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  1. Item 1 is still a little too tinfoil hat for me. Item 2 is likely, eventually Item 3 seems the most relevant right now Item 4 is our sad current reality...
  2. The negative to me is that I wish I knew what XRP would look like if $251+ million spent in Q2 had been acquiring existing XRP off the open market. What if you spent Q3 buying $251 million XRP and not adding to circulation? what would price do? So that is a bummer. The positive to me, is that there was a lot of demand for XRP if Ripple was capable of selling a whopping $259 million worth of the DA.
  3. You're probably right but I don't really do social media.
  4. This was a fun read, cracked me up though that the idea of banks actually using XRP took 3rd place in terms of those thing which will cause a price increase
  5. it costs 50 xrp to join but it's a one time entry fee. Then you're in for life assuming you dodge the wheel of death.
  6. I don't know what your ***** word was, but the point is clear. With more developments than ever before, why would you Greg out? Especially if you're holding at break even or better. Ripple just announced they are not going to sell nearly as much XRP via OTC and new buyers are going to have to buy off exchanges (basically). I can't think of anything worse than giving up now, after all this time, only to later see XRP in the news at $10, $100, or more.
  7. Hey Doc. a LOT of people are expecting a btc retrace to $8500. are you prepared for the same? I just watch and DCA so doesn't really matter too much to me. but curious.
  8. After a week of processing the facts that we CAN see, my final conclusion to all of this is simply, I don't know. But I continue to buy and HODL.
  9. Traders will get rekt when the switch is flipped and XRP is "allowed" to moon. Many will sell and take a small gain, hoping to buy back lower but it won't drop. Others will sell now, thinking the price is going to $.15 but it won't and instead they will fomo at $.75, $1.10, $2.50 etc etc. You won't get a warning when it goes, it will just go.
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