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    Hodor , missed but not forgotten

    Man do i miss @Hodor weekly blog's . They kept us informed , educated and were a great source for me to think outside the box , it didn't matter how many times i scoured the internet for information he always surprised me with something new , i certainly enjoyed his summary , it was the best bit for me. I'm really looking forward to what he bring's to the community next and i hope we don't wait too much longer. In this thread , post a thought , picture or a gif of what you may think he/she may look like , keep it light and respectful , as respect is what he/she deserve's after dedicating so much time to us as a community. So just saying @Hodor missed , but not forgotten .
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    USD-PHP corridor becomes active

    Wowwww, very exciting times these are. Four more corridors by the years end, according to MoneyGram at SWELL. (or three more if this was one of those) I've been fortunate to have watched, and to have "participated" in, Apple, Netflix, Digene, Luna, and Sirius/XM as they all began their "crawl, walk, run" journeys. (like an impatient dummy, I impulsively cashed out way too soon on most of these!) This by far, has been the most exciting of the bunch, and I predict that it will one day be the most revolutionary as well. That being said, however, topping what the impact of Apple's combination of supercomputer/cell phone has done, will take some time - but I predict that it's inevitable.... For the "youngsters" out there: and YES, this is investment "advice;" might I suggest you put a "little" aside and absolutely don't touch it for TEN full years. Had I done that with any of the above mentioned companies, I could've retired in my 40's. (vs my 50's now) And as for health advice, start now with getting into decent shape, as it's gonna be no fun having all the time in the world to do whatever you please; and hopefully the money; when you find yourself trapped in a body that's in terrible shape. An acquaintance of mine was a retired hedge fund manager, who went on to be a personal financial consultant to clients whose portfolios were growing rapidly, and who sought his advice. The first thing that he would do, would be to strongly "suggest" that they purchase a treadmill to use regularly in their homes, in addition to a gym membership. He told me that he would later follow-up to see if they had acted on his advice, and if they hadn't, he would decline to accept them as new clients. He related to me that if they weren't seriously invested in their own health, then why should he invest in their financial wealth. Start working out everyone; by hiking, biking; whatever; the time is now to get in decent shape for 'surfing' the waves that are coming....
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    The future of banking ?
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    USD-PHP corridor becomes active

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    I don't intend to disagree with the overall sentiment of your statement. My experience is that - by and large - things of significance do tend to get leaked. I agree. I will just note here, however, that the largest Ripple announcement was with regard to Moneygram and the only "leak" came from a relatively obscure crypto personality called CryptHawk (who is much less obscure now since being the leaker) who only sort of got it right. My assessment of his source on this leak was that - most likely - he had contact with some sort of Russian hacker who had a RAT installed on the computer of one of the paralegals working for the MG or Ripple lawyers overseeing the transaction. This was a major event for Ripple and MG. This was the most significant event thus far in crypto, IMO, with regard to mainstream adoption. And the sole leaker was largely dismissed - mainly by the XRP community - and the leaker himself was a very obscure, relatively irrelevant individual who leaked the information. This was no actual insider. Here's what I think: I think Ripple/XRP news is big for US. But I think - by and large - comparing Ripple/XRP/Crypto news to Apple's iPhone model releases is a massive overestimate of the majority of the population's concern over Crypto. Virtually everyone knows what the Iphone is. By and large, most people don't know what Ripple or XRP is and - as far as bitcoin/crypto goes - most people still just don't care. As such, it's just much less prone to leaks. I think your error here is an error of scale. It would be leaked if there were really that many people who cared. Yes, the "XRParmy" seems large to the crypto space, but the crypto space is still very, very small. That said, I do think most of the partnership rumors are BS. But I don't think a massive partnership would necessarily be leaked in any significant way or at all; at least not now. We've seen a big one go largely unnoticed until it was a done deal. Good point of discussion, however.
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    Ripple in numbers (facts and stats)

    Ripple in numbers (infographic) http://stedas.hr/infographic-ripple-in-numbers.html The 3rd annual Swell by Ripple conference is over. It shows that 2019 was an unprecedented year for Ripple for growth: 300+ customers 2-3 new customers per week 10x year-on-year growth 70+ payout countries on 6 continents 10 offices worldwide over 25 ODL customers This infographic shows the most important facts about Ripple and ODL (Od-Demand Liquidity). SHARE ➡️ http://stedas.hr/infographic-ripple-in-numbers.html #fintech #blockchain #crypto #infographic #XRP #ripple
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    The three stages of hodling XRP

