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    The momentum behind XRP and Ripple has quickly built into the size of a freight train. I make a good-faith attempt to cover all the news items of the last seven days, including The AMA (Ask Me Anything) session that David Schwartz held on Reddit. The other news items are extensive as well, including updates to xRapid customers, general Ripple technology adoption, and community updates. In addition, throw in two interviews with Ripple executives and you have a very busy week indeed. Hope you enjoy the read - please leave any feedback below. Also, feel free to share my blog with a friend or family member, or share it on any other forum or platform - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    I'm sure a lot of you, myself included, have been feeling the pains of this crypto wide "bloodbath". It hurts to watch - but every time I see another red candle I remind myself of something incredibly important.... ready for it? Utility. Unlike other crypto-currencies, XRP is the only one that has real world utility with real world clients. All we are waiting on is xRapid to go into full production. Once that happens, none of us little guy investors, even us 1%'ers will have any major effect on price action. Imagine the day when multiple major financial institutions, remittance companies, payment providers and the like all go live on xRapid and begin moving not millions, but billions of dollars per day. The price will have no choice but to rocket ship into outer space. The sheer volume that we will see when the shift happens will likely surpass anything we could have imagined. I know this. Our beautiful XRP is unlike anything - and soon, very very soon, we will see price action like nobodies business. Just remember why you invested in XRP, and not some other joke coin. It's the truth, and if you have the cojones to HODL on, you too will reap the rewards. Now go back to drinking your beer, meditating, or whatever it is you do. Because the price of today, does NOT reflect the price of the coming years ahead. Remember that. Peace, love, and pickles.
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    It's no longer an exaggeration to claim that Ripple technology is on a global path to replacing the entire worldwide money transfer infrastructure. I discuss why this is, and provide you with some details you may not have previously known about some of the prominent news items hitting the wires this week. Also, learn about the upcoming Money 20/20 conference and how Ripple is planning on sending a large delegation! I hope you enjoy this edition - please leave any comments below. Feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    I’m not the type of person that easily falls for the delusions spread by conspiracy theory nut jobs. But after what happened tonight on CNBC, I think this leads credence to a theory I’ve heard. For those of you that weren’t able to witness the fiasco that took place tonight on CNBC’s Fast Money, allow me to give you a quick recap. When the crypto special show kicked off the female host really “peaked” my interest at first, but that was quickly flattened when I saw the twiddle dee and twiddle dum losers accompanying the host. Luckily, these two mofos spent most of the hour sitting on the sidelines rubbing eachothers junk and didn’t talk much. I won’t go into much detail about the first guest, but this Bitcoin shill said some pretty ridiculous things like “in five years you will buy everything with Bitcoin” and “Bitcoin will be the standard.” What a joke. The second guest was the dude from Coinbase. He said a lot of nonsense I didn’t care about and then reaffirmed Coinbase is not adding more coins at this time. Fuk them. Then this guy continued to ramble on about some Coinbase index fund to be launched, blah, blah, blah…and then…it happened…BREAKING NEWS. While I was angry that some breaking news was interrupting the crypto segment, I was at least happy to not have to hear more Coinbase BS. But, was it really breaking news? Was it the cure for cancer or was alien life confirmed? Nope. It was just news about some a-hole leaving the adult day care center known as the Whitehouse. It seems like someone is escaping from that insane asylum every week now, so please tell me how this is news. Nobody wants to work for the giant man child, and all of the rats are fleeing the sinking ship known as the Trump administration. THIS IS NOT NEWS, this is just daily chaos form the Whitehouse now. Trust me when I tell you the timing of this “breaking news” which conviently prevented Brad from being interviewed was not a coincidence. How do I know this? It is quite simple when you examine the facts. If you looked at the various people on this Fast Money episode and those involved with this Whitehouse conspiracy you will realize they all have one thing in common. The two goof ball co-hosts, the first no-name Bitcoin blowhard guest, the second Coinbase guest, the Gary Cohn D-bag that quit his job and ruined my night, and yes, even President “Cheese Puff” Trump himself. What’s the one thing they all have in common you ask? No beards. There, I said it. Tonight’s events were a carefully orchestrated plan lead by a bunch of lackluster, bald face anti-bearders. It is that simple. These weak men couldn’t grow a facial follicle even if they tried. The closest thing to a beard these baby-facers have were the gigantic, tarantula like eye brows on the first Bitcoin loving guest that appeared on the show. Therefore, these estrogenic “men” focused their utter hate and contempt to prevent the testosterone-fueled manly man known as Brad Garlinghouse, and his beautiful beard, from appearing on national TV. They know the power Brad’s simple, yet sexy beard possesses and they will stop at nothing to keep him out of the national limelight. I don’t really know why these guys have such hate for the bearded, but as a man that sports a large and stunning beard myself, I must say this beard hating trend seems to be growing and I am very concerned for how it will play out in the future. If we don’t act now, Brad might be only the first of many great bearded men to be taken out by this evil, smooth-faced cabal. Spread the word. The truth must be known.
