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    Currencies Direct completes successful pilot of XRP for FX payments https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/74072/currencies-direct-completes-successful-pilot-of-xrp-for-fx-payments “Currencies Direct has become the first FX provider in Europe to successfully complete an international payment over Ripple’s xRapid platform using XRP.”
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    Almost everywhere I look there is an unprecedented amount of negative articles about Ripple and XRP. Sites such as Global Coin Report and Coin Desk publish predominantly negative articles which distort and mislead on the function and strategies of Ripple and its products. The attacks on XRP are downright comical for those who have a deeper understanding of the asset. Everywhere from Twitter, Facebook, and even this very forum, there are those who take every opportunity to hammer Ripple and XRP. What everyone needs to understand is that there is a fundamental difference between constructive criticism and outright falsification. The majority of these negative attacks are outright falsifications. I read an article on Global Coin Report just earlier which was so full of misleading and distorting information that it was laughable. The obvious ones suggest that the Dec/Jan run-up for XRP had to do with the CoinBase rumors. This is a distortion as the run-up happened because the whole market had a run-up alongside Bitcoin. A direct falsification was that XRP was all mined at the beginning. XRP was never mined. Ever. The writer is either lazy or completely lacks a working knowledge of XRP and its validation system. We see again the FUD that banks and institutions will never use XRP because they don't need to, plus XRP is volatile and banks wouldn't take on the risk. Again, this is absurd. The banks will ultimately transition into XRP implementation in order to repurpose the trillions in liquidity which is required to manage a payments system without a bridge asset like XRP. The few seconds of exposure to any XRP volatility will be minimal and will be equally balanced as there will be both an upside and a downside in the seconds it takes to complete the transaction. Banks can hold XRP if they want, but more likely will depend on liquidity providers to access XRP. These articles do a lot of damage to newcomers and those who don't understand the fundamentals. Many articles are packaged as positive, but when you read them you can see that there is the right amount of negative injection to create doubt in the minds of those who can be easily persuaded through of lack of knowledge. If you are new to crypto, Ripple, and XRP, don't be afraid and don't worry about the up and down movement of the market. The fundamentals of the Ripple strategy are solid, as are the fundamentals around XRP and the Interledger Protocol. Add in Cobalt, Codius, Coil (new micropayments industry), Xpring, xRapid, xCurrent, xVia, and forthcoming xPool (liquidity providers), alongside Ripples world-class senior management team, and there is no better blockchain payments company or crypto asset positioned to build the future. If you have a difficult time or don't have the time, to learn all there is to know about Ripple and XRP, fear not, you are in the best of hands here on this forum. After researching and writing for my own site for the last 5 years, I know well-informed analysts and commentators when I read them. Between @Hodor @galgitron @Chewiecoin @BANKXRP and so many others, this forum has the most intelligent and well-informed individuals in the crypto and Ripple/XRP communities. Don't fall for the ill-informed and misleading articles and comments which spread FUD. A large percentage of the crypto world and the existing official monetary and banking framework is threatened by Ripple and XRP. This is a powerful incentive to mislead and distort. If you are here and reading this, then you are already a part of a monetary and financial revolution which will restructure the world for the next century or two. These are the last hours before the pendulum swings in reverse. Once past the fulcrum point, things will progressive faster. Be patient. Be informed. Be positive. Be resistant to FUD.
