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    Cessation of the Hodor Blog

    Final message! XRP Chat is where it all begin, so it's fitting that for this avatar, it's where it ends as well. It's been a journey with countless twists and turns, and try as I might, all the details have melded into a chorus of voices of the XRP Community, who, at their core, are all pushing for the same thing: Change. Sometimes I wonder how members of other coin tribes feel about the project they're supporting. Does it inspire them? Do they believe in it past their surface financial goal of 'getting rich' off of it? Because, for XRP, it's more than just a 'good stock pick;' XRP represents the technology that delivers on Bitcoin's promise, without the environmental destruction. Without the limitations of scalability ... and so much more that I have to resist reneging on my decision for one more, long, convoluted rant! You get the picture! We're here for the investment (XRP), but we're also here because we believe in the Internet of Value, and pushing this technology forward. It can change the world for the better, and not just as part of a slick corporate advertising campaign; when people can send money to their family in seconds instead of days, it can significantly improve lives for millions of people. And just look how the XRP is changing the face of crypto communities, with its teamwork, awards shows, clubs, social media presence, and charitable fund-raising. These are all extraneous to the IoV and XRP, but they also work to give us a legitimate feeling of community. And with the developments in the last month, my right-brain, intuitive side, which normally performs a lesser role in my day-to-day activities than my methodical, step-driven left-brain side, took the reigns and decided to make a key decision; how do I want to contribute going forward? I could continue to struggle to cover all of the increasing onslaught of news items, or I could turn and survey the growing ranks of our collaborative team of supporters and let somebody else 'take a turn' at the front. I could take up a keyboard and mouse once more, but this time to create new websites and applications. Ah well, I'm getting repetitive of the content in the blog. My apologies for being temporarily self-indulgent, but I know my companions on the forum will not judge me harshly about my last post. At least I hope not. Hope to be back soon, with some announcements of a new project of my own!
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    Suggestions for XRP Ledger enhancements

    Since 2012, Ripple has been committed to advancing the XRP Ledger as an open, decentralized system for payments. We have worked together with the community to dramatically increase the decentralization, performance, and feature set over the last seven years. Ripple’s vision for the XRP Ledger is for it to continue to provide the best interoperability with Interledger. Key to this vision is for the XRP Ledger to remain best in class in security, performance, and settlement features. We’ve been working on a number of possible features and design changes that could be introduced to the XRP Ledger, and we want input from the entire community about these features. How helpful are they to the use cases that the community is currently pursuing? What changes are developers and contributors to XRP Ledger interested in implementing? Today, we are posting descriptions of many possible enhancements to the XRP Ledger. They fall broadly into three categories: Consensus: Consensus is the heart of the XRP Ledger. It’s the way the ledger makes forward progress in a decentralized way. While PoW has provided only limited decentralization and appears to be a technological dead end, distributed agreement algorithms such as the XRP Ledger’s consensus algorithm provide real decentralization and continue to improve in their performance and reliability, year after year. Several of the suggested enhancements focus on improving the robustness of the XRP Ledger’s consensus mechanism. Performance and Resource Consumption: Due to the nature of public ledger systems, every on-ledger transaction imposes some resource costs on every participant. This creates a trade-off where increasing the transaction rate and lowering transaction fees can increase operational costs and drive some participants out of the ecosystem. Keeping resource consumption down increases the set of participants who can run their own server nodes, improving decentralization. Some of the suggested improvements aim to increase our understanding of the software’s resource consumption, reduce the consumption of bandwidth and memory, and improve network reliability. Features: The XRP Ledger currently has a sophisticated feature set including account management features, powerful multisigning, a decentralized exchange, and best-in-class support for off-ledger scaling. However, there are always more things it could do. The suggested improvements in this category add new capabilities such as an XRP-collateralized stablecoin and ways to ease the burden of the 20 XRP account reserve. We would appreciate members of the XRP Ledger community looking over these suggestions and providing feedback. Suggestions for other features are welcome as well. Let’s build a roadmap to continue innovating together. You can find all of the suggestions in one place on Xpring's blog post. There are also links there to the individual forum posts for each feature for discussions.
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    Alex Cobb 24/7 ODL Transactions Alpha version Here is a preview of the stream The info displayed (in this version): Transferred amount (in XRP, USD) From exchange - To exchange Likelihood it is an ODL batch of transactions 24 hour volume and number of ODL batches For now, it seems Ripple is merging many small transactions into batches of 40k XRP transactions. So, as of now, it takes a little while to see those batches showing up on screen, because of the current volume on Bitstamp, Bitso and Coins.ph. Every 15 minutes or so, a new batch of 40k XRP ODL shows up, at the time of writing this, the first day of this stream. This is by no mean a representation of any pattern for any given day. Sunday was very active compared to Monday for example. It is likely we see the pace getting faster as time goes by. This stream will be live 24/7, Alex Cobb will still stream on normal hours as this one will be running on the side. As additional tools, you can check Volume (Bitstamp to Bitso, Bitstamp to Coins.ph) https://public.tableau.com/profile/hmatejx#!/vizhome/xRapid_search/xRapidtrafficTag and Bitso Liquidity https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pZ2POpljERK-oV3rusaCmq58U2badn5i9WOCIP9Wtmg/edit#gid=1888946776 _____________________________________________________________________________ Edit to show some of the bundles _____________________________________________________________________________
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    Suggestion: Light Accounts

