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  1. To the teenager programming this Max-Bot: Come now - you can do better.
  2. Max is some 15-year old's AI experiment - that's Artificial Ignorance BTW
  3. Do you ever, and I mean EVER, bother to read the idiocy that you insist on posting?
  4. Newbie to Crypto

    Well, I spent a lot of time on the side of the road cursing the day Lucas E. was ever allowed to put their crap on a motorcycle. Later on I had a Harley Sporty that is still my #1 of all time. I also had one of those Honda 4 cyls 1978 - a real workhorse that one. 100% reliable always.
  5. Newbie to Crypto

    I used to ride that Bonneville very hard back in the no-helmet days in California. One night south of San Diego I was doing about 105mph on I-5 when I got hit square in the forehead by a big bug. Felt like a rifle shot, but I hung on. The good old days
  6. Newbie to Crypto

    Wow - I've been very fortunate. Over 250,000 miles on motorcycles and never a scratch.
  7. Newbie to Crypto

    My first ride was a 1974 Triumph Bonneville 750 featuring The Prince of Darkness, Lucas Electric I am hoping for a Vincent Black Shadow when all this XRP business squares away.
  8. New to XRP Chat

    "silly" - isn't that a favorite Max E. word? I wonder about this MegaNerd ---- hmmmm
  9. Go easy on the poor bugger - he has hitched his wagon to Bitcoin. Can you imagine anything more pathetic?
  10. G20: Crypto to be labeled as Cryptoassets.

    Now there is an incentive to HODL
  11. Ripple Insights | Liquidity Explained

    Whoa! $5 trillion in nostro accounts? The number being knocked around since I can remember is $20 trillion+
  12. G20: Crypto to be labeled as Cryptoassets.

    I would have preferred Digital Asset - get away from the pejorative 'Crypto'
  13. While they are both in the business of handling money, I wonder how much equivalence there is between MoneyGram and Chase. I almost feel that it will have to be an intrepid innovator in the banking sector that will experiment with XRP, not the main line institutions.
  14. Always in the back of my mind when the nostro/vostro accounts are discussed is the notion that it would make a good deal of sense to convert some of that dead money to a stash of XRP, both as a way to facilitate payments and transfers, obviously, and perhaps also as a speculative play. However, I am sure that the firming up and clarification of regulations needs to happen before banks are comfortable with using a digital asset for bridging transfers.
  15. Wall St Bust to Crypto Rush Stars Ripple

    Indeed - Grandma may be curious and interested in owning XRP, but don't ask her to update the firmware on her Nano S.