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    OneZero may be the largest bridge between crypto and financial institutions. Aside from the symbol for it's liquidity hub looking oddly like Ripple's logo (and one of XRP's 3 current logos?) and a transaction map that looks oddly like Ripple's node topology map... There are some interesting things to note. Yesterday, Broctagon Prime announced their a Crypto Liquidity Partnership Between Broctagon Prime and OneZero Financial. This included XRP: Before we dive into some more connections, what is OneZero? It's a liquidity hub that connects the liquidity providers below over the six major protocols/connectors listed (basically protocols that already much of financial world is already connected to: They also have these companies as ecosystem partners (there's some overlap): This includes liquidity providers like Integral, which already list XRP: Which is a major liquidity provider and pricing provider to Banks: and LMAX which already lists xrp: and Alpha and CFH clearing, both owned by PayTech which reported some unexplained exposure to crypto in a recent earnings release. The article mentions Ripple but I assume their speculation is as good as mine: and GMO which already lists... XRP (and is opening up in the UK in addition to Japan): And ADS Securities which has a platform called OREX that... already lists XRP: and Doo Tech which trades crypto (can't find site): and exchanges that don't say what they do or have limited info: and Swissquote which lists XRP: and Traders Securities which has a company called Nextop that has this thingy:
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    Sold all my XRP

    I sold all my XRP for Dogecoin & a truck!!! Na, no fuking way....Just petsitting the dog, but I did get the truck 2018 & beyond will be huge for us HODLERS
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    As is common, you have the misperception that the "market cap" is representative of the total amount of money put into a token. It isn't, never has been for any asset, and never will be. It's not what the measurement is for. Take the following example: Company Abracadabra holds an ICO for token ABC. Let's say there are 100 billion ABC tokens. They sell 5 billion tokens during a pre-sale for 0.01 each. So far, they've raised $50 million dollars. Now, because the company sold those tokens directly to actual purchasers for a fixed price, there literally exactly was - and only was - $50 million dollars put into the ABC token. At this point, based on the total supply, the "market cap" is 0.01 * 100 billion, which equals $1 billion. But, only $50 million was ever put in? Ok, so right out of the gate, the "market cap" is *not* representative of the amount put into the token. Now, let's say the company lists the token ABC on an exchange. The initial exchange price is 0.01, but it rapidly shoots up to 0.15 cents to meet demand - a lot of people want to buy ABC who missed the ICO. The volume for the first day was around $10,000,000 traded. That means, $10 million was sold by ICO holders, and bought by new purchasers (in amongst some people day trading, who may have bought in the morning from early sellers, and sold again in the evening to late buyers). The market cap at this point is $15 billion, but how much money was put in? The maximum "put in" at this point is somewhere between $50 million and $60 million. But the market cap is $15 *billion*, over 250x larger. Another way to put this is that after listing an ICO, and trading on an exchange, the market cap is 250x wrong if used as an indicator of "how much of a token was bought". This situation does not improve with more listings on exchanges, and more trading. It gets worse and worse, because as more trading happens, we lose more and more clarity on who has physically paid for a "new" token, and who is just trading them back and forth (possibly even with themselves using different accounts on the same exchange), and the price goes higher and higher. Market Capitalisation is essentially a flawed metric, that was hastily borrowed from Stocks (where it has a little more merit, but is still flawed) and misunderstood by most people who quote it. Where it *does* have a use is in comparing the relative strengths of different tokens against each other. The Market Capitalisation in some sense places each tokens "price" on a level playing field, such that each token can be compared relative to each other on some sort of a scale. However, as I've hopefully made clear here, that relative scale has nothing to do with how many tokens have been bought or sold, nor will it ever be. We can say that Bitcoins market cap is twice that of Ripple's at some point (or the reverse...), and this can give some indication into that token's dominance in the overall space. However, we can't use these numbers to figure out how much money has been put into a token, with *any* accuracy. To do that accurately would be to somehow magically analyse every trade on every exchange, filter out every buyer and seller individually and identify everything they did, figure out where all of the initial capital came from and in what form it was (it may have been another token for example) and after disentangling all of that huge mess, normalise everything into one currency (say USD) and figure out what has *actually* been put in. We will never know this number for any token in any accuracy. What we can guess fairly accurately however, is that this number will be anywhere from hundreds to thousands, to even millions of times less than the "market cap". This is why its very possible that digital assets can potentially have a much much higher "ceiling" than the widespread misunderstanding of what market cap is would suggest.
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    xRapid Tipping Point Reached?