    Light accounts would allow a limited account to be created without having to pay the 20 XRP reserve. Instead, a 5 XRP reserve would be paid. Light accounts would be limited in their function but they could certainly hold, receive, and send XRP. There are some options around what features a light account would be permitted to access. Light accounts could be permitted to have a single multisigner list or they could be permitted to have a small number of payment channels or escrows. Likely they would not be permitted to have any trust lines or offers. This post is one suggestion for an enhancement to the XRP Ledger. See this post for context: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/33070-suggestions-for-xrp-ledger-enhancements/ You can find all the suggestions in one place here: https://coil.com/p/xpring/Ideas-for-the-Future-of-XRP-Ledger/-OZP0FlZQ
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    Blog URL: https://coil.com/p/Hodor/Acceleration-/3dawvDvgk The IoV is growing at an increasing speed! To learn about the 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐝𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐩𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 that were announced over the last busy week, refer to today's blog: 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐁𝐥𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: The IMF publishes a paper titled 'From Stablecoins to Central Bank Digital Currencies.' 𝐑𝐢𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: Ripple and the Xpring team organize a series of important announcements preceding the first UBRI Connect Conference & Hack-a-thon; A new Xpring SDK (software development kit) is published; Brad Garlinghouse appears at two venues - a YouTube video with Anthony Pompliano, and the Economic Club of New York; David Schwartz publishes thirteen proposals for changes to XRP; Ripple acquires an Icelandic crypto trading firm; XRP Experts explain how XRP owners can (currently) use the XRP account reserve in an XRP wallet; and Jim Chauncey-Kelly talks about Ripple's corporate culture. 𝐂𝐨𝐢𝐥 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: Stefan Thomas kicks off the second day of the UBRI Connect Conference with a talk about web monetization; Ken Melendez incentivizes authors on Coil that choose to participate in Coil Blogging Club competitions; Cinnamon successfully integrates Coil & ILP with its video streaming platform; and I provide links to five new Coil articles from various authors. 𝐗𝐑𝐏 𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬: Sincerely George organizes an effort to identify developers who should be considered eligible for the XRP Community Choice Awards; Crypto.com updates its service to allow XRP holders in the U.S. to directly debit their XRP in their Crypto.com wallet; VinDAX, a new ICO-funded exchange, adds support for XRP trading; Wietse Wind publishes two massive data stores in SQL Lite format, containing the closed XRP Ledgers and their associated transactions; Richard Holland announces a new version of the XRP Toast Wallet; @_JonnyLawrence shares a new GIF that intuitively explains On-Demand Liquidity (ODL); and PDAX, a Philippine crypto exchange, adds support for XRP. I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thanks for doing so! My blog announcement links on other platforms: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Reddit r/CoilCommunity Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    XRParcade Ripple ecosystem updated