    Anticipation: - Awesome product - Great team - incredible business plan - depth of integration across the globe and within infrastructures I'll be seeing returns in no time at all, super excited, can't wait Animosity: - Awesome product - Great team - incredible business plan - depth of integration across the globe and within infrastructures Why the heck is the price being suppressed, this is ridiculous, clearly it's manipulation, I mean what else could it be... Flip the switch already ... Ughh!! Ambivalence: - Awesome product - Great team - incredible business plan - depth of integration across the globe and within infrastructures WHATEVER, WHO CARES what it's doing, who's doing what, .28 or .31 really??? non of it matters! I have a life and can only hope I'm actually alive to see the fruits of my patient hodling ----- (me 5min later - checking DAI, workingmoney, Sam, TMI, daily hodl, bearablebull, oracletimes, twitter, whats app convos, bloomberg, forbes...etc..) LOL (hodl)!
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    Good luck to you all

    It's been a fun and interesting 3 years but i had to sell my remaining stack this past weekend. Not a day goes by that i don't regret not paying off some of my debt when i had the chance. I just never thought XRP would do a 100% retrace considering BTC and ETH did not. Still believe Ripple/XRP will succeed in the long run so i can only hope my finances are in order before it's too late. Until then, I wish you all the best and your dreams of fortune come true.
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    Worth watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFbgrKCWXJA&feature=youtu.be
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    crypto eri in her two latest videos has evidence that is reliable from a CEO that the Japan corridor is opening in Q1 When you do not trust in the development of business you are investing in you should be seriously looking at getting out I have been buying xrp every month since late 2017 and feel as bullish now as any time - every one must make their own judgements
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    Charting the course of XRP

