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  2. BTC forming a beautiful bull flag continuation and I expect that it will pop again once the 10 day average catches up. May dip a little but I don't think this run is anywhere near over with.
  3. A lot of weakness in XRP relative to other majors but I do expect a bit of a pop when it breaches the $0.26 level based on the chart. Unfortunately, XRP gives no signal right now that it is worth investing in compared to BTC, ETH or even LINK.
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  5. Thanks @jargoman I may use this but I will first look for a REST api that may satisfy my needs instead of paying for the premium plan from goldapi.io.
  6. It doesn't matter. With digital assets you can do as many swaps in the same transaction as needed for basically the same cost and instantly. So if you want to buy EUR with CHF being this an iliquid market you could swap CHF for USD and then USD for EUR in the same transaction by using multiple pools and multiple exchanges. You could say that USD is the bridge asset in that example but it could be anything. You do not need XRP for this. And when we are talking about digital currencies issued by central banks these transactions represent real and instant settlement.
  7. The ironic thing is that without another use case there's no reason to use XRP and therefore would never have enough liquidity to be used as a bridge currency.
  8. I was a bit suspicious of this at first. It could be a malicious app with a backdoor. I looked into it and it's developed by coinfield.
  9. Interesting. But doesn't Ripple target not so liquid currency pairs.
  10. A bridge between CDBCs? That's probably the worst and most absurd use case I have ever heard. Why would you need a bridge asset between digital assets when you can instantly exchange one for another in one or multiple decentralized exchanges in real time. What you need is an aggregated pool (sum of all pools) with enough liquidity, not a bridge asset. How long until Ripple switches to a different use case? Accepting bets!
  11. Alright. Thought it was transcribed by some software.
  12. A google searched turned up this api https://www.goldapi.io/ it's $39 a month though. Keep in mind the api doesn't need to be nodejs specific and can be a rest api
  13. Can the C.E.O be trusted? His name is Rich Crook for pete's sake.
  14. XRP has never got off the ground, but this looks like XRP 2.0. https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/new-project-considered-as-next-generation-bitcoin-or-ripple-xrp/amp/
  15. How the speech was created? Sorry, I haven’t understood your question I think. The paste in is what David provided from a tweet.
  16. https://heraldsheets.com/ripple-ceo-highlights-relationship-between-ripple-and-xrp-says-the-firm-cannot-manipulate-price/
  17. Would be good to see your research on that statement... edit: Sorry, that was an unkind remark, I retract my comment.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Anyone who has worked in data mapping and what is now called ETL over the past decade has likely run into Altova. Altova Mapforce is a solid and well built graphic no-code development tool that allows you to connect anything to anything - it has popularly included built in schema maps for popular and complex EDI protocols, supports xml and json, many different databases and rest/soap apis. Mappings can run in a native mode, but the code conducting the mapping and translation can also generate royalty-free c++, java, etc. This is a very exciting development, there is potential he
  20. Yeah, BitGo as a proxy arm of PayPal is a possibility. There's gonna be lots of M&A consolidation. Companies like PayPal aren't going to R&D this tech, just suck it up like Facebook did WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus VR, etc etc. Facebook didn't create any of those platforms, it probably couldn't have if it wanted. There's a size threshold where you become too big to innovate and rarely does the public sector innovate better than the private sector. SpaceX is the poster child for this; SpaceX has done what NASA couldn't in record time. Imagine if all the wasteful government money
  21. or buy Bitgo? How will xrp fare out of this eventuality? what if they exclude xrp from the platform? bypassing Ripple? just ?s
  22. Can any developers suggest any repositories where you can fetch the current and historicial financial data of the stock market as well as the prices of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium using NodeJS? I think I can use the google-finance API for the stock market data but I haven't found anything relating to precious metals financial data in NodeJS
  23. I originally invested equal amounts in both ETH and XRP at the same time. My ETH investment is now worth about 15 times my XRP investment. I'm still holding out hope that XRP could one day skyrocket. But I'm becoming more and more pessimistic as time goes on. Now we're seeing Garlinghouse talking about moving the company to another country. It's never a good sign when CEOs start blaming (scapegoating) external factors like regulation for their own shortcomings.
  24. You need to frame XRP as a commodity (oil, wheat, copper, nat. gas, soy) for it to make any sense. Think semi-truck fleets that haul goods across countries. That's XRP. PayPal CEO said himself that they could use XRP for millions of cross-border transactions (think eBayer in Japan selling into North America and settling back into Yen through XRP) if there was clarity to do so. Obviously Moneygram already is using XRP, I don't think PayPal will be far behind honestly. They have a client base larger than the entire population United States. I don't know what percentage of their transac
  25. for instance, a report from Visa Comercial on "The Inefficiencies of Cross-Border Payments: How Current Forces Are Shaping the Future" http://euro.ecom.cmu.edu/resources/elibrary/epay/crossborder.pdf page 5 they cite the pain points for cross-boarding payments existing today and cite that same McKinsey report you are trashing down. a report from Citi bank on cross-border inefficiency here: https://www.treasury-management.com/article/1/245/2041/managing-cross-border-payment-costs-risks-and-efficiency.html for example in 1999 the ECB provided a repo
  26. And btc is now 400% up, so what's keeping xrp from going up 400% then? Hell, i already would be glad when it would go up 150%, because then i'll pack my stack and swap it for btc, because btc did rock and roll very well since the ath, while xrp acted like a half dead fly on sticky paper. It's still there and still alive but it doesn't move and it's dying a slow death.
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