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  1. https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/is-ripple-on-the-verge-of-winning-the-individual-sec-lawsuits-attorney-explains-why/
  2. Legal advice is just that, advice, that's lawyer speak for we got paid, we told our clients the risks, but don't hold us responsible if it all goes to crap. The legal world is basically a sophisticated way of arguing, with tongue twisting mind benders at every turn, the law is not about right and wrong it's about who can argue better and in that sense, Brad might win this.
  3. https://dailyhodl.com/2021/03/03/moneygram-facing-class-action-lawsuit-over-relationship-with-ripple-and-xrp/
  4. https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/fxcoin-and-ripple-partner-sbi-test-xrp-based-forward-settlement-with-overseas-companies/
  5. I hate to do it, but it kind of lines up with this thread:-
  6. Bad Gardenhose is looking for a way out of his leaky portfolio problems.
  7. I saw a UFO once, an unidentified fintech object = most of the crypto companies in existence, but Ripple are global and not going anywhere, I think we are just at the start of something very big. Global digital payments are coming and Ripple, and its partners are at the heart of it, IMO.
  8. Who cares about Iddy biddy little country coins (illusory perceptions to keep the masses thinking nothing much has changed), the central bankers and the globalists want a global coin which they can control for themselves and so in turn, can control all of us globally, nobody really cares about over printed FED debt based tokens any more. We are all going global and digital, the great reset is coming soon.
  9. SEC - don't break the rules - crypto give us some rules then - silence for years - crypto I guess they don't really have a problem then, Ripple / exchanges / individuals / companies etc - so what are the rules - SILENCE - Dec 2020 - you all broke the rules??????????? What a f'ing joke the SEC is:- https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/why-didnt-the-sec-catch-madoff-it-might-have-been-policy-not-to-86356/
  10. All I hear is investor protection, all I see, is an agency that has done the exact opposite in this case... they had years of meetings, exchanges knocking on their door asking for guidance etc and then somebody pulls this out of their ass, then the temp SEC chair changes the rules to suit themselves. This has got to be seen for what it is, utter BS. GG looks like he has no intention of paving a clear path for the USA, just more long-drawn-out FUD. The rest of the world will move on digitally at least, whilst the USA stagnates in its own red tape nightmare, God help you, I'm glad I don't l
  11. FUD, FUD, FUD - WOW knock knock, who's there, it's Ripple once again knocking on the SEC's door... for years, every week, now we get this potential BS. The SEC's job it seems is not to provide regulatory clarity, just increasing amounts of FUD. If Gensler and the SEC play hard ball on Ripple, the one company that's been seeking and asking for regulatory clarity for years, then they are not helping anybody, but a small elite and certainly not the small investors. The super rich can afford to lose, small-time XRP holders have already been screwed by the SEC, so more FUD helps who?
  12. https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/nomination-hearing-of-gary-gensler-as-sec-chief-is-a-positive-signal-for-ripple/
  13. I'm not in the USA Anyway - we all need to consider that the tax man is going to have his work cut out, the amount of new things happening in this space is insane.
  14. If an asset is brought over to the flare network then does it have the same value as the original native token? E.g. Will Fxrp, Fxlm, Fdoge, Fltc etc - actually have the same value as their native versions? I understand all the new rewards we will get for doing this, more tokens with potential future value etc, but let's go with this analogy XRP shoot's to $10, does this automatically mean Fxrp will follow suit! This is just me thinking out loud so to speak, and I was wondering what others here have to say about this. Am I viewing this in the right way, or am I missing some
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