    For the negative posters on this thread... a lot of people come here to post and share ideas. I think a lot of people have shared knowledge that is very valuable. Coming on here to tear people down because you are unhappy with the decisions you've made, investments you've made, etc is weak and petty. Whenever I encounter negative and small people, I am reminded of a timeless quote by Teddy Roosevelt. In a better world, all of life's many trolls would read this and take some time to reflect on their life choices. But, being the small and inconsequential people that they are, they won't. They will just keep on being terrible. "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat." @Moonraker and other trolls, don't bother replying to this because I've already ignored you.
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    I started in the telecom industry in 1982. The telephone systems and wiring were so proprietary and tough but extremely simple for those lucky enough to have mentors or teachers to help them with this old school mechanical stuff. I started learning on several new and unique ways in telecom from mechanical to digital then on to packetized voice or VoIP. Those in the telephone company and many others often stated "The phone Companies will NEVER use VoIP technology". I left the phone company and worked as a consultant to CISCO and assisted during the disruptive stages, I worked with Business Development team and engineering teams as we presented to governments and schools. We pitched the technology everywhere we could. The TECH got better and better, our pitch got better and better and the "old school" telecom guys started getting worried. This technology was not within their knowledge base of understanding. This new technology was IP based and data technology was a whole new world. Some studied and learned and came along. Many did not but kept jobs working the old tech until they could retire. Point is, the packetized Internet of Value (IoV) is exactly like the disruptive technology that took over in the world of telecom. Go ahead Banks....sit back and ignore it, I assure this tech is superior to what you know to be true today. Don't adapt? Then die a slow death. AMERICA, what are we waiting on? The rest of the world is embracing and working in and through regulation to keep the innovation moving in a healthy direction. Don't Adapt? Then die a slow death....because the world of FINANCE is in the stages of disruption. Its inevitable, this is new tech that will change the financial world as we know it. Write it down, it is upon us.
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    Tinder for banks.
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    Moral of this story: only invest in coins when you’re 100% certain you will make more money than your friend.
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    I've been around technology for over 30 years. I know NDA's and have signed and created hundreds. I know the IT world and the personalities that live and breath IT. With this much publicly revealed activity and strong hints from Ripple leadership on a bigger undisclosed list of users/customers..... Why is there not more credible leaks of info? - TRUE STORY....this stuff can be kept under wraps for months even years, but not forever....there seems to always be loose lips.....where are they? These APPLE rumors if actually had some truth would leak just like there are always leaks around product launches, iPhones always seem to get photographed and detailed functionality made public.....where are the leakers? And what about insiders at Bank of America's IT world.....??? I know I will get bashed for this....but this is what concerns me...... We are not getting leaked validation on some of the great rumors. Yes this seems to contradict "Rumor and no validation".....but how does something this big not get leaked to mainstream media with anonymous sources that puts the mainstream media comfortable with printing the news?? especially with the failed push by Facebook to enter the crypto world.
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    Before I start I would like to point out that I do work for the Foundation. However, you should not take my words as endorsement nor advice. Not trying to sell you anything. I just wanted to reply to a few questions as I was pointed to this thread. cscchat looks like xrpchat because some of the XRP folks suggested to set something up like this. It's community-driven and free from the influence of the Foundation. CSC is a project fork of the XRP codebase, running its own ledger and infrastructure. This path was taken, rather than building on the XRPL, for a couple of reasons. We needed to ensure that we can develop things the way we want, without relying on Ripple. Running our own ledger allows us to modify it the way we see it fit. This might be because of things we want to build or at the request of regulators or partners. CSC is currently listed on 6 exchanges. We do not endorse exchanges and we do not pay for listings. The Foundation didn't collect money and runs on its own budget. We can't hand out free coins or pay lots of money to buy us in. Getting new listings is an ongoing process. We also don't pay market makers. If you consider volume as the main sign of success, I will have to give you that one. But I get the feeling people have been under the impression that other projects came out of nowhere, with a lot of listings, millions of volume and high liquidity. To my surprise, I can't remember this happened even once in the last 9 years. The same goes for the number of partnerships. The Foundation itself does not speculate about the price of CSC and does not participate in discussions about it. CSC is very cheap to buy in at the moment, that's true. We are targeting regulated markets and are working with evolving markets towards regulation. While a lot of crypto casinos run under a Curacao license, there is no fully compliant crypto casino (Tier 1). I am aware of FunFair owning a Tier 1 supplier license. The goal is having CSC being used by casinos. Customers getting onboard via our BRM, being KYC'ed (which is tied to their CSC acc on-chain) and can use the BRM as an advanced wallet that offers a sort of lobby that lists our partners. Some of the benefits for players, based on how our partners integrate us, is fast onboarding, including KYC, along with the ability to move funds fast between casinos. The BRM is just one of our solutions. Just a few benefits, depending on how you look at it. Gamblers: Ability to move funds fast, less often need of KYC Operators: cost savings per tx, no chargebacks, target audience Regulators: Easy to audit and immutable records of transactions tied to KYCed people. Ease of AML measures. I should mention not all of our products are available to the public. The current crypto market condition is not one of our main issues. We don't target crypto people, we are targeting gamblers. To make this happen, we are currently working on better on and offramps. I keep hearing this a lot and I just want to make this clear: We don't pay people to promote our work. If people do so, it's based on their motives. And yes, some XRP people have joined our community. We didn't incentivize this. I have met a lot of good folks from the XRP community, luckily more than "bad" ones. Partners can technically choose to use CSC native. If they don't want to do this for any reason, they can create a token on the CSCL. This gives them full control over their ecosystem and the ability to fully brand it. For some use cases that makes more sense. Yes, partners have to donate 25k worth of CSC to the Foundation. Development, infrastructure, and support aren't free and this is one way to generate revenue. It's not a secret. The Foundation is a non-profit registered on the Isle of Man and Malta. Again, not trying to sell you anything. I just wanted to comment on a few points that have been made. Other than that, feel free to ask me anything.
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    Spam? suspect BTC payments on XRPL

