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  1. Hallo Mr Robot. Been a long time. Alles gut? Please login in to the CSC discord server. I have sent you a DM. Dein Bruder zenkert
  2. Calling @RegalChicken Long, long, long time no speak. Hope all is well. Please login to CSC discord server, I have a DM I want to send you. Your bro 4ever zenkert
  3. @truekumar CSC - CasinoCoin - have a look, you might like it. Built on a fork of XRP. Lightening fast, just like XRP, great team, all focus on the Gambling Industry. https://casinocoin.org/
  4. OK guys. Thanks for the advice. I will just keep the wallet. BTW I have 25 XRP in it - LOL.
  5. Strange question it might seem. But what should I do with a wallet that only is funded ? Erase and forget ?
  6. @Hodor Not very nice to post stuff like that. If Coil strategy is this way, they loose. Big time. MHO it is. Apple like.
  7. Ripple might break their own legs . . . the woke up the Monster. Now the Monster tries to regain control.
  8. @Roaring_Twenties Simple answer is no, to all 3 questions. Furthermore far to deep. Ask a economist or a Noble Prize winner In Economy. The have no freaking idea either. The rest of the answers you will get are just laymen answers, just like mine, even if the will be sorrounded by far more words than my simple: - No. You might even get a maybe. If you are lucky. But if you wanna hedge the Trade Ware with Bitcoin. You might succeed.
  9. You should move to CSC and GFG if you wanna make some money.
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