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  1. zenkert

    The Next Wave

    Naval people say that everyt 10th wave is big and every 100th wave is far bigger than any of the 9 preceeding it, and now we know that there are Monster waves too. So buckle up.
  2. zenkert

    COSS has added XRP as base pair

    We are slowly getting there. Thanks for the post @Armanius
  3. zenkert

    Busting cryptomyths

    Some new Coins added would be nice. The landscape is changing.
  4. zenkert

    Busting cryptomyths

    One thing that strikes me @matjazsircelj is why is this not marketed under the Bitstamp Umbrella and more clearly announced that it is a Bitstamp initiative? That was what got my attention and started my "Fraud" thoughts spinning. Now Bitstamp is only present in the Footer of the site and as a favicon. Cryptomyths presented by Bitstamp Just thinking out loud.
  5. zenkert

    Busting cryptomyths

    Great, mate Did the quiz now, I am a Crypto Whale, in the Quiz. Not in real Life Pretty fun and a good Marketing Tool.
  6. zenkert

    Busting cryptomyths

    I do not use "social media" I just got a bad feeling and had to express my thoughts, since there are a lot of scams and other bad things going on in DA-Land. So I owe you an Apology @matjazsircelj Hope you will accept it.
  7. zenkert

    Busting cryptomyths

    I do not twitter. Just felt bad about the thing.
  8. zenkert

    Busting cryptomyths

    We will see about that. For the time being I suggest all XRPChat users not to touch your site. I have contacted Bitstamp and waiting for their reply.
  9. zenkert

    Busting cryptomyths

    You have the Bitstamp logo in the Footer of the site, with a link to Bitstamp. Are you part of the Bitstamp Team @matjazsircelj My gut feeling tells me that there is something wrong here.
  10. I sold some early December expecting a further price drop. Could buy back today with a gain, but I still wait.
  11. zenkert

    Stay strong!

    Curious, what is a indie game @gamedev368 please enlighten me.
  12. zenkert

    Stay strong!

    You mean to earn it ? Doing nothing will be very, very boring in the long run
  13. To be honest, I do not think they care about us small people. Not meaning to offend you in any way @itcdominic
  14. Why worrie? You believe in your investment in XRP or not? Relax, or Sell. Simple as that.