    XRParcade Ripple Ecosystem infographic updated. You can view more information about each entity at: https://www.xrparcade.com/rippleecosystem/. New additions are always added at the bottom of the page.
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    I've uploaded a brief video about why the new Xpring developer platform is such a a big deal and how easy is now to start coding for the XRP Ledger in any language you like, even if you don't know a lot of coding. I can't stress enough how simple this is now. As an example, I developed a small example app, Zerpy (github): an account manager to check your balances, transactions and send XRP to other accounts. It was developed in a day and ~300 lines of code (~200 for the UI and~100 for the rest). I used the new XRP-API, Python and PyQt5 (my first time using it and creating a '"real" UI). For those interested, I also released a small python wrapper for XRP_API (github). This is all it takes now to get your balance, transactions and send a payment: a mind-blowing 20 lines of code. This is a really huge step towards developing for the XRPL. from xrp_api import XRPAPI api = XRPAPI() # Addresses and api key myTestAccount = 'rNnvVcpyM33o1rCuE3J4PQVj1xXa2ZgfPt' myOtherTestAccount = 'rNnvVcpyM33o1rCuE3J4PQVj1xXa2ZgfPt' myApiKey = '605fd0c524f2a19a5d1777b97776b818' # Get account info account_info = api.get_account_info(address=myTestAccount) # Get account transactions transactions = api.get_account_transactions(address=myTestAccount) # Send payment api.submit_payment(source_address=myTestAccount, destination_address=myOtherTestAccount, amount=10, api_key=myApiKey)
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    CasinoCoin Talk

    @JTxrPP @Joppie @XRPCascade @King34Maine @fiik @Milly238 @Sweaterbear @wegfox @BentCopper @HermesX13 @R-2-D-2 @migelal @BluKoo @BlueCollarHedgeFund @Thomas_TVO @FNS @PavelJ @Coolio @Jesjredhca @Jedivh @DonnyBrasco @Johnwdt @JoeyBevo @horizon @Flashos @crypto2libertas @aroop @Droptop93 @deBereboot @XRPanding @xrp-pat @ZerpEnthusiast @BraaiBeer @Matthews @SongstoFilltheAir @ZerpTidalWave @JordanC @BruceWhale @captainjack @DannyRipple @Makanakis @makinho @TinyRick @Cristallx @jeromem75 @Moonraker @Magickarp @ZX81_1k @Riz85 @WillGetThere @Nihilist @tokyocop @xSODAx @Tonnie @HumphreyBear @Tayto @LordAMV @LateAdopter @greentrader @ultramarathonist @XRPwinning @PhiGuy @Defryu @Tinyaccount @BurtMacklin @g0fudurself @Baazerper @SirPalot @JustSomeGuy @Busa_ @madToo @Kaidan @Humdinger @Mr_Rippling @DreXRP @TheHoff @Shockwave_XRP @TheEnd @LeGonze @Dinoizzy @FlyingFox @XRPKronk @RipDip @OnTheXRP @zerp300 @Scarpa @Madbull @bloodhound @Dorth_Vader @poothoot2 @Sheldon @knuckledragger @LeXuZ @MegaNerd @XRPto50dollars @GAC1848 @TheHyena @CarloRossi @G-Men @CountZerpula @BCRevolution @Chewiecoin @WrathofKahneman @Ironhalo @Rippelsteeltje @Gazelle77 @fastfalcon94 @xrpElvis @trogdor @SCHUMIXRP @Benchmark @Zerponaut @CT99 @PikaXRP @PlanK @Tradekraft @EcneitapLatnem @Robocrab85 @Haadrin @SaladFingers @Yorkies @Ripplebeliever @legomaracas @nicktemple @LiquidGoat @fbsna @jag216 Hi guys, Just wanna give everyone a heads up. Things are changing with CSC partners are about to go LIVE this Q4. CRN applications was opened yesterday, and 100 have already been submitted. There will only be 1000 CRNS. You can learn more about the CasinoCoin Blockchain network here : https://asg.im/a-new-way-to-incentivize-your-community/ If interested you can Submit Your Application here : https://casinocoin.org/crn-application-centre/
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    Suggestion: Deletable Accounts

    The 20 XRP reserve requirement has proved to be a bit of an obstacle to some use cases for the ledger. This proposal would provide a path to delete existing accounts, recovering all but one incremental reserve (currently 5 XRP). This would also allow owners of unwanted accounts to clean them up and recover approximately 15 XRP in the process. There is a judgment call involving what to permit an account to have and still be deleted. In principle, you could allow an account to be deleted regardless of what ledger objects it owned and clean up any problems after the fact. For example, if code later encountered an order, trust line, or escrow for a non-existent account, it would simply handle it appropriately at that time. Orders, for example, would be deleted when discovered to be orphaned. However, that’s probably not optimal. It’s probably sensible to require that some amount of cleanup be done prior to allowing an account to be deleted. In addition, all code that looks up accounts for trust lines, offers, escrows, and the like must be carefully audited to ensure it sanely handles a non-existent account. Due to the severe harm aberrant behavior could cause to those relying on the ledger, this audit is essential even if the implementation intent is that an account cannot be deleted while those objects exist. There is a standard draft for this suggestion: https://github.com/xrp-community/standards-drafts/issues/8 This post is one suggestion for an enhancement to the XRP Ledger. See this post for context: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/33070-suggestions-for-xrp-ledger-enhancements/ You can find all the suggestions in one place here: https://coil.com/p/xpring/Ideas-for-the-Future-of-XRP-Ledger/-OZP0FlZQ
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    Checkmate Ripple

