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  2. 😂😂 ok now I’ve finished, I’ll not call you stupid but I’ll decide not read your messages again, goodbye 👋
  3. A natural movement of the market? Yeh ok buddy.
  4. XRP looking bullish! not buying, not sold, just saying 😬
  5. Again, not attributed to the purchase of BTC but a natural movement of the market or sentiment to that particular one. Give it 5 week and even micro whatever will be swinging their 🍆 at their investment 😬
  6. That’s one helluva return you got on EOS! With a moonshot in your pocket, you must feel very green! Also, I wanna reiterate the point you brought up about having a plan and sticking to it. Too many people lose money in bull runs because they never cash out! Don’t try to call the top, just cash out when you’re significantly green. I made that mistake when XRP mooned and didn’t sell! Greedy and naive me! Never again, I already took profits in ETH and BTC and it felt amazing, but nowhere near as amazing as I would have felt had I cashed out when XRP mooned! Lesson learned and I hope oth
  7. Perfect. That explains everything that I was looking for. Many thanks.
  8. I've watched almost every class/lesson/video and I've only caught him in one misstatement, but I think it was one of those things where he was talking about BTC as if it could do something only XRPL can do. For some reason this is common, usually I'm not sure if it is due to ignorance or intentionally misleading. In his case, he articulated while focusing on XRPL properly and it seemed that just out of convenience and class flow, he didn't fully clarify. It was only tangential to the main point. There are definitely more detailed conversations here. The students in the class I think
  9. I dont think Gensler or his team are in place yet? I'd draw the line at PoW vs Consensus... PoW is a process of turning Energy (a commodity) into an accounting unit (BTC). Whereas Consensus is a network of trusted validator UNLs, and thus like a currency transaction, where USD TXs are "validated" across a multiple regulated banking ledgers networked together.... XRP & XRPL TXs are just a digital currency moving across a network of trusted....blah blah Tin foil hat warning... The more comes out of this SEC case (I'm dying to hear how they "figured" BTC=commodity. If it's what
  10. Actually, Gensler is not an academic. He has no formal academic qualifications in this space at all. He's done no research, wrote no papers, published no articles, defended to no committees, performed no studies, etc. on anything crypto or securities related. His teaching gig at MIT is a result of his bureaucratic experience. This doesn't mean he can't learn. It just means the assumption Gensler has some superior knowledge of the matter is wrong. His subject knowledge is limited to self-teaching. This method of learning can be fraught with blind spots (i.e. stair tripping ;-)
  11. When the SEC finally finishes up with the XRP case (Not financial advise) but I propose that XRP quickly moons to $10 and then explodes. XRP is going to shock the world when the WEF hits the reset button.
  12. WEF_CBDC_Policymaker_Toolkit.pdf (weforum.org) For those of you that like XRP go to the site above. Page 17 lists XRP as a crypto asset that is in the eyes of the WEF to be used for inter-bank payments from one central bank to the next. That is the definition of ALL THE MONEY. Read the whole page. They want to set up all central banks to use Distributed Ledger Technology as a new central bank digital currency. The world is currently moving VERY fast to set up new digital currencies for all countries and central banks around the world. This will replace the US Dollar as the wo
  13. LMAO!!!!! So YOU sir are exactly the type I pointed out. I ask this, Why are YOU even here on "XRPchat.com"? Is your purpose to dis XRP? IF indeed you feel the way you do about XRP what a waste of time it is for you to be on a chat board for people to talk about XRP. And if for just the point to dis it, I prove my point that your type is here to get us to sell.
