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  1. CTRL+ALT+DELETE Task Manager >File>New Task>cmd >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>shutdown xrp FFS everyone knows that.
  2. Sold none. Bought none. DCA is $0.035. I can't better that now.
  3. Bought 99% of my stack once and have held ever since. Safely tucked away on my Nano.
  4. If you're so convinced of this then why do you still hold XRP now? Wouldn't it be better to sell now and cut your losses? If you are in a loss.
  5. Good grief. Is the the depressening forum. Have you not carried out any research? You do realise which institutions and systems Ripple are integrating their software into do you?
  6. So this site is being renamed XRP Racist now?
  7. He knows what's about to happen therefore no requirement for any further videos.
  8. I still think this video is pretty cool. Also just noticed what was said around the 24 second mark ?
  9. I still don't think Paypal payments have instant settlement. I don't use Paypal at all but i guess that most transactions are completed using credit card from / to the Paypal accounts of those involved with the transaction? Furthermore i guess that the funds then still have to be transferred from the receivers Paypal account into their nominated bank account. I would imagine that this still takes several days however the transaction is 'insured' as part of Paypal's security service and also the card issuer's protection policy. Like i said though, i don't use Paypal so i could be off the mark here.
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