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  1. Fly is missing @xrpmeplease cause it will - LOL.
  2. Still interesting and full of potential on a personal perspective of transferring money across money borders,
  3. zenkert

    CasinoCoin Talk

    like a avocado tree 😃 when it starts to grow . . .
  4. zenkert

    Realistic Potential % Gains in CSC

    I am more than satisifed with CSC reaching €0.5 just erase 3 zeros and we are there 😁
  5. zenkert

    Ripple (XRP) Drums Up Support For a Noble Cause

    Give us some more Good Vibes, bro. And you will be invited too. But always remember this faamous quote by Groucho Marx. I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.
  6. zenkert

    Ripple (XRP) Drums Up Support For a Noble Cause

    Nice find @Layusmen Thanks for Posting. I will invite you to our Fine Club. Cause you belong there. Please post this again when you have joined.
  7. You need more Posts, bro to get invited.
  8. Unless you are a WomAN . . . No rules . . . . Damn I wish I was a Cow @TheEnd BTW once there was a Band calling themselfes "The The". Great Name 😉
  9. Serious? That was a very serious answer, and I hope that will please and satisfy your need of certainty. BTW, do you ask the same questions on Stock Market Forums?
  10. zenkert

    Xrp Chat: The Largest Official XRP Forum

    Seems like it is done now @Understandsimplicity @Hodor Thanks @karlos 👍
  11. zenkert

    CasinoCoin Talk

    LOL. Agree, but to some extend, I am sure that Brotherhood Conglomerate is one of the Players behind it.
  12. zenkert

    CasinoCoin Talk

    The Market Cap of CSC has climbed from around €14M to €16M in just a couple of days 😵
  13. zenkert

    CasinoCoin Talk

    @CT99 It takes some time for the BTC to get into your account. When the transaction is completed the BTC "rests" in transaction "mode" for a while. As I recall, it might take 10-15 minutes before it is available in your account to buy CSC. Account is top left. The finished transaction is top right, that is, if you are trading on a computer.