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  1. I would also like to mention what have been noticed before and posted, regarding marketing. Not a word about the tech no XRP, no X-tech at all, just plainly. The company logo with the text: Powered with Ripple. Have a closer look here at options and so forth. https://ripple.com/style-guide/
  2. I just watch the Charts @itcdominic they tell it all. Seriously though, coinlib.io has good news feeds. I often find stuff there. But news and Youtubers and s.c. cryptonews sites are mostly full of sheyt. I try not to bother to much about it.
  3. I am not shure if people are aware that the Child/Fork of XRP - CSC, the coin for Gambling Market - also have it´s tip bot now @Hodor Opened just a couple of days ago. https://www.csctipbot.com/
  4. Hi @10millionplus and a very warm welcome to XRPChat. I hope you will enjoy it here and meet a lot of fellow Zerpeneers
  5. @pvap you been along for a long time. You should know better than posting Crap like this.
  6. A lot of things are moving in the XRP/Ripple Universe. Loads of positives. But it does not match the movement of XRP in the Market. It´s stuck and been for long, and the answer is not the s.c. Crypto Winter, or Bear Market. Other DA´s move, but XRP is stuck in Limbo. I have no answers, that is why I am asking.
  7. Hey @BiffTannen long time no see, dear BRO. I notice you have not lost your finger tip feeling. WTF is this Post about?
  8. Hmmm..... well give them what they want then . . . I see no problem here . . . on the Ripple side. Or did I misunderstand the whole post and the content in the link?
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