    I don't think this is spam at all. If you look at the transactions, you see many transactions that pay well over the minimum transaction fee. Here's one that burned 0.01 XRP. This means that the sender wants his transaction go through, and is prepared to pay a higher fee to ensure this. A spammer would not do that. 40 tps at 0.01 xrp would cost him one million xrp per month. Still small change in comparison to costs and fees of legacy infrastructure. I think this is legitimate testing of the ledger, for real world usage. Maybe a bank or group of banks testing with it, maybe polysign.io doing tests, maybe an exchange or group of exchanges. Maybe something is already live even, and what we're seeing is real world use of something that we don't yet know about. Either way, the only way to convince FI's and banks that the XRP ledger can handle real world load, not just speculator and hobby usage, is to actually demonstrate this. That is why I am very pleased with this increase of tps. Hobby users with their validator below their desk being forced out is part of growing up and entering enterprise-grade utility. We've seen the same development with the Internet. And I am old enough to remember hearing the same arguments from people advocating against professionalizing the business, clutching to the romantic yet misguided vision of everybody including their grandparents running their own mailserver, nameserver, nntp server and webserver in their basement. You would not be able to read what I wrote here, if it weren't for the efforts and risk-taking of countless corporations that have made this possible. From cpu manufacturing to enabling a functional power-grid, and enabling a global functional Internet through massive data exchanges, and transatlantic cables costing billions of dollars: massive undertakings only possible through the process of people organizing themselves into corporations and getting things done. Similarly, the open and low-cost payment infrastructure that is now being created, and will be accessible and affordable for everyone in the world to use, will be made possible by entrepreneurs taking risks, investing their own time and money in it, and convincing others to participate in their endeavor. I am strongly convinced that the developments that are set in motion, with incentives so well aligned, are unstoppable, and that those at the sideline that are anti-entrepreneurship and anti-capitalist (yet don't have any better idea themselves: communism has failed) will not be able to prevent that.
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    Galgitron's bionic XRP

    Every month, when her aunt flo visits her, Galgitron feels the incessant need to tell everyone what they already know; albeit with the condescending, dismissive tone we all know and love from her
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    Mainstream media article seemingly in Ripple’s and XRP’s favor. Nice to see for a change. “XRP transactions recently rose to new highs above 4 million per day, dwarfing that of popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.” https://www.fool.com/amp/news/2019/12/01/ripples-50-million-investment-in-moneygram-is-fuel.aspx
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    Dilip Rao retiring.

    He will be missed. I hope we all will retire soon.
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    Regarding scaling up ODL deployed corridors... From what we've gathered watching the metrics at Bitso, volume usage is throttled by the order book depth at the receiving endpoint - that is, the MXN buy orders need to be in the optimal range for that route to be used at the time for a required value transfer. Note, the last three days at Bitso they show trade volumes consecutively in the top all-time five (12-14m). I'm currently researching the dynamics of their respective order books, and hope to have something to add to this thinking soon. As for inviting the "influencers" to Ripple's august meetup... That is fairly unconventional to say the least lol. But for a company based out of San Francisco, with a "long-haired" Director sporting a pirate patch on his Twitter avatar, and a corporate website with their 404 set to the Grateful Dead's dancing bears... Well, this is a most special company
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    Charting the course of XRP

    No, it does have a great deal to do with the market. The market is a sea of red. To say that XRP price is not appreciating because utility is lacking.......ignores the fact that coin prices make huge movements all the time, and almost none of those movements are related to any real utility....at all. This is a TA thread. Post a chart or go somewhere else. I'm tired of your lame troll bullsh!t.
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    On Demand Liquidity - Really?

    Market makers earn money through buying and selling with a spread. As ODL volume increases, the amount of money being made by market makers increases (given a fixed spread). This raises the price of XRP because it becomes cost effective to pay more for XRP and outbid other market makers who are also earning $ from the spread. There is a lower bound on the price of XRP that is proportional to the ODL volume. When the daily volume enters the $100m+ per day we will (I believe) start to see a noticable (and possibly dramatic) effect on price. This is based on my own theory and models but I have yet to see a counter argument that negates the price rise effect. One might argue that the spread will simply drop as volume increases, but it does not need to - as long as the costs overall are better than the existing nostro/vostro costs then ODL can outcompete and spread does not need to drop further. Currently we have a couple of corridors with total volume under $1m per day, when this goes up by a factor or 10+ and we have 10+ times as many corridors, I am quite confident that we will see price increases. (My numbers are not exact).
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    Let's do this again next year guys. Keep the tradition alive.
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    49.9 Billion in Escrow.

    So, it is official. 49 900 000 013 XRP is now in escrow from 50 000 000 013 yesterday. Good times people! https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance/
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    Charting the course of XRP