    The article is very low on actual information, so I went here :- https://www.jpmorgan.com/country/TH/en/detail/1320570135560 It's a messaging system, as I thought it had to be. In other words, it competes with SWIFT and xCurrent. In more other words, NOSTRO/VOSTRO accounts are still needed to settle. You might as well say "Checkmate Ripple: SWIFT have 11,000 banks using their system". Using the blockchain to guarantee the validity of information is a low barrier to entry service. We can see this in how quick SWIFT launched GPI, and how quick JPM came up with their own blockchain solution for messaging. The vastly more difficult service to replicate is near-instant cross-currency settlement, which is what xRapid and xVia can do. Can someone point to a service competing with xRapid please? It just puts more pressure on Ripple to differentiate themselves with both xRapid and xVia. xRapid could become a plugin to the IIN in the future, as well as a plugin for SWIFT.
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    Coinfields XRPL Project

    It would help if mods were much harder on the trolls. There are members here whose clear purpose is to throw negativity and misinformation around and hope some of it sticks. I'm all for constructive criticism of Ripple and XRP and most of us don't want an echo chamber, but these trolls are just here to annoy and destroy. I've been on this forum for nearly four years (and XRPtalk before that) and this is the worst it's ever been, by far. So many quality contributors have left. It's time for persistent trolls to be banned.
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    ...and a new economy is emerging. Mark Carney A 16 minute video by Bonfire Guy. It’s pretty good.
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    Q3 2019 Market Report

    This was my favorite take away from the report and very bullish: "Ripple customers live with ODL, including MoneyGram and others, increased by 75% last quarter and dollar volume on ODL increased more than five times from Q2 to Q3. In addition, Ripple announced its acquisition of team Algrim to support the ongoing development of ODL. To keep up with strong customer demand, Ripple is rapidly expanding its team on a global scale—Iceland will serve as one of Ripple’s engineering hubs with plans to bring on more technical talent in Europe." While at the moment were probably taking 5x a very small number it doesn't take many quarters of 5x type growth for the world to take ACTION, not just notice. I can't wait to see MoneyGram's Q4 report in late Jan/Feb.
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    Hello there ! Pdf released in september 2019 from the Bank Of Canada https://www.bankofcanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/swp2019-40.pdf
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    Charting the course of XRP

    This is what I have for XRPBTC... everything looks good to me.
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    Global Head of Corporate Banking Operations, Philippe Boulas Head of Transformation, Nicolas Gautier 23 September 2019 BNP Parisbas has participated in the creation of Finastra Fusion LenderComm. Fusion LenderComm is a platform that enables syndicated loans to be fully digitized from their creation to their settlement. In my research, I have already proven a few weeks ago that R3's Corda Settler is to be used alongside Fusion LenderComm by Finastra, which only a couple days ago was publicly announced to be partnering with Ripple. In this video, they both explain the benefits of implementing Finastra's Fusion Lendercomm solution as an industry. Nicolas Gautier brings the attention on the risks of being an early adopter and being alone in using it. But also he emphasizes the advantages of being an early adopter prior to others who are too slow at implementing this technology. Lastly, Philippe Boulas highlights the settlement benefits.
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    The XRP Ledger software does use quite a bit of memory. This is especially a problem on virtual machines where memory has a significant cost premium. Reducing the memory consumption would reduce the cost to run the software and improve decentralization indirectly. Unfortunately, we do not precisely understand how the memory is being used. An important first step would be to analyze the software’s memory consumption to see what areas of improvement would be likely to produce the most dramatic results. On the bright side, because this hasn’t been well-studied, it’s possible that there’s some low-hanging fruit where small efforts could bring large payoffs. The software does do a lot of caching. For example, some data is cached both in raw binary form (typically as SHAMapEntry objects) and in object form (typically as an STObject). It may be sufficient to cache only in binary form and convert to object form as needed. In addition, the SHAMap design pegs lots of SHAMapEntry objects into memory. This design could be changed to only keep SHAMapEntry objects in the cache and fetch them from disk as needed. Code changes would be needed to prevent SHAMap’s from keeping too many strong pointers to SHAMapEntry objects. This post is one suggestion for an enhancement to the XRP Ledger. See this post for context: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/33070-suggestions-for-xrp-ledger-enhancements/ You can find all the suggestions in one place here: https://coil.com/p/xpring/Ideas-for-the-Future-of-XRP-Ledger/-OZP0FlZQ
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    In order to have enough to continue your vital trolling efforts?
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    Trading Secrets

