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  1. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    Xrp price is quietly inching up tonight... $.775 $.777 $.778 $. 78.....
  2. Xrp price

    Let's see 38 x 300 is what, 11.4 trillion Yeah the math checks out.
  3. Rise Coming

    Too bad I cant send another beer to your wallet. I'm gaining more and more interest in a $10 Vegas party just to meet all you weirdos in person
  4. Rise Coming

    This is a big part of why I think crypto will quadruple next year. It's too hard to by coins still.
  5. Rise Coming

    I didn't want to say this out loud because of our other monster thread but if you are patient I am sure you'll be able to buy them back between $.69-.72 We are stable at $.75 but it does have swings.
  6. Rise Coming

    See this is why we hodl lol.
  7. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    I noticed that too. I'm super curious to see what happens over the weekend... Crypto never sleeps.
  8. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    Lol maybe it's the cabernet but that cracked me up
  9. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    He's making a huge deal about xrp liquidity now. Very good for investors
  10. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    Wallet creation symbolizes far more potential stability than a temporary price does.
  11. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    Hey can anyone tell how many xrp wallets were created this week? Does that info exist??
  12. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    are they? or did a lot of people at $.006 hand off their investment to people just now entering at $.70? My money says more people own XRP today than ever before, and the majority of them bought this week.
  13. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    an important note is that we do not have 100,000,000 xrp in circulation, and we won't for a MINIMUM of 55 months because of the escrow lockup. however, it will likely take much longer than that because only 1 billion are released per month. however of those 1 billion, only about 300million are actually sold into circulation and any unsold xrp will go back into escrow for another month so if 300million xrp are released next month, 700 million go into escrow until month 56. so we are working with a much smaller circulation cap over the next 1-5 years than 100billion but you are also correct that the market needs liquidity by the way of increased xrp price and added exchanges. they will feed each other hand in hand. adding exchanges like coinbase will increase the value significantly. increasing the price significantly and the volume, will entice more exchanges. chicken and the egg.
  14. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    keep in mind guys, there is a sea of red right now among the coins that have been mooning, and the coins that were beat up a little bit are green. a lot of this back and forth is money rightfully so being fed back into BTC, LTC, and possibly even IOTA. I do believe the BTC Rally could continue into this weekend with CME futures opening up on Monday. we'll see where the cards lie after that, but with XRP's new found stability I wouldn't be surprised to see money filter back into it after a big boom in btc.