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    Here is the link if you haven’t watched the interview, it starts at 1hr 20. https://web.facebook.com/DigitalVenturesTH/videos/1642611169159661/?hc_ref=ARRHIxAMx_bNL6gwkOkLygotlDq6y8AbAjeAxTe0KBRwi9JZ6iMf34tmySuxm4QzMmQ&hc_location=group I thought this was an excellent interview. One of the best, I have seen with Brad. Very intelligent questions and they gave Brad plenty of time to answer. Here is my take away from the interview: 1) Ripple is a payments company not a blockchain company or a crypto company. “We are solving a payments problem. We happen to use a blockchain technology and a digital asset to solve that payment problems”. A very interesting pivot from Brad and Ripple. It has been very noticeable recently that Ripple has deliberately changed its communication strategy and is not trying to be a blockchain or crypto company. They are a payment company and focused on solving a payments problem. They are differentiating themselves from other coins. Very smart move. 2) Brad was an Uber driver. What!! How many CEO’s of major companies were driving Uber when they got the call? 3) “ICO’s have reduced the friction to raise capital and has exposed this to unqualified participants. People say they are buying a token but it doesn’t do anything”. Brad is very pro regulation trying to protect everyday investors in the dangers of ICO’s. 4) Brad is sending $10,000 by plane again. Gees he has sent a lot of money around the world on planes to avoid SWIFT. He is very much staying on message. 5) “Swift has a 6% error rate in global transactions. In the tech world we aspire to 3 , 4 or 5 x 9’s of reliability. Our current global payments system has only 1 x 9 of reliability. That’s pretty embarrassing”. Brad is on the front foot attacking SWIFT. Again part of the pivot in Ripple’s communication strategy. 6) “We have 6 customers that we have announced using XRP. If you offer a better product at a cheaper price you will get a lot of people adopting that solution” - Absolutely, love it. How many other coins have real world adoption!! 7) “If we can enable a real time payment instead of a prefunded payment we can accelerate the global engine of commerce. That’s good for banks and banks customers” - Love this quote. This quote is in relation to xRapid eradicating Nostro and Vostro accounts therefore eradicating the $27 Trillion in parked dormant capital sitting around the world. Can you imagine the global liquidity benefit if $27 Trillion in capital can be released. Oh the amazing potential. 8) “SWIFT is 70’s tech that needs a full upgrade to the age of the Internet”. - Look out SWIFT Ripple is coming after you. 9) “We are signing up a new customer every week now” - This message has come out several times in the last week or so. It’s amazing news. One new customer a week. I am guessing most of these will be eased into Ripple through xCurrent first and then will be introduced (quite easily David Schwartz says) to xRapid. This is incredible news. Let me say this again. RIPPLE IS SIGNING UP A NEW CUSTOMER EVERY WEEK. Just let that sink in. 10) Brad talks about the two biggest FUD arguments that XRP faces: “XRP is not a centralised technology. Anyone in this audience can download the open source technology to run a validator. If Ripple the company went away the XRP ledger would continue to exist”; and Ripple the company could succeed but XRP will not be successful. “Our goal is to develop an incredibly healthy XRP ecosystem. We own 60% of XRP. I am the most interested person, as CEO of Ripple, in making sure the XRP ecosystem is successful”. Yes, Yes. Love these anti-FUD quotes. 11) “I don’t check the price of XRP everyday . . . This is a 3 plus year journey. What I know for certain is that if we can continue to build the momentum of customer usage that continues to drive the velocity and demand for XRP, over a 3 plus year timeframe, I feel very comfortable about the opportunity to continue to grow the value of the XRP ecosystem which is great for all participants” - Another great quote. Stop looking at the short term price. Look at the price in the next 3 years. This is such a valuable lesson for all of us. 12) “Ripple is not trying to solve a speculators problem. Ripple is trying to solve an institutional problem . . . that is measured in the Trillions of dollars that is focused on payment providers and banks.” Another good response to the impatient XRP investor who keeps asking “When Moon?”. 13) “We see the ILP as the open source technology that underpins the internet of value.” - I think we fail to realise the infinite use cases of Ripple and here is another one around the ILP which allows any ledger to connect with each other at virtually zero cost. Brad talks about a possible future where the Bitcoin ledger and Ethereum ledger connecting with each other and to the Bank of America through the ILP. Can you imagine? 14) “Our first vertical is payments. If we want permission to work on another vertical we have to nail it for our customers in payments and solve a really big problem. If we do that well, we are got to be in a great spot”. - Codius pre dated Ethereum. Brad says that he shelved Codius to concentrate on payments. I didn’t know that? Amazing. I learnt something new from this interview. A bold gamble but one that could definitely pay off. A very educational and enjoyable interview. Brad is an amazing orator and an incredible ambassador for our investment. We are very fortunate to have him as Ripple’s CEO. I note some people complaining that he doesn’t say anything new. He doesn’t have to. He is spreading the XRP message to the masses. Remember, 99% of people haven’t heard about Ripple, XRP and/or blockchain. He explains the key concepts and advantages of Ripple and XRP very well, in a way that the every day person can understand. This is what we want. We want more investment from everyday people and institutional investors. Interviews like this enable that. Brad also said that if you are a XRP investor and are prepared to go on the journey with him over the long term he wants to give you a hug and take a selfie with you Brad, come here and give me a hug big fella because I am a HODLer, thank you.
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    Blog: Ripple Partners and XRP Price

    In this blog I discuss the impact of partnership announcements, price movements of XRP, and discuss how YOU can stay involved! Please share this across the social social media platforms you use and follow me to stay up to date. And please let me say this, if you are on Twitter, please RT this. Twitter has silenced the voice of many good XRP investors, and for what reason we do not know. Blessings! https://bigbuckor.wordpress.com/2018/03/02/ripple-partners-and-xrp-price/
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    I have been very impressed with the major pivot in Ripple’s communication strategy these last few months. Tom Channick started in early January as Ripple’s Head of Corporate Communications. He held the same position at Facebook for the last two years. Many in the XRP community we’re excited to see what Tom would bring to Ripple’s corporate message. On 24 January 2018, @tomchannick posted on Twitter: “We’ve fielded a lot of questions as of late about our strategy (and how the speculative markets fit into it), and traction (and how real it is). We want to clearly communicate who we are, what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. #Ripple” He retweeted the following Ripple Insights article which was part 1 of a 3 part series titled Much Ado, Much to Do https://ripple.com/insights/much-ado-much-to-do-part-1/ This was the first sign that we were going to see more of a strategic communications message from Ripple. We start to see what their new message is. Tom clearly wants to dramatically increase the messages coming out of Ripple and harmonise these messages. We have seen a plethora of Ripple related news in the media lately, all with Ripple’s new messages laiden through them. Here are some examples of the new Ripple Message: 1) Bitcoin Previously in TV interviews Brad Garlinghouse would comment favourably about Bitcoin and that he was “long on Bitcoin”. Lately however he has gone on the offensive in relation to Bitcoin. See his interview below with BBC World News. Brad says “Bitcoin is like the Napster of Digital Assets . . . Napster was cool, here’s what digitised music can do, but Napster was also trying to circumvent laws, trademarks and loyalties. Bitcoin’s goal is avoid regulation . . to have anonymous transactions. This is orthogonal with what Ripple is doing. “ He also goes on to say that “Whilst Napster graduated into Spotify, Pandora and iTunes. It’s the second and third generation of blockchain companies that may end up being those that reap the rewards of solving these problems for customers”. This is a major change in communications. Ripple can see Governments about to implement regulations on the crypto coin market. They are actively communicating that Ripple and its digital asset, XRP, is completely different to Bitcoin and all the other alt-coins. 