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  1. Buy CSC brotha, we give, we dont take things away. Bikinis, beers and CSC tipping.
  2. U are 100% right on that @2ndtimearound
  3. zenkert

    I got banned

    It really does not matter @Flintstone I was done and dusted with the Zerpening anyway, when I left. I only came back cause @LilBender more or less asked me to. I will continue lurking around here. But will not return to the Zerpening for a second time.
  4. zenkert

    I got banned

    That´s what I have 110 xrp + 47 in another wallet.
  5. zenkert

    I got banned

    Just checked for fun today. Actually it was 5 wallets, all 20 XRP filled and ready @Flintstone One of them even have 30. So I have 57 Zerps. 57 XRP Can I have my Certified Zeerpener-ID back now
  6. zenkert

    I got banned

    Have you ever seen a Bull wearing shorts . . . ?
  7. zenkert

    I got banned

    I have 4 XRP wallets for sale. All are funded with 10 XRP. PM me for more info.
  8. zenkert

    I got banned

    Shure thing bro. Posted Yesterday.
  9. zenkert

    I got banned

    That´s a lot of BLING there @Flintstone wonder how a MM would sound when that much BLING?
  10. zenkert

    I got banned

    Thank you for the offer @dragonbait no need for that I will buy back some Zerps with the gains I made on BTC while I was sleeping.
  11. zenkert

    I got banned

    Sheyt I only have 47 Zerps.
  12. zenkert

    I got banned

    Who banned me? I wanna know
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