    Are we at the tipping point for use of xrp? The number of xRapid customers is growing. xCurrent is quickly replacing SWIFT messaging, and Ripple just signed two new banks onto RippleNet. In addition to news about Ripple's progress, the XRP community is also busy this week, planning meetups in Europe, as well as voting on a new XRP Symbol starting one day from now. After reading the news over the last few days, I leave it to you to judge whether XRP has reached a level of unstoppable momentum. Hope you enjoy the read: please leave any feedback below. Also, feel free to share my blog with a friend, or on any other media - and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Volume Scenario Analysis: 2018 - 2021

    Here is one possible scenario (I consider it to be on the conservative side) of how volume may be impacted by Xpring and Coil: TLDR: I think, conservatively, the daily volume of XRP should plateau at *some* level above $270 billion? Note: I am definitely not an expert, so all the usual caveats apply - also, if you think I'm missing something - good or bad, let me know. I put most of my assumptions in the notes underneath each pie chart. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Ripple (the company) I am also NOT qualified to be giving any investment advice whatsoever. Before making any investment – especially in the volatile world of cryptocurrency, I urge you to consult with a professional. Also, even though I am personally very pro-XRP and believe in its potential, I do not know what the future will bring for XRP price – please invest at your own risk and always Do Your Own Research (DYOR) Thanks and please leave any feedback below. -Hodor
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    I will continue to edit and update this thread, so you can refer to it for ease of access Daily Outlook-1-5/27/18: Daily Outlook-2 -5/27/18: Note I am using SMART Fibs so you will see different colors on the fib retracement points and extensions. 120 Minute Outlook-1-5/27/18 30 Minute Outlook-1-5/27/18 - Looking for completion of Descending Pendant. If break below, Red zone below. If break above, refer to Daily Outlook-2-5/27/18 Daily Outlook-1-5/28/18: 160 Minute Outlook & Projected Flight Path-1-5/29/18: 160 Minute Outlook Inverse Head & Shoulders Forming-1-5/29/18: 6/1/2018 Outlook: Today we are going to look at four charts - Progress on the 5/29/18 XRP/USD - XRP/BTC 160 Minute - BTC/USD 160 Minute Volume is still up and you will notice that on the XRP/BTC Chart, and yes while XRP/USD is following the pattern still, take a look at BTC. It is currently stuck in the falling wedge pattern and channels labeled in the chart. What to pick up on here is that volume is steady with XRP so expect the XRP/BTC pair in particular to continue to make it's way upward today. 6/2/18 - Seem Familiar? lol: 120 Minute Outlook 6/3/18: 120 Minute Chart 6/4/18 Update: So by the look of it, my timing may be off by a few days, but it definitely is entertaining to know that while the same pattern completes, it's like in 3 days as opposed to 12 days. I may play a bit too conservatively. This looks like a continuation pattern. The peak met the with the previous resistance level prior to the left shoulder forming. This stated, we had a retracement down to the neck of the Inverse Head and Shoulders and a bounce back up. Verdict: Blue Skies ahead, not quite moon mode. My personal update: I added more to my order on the dip this morning and did a bit of portfolio reshuffling. 6/6/18 Update: Dragon Pattern Up close: you will notice we are sitting on the trendline and ranging.