    Blog URL: https://coil.com/p/Hodor/Trading-Secrets/L2hpzS-5W Do you want to learn about effective & proven crypto trading techniques? After two years, I finally cover the topic of technical analysis with valuable input from both @HaraldoXRP and @sentosumosaba! I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thanks for doing so! My blog announcement links on other platforms: Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Reddit r/CoilCommunity Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    Charting the course of XRP

    @Caracappa @Plikk Just ignore him. Don't feed the trolls. He gets excited when he gets attention like this. A lot of us appreciate people that go through the effort of doing TA because it helps provide some insight into what is going and because we have no interest in doing it ourself. It also sparks interesting conversation between opposing viewpoints.
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    Firstly I agree that Ripple are actively attempting to rise the price of XRP. I think they made this decision about three months ago. I think they are doing this because a higher price will give more ODL on the exchanges for XRapid customers I am sure that they bought Bitso for a strategic reason I would like to draw your attention to this screenshot Bitso liquidity index today. I have been watching this closely and thought I saw a pattern whereby the volume rises from about 23 of the month and peaks about the 14th of the following month and then rapidly drops off. I thought this pattern represented a bulge of end of month pay-cheques being sent home on XRapid. This month the volume started to rise on about 23rd and reached new peak on the 14th, but instead of dropping off it went on rising and rising, and it now on the 20th seems to be accelerating to new highs. Today is not finished, so the final figure for today might be even higher. This is very interesting and unexpected. live Liquidity index link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pZ2POpljERK-oV3rusaCmq58U2badn5i9WOCIP9Wtmg/htmlview#gid=1888946776
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    As we all know Bitcoin's halving is coming up in 7 months May 14. 2020. https://www.bitcoinblockhalf.com/ January 3, 2009 Bitcoin's Genesis block (Bitcoin is a Capricorn, just like me) no price until October 5, 2009 at which point $1 = 1,309.03 bitcoin so about $.00076 November 25, 2012 First halving price $12.46 July 9, 2016 Second halving price $663 53x price of first halving May 14, 2020 Third halving. ? 53X the price of the last halving gives a price of about $35,000, which seems about right to me. The price appreciation is decelerating but to what extent is uncertain. We certainly won't see 53x continuous growth otherwise in three more halvings we have a prices of $100 million then $5billion per coin which is beyond even the most unrealistic estimates. But we are still early enough in the adoption to see robust growth for the time being.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    I don't think BTC surpassing the ATH will exhaust anything, in my opinion that's when the bull market will begin. If trends follow there should be a gradual increase after that ramping up into a parabolic move to dwarf the last one and the bull market should last over a year. During the bull market I think most alts will appreciate along with Bitcoin. Although I think XRP will move up when Bitcoin does, I don't think that XRP has to wait for Bitcoin. XRP can really move at any time and I wouldn't be surprised to see a 10x XRP move ahead of all the ALTS.
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    Source: https://www.coindesk.com/ripples-xpring-looks-to-build-xrp-defi-products-with-new-acquisition "Ripple has made its first move towards building decentralized finance (DeFi) products based on XRP. With its acquisition of decentralized payments platform Logos Network, Ripple’s investment arm, Xpring, will add nine New York-based engineers. Logos founder and CEO Michael Zochowski will become Xpring’s “Head of DeFi Products.” Xpring did not disclose the price of the deal." Joining Ripple’s Xpring: by Michael Zochowski, Head of DeFi Products, Ripple Xpring. Welcoming Logos: by Ethan Beard
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    Short daily XRP TA briefs

    Good day everyone Starting to post short daily XRP TA overviews, condensed to a few essentials. We all know it's not perfect science, yet there's something to these curves and lines and algorithms. Tune in now and then, should provide the daily basics in a 1-minute read. Here's the first one - and lemme know what to add, which TAs to follow or any other feedback / input: https://coil.com/p/panmores/XRP-TA-9-26-19-What-s-up-after-BTC-s-fat-tumble-One-last-XRP-fishing-wick-/CCcRH5mw7 Thanks!
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    SIBOS - R3 praises