  14. I will agree with the above that Gensler is intelligent however intelligence doesn't not mean immune to mistake or lacking in needed qualities. The best example I have is in my own family statistically a genius from testing, but when it comes navigating something as simple walking up some stairs this person will trip from not paying attention. Anyway what I'm saying the hope is that the academic will behave academically and not be pressured or swayed by those in power. As far as the court case is concerned the hope is that the presiding judge will have both intelligence and foresight to see a
  15. What exchanges did who de-listed or halted trading within the U.S. was nothing more than mitigating risk. In the event xrp is considered a security they bought themselves security from litigation from the SEC. If xrp is not considered a security then exchanges will carry on and they only people that will remember are those that were in xrp prior to the filing. When or if xrp is no longer under a securities threat designation then more than likely a new ATH will begin new money will flow in exchanges will by that time already re-engaged in xrp trading and the small amount of money they did not
  16. @Gepster is quite reasonably saying that the exchanges are doing the cautious thing until the result is known. That’s not needing a crystal ball, it’s merely waiting for the dust to settle. The riskier thing for them would have been to ignore the SEC complaint and hope it gets defeated. If that didn’t happen the SEC might have been unhappy with them carrying on regardless. Or not. No way to know. So yeah, it’s frustrating and annoying that all this is happening, but the various parties aren’t doing anything dumb (apart from the SEC in my opinion). Clayton has deep t
  17. Welcome! You'll get a lot of the answers here: https://xrpl.org/manage-account-settings.html and https://xrpl.org/accountset.html, if you're not afraid of some technical references. They are more advanced features so the documentation is probably a little above "layman" level. You can find pretty much anything you'd like to know about the technical aspects of XRP on that site. There's nothing inherently insecure about new XRP accounts these days, but if you're looking for ways to increase security further, then you should specifically look at multi-signing, regular keys and disabling
  18. It is just my guess, but I am imagining that there are some high ranking BTC maxi whispering into the ears of SEC, and SEC have taken the bait, maybe with a bit of a nudge from some politicians who are also fearful of new generation crypto. SEC have not been looking where they are going with crypto regulation and got themselves into a muddle. They were successful so far with the piece meal approach, prosecution Kik etc, and have got very lazy/arrogant and into a rut. The other theme that is getting repeated ad nauseum is this idea that SEC have 70 years of tradition to uphold; the Howe
  19. Clayton obviously didn't act alone, though he shoulders a lot of the blame for bringing the lawsuit solely because he was the SEC director. I still have a hunch he was tapped on the shoulder, idk by who, but told to do what he did; I doubt very much he was at the top of the decision-making food chain. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gensler is also a revolving door Goldman BallSachs Federal Gooberment swamp critter, led the CTFC back during Obama's term and found NO wrong-doing the COMEX silver markets, yet in 2018 JP Morgan pays fines for rigging the silver market for a decade (actually much longer
  20. All - please stay on topic and quit with the abuse. Thank you.
  21. Hello. I created a wallet offline using the Exodus desktop application running on a Tails USB stick disconnected from the Internet. In doing so I generated my ledger address. I did 2 small transfers from Coinbase and Huobi into this address and confirmed the deposits. So far, so good. When viewing my wallet using http://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet, I noticed a bunch of setting that I do not understand nor could I find information about these ledger settings. Are any of these settings mandatory in order to have complete, uncompromised ownership of my wallet? Examples: Secret
  22. That is the bit Hogan has been bringing to our attention. It seems to me the case is about duty of care. SEC are accusing Ripple of breaching its obligation of duty of care to its customers (ie selling securities to the public as if they were commodities), but the beam is in SEC's eye since they as a regulatory authorities have an obligation of duty of care to the public and investors too (ie provide regulatory clarity and police flagrant breaches of the regulations). Between the two SEC seem to have been more negligent and reason for Ripple's wrong behaviour. What went wrong followed
  23. So they should have a crystal ball or something? Because it appears several echanges asked SEC for guidance but got none. What you say is plain stupid, it won't stand in any court.
  24. So basically if an exchange doesn't delist they are at risk from SEC enforcement, because they "should have known." If deemed a security. If they do delist, they are at risk because the SEC is saying they haven't made the determination, and it's just an allegation. Wow. Makes sense and seems totally fair for exchanges and users <sarcasm>. The SEC has failed us miserably. I hope Gensler can right this. The SEC failed. The did us harm, and incompetence is not an excuse for negligence.
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