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    Here We Go Again

    Well well well what do we have here another dip? We have been here many times before. Yep, 2018 so far sucks. We have seen 5 months of price falling from our ATH and stagnation in the market. If you are selling your XRP stash now (unless you have a real-life emergency reason to) you are a mug. Look at this chart showing BTC price during 2014 to 2016 In 2013 the price went from less than $100 to over $1,000. For the next two years, the price fell to less than $200 and finished 2016 at $400. Yep that's 2 years of the price not recovering and stagnating. Its only been 5 months for us. And you know what happened to the few true HODLERs that held for this period. Look at the beautiful chart below. The price jumped back over the ATH in 2017 to $1,200 and then to $19,000 by the end of 2017. You have to have patience. You have to be willing to wait it out. In relation to XRP, yes, if you are extremely lucky you would have bought it at sub 1c in early 2017 and held to the end of the year making that massive gain but for the rest of us we need balls (boobs?) of steel and need to have patience and hold on waiting for the next bull run. Look at what has happened in the last 5 months: xCurrent partners increasing by one a week; xRapid pilots occurring; xRapid savings now confirmed; xRapid 1.0 now in production; xVia released and partners announced; Codius being redeveloped; xPring being released already with over 100 potential XRP benefiting projects on the books; Rumours of Central Banks working with Ripple and Ripple employees and the IMF virtually confirming it; Big Hedge fund money confirming they are coming; More exchanges coming online with more support for XRP; and I can keep going How much more good news do you need? I can hear you now "but why isn't all this good news reflected in the price?" Short answer is the market is unpredictable so no one truly knows but I believe it is because we are still (99% at least) being ruled by speculative demand and speculative demand is driven by the whole market, by FOMO of investors and by big brother BTC. We will start to transition to utility demand this year and over the next few years. This demand will be more stable and will propel us forward without being tied to the rest of the market. I wrote a more detailed post answering this question here. Next response I can hear from the crowd: "But past performance is not an indicator of future performance" Yep, you are right. Just because BTC went to $19k or XRP to $3.40 does not mean that we are guaranteed to get to those highs again. I don't know enough about BTC but, XRP, I believe, will absolutely go past its ATH again, in fact, sail past it. Look at the dot points above. XRP has the best chance of any token for real-world adoption. Adoption that will drive utility demand and the price. There are no guarantees but I am so certain of it I have invested a large part of my savings betting on it. So what does all of this mean? HODL. Of course HODL. Have more patience than you do now. Be prepared to wait years, if that is what it takes. I think it will come sooner but be mentally prepared for it, we have to have patience. Take this downtime as an opportunity to buy more, if you can afford to and if you can afford to lose it? If you have patience and HODL I believe you will be rewarded. Disclaimer: I hold XRP (of course I bloody do!)
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    http://liquid.plus Video about liquid’s worldbook: QUOINE lists 5 XRP/fiat pairs, XRP/QASH, and lists XRP on Qryptos (their token associated with Liquid), so you can bet some XRP will be Rippling through the LIQUID worldbook. Edit: Posted because they just e-mailed their mailing list saying they are launching soon and included video posted above. Liquid.plus has been coming for a while. (Trivia: what flows better through liquid, Ripples or bitcoins?)
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    XRP is the undisputed best choice for 𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠-𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐦 𝐢𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐬. In today's blog, I discuss the reasons behind Ripple targeting the non-banking market, as well as what it means for their long term strategy. Then, I connect the dots for you and show one possible outcome in a 𝙨𝙘𝙚𝙣𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙤 𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙡𝙮𝙨𝙞𝙨 stretching to 2021. The blog covers exactly what Xpring and Coil mean for XRP owners, and what to expect in terms of additional liquidity and when we *might* see utility-driven demand take over the network. Let me know what you think: Please leave any feedback below. Feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other platform; and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Blog: The Million Dollar Question

    Hello XRPChat! I realize this has been a long time coming...thank you for your patience while I finished up a degree and worked through the death of a family member. My latest blog, The Million Dollar Question, seeks to answer the question whether XRP is a security or not. https://bigbuckor.wordpress.com/2018/05/25/the-million-dollar-question Please share across your social media accounts and please leave your feedback below. I truly look forward to hearing from you.
