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  2. There was such an agreement and Britto was entitled to a percentage of XLM coins which Jed did not honor. DS once discussed it on twitter. If i can find the twitter thread I will link it
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  4. A four-part docu-series from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and Glen Zipper exploring our fascination with unidentified flying objects, and what clandestine influence the American government, lucrative private companies and the military may have in shielding the truth behind extraterrestrial phenomena to further their own agendas.
  5. Sorry, but I don't understand what you are saying?
  6. Whar idiotic is to pretend that everything is cool while your bags are green.
  7. BTC continuing the upward crusade. Higher highs lower lows. Another bull flag about to finish and leg up in the afternoon.
  8. What I want to know is whether there was some contract by which current or ex -Ripple founders like Britto were entitled to some share of any clone/fork of the XRPL. I realize XLM(L) uses different code, but wasn't it originally base don XRPL? If so, I swear by Odin's Beard someone reputable, years ago, mentioned that there was indeed an agreement and some people did own a % of Lumens when Jed "forked" the XRPL. Can anyone recall that or fill in the blanks? Or was it just a circulating myth? Anyway, back to Stellar... I'm sure they'll magically come up with sidechains soon! But they're definitely looking at defi – very different and interesting approach though: https://medium.com/stellar-community/project-venus-defi-on-stellar-using-turing-signing-servers-61e3d1c0aedf
  9. I'm baffled, but obviously "things are happening".
  10. It takes days to break 34.5, though this price level is not somewhat I would want take that long considering all hype and short squeez. Said that I more looking the break of 37k and 42k than 34.5k. It still does not happens and I want see daily red candles, are they gonna outperform green? So yes, I still maintain below 28k but more we go to August less positive I will be that it happens. Do not forget that 30k was broken and we comfotably were sitting at 29.5k for day before Elon & Jack pump event.
  11. Bitcoin's price has been moving up the last few days. Basically at the midpoint between the $30k-$40k range the price has been stuck in for the last 68 Days. Right not the price is right at the 50 Day Simple moving average and it got close to the 50 Day EMA (which is about $800 higher) and backed off. A price of $35,150 will put Bitcoin above the 50Day EMA and a price of $44,900 gets Bitcoin above the down trend line that started on April 13. I'm confident the price will be way higher than it is now,
  12. Hey Massena, I went to college not too far from there.
  13. Crypto holders in the 1930s were no different than today...
  14. .... regarding John Deaton above.... he is a bad, bad, mothafucka!.... any rate.... I remember attorneys (Poopin Palley) going out of thier way to leave arrogant, obnoxious, and attention seeking comments "LOL"... in response to his (Defeat'n Deaton) initial tweet regarding the Writ of Mandamus... "first they laugh....." damm.......... get ready.... it's getting warm..... Take it to the house!
  15. Could well be that Jed is a whistleblower and enjoys some sort of protection.
  16. I was thinking - "the SEC says that its own commissioners’ views do not reflect the position of the agency", so why do they need to vote at all before an enforcement action can take place, and why have commissioners at all? It seems the exact opposite if you ask me, commissioner's views dictate what enforcements will or will not proceed, especially on such a high level case.
  17. Level 1 - Learn language. We learn from our parents, friends, family, schools, churches, TV. Every source of information comes from what we see as an authority because we don't know any better. We adopt the vocabulary of our environment and it shapes our thinking. Level 2 - Learn Science Later on, even in a poor education system, we will learn the scientific method. We will learn to look for evidence to support or deny an idea. We start to question what we learnt in Level 1. Level 3 - Learn Maths Just when we though it was easy... Evidence == Facts (simple right?), we find that presentation of evidence is just as important. We find out companies/politicians/religions are blatantly using misleading graphs, ignoring facts that don't fit their agendas, or massaging data to fit their own motives. Level 4 (optional) - We try to learn Psychology/Philosophy/Brain Biology Dismayed by what learnt in Level 3 we try to gain an understanding of why people are greedy/blind/selfish. Will we ever get a definitive answer? Maybe it is all ego? I would argue it is... We all know people who have failed to level up in the game of life. I have an old Aunt who thinks that computers are the work of the Devil and only communicates via letters and landlines. She never got past Level 1. We can see these people today, science was too hard to understand so their egos kept them in their comfortable place. Traditions/religion/what the nice man at the political rally said becomes the only learning they need to have. This is where the shouty burn-the-banks minority BTC maxis live. I have a friend at Level 2. He rejected the religious upbringing and influence of MSM, is swayed by evidence based logic, and believes every conspiracy theory that is produced. 5G, anti-vax, Illuminati, whatever you're selling he's buying it. He never learnt maths at school, it was too hard, I think his ego limits him to stay in his safe place where things make sense. This is where the majority BTC maxis and ETHheads live. Level 3 is where most Zerpers live. Many of us would have entered the cryptosphere because our interest was piqued by the shouty BTC minorities. We saw them pointing fingers at their perceived enemies and instead of jumping on the bandwagon we took a look at what it was that was actually scaring them and found out... Hey, they have good reason to be scared. We weren't limited by our egos or tribe mentalities. Level 4? Do we need to get to Level 4? My above examples are people who found science/maths difficult and got trapped by their egos. I personally find Level 4 difficult. Also I find the complexities of international finance and banking difficult. I'm amazed by the people on this forum who are SMEs in these areas and can argue economic theory/central bank policy/regulatory concerns. And here's the point (you knew I had a point, right?) I'm not smart enough to mix it up with those posters in their field of knowledge, but I am smart enough to not let my ego hold me back. I don't have to be the smartest person in the room, I just have to be smart enough to know where the room with the smart people is and listen to what they're saying. And... there's a lot of smart people on this forum from different fields. The software devs get annoyed at the chartists that complain about the Flare test-net decision. The technology futurists get annoyed at the business folk who criticize every Ripple pivot (or vice versa). The common sense, justice minded posters can't understand the position of the lawyers who know the judicial system follows rules not logic. We have a lot to learn from each other but we will always need to be able to distinguish between intelligent, informed discussion by genuine people, and uneducated, Level 2 FUDers that believe what they read on Fakebook.
  18. We’re hovering at 34k, me likey. I think it’s time for the bulls to start taking back control.
  19. The real question is, who has the money and motive to pay Jay Claytn to make a fool of himself
  20. Can always chuck a bit on XLM and see where it goes, NFA tho. My XRP bags have been full for far too long. I'm just waiting on this case to settle, and it likely will at the perfect time. Things are looking great for Ripple on the case, the SEC is clearly losing that one.
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