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  2. I think slowing transaction speed and increasing cost by a factor of 1000 as well as giving majority control to Chy-na would surely help. The market is certainly interested in those traits at the moment
  3. There is the egg or chicken problem for xrp. For institutions to utilize xrp, there need to be clear regulations but for regulators to regulate xrp, they need to see the utility.
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  5. I wonder how many liquidity solutions, gateways or new XRP ledger defi features that never got made over the past 10 years could have been funded with Brad's $150m+ XRP sales (which was fine because you know it's all about fair performance targets and he needed a new yaucht).
  6. We can quibble about the interpretations, but I think we all expected better things to have happened by now.
  7. According to cryptocompare ETH has now higher volume than BTC. Is ETH the new king now? https://www.cryptocompare.com/
  8. Someone would have to be very careless with their money to put very large amounts into blockchain and lose their keys. This is one of the reasons that I like the Ledger Nano since it stores your keys. So essentially you are saying that the top dogs in the industry have their crypto all in different baskets then.... Do any of these top dogs hold more in current value - dollar in XRP than Bitcoin or ETH? I assume that they don't. What is coming will be very interesting.
  9. That's a real possibility. I think the FLR project has a lot of potential and could outperform XRP in the long run. It all depends on how the FLR team executes. So far, we've only seen a plan. XRP also has a lot of potential, but also a lot of risk moving forward. For us XRP hodlers, FLR could end up being our saving grace. Imagine if FLR became the next Polkadot and shot to $17.
  10. Exactly. OP seems to interpret this as "if we reach 2021 and big banks aren't using xrp then xrp no longer has any use". Ripples strategy has been changing over the last 2 years, and DS may very well have been simply saying "we can't wait that long for this banks strategy to come to fruition in order to work with it so we'll move on without them" type of thing. Context.
  11. https://heraldsheets.com/xrp-and-spark-flr-second-airdrop-daoflare-dflr/
  12. Good point. I'd personally like to know which banks we're talking about. ICA Banken is a Swedish bank established in February 2002. It is owned by the retail chain ICA AB and offers financial services to Swedish customers. Last time I checked, the bank wasn't even mentioned on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_banks
  13. If securities were not reserved just for the rich to invest it wouldn't be a problem, but the U.S. has the idea of protecting investors. Go figure they failed any way you look at it. From a regulatory point of view I think the leadership has a problem with the realization that the U.S. dollar is loosing its international status and its usefulness is dwindling.
  14. Please elaborate. Do you happen to have a link to the entire conversation as context would be great so assumptions are not made about the context in its entirety. Such as is the banking software using a digital asset such as a stable coin, a different D.A., or is it just messaging software? David is specifically referring to xrp in the comment and how is that related to the previous comment by Roerig.
  15. Another Beta Tester here. KK and the Count have pretty much covered everything thankfully, as I hate a write up. So far, I’m pleased by what I see. The team have been working endless hours and the whole community there are really helpful. The product functions well and user experience is currently being monitored and improved throughout this testing phase. I’ve yet to see any concerns and have been really impressed by what I have seen so far and I’m glad to be a part of it.
  16. Here's the way I am choosing to look at things. (I am not saying this is true, just my perspective): XRP is in a tricky spot with the SEC nightmare, and may miss out on the bullrun gains vs other assets. If I hold (some) XRP anyway, at least I can use it to generate income on Flare in FLR, and maybe get some upside. FLR tokens *seem* cheap to me, given FLR vs XRP has some benefits and similar scarcity. As f-assets get added, more FLR is "eaten up" and value brought on, whereas XRP doesn't really "do" much (until the ODL use case et al are realised). We cannot rely
  17. Good point, yes I haven't seen anything on the exchanges supporting the airdrop of the airdrop yet either
  18. Sure, but no one (afaiaa?!) will get ALL their FLR tokens upfront, not even if you get the airdrop from a Ledger or whatever. We all get 15% allocated upfront, the rest are "drip fed" over ~24-36 months. The question is more about who gets the Flare *Finance* (Y/DFLR) airdrops later, and also how much. Exchanges probably won't support this.
  19. Would be a funny twist if the Spark tokens I never wanted but which I get as a gift end up making me rich and the XRPs where I invested real money don't
  20. Thank you, to be fair even after reading this my questions are still unanswered. I don't really want to wait for three years for IOU conversion, which is essentially what will happen I think. I don't think selling the IOU back for tether is an option either. Who the heck is going to buy an IOU after the airdrop!?
  21. Sure thing, I have/am in the FF beta. I was in the private beta, but didn't participate because I couldn't get my wallet, and MetaMask setup straight (time constraints). I have finally gotten to do a few SWAPs TXs in the current Beta, and while I'm not earnestly competing to win, I am mostly interested in testing out the technology. Keep in mind I have never actively traded XRP or any crypto. I like my fundamentals, things that dont change, and I try to follow the less stressful path of just buying an investment, crypto or otherwise, that I dont have to worry about too much and can just let it
  22. @Delvin I can tell you that there are a few of us in The Zerpening who are in the test group, and we share our experiences periodically there. It's not been a heavy topic of conversation, but as questions might arise, the conversation shifts that way. There is a LOT of information to digest and understand between Flare & Flare Finance, but I've definitely noticed that people have been leaning into doing their research and diligence - more so than at the end of last year, as an example. As far as my experience with Flare & Flare Finance separately - I've been in each projects' resp
  23. Basically like wrapped bitcoin but on a faster and actually usable network.
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