2) Ripple is a payments company The next major change in Ripple’s communication strategy is the many references to Ripple being a payments company not a blockchain or crypto company. At the Faster Future Forum in Bangkok earlier in the week Brad stated, “We are solving a payments problem. We happen to use a blockchain technology and a digital asset to solve that payment problems”. This again is a very smart deliberate move to differentiate Ripple and XRP from all other coins. Ripple now does not want to be knows as a crypto or blockchain company. They are a payments company solving a payments problem. Note also the pivot away from calling XRP a crypto coin, it is now a “digital asset”. 3) SWIFT Ripple has also not shied away from attacking its greatest competitor and the system it is trying to replace SWIFT. There has been significant commentary from Ripple and Brad about how SWIFT is 70’s technology and needs to be replaced. See this article https://ripple.com/insights/features/disco-era-money-movement-technologies/ Also, Brad himself has been on the offensive taking the opportunity several times to comment on SWIFT’s recorderd error rate. At the Faster Future Forum Brad said “Swift has a 6% error rate in global transactions. In the tech world we aspire to 3 , 4 or 5 x 9’s of reliability. Our current global payments system has only 1 x 9 of reliability. That’s pretty embarrassing” Check out his full comments from the 1hr 30 minutes mark for his full comments https://web.facebook.com/DigitalVenturesTH/videos/1642611169159661/?hc_ref=ARRHIxAMx_bNL6gwkOkLygotlDq6y8AbAjeAxTe0KBRwi9JZ6iMf34tmySuxm4QzMmQ&hc_location=group Ripple and Brad are of course correct. How can an international payment system moving $5 Trilllion dollars a day have a 6% error rate. Ripple is now actively engaging in a lot of commentary about SWIFT’s error rate and is highlighting this deficiency every opportunity they get. 4) Ripple becoming more bullish about itself. In the past Ripple’s communication strategy seemed to have been focused on announcing itself to the world and explaining who they are, what they do and how they do it. They didn’t want to upset anyone, they weren’t quite sure of themselves. This year they have become much more positive and more bullish. They are now daring FI’s not to use them and stating that if they don’t adopt RippleNet they will miss out and be left behind. Check out this article from Ripple Insights equating Ripple to the Football World Cup. https://ripple.com/insights/the-world-cup-of-global-payments-get-off-the-sidelines/ You would have also heard this quote a few times this week “Ripple is signing a new partner every week”. Brad has said this several times and so has Marjan Delatinne Ripples new Sales Director Europe. Ripple wants you, it’s investors, and FI’s to know how many partners are now adopting their tech. It’s FI FOMO at its best. This is of course on top of Brad’s reference to a “marathon of announcements” and that “we are in a marathon but have crossed the starting line”. I love these references. 5) The Ripple and XRP video series Also of interest is all the great new videos that Ripple is releasing. The latest, and best so far, is the 7 part “The Ripple and XRP video series”. These very informative, short videos concentrate on a separate topic each and are magazine style interviews with Chris Larson (Executive Chairman) , Brad Garlinghouse (CEO), Asheesh Birla (VP of Product), Stefan Thomas (CTO) and David Scwartz (Cheif Cryptographer). See them all here: https://ripple.com/insights/introducing-the-ripple-and-xrp-video-series/ How many other companies, let alone crypto companies (sorry Ripple is not a crypto company) offer this much transparency? If you haven’t seen these videos yet, I encourage to watch them, they are very informative. I am very impressed with Ripple’s new communication strategy. It is clear, concise and confident. I think Tom Hannick deserves a lot of credit for this. He has been a great addition to the Ripple Executive team. I can’t wait to see what more information is to come?
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    Ripple continues to build the Internet of value (IOV) and recently heralded new highways to liquidity within XRP. I discuss this progress - along with fascinating other news - in today's blog! Hope you enjoy; please leave any feedback below. Also, feel free to share my blog with anybody and on any platform - and thank you in advance for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    ^ Example of someone who doesn't know what they're talking about.
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    Over the last few days I created a websites, a visualization, depicting transactions on the Ripple Network in real-time. You can find it here: http://alivingledger.com/ The site's title is A LIVING LEDGER. It uses the Data v2 API to poll the latest transactions and updates it accodingly. Because of the real-time character the shown activity depends on the actual network usage and can therefore be very active but also a little boring Every time you refresh the page, the visualization starts over. Next steps: Move away from the current Graph Framework (d3.js) which is pain and quite inconvinient for me as a full-time functional programmer Set up an own rippled-node for more convenient streaming and gain more control over data, instead of using the data-api Add capabilities to create awesome & individual desktop wallpapers of the current visualization Add different color themes Add a print service so that you can offer your own personal cool ledger print If you have any suggestions, comments or critique, feel free to post it.
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    . . . you don't know what happens in the next 2 years!! Happy New Year 2016!!! You had a few too many shandies during your mates NYE party last night. You wake up a bit hungover but you remember a chat you had with some strange bloke with a beard. You dont remember his name something like Bob Darlinghouse, anyway, he was rabbitting on about crypto coins being the future and this thing called Bitcoin, says he is "loooong on Bitcoin". So you decide to check it out. You research Bitcoin. You see its worth $430. WTF you say that's ridiculous!! What does it do? That’s an overpriced scam. Now you stumble across Ripple Labs and XRP. Hang on. A coin that will help solve a $5 Trillion a year problem. No need for Nostro and Vostro accounts. Here is an investment that has potential. How much is it? . . . WHAT THE HELL $0.006 - six-tenths of a cent. This might be worth a go. Lets analyse it: 1) Are you investing in Ripple Labs at this point? Barely any information available on the internet. No Hodor blog, no xCurrent, xRapid, no pilots, no adoption just hope. How the hell do you even buy it? Hmmm. 2) Let's say you go for it and want 1 million XRP. The cost is $6,000. That's a lot of money. You could invest in the stock market, or gold. Crypto was not very well known 2 years ago. Would be a huge gamble to drop $6k into it. But you decide to go for it. 3) You are now the proud owner of 1 Million zerps and you want to check on your investment so you join this brand new site called XRPChat and guys like @Mercuryand @karlos (along with many others) tell you all about the great investment you have made. You feel awesome. Maybe one day this thing will reach 1 or 2 cents. That would be cool. This one guy who thinks he is from Game of Thrones @Hodorkeeps telling everyone that XRP will reach $1 one day. Nah, you think to yourself, he's dreamin. Many posters agree with you and bag him, complaining about Market Cap, centralized coin, etc etc You start dreaming of “what if” scenarios. 4) 12 March 2016. Price is now $0.0088. Your investment is now worth $8,800. That's a 40% gain in less than 2.5 months. This thing is gunna moon. No one selling here yet are they? No way. 5) 1 June 2016. Price $0.0057. Bloody crypto. I've now had a paper loss of $3,100. Should have sold in March like that guy on XRPChat said. Are you selling at this point? Maybe not we are HODLers!! 