    Enterprise Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges SIBOS 23 September 2019 London David Bannister, Aite Group Mirka Skrzypczak, NatWest Maria Nymo, Den Norske Bank ASA Tom Poppe, SWIFT
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    Charting the course of XRP

    It would be.....IF.......if the expectation of asymmetric returns wasn't there...and wasn't still very real.....and the possibility of a huge reversal to the upside that happens on some not-too-far-in-the-future date was just some kind of pipe dream........but that isn't the case with XRP and many other cryptos. It can and no doubt will turn very radically at some point. That's not a bad bet. But when moon? It really isn't a joke to ask that question, I don't think. The one observation I'd add to this whole thought train..........is that risk does have something to do with TIME .It depends a lot on whether someone can afford to wait, or whether the money one is risking might become necessary for other things. By keeping one's position size relatively modest, that gives one more leeway....so in that regard "investing no more than you can afford to lose" makes perfect sense. We know about the adoption curve, and that all new tech rides that curve...and that this blockchain tech is in a nascent stage. It's hard to know exactly where we are. So there IS more than one way to look at it. For me it's mostly about juggling different assets....how much cash do I need right now? How much insurance do I need? How much high-risk/high return crypto do I need? How many trophy assets can I afford to give myself.........( "illiquid personal properties that provide no cash flow" is how I define that)...... And how many toys can I afford? Can I afford a nice new car, or should I drive my old car until it won't go? And.......how much debt can I service on the liability side, and what are the terms of my liabilities? Short term? Long term? Fixed interest or not? How much wiggle room do I have if circumstances change? ------------------------------------- I forgot my gold story when I was waxing on above about my personal investing journey. It's a cautionary tale, which I'll offer with some humility. I began to acquire physical metals in 2004 and slowly built a very nice stash that was in the low 6 figure range....and I cashed it out at the very top...when gold hit $1900.... BUT.... then I decided I knew a lot about trading........and I proceeded to lose the whole wad trading gold options when the market turned....which my instincts knew on some level was coming...but I was greedy. And it was a very slow, very painful bleed-out that went on for a couple of years. It was money I technically could afford to lose. I still lived well and ate well, and I still got my taxes paid, but it was a hard, hard lesson.. That's why I'm very careful with leverage. One thing a great teacher taught me after that...is that liabilities need to be looked at in a similar way to assets...something people with little financial background (like me) often fail to appreciate. Just like there are good assets and bad assets......here are GREAT liabilities and there are also horrible liabilities. I try to leverage myself with good liabilities and avoid bad liabilities. This is perhaps the best lesson I've learned in my more mature years. @Molten I hope you don't mind that I took us way off topic. I think these conversations are good to have, and I appreciate your forbearance. Thanks to all who left comments. I think they were all good. Back to charts.
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    Total guess here: David Schwartz has said in the distant past when asked about anything that he felt most people did not know or understand about XRP and the XRPL that the lending platform was a facet of the ledger that he was very proud of but felt at the time that it was completely underutilized and he hoped that would be something that changed in the near future. Decentralized finance offerings can possibly do just that, bringing an XRP powered banking experience that is a rapid transfer bank in your pocket/cell phone. Rather than have centralized fractional reserve banking, the system could potentially open the door to earning interest through peer to peer lending that requires nothing more than collateral on offer, smart contracts and a digital wallet. Kava Labs is also in this space - it will be interesting to see if these services compliment or compete.
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    Ok... here’s one problem with Nostro/Vostro. This has happened to me. I go to use a International transfer service as I’ve done previously but they tell me that they can’t do it till Monday or Tuesday because they ‘have run out of liquidity’. In other words their Nostro account is dry. Another problem is that particular company has to put large amounts of funds into a number of overseas places just on the hope that customers will come along and want to use it. At times they overestimate or underestimate the future demand. That results in either opportunity cost for those funds over there sitting idle, or upset customers who wanted to transfer but can’t. They also run foreign exchange volatility risk while the funds sit there. Fact is that having to prefund different accounts in different countries is a major problem.
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    Charting the course of XRP

