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  1. They say Up Hold still has it in the U.S
  2. Never the less it's all got me thinking about the security. I mean I'm taking it pretty seriously as it is but I do like the idea of having a separate pc or laptop for crypto trading / ledger nano activity etc. My question would be how good would the extra laptop need to be? Would a cheaper laptop still be safer. I don't think I can stretch to spending thousands again on pc.
  3. @Sharkeythis is great to hear. Iv been thinking about your problem alot today and it's great to end the day on some good news.
  4. It's disappointing to hear this about the support team. I hope they get back to you soon.
  5. @SharkeyI can't imagine how this must feel, again I'm really sorry its happened. Have you made any inroads at all today as to how this has happened? Did you click to confirm that fraudulent transaction?
  6. Okay thank you. So what is happening here is they are tricking you into thinking your are sending your funds but they are fraudulently changing the receive address so when you click confirm it sends to them.? So if we all double check the receive address on nano screen before clicking, we should be ok? Edit They can't control how much or how often funds are sent. They just grab what they can when you are transacting unsuspectingly?
  7. Is it safe to open ledger live to see if iv been robbed?
  8. How terrifying. How how could one know if they were using an infected pc before it was too late. Run a virus check before using ledger again?
  9. Hang in there I'm sure you'll hear from them. I hope for a good out come for you. Sorry I can't be of any help.
  10. Jeeese this is scary, I'm really sorry. Did you ever do any of the device updates?
  11. Wiat a minute, this isn't the Zerpening.... Where is this place,
  12. Good god! I didn't expect to see that again!! You must have some back catalogue Mr Chicken.
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