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  2. How can you be here for 3 years and have not seen it? I can guarantee it has been smeared over this forum as all positive posts do. So what's the specific quality in your post here? You were too lazy to just do a basic google search and click the first google search but you're lecturing others here on how to make quality posts. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/06/04/ripple-ceo-expect-dozens-of-banks-to-use-our-cryptocurrency-next-year.html CNBC video interview with BG good for you? Or should I go rewatch all videos that have been put online over the last 3 years together with timestamps to back any claim so you can just sit there and be lazy? Please go follow your own advice. Just my friendly advice.
  3. Since I was interested, I did some searching, and here's what Brad has said (on camera) on June 4 2018: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/06/04/ripple-ceo-expect-dozens-of-banks-to-use-our-cryptocurrency-next-year.html and I think the 'I would certainly hope' has been blown up beyond proportions and people took it as a promise.
  4. I really don't doubt having 99% loss (which seems quite impossible actually) is a real heavy weight. I don't wish it upon you. But being frustrated on this forum is not going to solve anything, it's only costing you valuable time to do other things you actually enjoy. You could just come back in five years and see if it went to 0 (that's 1% more lost than you already did) or it went back up again. I'd say fault on both. I'm always bashing on these youtubers because I know there are people who believe them (and I don't mean they're stupid, just naive) and loose (serious) money over it. These channels are really circle-jerks and cults. They give people false expectations and act like they're the end all know all.
  5. yes lol , now thats the funniest thing you've posted , are you playing the victim now , c'mon stop it , wheres the low down ruthless D.C , i know your in there
  6. I can't reply to that if you are being to lazy to support your claims. There is a lot said and I am not disputing him making positive predictions. Quality of posting is the point and the lack thereof. Be specific or don't post until you know would be my suggestion. Pointless discussions this way. Just some friendly advice.
  7. what something did he say exactly along what lines? Positive? Where and when? Sorry, I couldn't discover it. Maybe that was the 1% positivity left (on another forum)? Maybe I missed it? Good for you. Hold those zerps, or not. There will be some extra time added with everything going on in the world right now. Seem to be important, world developments in relation to fintech developments. Besides fear and victims of course. Maybe? When you have straightened that part out for yourself and accept responsibility for your own actions, you wouldn't be posting what you are doing now, so we know you are not there yet. Anything coming to you in this world will be able to pursuit you, so you are a danger to yourself and others. I always have mercy for those images in the dark. But continued ignorance can't be sustained very long to be honest. And personal attacks are really low and do you no favor. Perhaps you could drop your play and start growing? Maybe some well thought and critical questions could give you salvation? .
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  9. Guys really, dont get me wrong but a 99% loss is a real heavy weight to carry and continue to be positive. I was buying because of the CEO predictions for the upcoming years maybe my fault maybe the fault of the people who were screaming for 20$ while we were at 3$ and buy the dip at 1.10$ have mercy with me
  10. I'm pretty sure Brad actually did say that or something along those lines. And no, my sources are not twitter or the like (I'm not on any of those). At least the dozens banks is something I've seen come out of his own mouth.
  11. This thread is more useful than the bearable club and that's saying something!
  12. So $0 it is. If we get a run this sh!t coin that's the BTC's b!tch will drop like a brick when BTC hits it's ceiling. And that is if BTC gets a run in the halving it could also be that BTC dumps because the miners won't make profit and the demand for BTC is not there if this whole Corona thing is not contained, which at the moment it is absolutely not. Atleast not in the western part of the globe. So yea this whole 100 or 0 mentallity will probably make you relive the 2018 fiasco. Have fun being slaughterd with the rest of the greedy pigs.
