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  2. I thought SWELL went exactly as planned from Ripple's standpoint. Again, I think that people need to get their own expectations in check. From my understanding nowhere did the folks at Ripple say or imply that the SWELL conference was or would focus on XRP. In attempts to figure out what the 3-2-1 countdown or Brad's "mind blowing" comment meant, many assumed and speculated that it was XRP usage vs. new partnerships. Well, you know what they say when you ***ume things. Like I said many times before, the story line or focus of the SWELL conference should have been those "PRIVATE MEETINGS" that happened from 7-12. It is my belief that many new partnerships were being initiated and formed. You first have to craw before you can walk. Ripple is laying down the foundation via the RCL or (xCurrent) for the future implementation of the XRP ledger or (xRapid). You need all of these banks, financial clearing houses, etc to sign onto xCurrent first. Remember to maximize or reap the full financial benefits you need both xCurrent and xRapid. Banks and countries will more than likely use or develop their own coin, but you still need that agnostic bridge currency to facilitate the conversion transfer between all of these various coins and that is where XRP comes into play. I don't think that i could've say it better than Microsoft's director of technology strategy, Marley Gray in an 2015 Ripple Insight article I stumbled upon recently: https://ripple.com/insights/microsofts-marley-gray-ripple-and-ilp-will-be-the-fabric-of-multi-chain-future/ where he says: "We actually went to Ripple first early on in the process but we weren’t sure at the time how payments fit into our model. But as we started learning more about how all these different pieces fit together in the ecosystem, Ripple starts to make a lot of sense especially when you throw the Interledger Protocol into the mix. At the end of the day, the thing underlying all of these applications and smart contracts is payments." "In financial services, I think we’re going to see a mixture of different blockchain technologies. There will be many, many chains—chains for swaps, chains for bonds. They’ll each have different characteristics. We’ll see chain patterns evolve. You could plug and play various consensus algorithms based on the products that exist on that chain." "Given this multi-chain vision, we see smart contracts as a key piece. Then you need ILP, which is the glue in the system that holds everything together, so that different chains can interoperate. That means a derivatives chain can interact with the securities chain it’s derived from. In all of these interactions, you’ll have to move money around. So you will need Ripple for that." "We want to be the premier validating node on the Ripple network. We believe in Ripple so we want to put our full weight behind it so that the ecosystem develops in the right direction. We’re really excited about the partnership. I have a bunch of meetings scheduled with the rest of the team to dive deeper into the different kinds of stuff we can do with Ripple and ILP."
  3. Why do my posts keep getting deleted?

    Oh ok that might be it, thank you Morty.
  4. https://ripple.com/insights/q3-2017-xrp-markets-report/ Miguel Vias Head of XRP Markets just released his Q3 markets report. The entire piece is a must read, but zeroing in on your question Miguel says towards the end of his report “In the fourth quarter, we’ll announce additional xRapid partnerships” xRapid is Ripples liquidity solution that utilizes XRP Also Dilip Rao said this on twitter So to answer your question, yes we will see news in Q4. Will it be specifically before December we don’t know
  5. Why do my posts keep getting deleted?

    Looks like it got hidden because it was a cut and paste of the full article without a link to the original article. Best to post a paragraph or two and link to the article.
  6. https://cryptoinsider.com/from-thailand-malaysia-southeast-asia-blockchain-technology/ "In the financial, sector, meanwhile, Kasikornbank – one of the country’s biggest commercial banks – has recently launched a “completely paperless” Letter of Guarantee network in conjunction with IBM Blockchain. The bank says it hopes to boost its electronic Letter of Guarantee issuances to 35 percent by the end of 2018, with blockchain issuances accounting for 5 percent of such transactions. Meanwhile, Kasikornbank rival Siam Commercial Bank claims to have pulled off a first in Asia by teaming up with Japanese financial service provider SBI Remit for a Ripple-powered, blockchain technology-based solution. The platform, says the bank, will let customers make real-time payments between Japan and Thailand."
  7. Bradfive

    Do you have a link? You might could give a better title to your post if it's newsworthy.
  8. I just posted an article about the launch of the gates foundation, deleted. A few days ago i posted about what was being said at SIBOS and that was deleted even though someone else posted the same content 10 minutes after me yet their post remained?
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  10. This. Welcome!
  11. It pulls from Ripple's API: https://ripple.com/build/data-api-v2/#get-all-gateways But if you link to an issuer not on the list and they set a display name on the chat window, it'll use the display name like so: https://www.theworldexchange.net/?symbol1=TTT.rBcA1MkS2jtywAAi9bWfGsUk9R6RWQAyKr&symbol2=XRP
  12. Clearly, we're not going to have to wait years for any price moment. XRP will rise in value over the coming weeks / months / year(s). It will be volatile of course, but the overall trend will be up. In order to simply survive and remain competitive in the space, it will probably have to reach $2 next year at a minimum. If it fails to achieve that, then it probably won't survive in this fast-moving market.
  13. Bradfive

