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  1. Obviously you know more, and are far more educated in the Cryptosphere and big Finance than me. So I rest my case. The Bull goes back to the Barn and his cows and all his little precious Zerps.
  2. I have a XWife, and Ripple have a lot of X in it´s technology, just to many X for me right now . . . so I watch the Charts at Bistamp instead . . . only X there is if I will get my sneaky buy soon... That is an X I can live with.
  3. Really? LOL! Lian Lian then??? (China) And the drop more you have to prove and not rising and so forth . . .
  4. Poll: Coinbase Adding Ripple

    Boingbase . . . boing, boing, so it is with the rumours, boing boing boing boing . . . seen the them read them since october 2017 . . . boing boing . . .
  5. The fun thing with this OP is that as far as I know XRP was not around . . . 5 years ago. Maybe I should watch "Back to the Future II" more closely to see if it was so @BiffTannen
  6. Please leave that XRPussX behind, it is just a bad joke or even worse... @Hodor and @JoelKatz has already been there on that Twitter account and commented.
  7. @Stedas as much as I like the graphic. There are partners missing in it. Where f.e. is Santander, and SEB who used it from SWE/STHLM to US/NYC?
  8. how are your Zerps today? BTW the letter "f" is slightly more to the left compared to the "g". At least on my keyboard.
  9. If so I will move to the Schweiz and enjoy the Alps. Maybe @teddybear can help me to find a nice appartement.
  10. Freeing up Nostro/Vostro accounts will only do good. I am more worried about a Meteroit hitting our precious blue beatiful Planet. Really I am.
  11. There is a game of Chess going on, played well by Ripple, as has been stated before. Saudi Central Bank f.i. they do not do business outside Saudi do they? Just selling oil to the rest of the World . . so how important is that . . . if one Ponders . . . HODL your horses fellow Zerpers and RELAX!
  12. They might, but there is no way of stopping a tsunami... Look at what has happened so far : Korea Baning, no not really. China banning, no not really. India banning, no not really. Regulations is the name of the game right now. And that is good for some Digital Assets and Bad for some others.
  13. Might happen, but OMG what will happen then, the end of the finacial world as we know it must have crashed hard. So 1 lump of bread 1.000.001 XRP . . .