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  1. Spunkmeyer

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Just wanted to say hello mate
  2. Spunkmeyer

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Dear @BobWay, I am having a fan boy moment thank you! On a serious note I would like to thank you for all the invaluable information you have shared with us. It is amazing to see the sheer ammount of work and effort you and all your colleagues have put into Ripple. I don't want to bombard with questions but just pass on sincere respect for your time. I hope you have been invited to the Zerpening as you will enjoy the company I think.
  3. Zaki do you support any forums or discussion groups?
  4. Seriously Prof Fate. If you have bought XRP then in everyone's opinion here, you have made a very good decision. Depending on where you look in the XRPChat, you will find everything you want from seriousness through to utter stupidity. All in a good way. Many of us hang around and chat on and off topic in the following chatroom. You are most welcome and I promise someone will try and answer any questions. The link is: hope to see you there!
  5. Don't make eye contact... you'll be fine.
  6. Spunkmeyer


    That goes without saying!
  7. Spunkmeyer


    Carmelita you are a member of a very elite club now. Owning xrp puts you into the players league. (And hairy men)
  8. Spunkmeyer


    Think she left .....
  9. Spunkmeyer


    Carmelita! You are pure gold! Don't worry xrp will fly soon. Don't sell. You will be happy with fat profit.
  10. Spunkmeyer


    Am going to wet myself haha
  11. Yo yo yo b itches Sorry couldn't resist.
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