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  1. This is a sign that no-one have a freaking idea about anything. But Uphold tries to make easy bucks on that. Dont fall into this trap. It will collapse. The harder the Better.
  2. zenkert

    Zerpening Club Invitations

    Well Guys and Sistars I have - yes, I have been Working with Ingvar Kamprad IKEA - Cool Guy, and strange. . . And stayed at his Retreat - the north part of the lake Möckeln. Unknown for most
  3. zenkert

    Unlocking Global Liquidity Bottlenecks with RippleNet

    That´s quite a Handful. In fact it is the whole Market by one big GRASP. ?
  4. zenkert

    Ellipal Cold Wallet

    A bit early I say. No support for XRP yet. Personally I think paying 149 USD for a hardware Wallet is paying for your own Paranoia.
  5. Roubini - LOL - @Hodor you should read the rants about him in the Zerpening Club. He is more or less demolished.
  6. Read som books, and that angle of the Topic, is more or less true @n2it
  7. Agree on that @Benchmark It will be very interesting when the recession starts. Cause it will come.
  8. Voted. But I wonder why Bytecoin is on the List? Binance are about to delist it.
  9. Already there and have traded and withdrawn to CSC Wallet. I like Nuex. Nice GUI and Great Support. Head over to CSCChat and read more. https://www.cscchat.com/topic/314-csc-listed-at-stexcom-and-nuexcom/
  10. zenkert

    A Study of DCA: 2018

    Ahhh . . . So you did it. Went Public with your findings, bro. Great! ??
  11. zenkert

    What We Don't Know

    We can start a new Topic in General discussion something like "Crypto related Domain Names I own" ???
  12. zenkert

    What We Don't Know

    ? @Julian_Williams I have zerpme.com and zerpster.com 20K XRP, anyone?
  13. I had a sell order BCH at €490 at Bitstamp. It has been executed., so I guess thoise charts does not lie. Damn I cuold have sold for over €1K there. But who could foresee that this would happen.
  14. Ooooooppsssssssssssss . . . ?