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  2. Nope, just make sure that you are using 2 different validation keys of course (clustered or otherwise).
  3. This article could have been written by any one of the Fuddists that troll XRPChat. Unsympathetic to Ripple and how the money has been spent building of the XRP ecosystem. No mention that what has been achieved with the money which is beyond the wildest dreams of any other crypto asset, but I guess people read the articles that confirm their biases.
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  5. Finally "grown-up" media started to pay attention to suspicious performance of XRP this year https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-08-23/third-biggest-cryptocurrency-barely-causes-a-ripple-amid-rally
  6. It'll probably be a gold-backed stable coin. Hold gold! (I hold more gold/silver than XRP - gotta hedge).
  7. They just sent their 485 million XRP to this new account: r3C9BXmTtiDLhxH76cWP6vbyDEkbtxANzo https://xrpscan.com/tx/7F58C699E0BD8AA6BFACFE9FA6BBBA611004AA070AF37ADEA02B7EF65FC170DE https://xrpscan.com/account/r3C9BXmTtiDLhxH76cWP6vbyDEkbtxANzo God forbid if these 485 million XRP will be sent to big crypto exchanges next and dumped all at once. This is another liability of owning XRP. I have no idea who controls this account and what are their plans. Is it Chinese authorities or the scammers. I dunno.
  8. There are "partial" solutions already such as lightning network or liquid sidechain which is less known. About Liquid: "Liquid aims to provide a blockchain for large players in the industry who want to settle transactions. The primary users of the Liquid sidechain are the cryptocurrency exchanges, brokers, market manufacturers, and others. It offers fast processing time, privacy and security when executing orders as a federated sidechain."
  9. Thanks @JannaOneTrick Any chance you’ll get to go? Be our XRP Chat in the field reporter?
  10. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-23/unprecedented-shocking-proposal-boes-mark-carney-urges-replacing-dollar-libra "This is where, if Carney indeed speaks for his central banking peers, one can say "game over" for the fiat system, which now even establishment members admit will need to devalue against something outside of the fiat system, such as Gold (as Pimco's Harley Bassman suggested back in 2016), or cryptocurrency/stable coins, like Libra." "Which means that the only practical alternative is a central bank endorsed cryptocurrency, or - wait for it - gold".
  11. It'll likely happen - the question is what year will it happen?
  12. Their talk is titled "Bitcoin on Corda" so it seems they are planning something with it
  13. Is there anything wrong with clustering two different validators along with other nodes?
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/aug/23/mark-carney-dollar-dominant-replaced-digital-currency There is an elephant already in the room.
  15. oh, I doubt they intend to even consider this. BTC is the clear front-runner for store of value but it's fairly non-competitive in the payment transaction games. XRP exhibits the right characteristics to be tested in payment transactions.
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  17. I believe other coin's are having a lack of developers based on the type of language they used to build their blockchain. It's all supply and demand. As stated from DS, Ripple has a world class C++ team, which C++ is a more commonly used language thus a larger pool to pull individuals from.
  18. Not at all, I’m always glass half full, never half empty with XRP. Market movements today, next week, month or year have no bearing on what I believe it can do in the future . Yes it’s not good to see a down turn but you can alleviate that crap by going out and living life with your family and friends, don’t need to be a slave to the price movements. I wouldn’t have contacted my investment management every other day asking for updates, and only waited for the 6 month performance report or you got the call when it went **** up.... pour me a tall one , wife👍
  19. @Hodor great write up. The Ripple team has indeed surprised me with a few brilliant business moves. Honestly fully suprising, and educational. Not to be picky, but your graffic that is supposed to look like the XRP logo, it would look better if you swapped the words on the right side, put the top word down and vice versa, better balance. It is the vision of the IoV & RippleNet that makes all this so exciting.
  20. Nearly as bad as the MTL coin you were championing in another thread which as fallen from near $14 to 0.40, you’ve got a good sense of humour if nothing else,
  21. Now , that was uncalled for my friend. Rest assured I love you too
  22. I doubt it, you can’t even bear to love yourself. Still here for self gratification which is bordering on an addiction. You got through to stage 6 but like any addict, you are finding it hard to keep away, you can’t make that clean break. Just admit it the only way you see yourself winning is if XRP went to 0 but you know deep down that’s never going to happen or eat humble pie and buy back in, and look a C**T
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