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  1. So PNC is a $16 billion dollar bank (revenue wise) with a stock price of $141.87, a healthy PE of 15, decent dividend. It's a large, healthy looking bank, and it's now Rippling. but banks will never use the banksterscamcoin.
  2. RegalChicken

    XRP - The Standard (Big read)

    can you give me a source on this? I'm looking for it myself and what I found was from July but in agreement still.
  3. RegalChicken

    Charts - How To's

    that's the part I have to keep reminding myself.
  4. RegalChicken

    FUD or FED?

    No, I'm a dancer.
  5. RegalChicken

    FUD or FED?

    No, he's right. I just want my own rocket ship.
  6. I mean, if you decide to borrow 1 million xrp to short, you need a bag holder to buy your shorted xrp right.
  7. RegalChicken

    FUD or FED?

    Like Kevin Fedderline?
  8. well, I mean.... he's not 110% wrong either. If there were no more buyers than you couldn't sell down. price would be static, lol.
  9. RegalChicken

    FUD or FED?

    I think threads like this is what happens when crypto is boring lol. It highlights the average age and/IQ of most crypto investors though and should probably be a warning sign....
  10. RegalChicken

    FUD or FED?

    You just like to fight these days. you used to be cool, man.
  11. RegalChicken

    FUD or FED?

    Vsyc was one of the originals and asked to be a mod, at one point he was. But he was removed from the Zerpening club due to creating tension and drama with other members. he tends to be a pretty good guy, pro-XRP and a fud fighter out among the rest of the internets. Just didn't mesh well in the Zerpening.
  12. what's a dead-puddy?