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    OK, time to post something un-robotic. The people freaking out about SWIFT this and Bear market that etc. need to grab hold of a paper bag and breathe. First, try to understand what the Interledger Protocol is and what it does. Say, you work on a PC. Your customer has a Mac. Their webserver might be running on Linux. All completely different platforms. Ever wondered how these devices can all communicate with each other? How you can send an email to your customer and they can read it? The internet is built on protocols. e.g. TCP/IP for packets of data. SMTP for email. And a few others. These protocols are standardized and let completely different platforms communicate with each other and understand each other. THIS is what the ILP can do. But instead of funny GIFs and emails, it lets different platforms communicate with each other and transfer VALUE. Hence, THE INTERNET OF VALUE. The ILP, when fully realized can connect anything to anything. It can connect a Blockchain like the BTC blockchain to another one such as the XRP blockchain. This is how the decentralized Ripple exchange works. You can transfer value from one blockchain to another this way. It can also transfer value from a DA to something else such as precious metals and vice versa. We already have companies doing this right now. Lastly, it can connect different financial systems to each other. Ripplenet is one such system that connects FIs that are signed with Ripple (And use xCurrent, xRapid and future products). It can also connect other systems such as SEPA, the SWIFT network and anything else. NOW, let this sink in a bit. This means that a bank that is part of only the SEPA network or the SWIFT network can send money to a bank that's part of Ripplenet via the ILP , WITHOUT ANY MIDDLMEN and XRP will be used as the intermediate asset. (In theory, anything can be used as the intermediate asset, but XRP is the fastest and the cheapest, so why bother with anything else)? DOES THAT NOT SOUND LIKE A GAME CHANGER TO YOU? Now here is the best part. There is nothing else like it. No one else has built anything close to the ILP! The IMF, World Bank etc. are positive about the ILP and are looking at it seriously. So, instead of waiting for xRapid commercial use, Wall Street bonuses, SBI etc. What you should ACTUALLY be waiting for is for ILP to become the global standard for transmission of value. Once this is realized, it doesn't matter if a company or FI or individual is using a Ripple developed solution, a competing solution... whatever. All these silos will get interconnected with ILP and XRP will be the fuel powering all these transactions. Trillions and quadrillions worth of transactions. You know that iceberg picture that shows just the tip above the water and 10 times that volume under it? HODL.
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    xRapid includes a feature that sets a one-minute time limit for an exchange to fill an order to minimize the impact of price volatility. During the demo, filling the order took longer than a minute, which triggered xRapid to cancel the order and thus the payment. Across all xRapid test and pilot payments ever, this is the first instance of this occurring. The demo UI was not sophisticated enough to handle this case, designed just to get a quote, display it, and initiate the payment. So the team repeated the payment, requesting another quote and executing it against a backup xRapid server configured to mock the behavior of the exchanges. The repeated payment was a live demo of how an xRapid payment works but did not involve a live transfer over the XRP Ledger. We apologize for not making this clear during our demonstration. We recorded a live xRapid transaction at 11:28 am PST. The payment took place in just under 2 minutes and a typical remittance customer would have seen 52% cost-savings from it. You can track the payment over the ledger on XRP Charts. The transaction ID is 29E4F8E81B3E5F5E5A9A5766D1C56992E6D4F18ED62DFBEC3FBCE14189FEE871.
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    I started following XRPchat since august 2017, about the same time I got my hands on my first zerps. I don't post much 'cause usually I feel I don't have a lot to add to the conversations. But I assume some positive vibes wouldn't hurt right now. Since the last bullrun I've set a Google Alert voor XRP. I don't recommend it because you get at least 20 alerts a day. But as insane as I am, I try to read all of them (I spend a lot of time every day commuting to work). What strikes me these past few weeks is that - as we are touching new lows in price - the articles about XRP are getting more and more bullish. The past few days it's the amazon rumors that are surfacing again, but it's kinda weird seeing that much positive news coming out when at the same time we keep going down... Now I'm not gonna go off and do some price and time predictions, but I just wanted to say that I feel that there really is something brewing. All these new exchanges, a lot of them accepting XRP, xPool, xVia, xSpring, Coil, the little positive echos we hear about the xRapid trials, SBI VC, the ultimate nerdy coolness that are David Schwartz and Brad Garlinghouse, and just the idea of all that big institutional money waiting on the sidelines, eager to jump in, ... I never invested in anything, and I probably never will again. I have a wife and two kids to take care of, and a mortgage that needs to be paid, so I'm not the guy to be taking a lot of risks with my money. But ever since I found out about XRP and Ripple, I honestly feel this is a once in a life time opportunity, and that still hasn't changed. On the contrary! I don't know when it's going to happen, or how long it's going to take, or what is going to be the trigger. But I do believe one day this rocket will take off. I accept no other truth than that. And I know it's easy for me to say all this, because I've been in the green ever since early december '17, but there is only one magic word : H O D L I'm holding for almost a year now, and I don't plan to touch my Nano Ledger until my 40th birthday, which is in about 2,5 years from now. I suggest you all do the same. It's not like you have anything else to do, now do you? 😄 Unless 589 EOY actually happens, than I'm out fo sho ! 😎 Note : English is not my native language, so it took me about forever to write this down. This will probably be my longest post ever on this forum, so savour it 😉
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    Now this is huge publicity, the next bull run we have is going to be huge.
