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  2. It is BTC over XRPL. I have spoken to them, have another meeting next Wednesday. What is meant by a "Bridge"? How is that technically architected? What is done on each ledger?
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  4. actually I think it's better for XRP not to break 0.0002, OTHERWISE it might go alllll the way down to 0.0000000000000003
  5. I think what's happening maybe above GG's pay grade, and he may have been told to shut up and stand by. I think some very serious players at the top of our world are at the point of finalizing their plan, for the great global digital economic reset. This reset has been in the works for a VERY long time, and the SEC ain't going to get in the way of it much longer.
  6. I was referring to this para, Unhosted Wallets: Commonly used private wallets are called: “unhosted wallets.” As mentioned, the FATF suggests denying licensing VASPs “if they allow transactions to/from non-obliged entities (i.e., private / unhosted wallets).”
  7. I do not expect anything upwards happenning until GBTC unlock finishes, which is around end of July BTC has to break couple key targets at 37k and ofcourse 43k and keep above. So far it can not manage even 34.5k very well So said that 24-25k is in play for BTC For XRP is better not to break 0.34 otherwise all way down to 0.2 Yours Weekend Specials
  8. SEC, re Hinman, have very serious allegations to answer. Gensler's silence fascinates me, because he had two options Hang Hinman and Clayton out to dry and start with a clean slate Join in the SEC cover up and try and get a face-saving settlement Both ways have their merits. He wants his teams at SEC to know he will look after them, but continuing the case threatens to pull his own reputation down with theirs. So far he has sat on the fence and pretended this is not happening. He cannot stay out of this much longer.
  9. Could you give me that script? I've got a wallet that I only have the recovery phrase for.
  10. This is not the first, or I guess the last time this kind of thing is going to happen:- https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2019/10/153483-kik-issues-subpoenas-to-sec-head-of-corpfin-bill-hinman-more/ Yes the SEC and Hinman have been here before boys n girls, (I'm shaking my head in disbelief at this point). This is turning into one of the best soap operas I have ever seen, not since Dallas have I been this riveted, staring JC as JR LOL.
  11. One of the lawyers working for Ripple was working with Hinman at the time all this corruption(?) was going on. Hinman probably did clear his ETH speech with his teams at SEC, so probably Ripple know how to trap Hinman and other SEC officials in a net. I would guess SEC are wanting to settle and Ripple are wanting terms SEC feel they cannot give. The opportunity for a draw is slipping away. What worries me is that this case has so much momentum. It has developed its own life and if they do not settle soon both sides might find themselves locked into a trial. Deaton says it is the
  12. If you really get stuck I have a tool that extracts xrp private keys from bip39 word lists. This sounds like a networking issue though. Or library mismatch. You might have to update firmware. I'm not familiar with their tech. If you've signed a tx with that word list in the past then 100% your coins can be recovered. Try to recover them on your own and if after some time you run into a brick wall and want to try brute forcing the account from the word list then I can write a script that will try every derivation path until it finds the account with XRP
  13. To boil down this thread - the SEC are in a field of BS of their own making and their in real legal trouble. Filan has a thread about all this, it's just so funny in many ways.
  14. Through a licensed exchange that performs KYC/AML verification on their clients. That's the way it should be.
  15. fairly detailed look at teh SEC letter 12.10 - one of Ripple's lawyers has first hand knowledge of what Hinman was doing behind the scenes
  16. Also when is the damn flare finance beta?
  17. Yesterday
  18. Bitcoin has been on the XRPL since almost the very beginning. Back in the day there was an automatic Bitcoin bridge called BTC2Ripple. I think it got shut down with the FinCEN stuff, or maybe it was as Ripple was switching business strategies. That was all around the same time. Anyway, as has always been the problem, no one really wants to use the XRPL for Bitcoin.
  19. Waiting for announcements / official docs.
  20. I don't think that is for certain. They will be one of the agents, but I would be surprised if they were the only agents. Large holders / exchanges also stand to gain from being agents, so I would expect them to fairly quickly join in. Also Hugo said he expects services to appear that will allow you to put collateral with them if you want to be an agent. In any case yes I agree with your calculation that at around 1% F-assets we have a price floor of about 30 cents, excluding any other pressures on the price. And the floor jumps quickly with each increase in F-assets and of course adding
  21. Which begs the question why are they so frightened? What do they want to hide from Ripple and the public? Ripple obviously has special reason to think he has relevant information so how can Judge Netburn refuse? She has Jon Deaton and 18 thousand XRP investors who are members of the public asking that SEC will not be allowed to represent their concerns about corruption in SEC, and asking that this case is properly conducted and nothing is swept under the carpet. The story is gaining the complexion of a criminal case and has legs.
  22. You say the balance in Ledger Live shows zero dollars. How about the number of XRP, does it show that?
  23. Tried the XRP Toolkit didnt work either.
  24. Haven't read through all of it yet, but the SEC are definitely putting up a STRONG case for quashing this. As in they are throwing everything at it. I want so badly for Ripple to get this, but I will not be surprised if SEC gets its way here.
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