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  1. My grandpa was a conservative man who did not take huge risks but built a good retirement portfolio without ever having made a ton of money. He was smart with economics and watched the markets closely. He refused to invest in early Amazon.com because the did not trust their model. I remember him saying point blank "what is there to invest in, their model is low to zero inventory, no brick and mortar. if they go away what is there to sell?" He was right about their early model. But they were ground breaking. A lot of dotcoms tried this and failed. Ever read DotBomb about Value America? (great book btw) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_America would you not take Amazon stock today at $2/share if you could? nobody would have fathomed a dow jones at $26,000 back then or an Amazon stock hitting $1800. when Facebook IPO'd around $43/share people said they'll never make a profit, the world is moving to mobile. price plummeted to $18 and today sits around $180. Crypto is taking a big risk and attempting a completely new approach to an old game. Now we see that Abra is offering stocks and ETF's, Robinhood, etc. we've been waiting for the big brokerages, the old school places to adopt crypto. but what is actually happening is the new school crypto exchanges are adopting stocks etc. when the internet started it's boom the old school newspapers and media outlets refused to adopt and now they are dying. many are already gone. the new school form of blogging/vlogging, twitter, snap, facebook etc are taking over. visit a traditional news site, they look like the websites were made in 1998 and their revenues are down. The new is scary and risky and it's unknown. We can't imagine a $trillion market we've never seen before. But someone always has to do it first. someone has to be brave and lead the charge.
  2. this thread smells like 2016. "Man, if XRP goes to 10 cents i'm going to retire!!" "that will never happen, there are too many of them"
  3. we're all pretty nerdy to be in crypto this early. not as nerdy as 2013 crypto. but still nerds. when Charles Schwabb etc all offer btc/xrp in your portfolio everyone will do buy and then we can sell to the new bagholders.
  4. last bull run had almost no fiat/xrp pairings. Every country has a different setup but in the States there were a LOT of states that could not buy XRP with fiat because very few exchanges that carried xrp were licensed to our regulatory standards. everything was buy btc > wait wait wait > trade for xrp. Now we have a LOT of instant fiat>xrp offerings. <insert fomo>
  5. I agree with a combination of what people have already said. take your profits and do not fault yourself for having made ROI. If you decide your exit point is $1, then do not fomo back in at $2.50. Take your $1 and enjoy it. Should you find the price back down to $.30 in a year and yourself in a financial position to reinvest, go for it. But unless you think you can make it as a professional trader don't plan to time the market by selling at an all time high and buying back at the bottom. You invested for profits, so when your ROI target is there, take it and feel good about it. don't worry about what happens next.
  6. RegalChicken

    I got banned

    XRP wallets require 20xrp to play and the zerpening requires 50.
  7. OOL @ecent is most master of spam. Literally spent two hours last night talking to the guys about what we will do with triple and quadruple digit xrp prices. Most of us plan to start a country. This is the type of material that would have been more appropriate in the zerpening. I'm going to have to just save this one to post in your honor.
  8. really? that's a thing? we have pot shops everywhere in Washington.
  9. The zerpening prefers sheep, we are half kiwi these days.
  10. Your request has been submitted to the grand council. Sadly, they are in ridiculous fake socialist time zones so I cannot confirm until they awake from the slumber.
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