    Posted thread on bitcoin news now by crypto insider at 19.02 asia governments embrace blockchain ... last paragraph of Thai blog
  14. Hi all, I've been lurking for a while reading up discussions, obsessively sometimes, like some of you can probably relate. Anyway, since this is the forum for trading and speculation, I figured I'd share my own technical analysis, although obligatorily I'm just some person on the internet and I have no idea what I'm talking about. That aside, there has obviously been a lot of strife in the XRP community due to recent events, people are wondering which direction the price will trend, and worrying that they immediately saw their investment's value drop almost of 33% for some people (for people who bought at the top). This is important to consider when discussing technical analysis of the last few weeks and the future trends, because ultimately we are attempting to measure the investors sentiment for the price of XRP. When a person's investments suffer loss due to mass sell offs after a climatic peak (this is my own observation), that peak ultimately forms a level of resistance where those same people sell their investment at a none or minimal loss (due to previously buying at the top and wanting out.) The next time buyers approach resistance, the cycle repeats itself and previous buyers sell. Since technical analysis is something a lot of people are also doing, a lot of TA is self fulfilling as people identify these resistance zones and target those prices to sell. Surely some of you reading this are planning to sell again at $0.30? In my daily chart (PLNX USDT/XRP) (https://www.coinigy.com/s/i/59e96a024bfb1/) I'm making no attempt to predict where the price will go, because internet predictions are often wrong. Instead I'm only attempting to identify levels of support and levels of resistance. Generally speaking we are looking for a point where the trend is broken and a breakout will occur. Anyway, follow the green arrows to see that we are bouncing off potentially 3 uptrend lines, and bouncing down off a significant level of resistance (purple) at approximately $0.30 that's been touched 4 times excluding the giant run up that occurred in May. In the most recent wave it appears as though we are about to break the downtrend 1, but my *guess* based on the MACD you see at the bottom is we haven't really completed the total downtrend and this may be a bull trap since there appears to be a 2nd downtrend in this wave. Downtrend 2 looks to be a longer term trend that may take until the beginning of November to break out of unless sentiment rapidly changes. It is very possible that we will reverse directions very soon (next 1-3 days) and proceed to bounce off down trend 2 before ultimately bouncing off either Support 1, 2, or 3. It is even possible that we will have a breakout past down trend 2 (like BTC does so often) but I personally think that's highly unlikely given the unhappiness that is prevalent in the global XRP community. Since a breakout of downtrend 1 has not been confirmed yet, It also seems plausible that we may have another wave of selloffs forming a V pattern that might have the effect of a sudden and large reversal. Personally I plan to acquire more XRP when the price approaches the supports I've identified. If I'm wrong, well shame on me, otherwise I hope you enjoyed my analysis and look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts.
  15. Wrong. XRP price rose dramatically before any kind of adoption by FI. Price can rise on speculation of adoption, among other things. Not just adoption alone.
  16. Bradfive

    Japans SBI Remit just got in bed with Thailands siam commercial bank WHO claim to be the first in Asia to use ripple blockchain technology for cross border payments, Thread on bitcoin news now... 1 hour ago... south east asia embraces blockchain... BIG NEWS
  17. bittrex and other exchanges

    Are you in Europe? If so, Bitstamp is the best way to go IMHO. SEPA payments, banking license (which means some security of funds up to 100K), trustworthy team. Never had any issues with them. Maybe very diligent on their KYC, in order to comply with anti-money laundering legislation (and I am totally fine with that).
  18. Q3 2017 XRP Markets Report

    No, as of a month or two ago David Schwartz said they do not need to sell to keep the lights on. They have had multiple rounds of fund raising with supporting investors earlier on that gives them enough to operate with comfortably.
  19. Google translate produced: I missed introducing myself, apologies all. I've enjoyed the positive chatter here on the forum from everyone. Some people are really optimistic that their lives will change, but not everyone fully understands what they're doing. tighten fisted firm handshaker MEN. I agree, SWELL was productive in trying to further distribute XRP while bankers enjoyed being educated by the guest speakers. Many people seem optimistic about the potential for XRP's growth. Alas, I feel that it still may be 3 years before that happens.
  20. bittrex and other exchanges

    As I understand with Bittrex, it's compliance with US laws and KYC causing account closures. They posted an explanation: https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002187632-Statement-on-disabled-accounts News article: https://cointelegraph.com/news/bittrex-exchange-breaks-silence-on-banned-accounts-questions-remain
  21. Coming in at no. 29 in a star-studded lineup... https://www.csbs.org/news/press-releases/pr2017/Pages/10192017.aspx
  22. Other then the Escrow, we can only speculate. I think the seeds planted at Swell will blossom at some point but not likely within the end of the year.
  23. bittrex and other exchanges

    To get XRP directly, I primarily use Kraken and occasionally Poloniex, but also have used itBit and Gemini to buy BTC or ETH when I want to trade (they don't have XRP). Experiences with Kraken are consistently smooth, IMO. 9
  24. Hello @Milly238 No, it's not against their T.O.S, if you need to buy ripple or the other cryptocurrencies with PayPal you can either create an offer "buying ripple for PayPal" and custom it as you want or search in the offers for the right offer that suits your need. Once you open a trade, the amount of ripple you want to buy is held into a multi-sig escrow system, once the payment is done by your side the seller releases the coins that will be instantly available in your wallet. Please look at the 'How it works' video available on the Home page of our site, it clearly explains the process.
  25. The XRP adventure begins

    Good to see you
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