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  1. Playing with house money is true peace of mind.
  2. It is part of KYC now, they can't avoid asking for it.
  3. Sometimes it is good to take a few steps back from the trees and have a good look at the forest. Ripple has made incredible progress and we should all be very grateful for that. Impatience is a scourge of these idiotic times. Things are happening at an incredible clip.
  4. Gravity is merely a wrinkle in time caused by mass. The limiting case is the black hole. A gallery of Andy Warhol's work will also stop time. This happened to me in New York's MOMA once.
  5. I was misinformed. I was thinking from the Earth's perspective.
  6. Ok, time for a space joke (turn your head aside if you are a hyper-sensitive PC type) The UN convenes a General Assembly session on space travel. The ambassadors of various nations are asked to talk about their space projects. The Russians and the Americans tick off their prior accomplishments and announce plans to explore the planets. Finally, the ambassador from Poland takes his turn at the rostrum. “We intend to land a man on the sun,” he declares. There is a great hubbub in the assembly, cries of “say, what…?” and “wait a minute now….” The Secretary-General turns to the Polish ambassador and says, “Your scientists must be out of their minds. It’s six thousand degrees up there! How can you possibly land a spacecraft on it?” A hush falls over the assembly. The Polish ambassador looks completely relaxed and serene. “We are going to do it at night!” he announces triumphantly.
  7. Nope - time is affected by gravity. Gravity is always the boss (unless someone else is signing your checks)
  8. It sure is. Sometimes I daydream about Ripple getting away from this space altogether - it would be quite the IPO.
  9. Bring some money. Lots of money.
  10. Will we hear giant popping sounds?
  11. Nothing personal guy, but this is just blather.
  12. Horrible writer. Who can read this long-winded nonsense? Compare this to Hodor's work.
  13. It's like watching a dog get run over by a bus over and over - however somehow you simply cannot look away.
  14. Cointal - any experiences?

    In your transactions you remain completely anonymous to the other party?