    We got goosenecks y'all.
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    it took bitcoin only 9 years to go from nothing to $20,000. im quite sure most people here wouldnt mind waiting 9 years for xrp to hit $50 or higher. if its too long a time, try to make this kind of money at your 9-5 job in 9 years.
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    The ODL now in production on the early corridors have demonstrated it's working as designed. Getting the depth of market order book re-balancing dynamics all tuned is a complex process, and is still being refined. It's working, so Ripple saw little risk in initiating the next phase of scaling up with more production deployment. The Crypto gods have smiled. We can only guess what will be the volume inflection point which will mark the beginning of demand-driven market valuation. Until then, we at the mercies of speculators and manipulators. These anomalous spikes and dips we've recently weathered have proven ODL is resistant to any impacts by the price fluctuations. IMHO, this "field" success did trigger Ripple to make the buy and commitments to the next scaling-up phase with MGI. And now Santander... 0Doubt mates
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    It is exactly these ‘illiquid corridors’ for which Ripplenet with On Demand Liquidity (ODL with XRP) is a game changer. The developing countries and unbanked who have largely been excluded from the ‘international financial dinner table’ will now be able to participate. The level playing field is still in its infancy but it is becoming a reality with every bank, institution, company and unbanked entity joining this new reality. With the support of the XRP army, Ripple and its partners will succeed in this quest for a better world.
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    A conversation with Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, about the momentum, focus, and future of Ripple and XRP as their annual conference, Swell, kicks off. https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomassilkjaer/2019/11/06/ripple-surpasses-300-customers-as-swell-2019-kicks-off-in-singapore/#3381c531498c
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    SBI holdings latest presentation

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    Good luck to you all

    Anyone that compares XRP or any crypto which are completely speculative assets with no fundamentals to the traditional stock market where companies generate revenue and have fundamentals is holding heavy bags and is under the delusion that just like the stock market this is going to go back up. Yeah, it's speculative. That means, you have to be stupid to think it's undervalued or overvalued. It has no fundamentals. If you think it's undervalued, it can go lower...and lower... and lower......and lower and keep going. In terms of price, XRP is lower than it was 1 year ago, 2 years ago...heck almost 3 years ago. A lot of coins aren't. In terms of adoption and utility, it's very hard to argue that it's any better off than it was 1, 2, 3 years ago unless you're celebrating Mercury FX, Cuallix, etc claiming to use xRapid as adoption. Or you're claiming that Ripple overpaying for MoneyGram stock which is down from an ATH of $280 to $2.50 or in the past 3 months from $6 to $2.50 as adoption and progress. MoneyGrams ATH of ~$280 and current price of $2.50 also goes to show you not everything recovers so it's utterly stupid to say it's "a very stupid time to sell."
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    Dilip Rao retiring.

    Dear Mr Freaky Sir, You've been the best Fudster on this board for a very long time. Always negative, but with a politeness and charm that makes us all love you dearly. So with that in mind, if you have news from your organization that the formerly cold shoulder of antipathy towards ripple might now become a warm and tender embrace then I think we all deserve to know a little more. In the spirit of sharing, here's a graph from my latest daily plot of USD/MXN corridor payments that shows a slow (but steadyish) climb up the stairway to (buckethead approved) heaven, and like Barry Allen confiding his secrets to Dr Wells, we hope you will in turn divulge to us some of the festive cheer that gives you bullish hope. By this, I mean only to say, 'Spill the beans you miserable xxxxxxx'.
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    Paypal Pornhub and xrp

    They already have a partnership with Verge, so I don't really see XRP cuming soon.
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    USD-PHP corridor becomes active

    No, not exactly, however, I first got into Apple even before Microsoft had come out with Windows: way back in the 80's, I believe. I saw clearly how the graphical user interface was the way of the future, and not the much more widespread, and "popular," but terribly clunky, DOS. This was before Apple later became successful and went on to split like a million times. I remember initially loading up at under $16 a share. (historical charts now recalculate that $16, due to all the subsequent splits, as being valued somewhere in the .25ct price range) I thought that I was doing great and started selling when it started breaking out of the $30's. My overall point being, there are companies such as Ripple, whose products are so potentially transformational, that investing in them early, and weathering the inevitable doubt that follows, has the potential for life-changing rewards: it just takes extreme patience and resolve. It's still ultimately gambling, but at least it's a game where doing your homework can greatly influence the odds. And I fully agree that Ripple's grandiose objectives, and therefore the potential, is much greater than even Apple & Netflix combined - to the point where it actually defies comprehension at such and early stage of the game.
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    RippleNet map in google maps

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    Charting the course of XRP

    XRP still dancing below the trend line. 50 Day EMA and 100 Day EMA look very similar to Bitcoin's EMA and similar volume is decreasing. I expect Bitcoin and XRP's prices will move in similar fashion. Big move, Big volume. Break and "close" above .304 - could, should, will set this off. SWELL is set for tomorrow and Friday in Singapore. No live streams and no flashy key note speakers, seems like this year is a more serious affair. Hopefully serious business is announced.
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    Charting the course of XRP

