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Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

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There once was a WHALE named Marvin.

Who knew all the Zerpers were starvin.

He was a rat.

So big and so fat 

And he monitors XRP chat.


NOTE: To the wives out there. My wife is supportive of Not only XRP but crypto in general. She realises that just like life there are ups and downs in the crypto world.

The reason for investing in this is that you are just trying to make a better life for the family. Be patient wives, and be part of the decision process for crypto. Its a lot more than

joking here on the forum, it takes patience and force of will to hodl for the good times. Do the research, and study with youre hubby (as his equal) It will bring you closer together and help

you weather the cryptostorm. Great things come to those who wait!!!    (HODL on Yall!!!)

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Well alst time Brad did an interview, he (re)confirmed Bank of England a Ripple partner. Maybe he does have something up his sleeve. Could be that because of the CB madness, he feels like pushing us a bit forward with more positive developments.

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The interview happens about the same time that I go to bed.

I don't really care, the price when I wake up will tell me if there was anything worthwhile shared and someone here would have transcribed it word for word anyway. :D

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