want trading help ? Buy into some of the groups for advice instead.
  21. https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/20781-zerpening-3-hodl-my-zerps/
  22. Just want to see that interview now so we can get back on the price get so sad seeing red numbers
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