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  1. RegalChicken

    I just bought more

    with the price under $.40 I've been doing what I've done most of the year and laddering my buys. Instead of say for a fake example, one $200 buy I might make 4 $50 buys spread out over a week.
  2. RegalChicken

    Music Maestro

  3. RegalChicken

    Music Maestro

  4. RegalChicken


    Pretty sure Matt got banned for being too reasonable a few months back.
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  6. RegalChicken

    This is what happens by EOY...

    For the same reason that it took email THIRTY YEARS to become common place in business. Email was invented in what, 1972? But wasn't legally recognized as a legal document for about 36 years. (Stevens v. Publicis, S.A. in 2008) http://www.internetlibrary.com/pdf/Stevens-Publicis-NY-First-Dept.pdf No new technology immediately goes into mass production. Liquidity or not, you're talking about the banking and financial industry. An industry that is already globalized, more or less effects every single human being on the planet (banked or not) is regulated as much if not more than health care, and moves incredibly slowly. I mean ****, xRapid is only like a year old and the original goal was to leave Beta by end of 2018?? I agree with DCA, but you're missing a lot more.
  7. RegalChicken

    This is what happens by EOY...

    or hers!! or hers!! it's 2018. we won't assume.
  8. RegalChicken

    Coinbase Custody

    Yes its legit and CB inside trades every single asset OMG may still be in for a pump
  9. RegalChicken

    Red Day

    One Kitao-Son flips the switch, we don't have to turn on that red light, anymore.
  10. RegalChicken

    Coinbase Custody

    And you all saw this, correct? https://custody.coinbase.com/ Scroll down to supported assets.
  11. Please see below: Don't make the mistake of selling too low.
  12. Time is running out. The phoenix is rising.