6) 24 October 2016. Price $0.0094. Hey, this is better. Price went sideways for ages (7 months) but now is spiking. It's going to be so cool when we break 1 cent!! Its been frustrating as its been over 10 months since you bought in. You had to endure months of nothing but you are a believer you are a HODLer it's paying off now. 7) 1 January 2017. One year later and the price is back to $0.006. You have gone nowhere in 12 months. Ok, who is selling now? I bet a lot of you are? Its been 12 months and you have not made a cent and you have had paper losses of $3,000. Bloody Bitcoin has doubled in price to $963. Ethereum has grown nearly 1000% from 0.91 to $8. I should have bought ETH. When moon? 8) 20 March 2017. Price $0.0065. How patient can I be? All other coins are mooning. Maybe XRP is a scam coin, with too many coins. Maybe Market Cap matters? Are you still HODLing? 9) 24 March 2017. We did it we crossed the 1 cent mark!! Your investment is now worth $10,000. 10) 3 April 2017. Price $0.07. Our investment is now worth $70,000. Holy crap this is huge. Do we sell? 11) 4 April 2017. Price $0.03. THE VERY NEXT DAY!! We just lost $40,000. Bloody hell. Can we still HODL? 12) 17 May 2017. Price $0.40. Investment now worth $400,000. Who is selling now? And why not you just made an enormous amount of money. 13) 20 August 2017. Price $0.15. Your investment is still worth $150,000 but we lost (paper loss) $250,000. Can we hang on. How low is this going to go? Many posters on XRPChat, Twitter and Reddit tell you price is going back to $0.006. Can you HODL? 13) 4 January 2018. Price $3.80 (CMC - ATH). Your investment is now worth $3.8 Million. Congratulations. Did you HODL? 14) 9 March 2018. Current price $0.75. I am assuming if you were able to HODL on until early Jan 2018 that you sold some, if not all on the way up. But maybe you kept some zerps thinking it can go much higher? 15) 1 January 2019, 2020, 2021 . . . . . . . Can you see how difficult it must have been to have held all through 2016 and then endure the amazing highs and lows and then massive highs at the end of 2017? That's heart-pounding stuff. I am not sure I could have survived it? 1 million zerps also was a modest sum back then, check the old threads. Now what will the price bring in the future? What will an analysis of XRP's price in 2020 show us about the last 2 years? Can you HODL? I am preparing myself now for the long HODL ahead. For the massive highs and gut-wrenching lows. But in the end, I am confident we will succeed. Who's with me!!
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    More setbacks for Bitcoin are acting like an anchor on the crypto market. In today's blog entry, I talk about those factors, as well as how I see XRP diverging from Bitcoin's market leading dominance. For Ripple and XRP, it's been nonstop good news over the last four days, with the big news being the anticipated release of the MoneyTap application by the Japanese Banking Consortium (JBC). I discuss the details behind this application plus I have some surprises about possible business deals you might not know about. It includes the partial acquisition of a hardware wallet company by SBI, the addition of XRP to the BitIT marketplace, a Grayscale investment fund specifically targeting XRP, and the rumor of Ripple technology underlying a deal between Saison and Grab. Rounding out the list is an update for those in the XRP community eagerly awaiting the release of the Kyte wallet! I hope you enjoy - please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share my blog on any other platform, or with a friend or family member - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Just an observation I've made, notice the roll out of integration on both apps. Santander: https://www.coindesk.com/santander-uk-ripple-payment-app/ Apple: https://www.engadget.com/2018/02/24/apple-pay-cash-nears-its-first-international-expansion/ This is on the the eve of SBI Insurance introducing Apple Pay as a means of payments. https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000082.000002623.html And some recent Tim Cook comments, https://gizmodo.com/sagelike-tim-cook-dreams-of-seeing-money-die-1822969860
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    Hey all, just wanted to throw in my two cents. I've been a financial advisor for about 7 years and live in a bustling metropolitan area. My client base ranges from the middle class investor all the way to the extremely wealthy. I've also worked in the retail banking space for over 15 years and have seen the ebbs and flows of how banks have consistently had to change their business models over the last 5 years. I have worked for large US national banks as well as smaller regional ones, so I'd say I have a pretty decent perspective on . I have been following ripple for the last 15 months and have been impressed with the progress they have made. I'd just like to share a few observations from my lens. (Note these are my opinions only and do not constitute as investment advice.) 1) Retail banks are notoriously slow. There are massive nationals banks out in the ether that are still using back end legacy systems from the 1980s. While on the surface you may see a shiny website and pristine branch, the back office systems are strewn together and it baffles me how these systems are still functioning on the day to day. Don't expect them to move quickly to adopt new technology. However..... 2) Retail banks are dealing with razor thin margins over the last 3-5 years as more and more customers demand free accounts, service and better technology. Also, there has been a 15% decline year over year over the last five years of people walking into traditional branches. This is a huge problems for retail banks because as more and more people go online to do their transactions the less opportunity bank staff has to cross sell them on other products and services that the bank offers. However, as more people go online the less overhead banks have to deal with from staff to the real estate. It's a serious catch 22 and most haven't figured out the best way to balance it. I can guarantee that most banks looking closely at blockchain to enhance their operational infrastructure. But.... 3) If there is one thing banks are more concerned about than razor thin margins, it's regulators sniffing around for issues. Banks are absolutely terrified of regulators. Let me repeat this for emphasis, banks are absolutely TERRIFIED of regulators. There has been tens of billions of dollars that have been doled out to the Department of Labor, IRS, FINRA etc over the last 5 years. Ripple has done the right thing by first working with regulators on AML and KYC so that banks can be more comfortable with using their software, such as xCurrent. However, since there really hasn't been any clear direction yet on crypto or digital assets, banks may still be wary of incorporating XRP. Until we get further specific clarification from regulators we most probably will not see widespread adoption of xRapid. Now please don't misunderstand me, I do wholehearted believe banks will get the green light from regulators on XRP, it is just a matter of time. Whether that will happen in 3 months or three years remains to be seen. 4) I have yet to meet a client over the last 12 months who has not asked me about bitcoin or ethereum. I have yet to meet a client who has asked me about ripple or XRP. What does this tell me? First, as much as we like to think that ripple has come a long way with getting its name out there, it still has a long way to go. Brad has done an excellent job over the last three months of pushing ripple into the limelight, we just need another 6-9 months of this kind of push along with another quick bill run and you will start to see the average investor looking into ripple and XRP. Second, people are fickle, they look at bitcoin and ethereum and see the hundreds and thousands of dollars it has grown to and think "wow, such growth!" When they see XRP trading in the cents range they don't bother looking into it because in their minds they equate it to a penny stock, not realizing that XRP had the most percentage growth out of all the cryptos last year. As ridiculous as this sounds, this is just psychology at play in the minds of the average US investor. As XRP continues to grow into a more whole dollar figure and people get more familiar with the name, we will see more average investors jumping in. 5) Wealthy investors do not have the patience nor the expertise to purchase XRP currently.This is a huge barrier of entry, however I suspect as ripple and XRP become more of a household name, better and more efficient exchanges will carry USD/XRP paring for easier purchase. All in all, I think ripple has taken the necessary steps to be successful in the long run. It's been incredible to see how far they have come in such a short period of time. Hope this was somewhat helpful, or maybe this just cements what most people already know. Again, none of this constitutes as investment advice, these are just my observations.