  13. I('ve) read all your comments actually, hence my response. This has nothing to do with not sharing the same opinion (again you know it and you're just trying to stir the pot). Your actions are totally contradictory. You want to sell at break even and you want the CEOs to be prosecuted and XRP going to 0. None of that makes sense. It's like going to a forum for people who believe in vampires, not believing in them and heavily arguing constantly while buying a vampire defense kit hoping it'll be useful and valuable to you in the future. You're just here to complain at any chance you get claiming how bad XRP and Ripple are. Someone says something negative: "Interesting" is basically your comment. The dedication (or just honestly really nothing better to do with your life) that you have on this is incredible and I don't get why you don't use that energy to do something positive that you like and believe in. The CEOs will be prosecuted and go to jail if they have been selling and continue selling unregistered securities for 7 years, ... So why not just wait for the "happy" news to come and meanwhile your bags to go to 3$ again? What do the CEO's statements have to do with this topic? And did you know anyone can make predictions and that it doesn't mean they'll come true? CEOs make predictions. That is not investment advice.
  14. You still don't get people don't like you not because of your opinion (actually you do get it, you chose this). In both the Zerpening thread as in the public part there are multiple different opinions. Some for, some against, and that result in debate. Everybody is disappointed about the losses they have, but try to keep an eye on progress. Some are real progress, some are weird dot connecting. If someone thinks there is no progress or hope there is no point in keeping the investment. It's mainly the way in which you write your messages and spill your anger over your investment. And you are surprised you get responses in anger? It's a very childish and thread hijacking way, and no room for debate. It is your full intent to anger people, or you just don't know how to communicate otherwise. I think its option one. Come up with your disagreement and write it down in a grown up way with arguments. The 'Ripple CEO promised us the world' thing is getting old. He expected, he did not promise. And indeed you are right, his expectations were not met despite our hopes. We all acknowledge that because it's a fact. Now focus on the future, what can happen. But this is attempt number 589 to explain it. You're not here for debate. you're here for conflict.
  15. that's your source for Brad's predictions , good for you , well done , your amazing , you really are
  16. Yeah. I wont keep holding to 2000$ per xrp as i know thats a very stretched predictions by some twitter members. Is babcugs in the 589erClub too?
  17. Major banks 2017 12 major banks 2018 50% of major banks 2019 Major banks 2020 As for 'source' you guys know exactly where to look for that but you play dumb here and wait until i make a mistake so you can do the same bitcoiners are doing to the xrpcommunity on twitter. Here is a tweet by Yoshitaka kitao the other CEO of blink 182:
  18. he has made lot's of statements , but i don't recollect any predictions , please provide source ? and will you be leaving at break even , oh that's a shame
  19. Why not? Am i not allowed in the special people chat? I would like to join to get my gold status up. Maybe i can learn a thing or two from you or your friends how to discredit others while we are at it
  20. I made it very clear from the beginning that im at massive losses and waiting for break even. Others have seen these comments. So nice try with your : i kNoW yOuArE jUst dOiNG iT beCaUse u dOnt lIke xrP. No i like xrp but i dont like the decision of xpring I dont like the ceos statements/predictions And i dont like how the community behaves towards the people who dont share the same opinion
  21. status don't mean sh!te lol , what are you doing looking at my profile , oh you like me , thats nice as for you joining the zerpening
  22. Are u oke? What i know you dont earn GOLDSTATUS with normal behaviour. Can you send me the invitation link to 589EOY2018CLUB? I want to get my credibility in here to GOLDSTANDARDSTATUS
  23. not to people they say something with intelligence and a credible source to back up their claims what is this circle jerk , i never heard of it before , you always seem to mention it , is it a tradition for you , good memories. quite a emotional response are you ok
  24. Dont you have someone to convince to buy xrp somewhere to DCA? Or 'fight fud' of other community members concerned about their 99% losses? You keep calling the people who say something fudsters. Buuuuh they say something bad about my ripple executives and ripple performance! 1! Ripple is a religious movement and xrp is the holiness?! #prayforxrp Oh mr truckdriver btw im always flashed about your 'joined at 0.80$ april2018' but MEGA GOLD STATUS in the community. Seems that it pays off to circle jerk with others about 589$ 2000$ xrp
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