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  2. I'm a closet LTC hodlr. My number 3 coin. I think the halving in August will be an interesting time to keep an eye on.
  3. Yer, seen the shorts pile up on XRP and thought dark forces were at work again😌 ive got time on my side so it’s what it is for now
  4. Nice. I planted a Mango tree from a seed last year and I have nursed it through the winter. I think we are done with frost here, but we get hail in the spring.
  5. Avo’s are going out in the garden 2moro. Think we’ve had our last frost
  6. Today
  7. @dr_ed Bitcoin is breaking it's 350 Day EMA as we speak and Litecoin is up over 4%. I would think Craig Wright has already done all the damage he can do with his SV move, him and his coin are getting left behind. I'm not worried.
  8. Shorts at an all time high is imo bullish. We always see hugh upwards movement when shorts are high. Its strange, really. Watch the short squeeze when the btc futures expire next friday.
  9. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/LTCUSD/UEbuHneL-LTC-Short-Term-Pullback-Bottom/ Lets see how my analysis plays out...
  10. This is just an early, view of things to come......this app might be a niche today....but tomorrow...????
  11. It allows a retailer to accept a payment of XRP. If I have a small sandwhich shop and a customer comes in I can make his sandwhich and chips and tell him $9.84 cents..... if that customer wants to pay $9.84 in XRP the app will auto calculate that amount to XRP from USD. it will also do the other currencies. I see Retailers using SQUARE app in the same mannor for credit card payments or app payments like Chick-fil-a new APP - called ONE
  12. I’ve NEVER viewed XRP as cash or currency, we have plenty of those. I’ve also NEVER expected it to be used for P2P payments. But if it does happen (years from now) then it’s just icing on the cake. XRP is a protocol of value transfer for the IoV, first and foremost. So relax a bit and hang on to your “cold water”. I don’t need your “reality checks”.
  13. @zerpdigger it's the value equivalent label so that you don't do the math yourself when you are paying, at the end of the day it's just an XRP on chain transfer from one wallet to another, what you are going to do with the received zerps is up to you. I'm not sure what exchange Wietse uses for the value calculation though, I've asked him on twitter, he might reply soon. I agree with @TheXRPer - barely anyone would use that, but I see it more or less as an advertisement/brand thing. For example, at our pizza place there are hundreds of people coming in and out each month so having a label similar to the Visa etc. ones might make some of the customers curious a bit about XRP and crypto in general.
  14. Where are the chartists today? Just checking in. There are some things going on that concern me. Shorts are up on XRP by a significant amount. The sewer that is known as utube is chockful of BTC maximalist FUD, and I am worried that the de-listing of Bitcoin SV will push the Craig Wright crowd to sell BTC into the market like they did after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. XRP probably will NOT hold support if we have a retest of BTC $4500, As BTC goes, so goes XRP, and I think that's what the shorts are betting on. Lots of ****-talking about XRP by the usual crowd of BS artists, and you can bet they're short and trying to influence sentiment on social media. Jmho. Maybe I'm off-base, but better strap in for some possible turbulence.
  15. I love how everyone got super excited by this thread, but no one knows what the app does. lmfao I don't even...
  16. wait i am confused... first he says but then he says is it just xrp<->xrp with a 'value equivalent' label, or does it actually do conversion to fiat?
  17. The average person, who works Monday through Friday, fourty plus hours a week, has to fight 40+ minutes of traffic back and forth every morning and evening (including the time in taking and picking up lil Jimmy from school), isn't going find X exchange, go through the overly burdensome AML and KYC requirements these exchanges have, which are more stringent than what your bank or credit union are obligated to follow, buy XRP (plus the exchange's and network's fee) so they can buy a pizza, a condom, toothpaste, fidget spinner, a new bicycle, or car part. I know this is going to be a bitter pill to swallow for many of you, but some of you need cold water splashed on you to sober you up and bring you back into reality.
  18. I would also like to mention what have been noticed before and posted, regarding marketing. Not a word about the tech no XRP, no X-tech at all, just plainly. The company logo with the text: Powered with Ripple. Have a closer look here at options and so forth. https://ripple.com/style-guide/
  19. I have some of the same concerns as iLEET. I have a business and just downloaded xrptipbot, and this new xrpayments app... well what app does the customer use to scan my QR code?? I am having troubles with this, it's confusing. Also.. if i am in a business where the product is a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, is this able to be used or am i wasting my time trying to learn how to offer it to customers
  20. So when I generate the qr code how is the customer paying me - by scanning the code via xrp tipbot app? I feel like there needs to be some rebranding or a separate app as it's not really only a tip app anymore, serves multiple use cases now. And iirc the tipbot app was limited to 20 xrp max, should be much higher if it starts targeting retail payments (not sure how would deal with money laundering then though)/ Anyway, great stuff from Wietse though, as usual. The app is still a bit glitchy in terms of UI looking a bit messy on my phone, but it's the initial version after all. // Edit - just seen that the max XRP on the tipbot app was increased to 400 XRP so it should work ok for small payments.
  21. 198 weeks to go before everyone is rich or not rich https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20230204T00&p0=%3A&ud=1&font=cursive
  22. .. i just sat down and said, "Ohhhh what a day!" I then realized all ive been doing all day is sitting im special
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