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    XRP Community Corner

    One of the strengths that XRP has going for it? A strong community of investors and supporters that has grown leaps and bounds over the past year. In this latest blog entry, I talk about community-sponsored innovations and applications. I also show the poll results from my wallet poll so you can see which wallets were the most popular with other XRP owners. To round it out, I cover some new contributors on social media. I hope you enjoy the read: Please leave any feedback below. Also, feel free to share my blog on any other media or with a friend - and thank you in advance for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    There is a group of posters in here that do not believe that XRP could ever go beyond $5 or maybe $10 is there wildest estimate. If that is the case why are you invested in XRP? Why do you post in XRPChat? What is your motivation? For some of them not only do they not believe in XRP but they actively negatively post in here and actively look to engage in negative debate bordering in fights with posters. I just don’t get it? It can’t be fun can it actively promoting negativity in a forum that wants Ripple and XRP to succeed? Most people know my view. I am exterememly bullish and positive on XRP. I think we are in a once in a lifetime investment whose future utility, adoption and price will blow our minds. Of course, I could be completely wrong. I just don’t think so. So if you don’t believe that XRP will succeed or its success will be limited please share your motivations as to why you actively post here.
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    Blog Post: Why XRP needs xCurrent

    Here is a blog I just finished today. It is my first about XRP. I hope you enjoy it...please feel free to share! Also, thank you@Hodor and@RegalChicken for your guidance. Blessings! https://bigbuckor.wordpress.com/2018/02/21/why-xrp-needs-xcurrent/
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    Yes, I'm an XRP investor. Bought a big chunk this morning, in fact - incresed my stack by 15%. So, as I said briefly before, I am not day trading. When I was on the desk, I did a little bit of momentum trading and swing trades as well, but I was essentially a market maker for most of the day. My real skills center around being able to track order flow and enter orders very quickly in low volatility markets to make the spread. My bread and butter was C (Citigroup) when it was trading at about $4 (pre reverse split). I would trade several million shares of that stock a day, trying to make a penny on the trade. We also had a opening auction arbitrage strategy that I was pretty good at. Again that doesn't translate to crypto because there are no opening auctions in a 24 hour market. Lastly, to be a good trader, IMO, you need to be doing it full time. Note that that is entirely different from being a trader that makes money. The hardest trades to realize are bad trades are the bad ones that you make profits on (generally, this is because you take on too much risk). Financial markets is the only "game" where pros make money, not just off of each other, but off of amateurs as well. Ok, not quite, but you see where I am going with this. The pro's that trade full time have staked their livelihood on this art and have dedicated thousands of hours to honing their craft. It is pure arrogance to think that you are going to consistently take their money (or their opportunity cost) by trading in your spare time. You might beat Steph Curry at a one letter game of HORSE by pure chance, but you are not going to ever have a chance in the long run, unless you put in his hours of work. There's a "Steph Curry" in every asset that is traded, I promise you. And then there's the talent factor... I'm a good trader. I'm a skilled trader. But I'm far, far from a great one. In realizing this, and in my living as a trader, I started to realize that everything is a trade. And so, when my run on the desk ended and I got a "normal" job, I realized that I could no longer compete, simply because I wasn't devoting the hours that the craft demands. Now I invest, position trade, and event trade which is what my free time allows me to do. I literally traded out of day trading. Last point on day trading here. The current tools available to crypto daytraders are a joke compared to the platforms available on the equity side. These simple JAVA and HTML pages virtually guarantee that you can't stand up to a bot. These were all developed by silicon valley kids who have no idea what a trading screen needs to do or what it should look like. The big institutions will build their own eventually. Thoughts on the exchanges and the markets, and current conditions. So, IMO, there are three key differences between crypto and the equity markets. 1) In US equity, we have a regulation called "NMS" or national market system. This came into being when the markets went to pennies instead of eighths. The regulation mandates that if there is a better price on another exchange, then my order goes to that exchange. So, lets say BAC, an NYSE stock is trading @ $30.05 on the NYSE, and also has an offer @ $30.04 on the CBSX (Chicago). Even if I send my order to the NYSE, the order will reroute itself to the CBSX automatically to give me a better price. NYSE will charge me about $0.003 to do this, but I still get price improvement. This also greatly minimizes arbitrage and makes the US equity market the most efficient market in the world. In crypto, we could only achieve this if Bittrex and Bitstamp, and Coinbase, etc. all worked with each other. Right now, everything is so new that it's everyone for themselves and if the customer pays too much then that's on them. 2) Liquidity and spreads. So we talk about liquidity in terms of 1 or 2 billion dollars per 24 hours in all crypto. North of 2b, everything is great, south of 1.5, markets are slow. BAC stock did $2.6 billion of trading in its own on Friday, in a 6.5 hour market. The truth is, we don't have a lot of liquidity in this space. Liquid assets don't move 15% overnight. That said, there is more than enough to make the markets work. It just means more risk (which we all know implicitly, even if we don't know explicitly "why"). This will work itself out as the market matures. Eventually, FI's will start slinging $2 billion of XRP around the world every 4 seconds. If we didn't believe this, we wouldn't own XRP. Tied to liquidity is the pricing of tokens, the ability to price them to a single satoshi, or drop, or whatever you want to call the eighth decimal place gives algorithms and "whales" outsized power because they can narrow the spread by an amount that doesn't really impact P&L but does cause them to sit in front of your order and get filled first This generates higher volatility because the little guy has to keep moving up his order to get in front and actually get filled. Machines will walk the orders up automatically, which means the retailer basically has to go to market for a fill. If he pays market, he pays too much. If he waits for a fill, he's on the wrong side of the whale/bot. 3) The inability to place a true short order severely hampers market efficiency and price discovery. Yes, a couple exchanges allow you to bet short, but those orders do not actually make it to the market place. There is no lending system in crypto. Only book entries of short positions. Which means a short squeeze can never happen. A short squeeze is a great way to to break whale and algo trading cycles because they can generate the kind of buying pressure needed to overwhelm them. True short selling on the market (where the orders actually hit bids) can break the whales and bots to the down side. Current conditions - Calling it as I see it, nothing more. We are in a bear market, and retail is scared. We know institutional money is on the way, but when? I have seen the signs of institutional accumulation, the same signature trading styles that I used to stalk on the desk (if you want to make a market for a million shares, you better have someone to sell too). It all comes down to what will motivate the institutions to buy XRP. But them buying on the bid, letting bear market panic feed them doesn't help us. We need to know what will motivate them to buy the ask and drive the price higher. I am going to focus on our two most well known players in xRapid: Western Union and MoneyGram. These both happen to be publicly traded on the NYSE (WU and MGI). There is only one thing that motivates a publicly traded company. Earnings. WU reported earnings on Feb 13. MGI will report on Wednesday. For both companies, they will not want to report losses on an XRP position (which would need to be marked to market as of the date of the filing). There are some complications with reporting dates and accounting windows, but basically the will start accumulation as early in a quarter as they can. They will let the bear market sell to them for as long as possible because they can and they don't have to show that loss until the next quarter. At some point just before their accounting window, they will then buy the ask and drive up the price so that it sits just about/slightly above their total dollar cost average. This will give them the value that they need to show when they have to disclose their holdings to shareholders because they use mark to market accounting. The longer the bear market continues, the longer they can wait. Based on the timing of their reporting and of the xRapid news we've been getting, I firmly believe that I have been watching MGI accumulate over the last week or so. Based on my theory, I would expect WU to begin accumulating in mid April. In my scenario, the whole thing will come to a head some time before July when the accounting window opens, so I'm looking for June to be bullish, maybe strongly so if retail rides the coattails. Whew.... that's a lot of content. Hopefully it's interesting and informative. Thanks for asking, it really helped me crystallize my ideas. If you're brave enough for round two, feel free to ask away.
