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Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

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(Original historic thread by @RegalChicken)

Since the old thread got locked i am going to start a fresh one to talk about RIPPLE (not FUD over another coin). I hope the mods don't mind.

Seems like there's some XRP stagnation atm, one thing that I've been wondering is if the crypto market needs a better vehicle for new investors to join in. Maybe January in general is when people go back to work, to school, etc and therefore volume is slow.

Currently sitting at 1.22 on Binance. Might as well drop some more into it. At least it hasn't gone below $1 again.

Maybe a fresh start is what we need to get the rockets going again.

Edit: If @RegalChicken wants to start a new thread I can request @karlos to close this one once he creates it but in the interim we need a thread for on the minute updates and chatting

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Ok. Let's get this thread on track. Anyone have an explanation for the sideways movement for practically a week now considering the recent news and ratings other than people are waiting to see how the market acts over the next couple weeks?

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I would prefer the zerpening be a lesson as to why we shouldn't jump to conclusions about the success of XRP based on the crypto currency fad.  There's at least a couple of years until the landscape of the blockchain movement becomes established and getting swept away in the fickle nature of it's short term price is naive.

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