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  1. What will happen to XRP during Fridays test?

    Thanks for the replies and sorry for my late one! This Spunk is a he 😊
  2. Hope all are well. I wanted to ask if anyone knows what will happen during Fridays test? Will there be a sudden spike in XRP price? Will the test be visible in price movement? Spunk.
  3. 2 huge household names

    Not sure if this is tongue in cheek but carried on from same tweet:
  4. Thank you mate. Good article, well researched and written.
  5. Ripple and Visa partnership

    It's fishy to me. It is not written very well at all and for an announcement that is important! Also certain parts of it look like they have been lifted from other announcements, "..Treacher said that another partnership between the RippleNet and the Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) has already conducted $630 million-worth of transactions since their launch in Q2 of 2017. What both these projects have in common is “a direct connection,” he said." I have read that pretty much word for word somewhere else recently. One can only hope though!
  6. Ok here's the link. It's REALLY flimsy but I am an eternal optimist and after that guy recently nailed escrow date, I am all for positive talk.
  7. Give me a sec as am feeding my youngest.
  8. There is also a twitter conversation I saw today saying that a deal had been done in secret. Let me find the link. On its own was weak but gathering evidence is always nice
  9. Dude why you quoting **** I didn't say?
  10. What about all the partnerships and ground work that has been laid? You guys have done amazing work, so much so it is hard to keep up with. Ripple has nurtured an ecosystem that is growing. That alone I am sure would be worth the money. Congratulations by the way of the flawless escrow . Spunk.
  11. Hope all are well. Been reading the theories about potential takeovers of Ripple, I wanted to ask, what the impact could be? If a bank buys Ripple, what is to stop them just scrapping XRP usage? Spunk.
  12. Did I miss something?

    I just noticed yesterday that all the c rap we normally hear, suddenly increased like by 10 times yesterday.
  13. Did I miss something?

    Attacks against Brad Garlinghouse. Calls for change in Ripple management. This is new to me and seems very thought out.
  14. Did I miss something?

    The ripple forum on reddit yesterday was pretty brutal. Full of Aaaaaaangry people. There was a lot of criticism at the management of Ripple. The timing of this can't be a coincidence with new announcements coming from ripple. Twitter as well was full of ***** against xrp. I know there is the usual trolls out there and you get to know them. But this is different. It's being aimed in different directions.