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  1. Dear brother Chewie, I rarely post. But I try to read a lot. I was thinking for about a minute of a single word as a compliment to you, but decided to write a few words instead. I think It takes a specific mindset to seize an opportunity. To detect, to understand, study and act on it, especially when people around you have no clue of why and what you're doing. I think we all here saw this huge opportunity in XRP. I believe we'll do very well in the next few years, but believe me when I say, what really fascinates me is the people here on XRP Chat. Reading your post just made me wonder... If one day our zerps moon properly (as they should) and I create my own company, I want all my employees to be "xrpchat members like". Of course we'll all be millionaires by then and everyone will turn my offer down, but you get my point. Ripple and XRP made guys like you, and all the other contributors actually come here and meet. The feeling of responsibility towards the community, the time and energy to write a post like yours at this moment, when a lot of zerpers bite their nails and ask "should I sell, will I lose everything, is it a security, why SBI does not move the price" etc. is really remarkable, to say the least. Doing well yourself is important, but you want also the others to do well... and you help! How do you call a person like that? I would go with "a decent human being*". Being human nowadays is a very rare feature of our kind and you can find so many of them here, it's unreal! For me it is like a "Natural Reserve of humans". All because of the zerps. Will I be wrong if I say that the zerps and xrpchat connected good people? "The Zerp. Connects good people". That's something. The price will come. BHODL. *No offence, I know you're a Wookiee
  2. How can someone possibly dump Buttcoin? Didn't they watch last night's epic FAST MONEY? Oh, I get it! 'cause they want all the other coins to drop. Not that Buttcoin is volatile and manipulated... This is not the case! It's listed on Coinbase. They don't list such coins. I will learn the hard way, but until then I will buy zerps with passion
  3. I still think they had to show some respect for their guest and the audience. They have breaking news, fair enough, but there are so many things they could do (a running scroll or "you'll see Brad next time") not to be disrespectful. Anyway... I wonder what his announcement would've been
  4. The producer of Fast Money is not the sharpest tool in my view. You announce a guest a week in advance, you build up expectations in your audience, announce him again "after the commercial break" and then you talk on a completely different subject without even a single word for the people who are waiting for a week... There will be no one watching the "commercial break" next time...
  5. How long is the show normally? I wonder if Brad will get his airtime
  6. http://www.freeintertv.com/view/id-2566 Found this for the folks outside the U.S. Please, check if it works. Not sure if someone posted it already.
  7. Well... Mine gives me a short brief as soon as I wake up (if she wakes up first). Today's was "Back to .95"
  8. Hello Hodlers! Been reading for about four months. I'm in my 30s, fully determined XRP hodler. Wife and two kids. Proud to be here. I enjoy the intelligent discussion mixed with nice sense of humor. Thanks for having me.
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