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  1. I'm not 100% sure you understand the relationship of the products.
  2. That's a pretty fair assessment - also, legendary attention to detail. I have been in IT for over 20 years and I can say that the Swiss way of doing things is admirable. They take measure twice, cut once to the extreme. However, the result is a country that really works. When I go back to the US now I am horrified by the sloppiness (among other things).
  3. Good point - I think everything depends on settlement - once settlement happens the XRP is now available, no?
  4. You should encourage your Dad to stay interested - he sounds like he has an intuitive understanding of this whole circus. Could be an excellent touchstone for you.
  5. If she took what you told her and did her own research and invested then the adult thing is not to blame you. Unfortunately, many would have given you a hard time - you are lucky.
  6. It is hard to talk about Ripple per se - so I tell them about international transfers - cutting down the time to (possibly) 1 second rather than 5 days. That usually gets a positive response. The 10,000 other aspects of the crypto/blockchain world have to be learned by deep investigation and research, which almost all are not willing to do.
  7. I told my Mom on Jan. 4th - she immediately said: "Sell that crap!" Sometimes Mom is right. More than sometimes.
  8. As usual, Neville Chamberlain gets the same treatment. Mention his name name you get some mumbling about 'appeasement' - did you know that Chamberlain campaigned furiously and at great political peril to divert funds to build the RAF - he could see what was coming. Churchill would have been helpless if not for the groundwork Chamberlain laid. I can't even comment on comparing Trump and Churchill - my brain's firewall instantly destroys those packets.
  9. John_Buh


    There seem to be 3 rings in the circus here: 1) Informative content - side discussions, Hodor/Buckor blogs, etc. 2) Boy's Club - The Zerpening thread - for adolescents and those who long for the frathouse days. Lots of cartoons and endless chatter. 3) Paranoia Club - something awful happened there so the roustabouts are taking that tent down.
  10. John_Buh


    You talk the talk and walk the walk. I do hope you get a lot from this site, however do keep your BS filters clean and active.
  11. Keep a weather eye on what happens with the petrodollar scam the US has been benefiting from for far too long. With breathtakingly bad leadership calling the shots now, if the US lost this prize pig then a whole new ballgame could arise.
  12. John_Buh


    Hard to decide whether the crypto market or this forum is a bigger circus. XRP holder?
  13. Anyone who thinks price is always right should watch the documentary 'Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World' - a truly horrifying look at what has happened to the art market where clowns and charlatans command obscene prices for 'art' that has next to zero value (except as kitsch).
  14. Shaken out no doubt by obvious manipulation. It takes a fair bit of nerve to stay with this. I'm still convinced Ripple needs to gracefully exit the crypto world. They are too good a company with a far better mousetrap to be wallowing with the likes of Bitcoin.
  15. If I was giving the dinner party I would put you between Henry Kissinger and Merkel. You would be begging for the Puddy.
  16. John_Buh

    Hi All!

    I was a Star Wars fan for a time - then they started all that prequel nonsense. Enough already.
  17. Pretty dumb of you to say that - I don't think he is slow at all - just a dissenting opinion, which isn't treated very well here.
  18. HAL only cared about 1 thing - the Mission (and never being wrong)
  19. 2023 - your posts will be the proverbial one hand clapping. Do you really think there is patience for a 5-year slog?
  20. However, April is 4 months into the tax year - the new idiotic law took effect Jan 1 2018 if you trade before or after April makes no difference.
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