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    2018: XRP Ledger’s Year of Decentralization Ripple has indicated that 2018 is the "Year of XRP Decentralization." In my latest blog, I talk about the history of decentralization, how it's measured or evaluated within crypto, and the concrete steps Ripple is taking to further this aspect of the XRP Ledger. I discuss Ripple's next steps for 2018 when it comes to decentralization, as well as what their goal is at the end of this process. For those that have been curious, or have heard FUD on other forums about XRP's decentralization levels, this is the blog for you! Hope you enjoy; please leave any feedback below! In addition, feel free to share my blog with a friend or family member, or on any other forum - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Today's blog discusses technical analysis' current dominance of crypto markets; but it's also where I make a startling prediction. I predict that fundamental analysis will eventually rule the day in the crypto markets; I talk about which factors that individual investors should consider when evaluating crypto choices, and then point out where XRP stands in the mix. In crypto, it may be buyer beware, but investors have the ability to reduce their risk by conducting a proper analysis of choices. Hope you enjoy the read - please leave any feedback below. Also, feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other media or platform - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Blog: Ripple's World Wide Web

    In this blog I discuss how building the Internet of Value helps XRP survive and thrive. Please share across your social media platforms and follow for more information. And yes, stick around for the video at the end! https://bigbuckor.wordpress.com/2018/03/17/ripples-world-wide-web/ @RegalChicken @zenkert @PickleRick @XRPto50dollars @jdimstrnate
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    Just cause I'm bored and I already had almost all the code I needed to generate it, here's a chart of the XRP held by the collection of accounts known as the BearWhale, originating at address raZt9CZHwHiAPZPWGLZ4bQJG91Jmdbjccm with about 1.08 billion XRP. Chart is from start of 2018 to around yesterday. I couldn't conveniently overlap a price/vol chart into it but most of the heavy dumping was done into volume spikes, usually during rallies or bounce backs. He dumped a lot in the last 48 hours, we had high volume, the dump before was into the Coinbase rumor, etc. The BearWhale has about 340 million XRP remaining. At current rate, the dump should complete by the end of April.
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    Why Ripple Can NO Do Up?

    I has been hodling bankr coin for weeks now. I now must deliver more papers to get more xrp but ripple no go up when I do buys. I buys and buys but no do it go ups. this scam coin. banks not use bankers coin, they make own coin to do up growing 10,000% this year. my bff from JP MOrgun say new partner coin from xlm will be forked xlmcash and take over bitcoin price. shud I do buy the fork coin now or do more paper route for xrp buys? did coinbase stop doing xrp i thought coinbase do xrp i saw it on the line and xrp was on coinbase but it no go up again. dumb scam coin i am ruined if it not go up to $589.
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    Firstly, I have to credit @RegalChicken for finding this post and posting it on the Zerpening 2 thread. I read it and was fascinated by it. The post in the Price and Speculation Club from 3 January 2016. Just over 2 years ago. I have always been interested in old forum threads as I think it gives us a great window into what XRP investors, like us, were thinking years ago. I think we can all learn from this. Here are my thoughts: 1) Look at the posters in the thread. Most are not here anymore. There is Morty and Karlos who are now mods and of course our great @Hodor (amazing part of this community for so long). But everyone else in the most part are not active members anymore. Why is that? Most likely because they made their money and have gotten out. And good luck to them. 2) I love the OP. “How many XRP's should I buy to expect a good result?” and “I already own a bit more than a million and just wondering if they are sufficient or if I should buy more”. Can you imagine? They are talking about one million zerps like we would talk about 1,000 now! 3) @Altcoinbonanza good on him. He gives the sage advice, “You should only buy what you can afford to lose”. This advice is timeless 4) There is advice on how to buy XRP. Remember it was a lot harder to buy 2 years ago. 5) One poster says maybe buy an extra million (no worries) so you have 2 million (seems like a good amount ) “ but be sure the money to be ready, cause we all know how fast the price moves up”. Then another poster quotes him and says “and goes down”. Even 2 years ago the negative Nancy’s chime in with doom and gloom. 6) We have the HODL tight poster “There are too many XRPs out there in the wild . . . for people to become millionaires. Maybe past 2018 but please don’t think it’s a short term game. This could take years, even a decade...” - Sound familiar? 7) Old mate FUDer troll then chimes in with some lovely posts about how OP will lose his $50k if he invests in XRP. Some of his great posts “You have money to waste, go waste them all” or my fav “Don’t worry, I spend a lot of money every day for different things, sailboat, horses, many other things...don’t tell me about wasting money, I can do this better than you”. Now tell me you haven’t read this exact same post in the last month or so from some current FUD trolls in here? Nice response later in the thread from another poster “I’m aware [of FUDers history of FUD on the site] and yet people still respond to his trolling” - you see even two years ago, advice not to respond to the trolls. 8) How much do we love @Hodor. He chimes in with some great posts. Remember, this was before his great blog success but you can see that famous well researched, clearly explained writing in this post as he explains the potential of XRP and how it will rise and is not a black swan event ie. an event that can’t be predicted or expected. Hodor explains it should be expected. Here is a great quote from Hodor, “Some posters are reluctant to speculate that XRP might realistically rise to more than a dollar, because the market cap would be enormous. My answer is yes that’s true but there is no arbitrary upper limit. It could rise to way more than that at some point . . “. Hodor knew even in early 2016 that we would see a price over $1. I am sure he was ridiculed for having this view when the price was in the tenths of a cent. It was Dec 2017 Hodor, when we finally got there, well done. Now look at the posters in here saying the price will get to $100 or higher (including myself) and see how sometimes they get ridiculed too. Loved Hodor's reference to doubters not believing in a $1 price due to the enormous Market Cap. Can you believe even though we have seen a mid $3 price that we still get the Market Cap argument. When we are at $100 we will get told that the price can’t get to $500 due to “the enormous Market Cap” Final Thoughts What was XRP’s price in January 2016? $0.006!!, Yep six tenths of a cent!! The price a year later? 6 tenths of a cent!! So when you get upset about sideways price movement for only two months, remember that this is nothing compared to the HODLers of the past who had to wait 12 months to years for any decent movement but when it took off, it mooned 56,000% and that’s when the HODLers made their money. Look at this thread. Look at how similar it is to the hundreds of posts in here over the last few months. Think of the many of thousands or millions of dollars these guys possibly made who posted in this thread if they were HODLers? Now think, what if I HODL for a year or two? How much money could I make from my XRP investment?
