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  2. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    wow really i think it's more likely xrp will hit $10 than iota $25, personally... EDIT: which is to say, not v likely, at least in the next year or three
  3. Tapatalk

    Hi, Anyone having trouble logging in with the iphone app tapatalk - it just refuses to work for me.
  4. Ripple work culture

    Whats it like to work in Ripple in the Bay area?

    my bets are largely on #1,2 & 3 above ... Those will be the true movers of XRP. Going to be a fun ride !
  6. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    Got in big at $0.45. not selling before $25.
  7. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    gonna take some profits here, but then at $2, and if it breaks that wait for possible $5 as you say, more exchanges could add more buy pressure... i think/hope
  8. Beginner question

    i go Coinbase, directly to Kraken. Never used Shapeshift, so not sure of its value.
  9. Beginner question

    Yea I think bitstamp is out of the question for me..I'd rather pay the 4% fee from coinbase and then instantly transfer through shapeshift, which is just a miner fee of .5 XRP I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong
  10. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    More headroom in my opinion, additional markets will drive demand.
  11. Marcus Treacher and Marjan Delatinne apparently see the situation differently than you do. https://ripple.com/ripple_press/hsbc-executive-swift-board-member-joins-ripple-support-continued-global-growth/ https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-hires-former-business-director-swift-gpi-marjan-delatinne/
  12. I don't care about the price while it bobbles around in the teens. I just keep checking to make sure it hasn't started a big rise yet. I'm not very invested because I don't have spare funds. So I need it low for long time. So I panic check every morning.
  13. why are you even here? just buy more btc.
  14. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    Man, I was hoping IOTA would stay under the radar for a little while longer so that I could've accumulated more when it was around 0.25c. At-any-rate, I believe that $1 is still really cheap
  15. Today
  16. @drakarys yep... you missed something. Two somethings that are big with FI's. First is no counterparty risk with XRP. Second is no need for multiple currency accounts. Both cost banks big bucks and they are two big reasons they are interested. But as someone just said... it's not us driving.. it's the banks. And they are interested.
  17. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    wow, didnt think it'd break it for another few days... seems to be holding strong, no idea where this is going, crazy times
  18. That's an interesting metric for comparison and one I haven't seen very much, especially since BTC itself has been insanely volatile. I guess if you look at it that way, it's a crushing loss and you would have made your big profit in BTC, at least for now. Another of the infinite "what if's" we can either torture ourselves with or move on. Most comparisons I've seen have been against fiat since that's what the vast majority of us still use these days for things like expenses and daily purchases. Anyway it doesn't really change the same two choices we all have at any given moment. People who continue to ruminate endlessly about it might be best served to bail. There is definitely not a benefit to impatience coupled with endless and immobilizing second-guessing.
  19. Neblio - rival to Stratis?

    No, my gut is saying no. Only have 1 developer and 1 marketer. I haven't done anymore research. Their github has very few checking, seemingly because he was using a private repo for all other check ins. Makes me somewhat dubious.
  20. Toast Wallet? Review/Compare ?

    Shapeshift will have received the XRP in their own wallet. Contact then and you should be able to retrieve it. Give them the exact time if possible the transaction number if available and all details you can.
  21. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    Ohhh yeah!
  22. Toast Wallet? Review/Compare ?

    New to this whole thing, was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of setting up my toast wallet Android with my kraken account. I plan to buy xrp. Thanks
  23. Toast Wallet? Review/Compare ?

    I got it to go thru.. After taking their advice. But I got screwed over. I was told to removed parts of the address and to try again - I did exactly as I was told. The Destination Tag was included in the address I was trying to send to. I was told to remove that and to try again- it worked! But.... all my XRP turned into Dust. No Destination Tag. Basically sent all my xrp to shapeshift and received nothing in return because of that. Awesome.
  24. Thanks, although I do recall seeing something else on this forum- will keep digging. This reddit post is pure speculation and mathematics, don't really see much of an opinion baked in.
  25. @Hodor I've actually forwarded your address to multiple folks interested in Ripple/XRP after giving my version of "the elevator pitch". I just tell them I'm not doing it justice with my explanation and send them your way along with this forum and Ripple Insights.
  26. I've always liked your convo Dennis. I'd almost forgot about Peercover. I have to agree with you saying there is no one solution yet tapping into commerce is a huge part of that. Here's my view, we need to exponentially increase the number of funded wallets, daily transactions and hopefully in the process, increase the velocity of XRP via real-world transactions. If you recall...I've never been much of a big XRP speculator. I like Ripple because it allows the exchange of anything of value. If XRP rises to the top in the process, it will be because the people chose to use it but they can't make that choice or the choice over countless other assets, if they don't have access that also offers commercial utility. I see what you meant by Ripple support. I thought you meant an active development roll. The type of support you refer to is earned. Ripple.co will support projects WHEN they deserve it and are valid and legitimate ventures. At least...that's how they were a couple years back and there's no reason to believe that's no longer the truth. We've got work to do but we'll get there. All that said, I look forward to putting our ideas before the people to get exactly this type of feedback, suggestions, etc from the community. Together brother...we can do anything. Once upon a time Ripple.co was OpenCoin and they were nothing. Everyone said they'd fail and....they shoved success right in the faces of their critics. It's inspiring actually and I'm glad to have been here to see it.
  27. Neblio - rival to Stratis?

    Did you invest?
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