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  1. Yeah he blocked me on twitter after I called him a beta male in response to his all male cuddle group.
  2. I'm not a psychologist, I couldn't answer that. Maybe mom didn't hug you enough (or too much).
  3. for sure and when we all watched XRP crest over $3, $10 sure seemed close.
  4. I hadn't seen your name in quite some time, I forgot you were a such a complete and utter jerk.
  5. Looking for more information regarding: Ex-GF sister.
  6. I'm not totally convinced that Halving plays a role in the pumps but I do think that if you believe in contrarian investing, now is the time to be investing.
  7. well yeah, that's sorta been the design of the entire platform since day 1.
  8. ha since bumped this old thread I gave it another try.
  9. RageElixir Met him at a tradeshow/festival. Very cool guy. https://www.youtube.com/user/RageElixir
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