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    My Positive Day

    Disclaimer. This post unashamedly contains positivity about the price of XRP and Ripple oh and Rainbows and Unicorns. Please don't read if you prefer to be negative . . . and don't like unicorns and rainbows. I had a fantastic day with my family today. I've been working like a dog, 6 days a week lately, coming home late and stressed. So it was great to get out with the fam on a beautiful sunny Summers day. Bloody hot lol. Went for a ride on a ferry up and down our magnificent river where I live and of course my thoughts turned to XRP (what else, am I right?) This sense of calm, of inevitability came over me. I don't know what it was. I've always trusted my "gut instinct" and it has served me well in life. This was that feeling. We have made a great, once in a lifetime, investment. One of those incredible opportunities that only "others" get a chance to invest in. It just feels right doesn't it? I don't know how high it will go or when but I hope in the future I get the chance to make enough money to change my life and have more time with my family. I don't need lambos. I need time. Don't focus on the current price. Focus on the amazing potential of our investment. Focus on the industry leading blockchain tech. Focus on the $20 Trillion problem it is solving. Focus on the already amazing partnerships and adoption. Think of the incredible pace of adoption in only a few short months. Now think about how many more partnership announcements we will hear about in the next 12 months. I am realistic, I know it may fail, yes it's risky but I only invested what I can afford to lose. I will move on if it does not succeed. I just don't see it. I see XRP's price booming to a level that we did not think imaginable in the coming years. Be positive like me, believe in Ripple, believe in your investment Oh and as promised:
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    Last 8 days there's been a steady distribution of XRP from wallet rBAyQitUnr2TqrPjmQ2invYwH29fVTyrVd into rNQEMJA4PsoSrZRn9J6RajAYhcDzzhf8ok and then to many small wallets. The amount in the initial wallet was roughly 3.1 billion XRP. Currently, there is ~2750 million remaining. I'm guessing it's an exchange; the incoming transfers are using a destination tag "1000000004". I scanned all transactions involving rNQEMJA4PsoSrZRn9J6RajAYhcDzzhf8ok via data API and aggregated the outgoing transactions (ones with less than 1M XRP) based on hour-of-day UTC, in order to determine the timezone of the exchange. The histogram, taken from 27k payment transactions looks like this: Pretty conclusive it aligns with SEA hours. The payments are of all kinds of sizes, my guess is that they are selling XRP "over the counter" like what Bitstamp did back in 2013 where you bought it direct from the exchange, and people are just moving these amounts into private wallets.
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    The name of the Zerpening movement, must be accredited to @Mercury for his post on the original Zerpening Thread: Continued credit must be given to @eddiebrock for his continuation of the Zerp Brother hood with the creation of the second Zerpening Thread: May these threads live on forever in our hearts. May XRP @ $1000 forever look back upon those brave HODL'ers who survived and BHODL'd through the great dip of the winter of 2018. If you are new to the Zerpening, XRP, or Ripple visit @Hodor's blog: https://xrphodor.wordpress.com And for continued reading, another perspective, and continued coverage on xCurrent and other Ripple solutions, see @buckor's blog: https://bigbuckor.wordpress.com Lastly, watch @Mercury's posts as he is working on some sweet XRP related swag and really cool coins. Up to date information from Ripple: https://ripple.com/insights/ https://twitter.com/ripple Brad Garlinghouse: https://twitter.com/bgarlinghouse David Schwartz (AKA @JoelKatz on these forums) https://twitter.com/JoelKatz Stefan Thomas: https://twitter.com/justmoon Zerp on, brothers... Zerp on.
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    https://www.stocksgazette.com/2018/03/17/ripple-xrp-what-if-the-worst-case-scenario-actually-happens/ Headline is deceptive. The article summarises what if XRP dominates the crypto market. Answer: It would be fantastic.
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    Hi, Inspired by the recent news about SMBs and store owners accepting XRP, I decided to develop a small tool that lets you generate a XRP Payment request QR in a few seconds. The tool supports rate converting (EUR, USD, etc.) and will show you live confirmation of payment 🎉 Select wallet & enter amount QR for your customer Live payment notification https://xrpayments.co 🎉 - Source: https://github.com/WietseWind/xrpayments.co
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    Hi all, I’m going to a Citi event next week in London and look what’s on the agenda from 14:45-15:15. May bouy your spirits. Hodl.
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    Hello, today morning i went to western union agent to send money, i paid 60EUR fees and then i told the agent i hope when you will start using Ripple i will pay less fees he didn't know what is ripple.... i explained about ripple and the partnership with WU..... then he said that WU support 3 weeks ago installed platform in their PC and they inform them that soon they will start using this platform I think they will go live soon with Ripple
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    Just want to post a heads up that Brad Garlinghouse and the President/COO of Coinbase will be on the Fast Money show on CNBC this coming Tues @ 5pm EST 3/6/18. I’m curious what Brad will be discussing.