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Hey all, although I don't contribute a whole lot, I'm always lurking and enjoy the posts and camaraderie. Some may remember I shared a while ago that me and my girlfriend are due to have a baby in Sept. Long story short, we found out our baby has myeloschisis, a form of spina bifida. Was originally told the baby would have mental issues and be paralyzed. We were devastated. Reading the zerpening gives me a sense of normalcy lol. We got a 2nd opinion at CHOP, and found out it's not so bad. My gf is having fetal surgery this week (INSANE SURGERY), and its likely that because of the surgery, our baby will be able to walk without assistance and wont have any mental defects. Its scary yet miraculous. I haven't been as concerned about price as usual because of all the craziness going on, but this forum helps me to get out of any slumps bc of this situation. Thank you all!!!
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    This is a cross-post from my reddit post. On May 8th, The IMF (International Monetary Fund) Deputy Managing Director Tao Zhang hold a speech on Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank Conference. Topic: Digitization of Money and Finance: Challenges and Opportunities Full speech is available here: http://www.imf.org/en/news/articles/2018/05/08/sp050818-digitization-of-money-and-finance-challenges-and-opportunities He went through the folloging steps: First, I will discuss how financial services may be transformed by the adoption of financial technology; Second, I will examine how crypto-assets rise may pose challenges to financial integrity and stability; Third, how central banks and regulators can mitigate potential stability risks without impeding innovation; And finally, I will highlight the work the IMF is doing to help its 189 member countries address these challenges. He made references to useful services: "Some useful technology is being developed to improve market efficiency. For example, services have slashed from days to minutes the time it takes for cross-border payments to reach destinations. These include relatively small firms like BitPesa in Africa and BitOasis in the Middle East and such well-known companies as Western Union and Moneygram." He gives the answer on how regulators and central banks should respond? First, regulators need to complement their focus on entities with increasing attention to activities. This responds to the reality that an increasingly diverse group of firms and market platforms are providing financial services. Second, governance needs to be strengthened. Rules and standards will need to be developed to ensure the integrity of data, algorithms, and platforms—in other words, to ensure that they operate in a manner that does not expose consumers or the financial system to undue risk. Third, policy options could be considered to support open networks, and licensing policies could be adjusted to help foster competition. Fourth, legal principles need to be modernized. Maintaining trust in financial services may also require the development of new legal frameworks to clarify rights and obligations within the new financial landscape. They already begun! He confirms: "In fact, a group of central banks is actively experimenting with the use of digital currencies and distributed ledger technology with the aim of making cross-border payments more efficient."
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    Nothing better to do on a Saturday night than write an article based on the history of central bank liquidity in relation to the Industrial Revolution, and how Ripple and XRP will provide the liquidity corridors for the new technological revolution. Long read for some maybe, but should be a good summary of important historical events which can be correlated with what is happening now regarding blockchain and new technologies. Hope everyone enjoys. Now its time to pore a Crown Royal whiskey. Guns, Germs, and Steel.....and Central Banks
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    Will crypto ever be considered mainstream? I discuss this - along with recent progress for both Ripple & xrp - in today's blog. Hope you enjoy & please leave any feedback below. Also, please feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other platform, and thank you for doing so! Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    What is your problem mate? You snipe him at every opportunity. The smiley face doesn't make it ok.
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