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  2. Crypto Eri explains that in the past mgi and wu had to be separate as they would have been a monopoly. with other options money transfer now available to consumers, maybe they think that the acquisition would be allowed.
  3. Ant financial and Euronet both tried to buy mgi in the past and WU did nothing. My bet is between libra and the Chinese digital yuan...WU is seeing the writing on the wall, combined with the digital growth noted by MGI over the last few months. My guess is there are agreements and partnerships being bought along with the company, and its a good time stock is cheap and mgi has 800 mil in debt....time will tell.
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  5. While WU initially said that Xrapid/xrp wasn't of any benefit to them in the corridors that they were already established in, they later stated that they could see a future use in in order to expand into the markets in which they had no presence. WU was also reported to have been recently re-testing xrp, so it stands to reason that they concluded that this would be the easiest way to expand their reach. The takeover of MG makes perfect sense to me.
  6. Ant financial offered $15 per share for MGI, WU had no chance at marching that. Since then, the Price of MGI has fallen to 1/5th of that, that's what happened.
  7. Ant financial and rai tried to buy mgi in 2018, western union sat ideally by.....what’s changed since then?
  8. Got to be patient. Xrp is not just held by retail investors. There are hedge funds and FIs holding it as well. Ripple knows this. One has the option to trade out of it and come back later but there is the risk of losing out on a random pump if there is one. There is a reason the market values it in the top 5 inspite of the last 2+ years of bear market. That should tell you something. Ripple does lot of work behind the scenes. Keep track of the macro view and the pump will eventually come.
  9. Hi guys! Today I have for you an example for not all recipes posted out there being great! The extra video is a cute one if you love cats. And don't forget our XRP giveaway on the last PLAN blog, participate πŸ˜‰ https://bit.ly/Coil-BakingFail Stay safe! ❀️
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  11. don't really want to say anymore incase I jinx it all lol, been a Millionaire once with XRP would like to be again, greed on my part
  12. Idk, but that makes sense in a Vertical Integration acquisition. Buying into a global international interledger protocol tied to a proprietary distributed ledger/network... will never manifest with a single source of power/ownership... hence the "distributed ledger's" root innovation and the blockchain industry.
  13. It's just interesting @cannylad because this was one of the few things I remember about Pix https://cointelegraph.com/news/brazils-pix-payments-system-has-the-same-spirit-but-not-a-blockchain-structure https://cointelegraph.com.br/news/urgente-sistema-de-pagamentos-instantaneos-e-uma-resposta-do-banco-central-ao-bitcoin-e-criptomoedas-diz-campos-neto and now this should be interesting to see what they have cooking over there
  14. I started this topic to p.ss off people like you with cold hard facts. Happy now?
  15. Why are you seeking so much confirmation, you allready wrote down a lot of convincing material to yourself to change your investment strategy. The past two years you do nothing but moan and whine on this forum and keep live in the 'should have, would have' mode. Just do it man and get it over with. You messed up once allready, please don't let us stop you.
  16. I suspect you might be having difficulty with the terms "revenue", "decline" and "profit". Losing 10% here or there is not the end of the world when you rake in 500m in profit in a quarter (which shareholders are saying thank you very much indeed for). 2 billion in profit for the year is not to be sniffed at. source https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/WU/western-union/gross-profit Those numbers may not be exactly right, but I trust them more than most of the stuff I read on xrpchat.
  17. Instant recall of this from February https://ourbitcoinnews.com/pix-the-central-bank-system-that-will-allow-instant-payments-24-hours-a-day/ * link may be broken http://g1.globo.com/globo-news/videos/v/roberto-campos-neto-e-os-riscos-para-a-economia-brasileira/8318227/
  18. 3200 dollar dec18 2018 12800 dollar june 27 2019 7200 dollar nov 26 2019 10400 dollar feb 13 2020 5000 dollar mar 13 2020 10000 dollar june 2 2020 This is how btc is doing since the ath, so very impressive if you ask me because the highs and lows are jaw dropping imo. And btc did drag about all the other top ten coins with it down and up, except xrp. Xrp only joined in when prices were going down, but as soon they went up, xrp got stuck again until this very day. Yeah well it did move up from 13 to about 20 cents again, but that's just peanuts compared to what btc has done and again the other top ten coins. So that's alot of vulcanic action since the ath, only the xrp vulcano seems to dying out little by little because it only went downhill since the ath with two little exceptions were it short bursted, no, did a little fart to about 40-45 cents and since then it dropped around 30 cents and with 13 cents at it's lowest since the ath and now its struggling around 20 cents while btc peaked over 10k today, so it's a fact that investing in xrp since the ath was a bad idea and a wrong bet alright.
  19. Yes, I have tried it, bit there isn't anuthing interesting
  20. Why would ODL, which hasn't been live for even a year yet, correct 10 years of mistakes? Western Union revenue for the quarter ending March 31, 2020 was $1.190B, a 10.99% decline year-over-year. Western Union revenue for the twelve months ending March 31, 2020 was $5.145B, a 7.09% decline year-over-year. Western Union annual revenue for 2019 was $5.292B, a 5.33% decline from 2018. Western Union annual revenue for 2018 was $5.59B, a 1.19% increase from 2017. Western Union annual revenue for 2017 was $5.524B, a 1.87% increase from 2016. saying they've been profitable is a little bit of a reach at the given moment,
  21. Many always forget that XRP was actually worth a very long time under 3000, even 2000 and 1000 Satoshis. Explosive eruptions have always been short lived and if history repeats itself then there will be another eruption and XRP will be worth a lot for a short time.
  22. Going by your sums, it makes little difference what price BTC is at, alright πŸ‘
  23. I find that insight extraordinary. Never heard it put like that before and intuitively I think that might be one fat nail hit squarely on the head. Crypto Eri was remarking on that statistic recently. 30%! And I think I heard Ripple are employing a fair sized team in Brazil. Tremors before an earthquake?
  24. Ben Lawsky was there. Yup, institutional and closed meeting - understandable.
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