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  2. Well I'd also like to know some actual numbers on the buybacks. And why those existing corridors, which were selected because they are inefficient and still reasonable volume, don't seem to take off. Because that was the strategy: pick inefficient reasonable sized corridors and start there since the benefits are most easy to accomplish. And OTC sales went back up as well to $32.55 million. That's good in a way. But that's 120 million XRP entering the market again. Programmatic sales might be paused but OTC sales might have compensated for that. That's an 1860% percent increase. Do I understand correctly that by buying back they're basically stabilising the market price? (aka market manipulation) They sell OTC and do buybacks at market price... Total sales as % of total volume0.006%*0.18%* I only skimmed the article. I might have overlooked stuff.
  3. What I want to know is - What is holding back the Thailand and other ODL nodes from starting? they have been priming and promising some of them since Christmas yet they just do not seem to be able to get them running. I think XRP price is now primed to go up a step, maybe after being held back artificially it will be faster than other horses in the race, but it is not running with good wide strides or smoothly yet.
  4. Well, that has been spot on for months. I hope it stays that spot on! Anyone who does not is a BTC maxi or Jed McCaleb.
  5. Still all speculation about IMF, replacing USD as reserve currency, replacing swift. it's probably not even a blip on the radar. There's just another crypto hype cycle coming up. So I might go in. Could ramp up very quickly. Then a major fallback again since there's no real floor here.
  6. https://www.xrpaddress.org/ https://bithomp.com/paperwallet/
  7. Wow so the overal volume over RippleNet was that low? :s So they have 20% of RippleNet volume being ODL and they switch it off? "hey guys we've got this great product going here, already being 20% of our total volume. Let's switch it off" Board: "sounds like a plan".
  8. Caught the whiney baby red handed posting crap he didn’t even bother to read. Kind of like those people that see some GMO causing cancer post on social media, they click share and act all indignant at the “fact” that they didn’t even bother to actually fact check on. I personally am feeling bullish, and I haven’t for a few years. The space seems different, sentiment seems to be getting really good. There’s always trolls, but most of the time it’s the same few trolls that have been here for the long haul. When you see a bunch of new ones start popping up, it just shows that there’s more people in the space/more eyes around watching this stuff, which is a good thing in my book. I think this is gonna be a nice Christmas, and I had already told Eric how I felt about a breakout this soon 😜. I find it believable now.
  9. Hello XRP expert, Can I simply use the functionality provided at bitaddress.org to create an XRP paper wallet? I think the answer is NO because Bitcoin Addresses start with 1,3 or bc1 and Private Keys start with 5, K or L. I am assuming these rules don't apply to XRP and XRP may have their own rules? What site do your recommend I use to create an XRP Paper Wallet? Thank you
  10. https://github.com/ripple/rippled/pull/3557 Maybe you could start here
  11. I'm not very familiar with legal aspects of the US (or the world) but would Ripple, a software company, be allowed to act as a MarketMaker? Is that a 'free' market for anyone with money or do you need some sort of licenses? I would think it would be much wiser for Ripple to just start a side project/company to do the MM part.
  12. He should at least try a different FUD tactic. One with some more braincells involved for example... But I think he's allready in a different investment.
  13. Today
  14. Ripple Partner TerraPay Partners With Bank Alfalah To Fuel Remittance Payments "Pakistan is one of the most important remittance corridors in the world and we are very excited to partner with Bank Alfalah and help overseas Pakistani.." https://www.visionary-finance.com/news/Ripple-Partner-TerraPay-Partners-With-Bank-Alfalah-To-Fuel-Remittance
  15. Did you just read that slanted article headline or the whole article? I just read it and come to the opposite conclusion that you did. The article even says it quite clearly: I’ve seen a couple of very alarmist posts from you. Perhaps try a different investment?
  16. This is the report for public use. If you're a Ripple investor I'm sure they sent you the naked truth version
  17. This report looks good, but yet again 0 info on actual numbers. So, they are buying back xrp. How much did they buy? $1,000 or $10,000,000? It is so vague. This repost is like a bikini. It shows us everything, but hides the most important thing. Why is so hard to give actual numbers??? ODL volume in this corridor is XXX, in this YYY. This is an increase of ZZZ compared to H12019. In last XXX months we bought back YYY xrps from exchange XXX. This is how a report should look like.
  18. https://decrypt.co/37523/ripple-cofounder-xrp-dump-2020-crash-price Jed is dumping a lot of XRP, good job)) this is killing the price))
  19. Brad G. is pumping our bags, what a time to be alive.
  20. I agree that from a retail investor perspective, Ripple's decision to work and collaborate with banks made it the "Black Sheep" of the crypto community. The amount of strategically coordinated FUD leveled at them and XRP was overwhelming and even I questioned and had reservations. However, after doing my due-diligence into what Ripple vision, it was crystal clear that they were strategically and meticulously positioning themselves, XRP/XRPL/ILP in a strong position to dominate and transform the financial industry. Too many in crypto like to invest based off of emotional ideologies and personal proclivities they have for or against certain crypto/digital asset rather than looking at the fundamentals (i.e. vision, community/global outreach, use-case/purpose, ecosystem, corporate/regulatory compliance, etc) associated with such said digital asset or crypto platform. XRP/XRPL/ILP checks off each of these "fundamental boxes." As for institutional investors, I think it's all a Houdini miss-direction. You hear of so many of these VC/Hedgefund tycoons talk about how they believe in the company Ripple, but not in XRP when it is central to the company's overall business model centered around cross-border payments. I call BULL SHIT!!!!
  21. This is more or less, exactly what I have anticipated for some time. When? Is the unknown Why? In any Market, a "buyer" is an actor that is 1. Ready, 2. Willing, and 3. Able... to Buy. In the XRP market's case, those Ready and Able to buy digital assets, are largely BTC orientated folks not Willing or less Willing to buy XRP. I believe this situation is due to the origin story of the Blockchain space, and the well observed XRP FUD campaign that flooded the crypto content available with mostly unfactual material.
  22. XRP lagged behind other cryptos for a long time. XRP's market cap used to be higher than ETH's. ETH's market cap is now three times XRP's. The money is finally rotating to our favor now. There doesn't have to be a logical reason. There is a lot of manipulation and investor psychology at play here. Enjoy the ride.
  23. One wonders if the maxi FUD machine has been working like a dam, holding back investors money. When the pressure passes a certain threshold a dam breaks. Perhaps this is a fantasy scenario. I am certain there are a lot of latent investors who remember 2017 but have got bored waiting for XRP. These people have been diversifying and playing the markets with a view to re-joining later.
  24. So OTC sales might hopefully include some institutional wholesale purchases that we were hoping Ripple would provide in order to compete with SWIFT's larger wholesale markets? And programmatic sales, does that just mean smaller non-OTC sales to SMEs, for example? Hmm, Ripple purchasing XRP on the open market when they already own tons, seems like a way to counteract the leakage in XRP value from Jed's and other partners' XRP sales. If that's the case, it's very reassuring because it shows Ripple still really cares about the XRP use case.
  25. Piano Man is one of my favourite songs, but that is unbearable. The following may come in handy. I use this song a lot as well as this one
  26. I suspect - but do not know - that it's more like "paying to cover inefficiencies where the ecosystem is still a little bit thin." That kind of thing often has to happen for proofs of concept to take place, but the haters will always call it "pay for play." (The haters can suck it. I've literally had to have this song playing in the background to read most posts here, for a year.)
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