    The market is comprised of people and people make up the sentiment. I don't know how old you are or what kind of bear markets you have been through, but I've seen a few. They always sound like this at the bottom. Just like the top when everyone is calling for ridiculous highs, except without the fun and excitement. All this time that XRP was dropping and the mood here and on Twitter was good. "Rocket moon next week!" Finally, FINALLY, we are seeing true capitulation. Anyone who says the price is set to go up is burned at the stake!! Those who have followed me know that I'm not a mindless shill and I've tried to be fair and balanced. I called for XRP to break below $0.28 when everyone else thought that was crazy. I am of the mind currently that we are at or very near the bottom. I could see us testing the support at around $0.18-0.19, but I would be shocked to see much lower. This doesn't mean that I am expecting a parabolic moon from here, but I think the bottom is forming. Let's see how this post ages.
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    Dilip Rao retiring.

    I live in Australia. It’s a small place. We all know each other. His brother was telling me last night at the BBQ that it’s because he doesn’t want to have to deal with the flood of new customers they are about to receive.
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    They were invited because they have an audience and would produce content for said audience during and following their visit to Swell. It's glorified marketing. That's literally it. There's no endorsement, tacit or otherwise, going on here. They won't have been privy to anything other than company line information. They're useful idiots brought in to spread the message as a 'neutral' source. I've been a journalist for 15 years now, I know what this stuff is, and what Ripple has done here is nothing out of the ordinary. It's just good PR ("hey cool they invited x from Youtube!") and, as I said, gets the message out from a source that isn't direct from Ripple. Note: I'm not in any way saying it's a bad thing what they've done - it's just a normal thing. It doesn't bear reading much into at all. It's certainly nothing special.
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    How low can you go?

    I'd be careful. It took me some time but I've made peace with the fact that XRP is going no where any time soon. We're approaching the price where even those who bought in early 2017 will be in the red. So for those of you who may still be in the green, be careful about catching this falling knife. My biggest regret was trying to dollar cost average this one instead of taking a small loss and calling it a day. XRP has shown no resilience whatsoever. It totally missed out on any of the bull runs in the past year, it's consistently at a yearly low, and it's now approaching the zone where even those who bought in early 2017 will be in the red. Buy low, sell high, right? Capitulation? We're so far past that. It's become increasingly clear that this is a failed experiment. Utility has not moved the needle in any meaningful way and there is no reason to think that XRP will rebound any time soon. Could it bounce back tomorrow? Maybe. But the trend is not your friend.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    My theory on Bitcoin's price cycles is that they are designed to create new price perceptions in the public, where prices that were previously considered ridiculously high start to look like a good deal. I know this has happened with me. I remember when $400 seemed like a lot of money for a bitcoin, then later it seemed cheap - the same switch in perception happened for me at $1,000, $3,000 and now $8,000. Bitcoin at $8k is now looking like a good buy to people including myself. It's not the forks that are a problem - there have been so many forks of Bitcoin that I stopped keeping track after Bitcoin Gold. Since Bitcoin Cash there have been 44 forks, none have affected the price (except for Cash and the later Cash fork with SV) and most have gone completely unnoticed. It was the fact that a guy claiming to be Satoshi and claiming to hold $6Billion of Bitcoin was threatening to drive the price to $1k to support his fork that caused the problem, that and people believing he could do it. Forks https://thenextweb.com/hardfork/2018/05/22/bitcoin-hard-fork-useless/ Craig's Threat https://www.coinspeaker.com/hash-war-is-on-craig-wright-threatens-to-crash-bitcoin-price-down-to-1000/ Craig's Excuses https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/judge-rules-against-craig-wright-criticizes-credibility-in-court-decision
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    Charting the course of XRP

    I love our moderators. They do a good job and seldom get thanked. So....thanks. Thanks a lot for what you do for us hodlrs.
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    bKash has hardly been discussed on the forum, but it is likely to be very successful - very much modelled on the success of M-Pesa which has largely replaced cash in local currencies in East Africa and reduced corruption in Afghanistan https://www.ripple.com/insights/views/swell-2019-how-bkash-makes-banking-accessible-to-36-million-in-bangladesh/ About M-Pesa: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M-Pesa
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