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  1. Now that is also a way of making money. More Bang for the Buck. Normally I just go for the Cheap little Cheeseburger. Great buy.
  2. Ha! So you are a Bro then. That is what I do 2. Care for a Big Mac?
  3. You are a fun guy. Depending on what or what so ever. It is always time to buy. Even if it´s just a Big Mac. I bought 2 today Keeps me from starving until Saturday.
  4. Power Ledger

    I really do not get the Message here . . .
  5. Best way to buy XRP from Singapore !

    Hi and Welcome to the Forum @Investoman Seems like you are pretty in gear then. What is the confusion, then?
  6. Best way to buy XRP from Singapore !

    yes or no . . . Let+s wait and see. But I say it is a safe bet.
  7. Ripple price per coin

    It is in fact a Daft Punk question. Let+s make it dead simple using USD. You call it Ripple Coin, but in fact you should use the term XRP. 1 XRP right now, is worth 0.24 USD. If you had 298 (the numbers after 298 is of no real value) XRP right now, they are worth 71.52 USD And then if XRP hit 2USD (You can make your own currency conversion, can you?) Will be worth 596 USD.
  8. No, it is not. There is no way to control any Crypto like that. Not a Stock either, or whatever tradeable. It is a Market game. And the Market is always right. Cold facts. Even if one does not like what the Market think is right.
  9. ripple taking the world by storm

    Welcome! Good Find indeed @vyckal and by judging of your avatar . . . everone that argues with you. You will ask the Final Question - AND??? Hope you enjoy that as a Joke, because, that was what it was.
  10. I am only here for the Beer . . . or was it the Bear . . . I am not sure about that spelling . . .
  11. Hello @itcdominic and welcome. That is a very intriging question to answer. If you haven´t studied the Mission and long term goal of Ripple/XRP, you need to. But you are in the right place. This forum is full of useful information. Both in it and in external links. You are in for a long ride. Yeah, it is undervalued if one is a Mooner or think XRP is a Rocket. But in the Long Run, I say it is more than a safe bet. Enjoy
  12. nano ledger is safe ?

    Just a quick note here * * Why on earth does anyone think that Common People would invest in Cryptos when things like this is discussed???
  13. That indeed you do @RegalChicken
  14. Ohhhhh, Swatch - I have one. I really do. I am not joking. And of course it did not work. Because time is basically based on when the sun is shining - what we call Day. And when it is not shining - what we call Night. But to be a little deep here, the Sun is in Fact Shining all the Time. Even if it is Night and even if it is Cloudy. The sun IS always shining. Just like RIPPLE and XRP.