    First time I’ve seen XRP volume hit 10%. I thought the last couple of days at 8% was a new high. Then it’s suddenly 10. I think utility is starting to kick in. (Disclaimer: this is just based on my casual observations over the last few months... )
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    This video is a gentle chat Enrique Previously working for SWIFT, HSBC, City Bank now working for Ripple setting up operations in Latin America and Eric Executive Director representing America from the board of the World Bank deploying 80 billion per year which has the goal of taking people out of poverty. Ripple - past PoC and now only selling production contracts World Bank - Testing concepts of Blockchain enabled bonds (Bond-i) - eliminates middle men Ripple - opportunities in Latin America - a lot of momentum in market with lots of exotic currencies. World Bank - re Latin America. Mission to make sure the money distributed to the poor people not the rich people - ie need to eliminate corruption by finance ministries. Money is leaked in the chain from issuance of money by the bank to arrival at the project. Using Blockchain the tokens can go directly contractors digital wallet. Digital Currencies are really beginning to make an impact and take over from traditional cash. Mentions MPesa's success in Kenya and bKash in Bangledesh and Singapore Sandbox for experiments Ripple round up use cases
  35. 10 points

    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    @automatic Actually I think the parabolic run will happen once bitcoin hits around $100k (if it happens like last time) I was predicting 20k end of November - then sideways and up for about the next 8-10 months or so -then the parabolic run maxing out around $400k. Retaking the ATH will certainly bring a lot of media coverage and that may bring a huge price move. Things might be different this time.
  36. 10 points

    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    You keep whining since you registered on XRPchat and nothing has happened
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    Blog URL: https://coil.com/p/MikeH/A-coding-journey-and-a-new-multiplayer-game-/E5RYZDjKk In my blog I talk about the learning journey I have been on, both within the XRP community and within my personal coding development. Right from my first interaction with XRP I was inspired to learn about the underlying technology and do something silly for the entertainment of others. I started at absolutely ground zero. After my last community offerings, which were roundly booed and rightly so, I built the multiplayer game website solely for my own entertainment and learning. Crikey did I learn lots. If anyone has any questions or needs any advice about how to go from zero to slightly above zero in coding then please do ask as I`m happy to help. All advice and criticism welcomed on my end too, I`m not precious about anything. The learning is key. Thanks for reading.
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    you missed nothing, we're at 2017 prices.
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    Q3 2019 Market Report

    btw i still reeeeeeeally want to know what's going on with: –R3's 5 billion ?? –Coil's 1 billy bill –Larsen's charities –Etc
  40. 9 points
    This is the start of a bull run, believe me. I've predicted 27 of the last 1 bull runs.
  41. 9 points
    Congratulations to Hodor for sustaining the XRP community through difficult times. I am not surprised because the acceleration of developments in the XRP ecosphere are simply too numerous for any single individual to summaries in detail every week. I think it makes a lot of sense for Hodor to focus on areas that interest him most and work under his real name. Thank you Hodor and Good Luck. When you reappear we will immediately know it is you because we are now all looking out for a new member who is courteous, well researched, honest and detailed. You will stand out as being Hodor under a new name
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    https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/34544/ripple-brings-blockchain-tech-to-finastra-banking-customers Ripple has struck a deal to offer its blockchain technology for cross-border payments to Finastra's banking customers. Under the agreement, Finastra's hundreds of customers will have access to RippleNet, Ripple’s global blockchain payments network, to provide what the firm claims are faster, cheaper and more reliable payments. Customers will be hosted on Ripple’s cloud solution which promises to improve speed of integration with other network partners and allow for faster upgrades. They will also have the option to use On Demand Liquidity, which leverages the digital asset XRP for cross border payments. Meanwhile, Ripple’s more than 200 customers will get access to Finastra’s network of banks, allowing mutual customers to easily access and partner with each other, increasing overall volume on the network. Finastra's banking customers currently process millions of transactions each month. Marcus Treacher, SVP, customer success, Ripple, says: "This partnership will enable Ripple to expand the reach and solutions for our partners, and the footprint of RippleNet while allowing customers to transact directly with each other." Riteesh Singh, SVP, FMS, Finastra, adds: "Collaborating with a company like Ripple that harnesses innovative blockchain technology to provide fast and reliable cross-border payments is particularly beneficial for our customers in geographies where cost of correspondent banking is high."
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    The ship has most certainly not sailed. Don’t be discouraged by the work that Xpring is doing. There is no good reason to have only one library by Xpring and nothing more. In fact, the more high quality libraries we have the better. Some will be higher-level and abstract a lot away and some will be lower-level and allow the user more control. I strongly urge you to continue building your library; if you want, I’m happy to connect you with the developers on the Xpring side so that you can see if there are opportunities for collaboration or sharing and reuse of common code.
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    Suggestion: Network Database

