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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdXo8uJ9NSk
  3. Yes. The signers list is unrelated to your master key. Disabling the latter doesn't affect usability on the list. I would still recommend keeping minimal funds in each wallet until you've verified that you can multi-sign a payment for each.
  4. "When xRapid is used, the XRP is bought on an exchange. It's then immediately sold on another exchange. So there's no net increase in demand but there's no net increase in supply either." Joel Katz. (as copied from twitter). As the conversation is taking place on twitter I thought I'd ask for clarification on my own thoughts regarding the explanation as it may or may not affect price. wil It is to my understanding that Xrapid inherently will not cause an increase in price due to the fact that the buy order will equal the sell order, however the use of Xrapid will increase price due to the fact that the usage of Xrapid by corporations will cause the scarcity in xrp. In another way. Xrapids function= zero increase in xrp demand as it is a zero sum process. Usage of Xrapid Increases demand on xrp therefore that creates the scarcity and possible/probable increase in xrp price" X-Rapid participants are able to buy XRP from the escrow/level II markets, and they will also be able to source directly from exchanges. The X-Rapid pathfinding automatically searches for and finds the lowest price on the buy side, and the highest on the sell, hence an organic increase in price with every transaction- As @mDuo13 Posted January 23, 2018: xRapid uses public exchanges that trade XRP to source liquidity from speculators and other members of the public who're trading cryptocurrencies for fiat and vice-versa. It pairs trades at different exchanges in real time and transfers the XRP between exchanges. It is, in a sense, a really polished standard interface to the exchanges' own APIs. It automates the following process, which one can do (slower, thereby less profitably) by hand: Deposit USD at (source exchange) Trade USD for XRP at (source exchange) Withdraw XRP from (source exchange), deposit at (destination exchange) Trade XRP for MXN at (destination exchange) Withdraw MXN from (destination exchange), send to customer And yes, I've heard that agreements are in place to prevent profit taking for those that source from Level II, whether or not that's true, I dunno-
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  6. sure, it's called bitcoin. just because you find it worthless, doesn't mean i and many others do. i use it as a hedge against the current system.
  7. Maybe, but why would ripple want to sell its 50 billion XRP for $30 billion if it can sell the same XRP for $300 billion, or $3 trilllion?
  8. In other words, Ripple may become extremely successful but XRP investors may never see a massive price growth.
  9. As for the fees, someone else on Twitter had pointed this out and zoomed in (Also can you find the ripples?) on the bottom right whiteboard showing the USD to Philippine Peso transfer rates for the various payment providers, and if accurate and a fair comparison, SendFriend beats by a very good margin; FYI the actual rate is around 51.3-51.4 (as per Google)
  10. Actually, the number of people who've picked holes in the climate change data is very countable and small and their counterarguments are both weak and ill-founded based on cherry picking of results that suit their needs - the facts are that the planet is warming and that the warming is human induced. Al Gore is not relevant as he is simply a concerned citizen who wishes to try to do his bit to save the planet. As are many others of us, including myself. Since the title of this thread is "POW systems and Climate Change !" I considered this an acceptable place for discussion. I'm sure the OP would agree. I have (and still do) work with climate scientists, but I am not one of them and I am happy to bow out of this discussion and devote my attention elsewhere.
  11. considering xrp is #3 in terms of market cap, it's had it's share of similar runs. you can't just look at the price.
  12. Dude, many people on this forum believed in $589. It was infuriating
  13. now I use data from January 4th 2017, ATH of $3.84. Calculator estimates $3.41. This is fun.....
  14. I had a play around on it for a bit of fun. Based of today's data i got from CMC (I know its not that accurate...) Total Daily Transactions: $0.001 trillion ($1 billion) Store of Value: I assumed 75% of XRP is being unused at the moment. $0.015 Trillion ($15 billion). Duration: 0 years (today's volume) Circulating Supply of 42.5 billion XRP The calculator showed $0.47 - which is about the price as of writing ($0.46) All just a bit of fun really, but interesting that the calculator was so close....
  15. This is another reason I think Ripple could act as a lender via "market maker incentives" in the form of loans, with the incentive being tied to cheaper interest rates. The only way I see to accomplish any elasticity in XRP supply, is via Ripple Inc or some other major whale holder offering loans via methods which enable interest rates on XRP to fluctuate with value flow rates, in various corridors & directions. Really Market Makers should play the pricing role, but in terms of supply elasticity, Ripple is most well positioned with their escrow holdings.
  16. Well then you haven't paid much attention. I've seen dozens of ways that may increase the price in the past year.
  17. @KarmaCoverage is correct, although I wouldn't choose that wording. This question has been answered before. The flow of XRP, in a system where there is a surplus destination and a corresponding deficit source of bank deposits flowing between two fiat currencies, requires borrowing of XRP from the surplus destination to continue funding the deficit source over time. The alternative is that the surplus destination purchases goods and services from the deficit source, using XRP accumulated in the destination exchanges accounts on ledger, balancing the flow and eliminating the surplus. If nothing is done, XRP will accumulate in the surplus destination accounts of the exchanges who "convert" XRP to bank deposits for receiving customers. Hence there are two ways to balance the flow--you borrow it back, at some rate of interest, or you convince the surplus destination to make purchases. This is how XRP, as a fixed quantity settlement asset, puts pressure on interest rates (for fiat and XRP) to balance payments between two currencies (deficits cannot persist forever in a fixed supply settlement system). xRapid exacerbates the recycling of the settlement asset. If the system is begun without a way to recycle surpluses, the system will "hang" immediately, that is, the source of the flow will run out of XRP and stop making purchases.
  18. At least we found something that we think may increase price. Clearly, "more amazing news" doesn't seem to be a part of the price function.
  19. hehe, good to see you holding down the keynesian fort my friend! I hear your points, but I'm only interested analyzing and measuring the choices imperfect people actually make, not the theoretical and hypothetical utility maximization people might do if they had perfect knowledge and perfect information. Anyhow, this isn't really the thread to debate the different schools of economic thought. If you can apply the school of your choice to answer OP's question in a way you find satisfactory that would steer us back on topic.
  20. A "near zero sum process " is probably more accurate, but the first part you have essentially correct. Demand is only tangentially related to the actual use case. It comes from the necessity, as others have already stated, for liquidity providers to have a stash of XRP. It's pretty much that simple. None of that has much to do with the price of XRP today or even (probably) for the next two years. You can monitor utilization by following Galgitron or learning how to interpret the stats on the Ripple website. Over time, increased utilization should make the 3rd number below get larger than the first number. I track it as a number, which is currently .57, up quite a bit from the .3 level when I started to track it. It will (or should) become a whole number and just keep getting bigger for quite a while.
  21. This holding fiat and making money from it sitting there, has to many red flags. Money laundering basically has the same concept.
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