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    Codius is Ripple's nuclear weapon

    Listen to David Schwartz talking about Codius in 2015. Notice that he has a very clear vision of what Codius is. Then the project went on stealth. Recently we've seen demonstration of Codius at the Google talk, and we see that the original vision has been *implemented*. Does David think about the release of Codius, when he says: "We're right at the point where our full vision is becoming reality."? When released, Codius provides a secure and standard way of running applications in the cloud that accept any currency. And Ripple is confident that XRP will have the best features for use by applications (and there are a lot of arguments to build such case). The release of "Codius by Ripple" may have a massive impact on the price of XRP, once the potential business models become clear. The brilliant thing here is that they can't lose. If any other platform wants to compete with Codius, it ALSO has to make that platform accessible to any asset. Which again will ensure the asset with the best technical features will be that asset that is most used by applications.
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    Majority of your posts are pro stellar and anti xrp. How do you expect anyone to take you serious? You don't even do a good job spreading fud.
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    XRP Scenario March

    Here’s my scenario: - Another 3 xRapid trials announced. Price goes up 10c, goes down 8c - 61 Japanese banks go live with production xRapid. Price goes up 20c, comes down 16c. - Coinbase announces adding XRP. Price goes to $10 and stays there. - Kim Kardashian hears about XRP, gets a ripple tattoo on her a$$ and posts a picture of it on Instagram. Price goes to $589 and never comes down from there.
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    Ripple, interview with the president Global remittance utilizing "block chains", aim for introduction by majority of banks https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://www.sankeibiz.jp/business/amp/180320/bsj1803200500002-a.htm%3F__twitter_impression%3Dtrue&xid=25657,15700021,15700105,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700201&usg=ALkJrhhxtBuOv4Edezq7xNCs3AcTqh6sYw “Brad Garing's president of U.S. company ripple who handles international remittance service utilizing advanced technology "block chains" supporting virtual currency responded to Kyodo news and other interviews. We will promote the introduction and set the goal of over half of the world's banks to adopt the company's remittance service over the next five years.”
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    The Takeaway Here is..

    XRP was @ .006 and has never returned to those levels XRP was @ .20 and has never returned to those levels XRP was @ .50 and has never returned to those levels Real investments take time. All i want to see are progressive higher lows regardless of how long it takes. The run to $3 was a fluke. It happened because of rumors. But we can take from this knowing that it is possible for XRP to hit $3 which means when the time is right, $3 will be the new support level.
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    CNBC is selling wolf tickets and everyone is eating them right up. I, for once would like to see Brad go on the offensive and respond with “Coinbase? Nah, brah. We can’t do business with exchanges in the middle of class action law suits. We’re trying to create frinctionless payments, not double charge our customers. Thanks for asking though. What else you got?”
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    What I hope to hear from Ripple is: "We have made a strategic decision to list XRP only on exchanges that are stable and secure enough to support the xRapid architecture. There are many exchanges that offer cryptocurrencies, but not all of them are suited for the real world demands that our xRapid clients will place on them. So if you were expecting to see XRP listed on an exchange and it didn't happen, this is probably why". That should put that smug Coinbase stooge with his stupid BTC socks in his place.
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    Announcing Our New Community Manager

    With our growing base of users and a bigger demand, the need for a better and faster customer service increased. We heard your comments, complaints, and suggestions and decided to expand our team with new members dedicated to making GateHub experience better for our users, have a faster response time, and informing you more frequently about GateHub and cryptocurrency related topics. Customers and your satisfaction is our number one priority and therefore we strive to improve our services. Our new Community Manager Ursa will be joining us in our quest, to build a bridge between you guys and our team, and a better community all around. She and the rest of our GateHub team will try and surely succeed in bringing your question and concerns to life and help solve them as soon as possible. You can reach us via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, XrpChat, and Reddit. Also for any support related questions, you can contact us on our support site: https://support.gatehub.net/hc/en-us. Have a great day! GateHub Team
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    Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    After a sleepless night, many hours of studying the chart and doing proper TA I came up with a prediction for the near future and made it available in an easy to read fashion. The chart clearly shows what is known as "The Zerpening strikes back" pattern, followed by the obvious "Return of the Zerpening" and soon "The last Zerps" patterns, but see for yourself:
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    https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/cryptocurrencynewswoori-bank-seoul-reports-successful-test-ripple-remittance/ Woori Bank intends to install overseas remittances via Ripple as a commercial option this year. An official said: “The issue of overseas remittance fees is a matter for discussion, but it is much quicker and cheaper than existing remittances… In the future, the customer will choose the most advantageous overseas remittance method.”
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    https://ripple.com/insights/ripplenet-strengthens-emerging-markets-access-into-india-brazil-and-china/ With a growing global need not just for access, but more efficient, transparent and cost-effective payments into and out of emerging markets — new financial institutions have joined RippleNet: two banks and three payment providers — that will expand reach in India, Brazil and China. Itaú Unibanco, Brazil’s largest private sector bank and Latin America’s biggest bank by market capitalization; IndusInd, a leading private sector bank in India; and InstaReM, a major remittance provider based in Singapore, will use xCurrent to provide faster, more transparent cross-border payments to other financial institutions around the world. Two fast growing global remittance providers, Beetech in Brazil and Zip Remit in Canada, will both use xVia to open payment corridors for their customers around the world. Additionally, both will look to establish a connection for their customers into China, an opportunity that is now possible thanks to the recent addition of LianLian International to RippleNet earlier this month. Additional info: Itaú Unibanco: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itaú_Unibanco It is the 10th largest bank in the world by market value. The bank its listed at the B3 in São Paulo and in NYSE in New York. It currently is the biggest Latin American bank by assets and market capitalization. It has operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay in South America, as well as in the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Portugal in Europe, United States, Japan, China, Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates in Asia. Total revenue: $59 Billion (2017) IndusInd: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IndusInd_Bank Total revenue: $2.3 Billion (https://www.forbes.com/companies/indusind-bank/) InstaReM: https://www.instarem.com/ "With over 500,000 transactions per year from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and India, InstaRem will use RippleNet to connect their customers to over 60 countries worldwide." SBI FMO is an investor. Coincidence? Beetech: https://www.beetech.global/en.html Zip Remit: http://zipremit.ca/
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    https://medium.com/@KarmaCoverage/what-could-xpool-be-an-attempted-guess-50165cb7e9cd Here is what I have so far on this, now I'm going fishing, its low tide. Twitter suspended my KarmaCoverage account, so I'm not sure if Medium was able to post there, but most people who care will probably be here anyway.
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