    Every XRP Ledger servers has a database called the “node db” that holds all the ledger entries in the current ledger and that the server has chosen to retain as history. Even if you have a cluster of servers, each one has its own node database. If a server loses sync, it cannot keep populating the node database and has to fix what it missed as and after it catches up. We propose implementing a network protocol for access to a node database. This would permit servers to share a node database. This will conserve disk space, conserve memory, and allow a server that loses sync to obtain the data it missed locally if another server that stayed in sync populated the database for it. This is a bit more complex than it might appear because the software is very sensitive to latency in accessing the node database. This means that sophisticated caching and prediction is needed on both sides. For example, if the software fetches an inner ledger node, the database should probably push all the direct children of that ledger node to the server’s cache to avoid an additional round trip. XRP Ledger nodes do not need to trust their node store because they only query by hash. It is not possible for a node store to convince a server to rely on incorrect information. This means that the XRP Ledger software could be enhanced to use a variety of methods to obtain ledger data to reduce local storage requirements and improve synchronization performance. This post is one suggestion for an enhancement to the XRP Ledger. See this post for context: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/33070-suggestions-for-xrp-ledger-enhancements/ You can find all the suggestions in one place here: https://coil.com/p/xpring/Ideas-for-the-Future-of-XRP-Ledger/-OZP0FlZQ
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    I think it’s possibly a case of finally seeing light and becoming part of the new standard. I kind of got this impression this summer when BG was with Gottfried Leibbrandt just before he stepped down. I know he always plugged SWIFT’s GPI but his demeanor (to me) seemed disingenuous about it. I don’t find it too hard of a stretch to see that eventually SWIFT leadership decides to become part of the solution instead of remaining a great part of the problem and ultimately becoming extinct. I hope it’s true and they do become teammates. They already have all the connections. They’re just stuck in the 1970’s wrt technology and performance. Time will tell...
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    Suggestion: Light Accounts

    It's a neat idea, but I'm not looking forward to trying to explain the difference between Light Accounts and full accounts. I think I'd rather lean towards finding ways to reduce the resource consumption of full accounts, so that there aren't extra barriers to entry for expanding from basic XRPL usage to more advanced stuff. Making full accounts deletable is a good start, and probably some updates to how we cache things in memory could improve it further. Plus maybe letting the shard store handle more things.
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    Epic Pennant on BTC Chart

    What a ride. Well it looks like the new line I drew yesterday with the support at around $9,300 was correct cause when we broke below that price started collapsing. It's always interesting to see where support is going to be, I had charted support to be $7,600 and we held above that by several hundred dollars and barely broke below $8k. The good news is we've established another higher support, the bad news is the current price. Recoveries often happen pretty quick and it would surprise me to see a huge green candle tomorrow. Everyone is so damn shell shocked from this violent move that I'm sure it's difficult to buy. I picked up some more XRP yesterday at .25 bought in too early but only by .025 at the most. I might get some more today now that it's below .24 not that it will mean much but buying XRP on these down days makes me feel better. We've been here before violent price swings have happened before and they will again. Here is the new bitcoin chart and one from the beginning of 2017 - came back with a vengeance. All in all yesterday changes nothing! The space is growing, price appreciation will come. It's inevitable. Keep your d*ck hard and your powder dry and the worm will turn.
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    Looks like TCS has official started using RippleNet? Thoughts everyone? TCS announced last year they were joining RippleNet via Quartz https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocurrencies/news/tata-consultancy-services-tcs-adopts-ripple-technology-201904090245 Quartz gateway connects to TCS Bancs payment system to offer real time payments https://xrprightnow.com/tata-consultancy-services-launches-real-time-payments/ Connection Cliff Notes: -TATA connects to RippleNet via Quartz -Quartz gateway connects the TCS BaNCS payment systems -Real-time Payments solution is part of the TCS BaNCS
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    If there is one person the universe needs, it's David. He's absolutely humble and modest, politely forthcoming and, well, an absolute Einstein of our times - and no social drinking. Guess that's key to keep that splendid mind he has. David's the treasure Ripple has to take most care of - he's invaluable, really. Could get any salary he wants, anywhere. David sticking with all his energy, mind and heart to Ripple and XRP - that, to me, is if not the main reason to believe in the project.
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