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  2. The three major cryptocurrency exchanges are moving a plummeting number of XRP, while one cryptocurrency trader spotted the Golden Cross pattern on the XRP price chart. Golden Cross appeared on XRP chart A Twitter user posted an XRP chart showing the Golden Cross pattern, promising an imminent price increase. Meanwhile, the three major cryptocurrency exchanges are moving vast amounts of XRP between each other. A Twitter user shared a screenshot saying that XRP has formed a bullish pattern called Golden Cross. Usually, after this sign appears, the price of a currency is expected to skyrocket. Based on the chart, we can expect the price of XRP to skyrocket above $ 0.37. Not long ago, the Golden Cross was also noticed on the Bitcoin rankings. However, instead of skyrocketing, the price of BTC fell below the $ 10,000 level. Will the same thing happen to XRP? At press time, XRP price has dropped nearly 5% in the last 24 hours, hovering around $ 0.269. Read full: https://azcoinnews.com/41-6-mln-xrp-was-transferred-between-major-exchanges-while-golden-cross-pattern-appeared-on-xrp-chart.html
  3. http://ir.moneygram.com/news-releases/news-release-details/moneygram-international-reports-fourth-quarter-and-full-year-4 I have no idea what a "contra expense" is.
  4. Only time will tell if this has aged well or not. BTC hodlers would have said the same in 2010 (Hence Bitcoin Pizza Day). If you have no faith in the use case then move on. No sweat off anyone else's back, sell if you need to.
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  6. Over the last 2 years not much in the whole of crypto has . . . And btw I started this thread in direct competition with a FUD article that was entitled “When does everyone admit they were wrong”. Good times
  7. Well that's an even better schedule, thank you for the correction. Even more of a reason to believe his sales will have no baring on the market price.
  8. Incorrect. The selling schedule you quote is from 2014. That agreement was superceded (as has been stated on this forum countless times) by the 2016 agreement outlined by Monica Long on the official Ripple forum. It currently restricts Jed to selling 1.75% of daily XRP volume, IIRC. Ripple are in full control of Jed's XRP and they parcel it out to him to sell based upon the said volume.
  9. Despite your attempts to say otherwise nope I have nothing to apologise for or admit. I still have made the right decision in investing in XRP some piece of news comes long that confirms otherwise or we go to zero. Neither of those things have occurred and in fact the news of XRP’s potential success has just gotten stronger and stronger. Look at ODL volume. That’s real utility. I haven’t sold any of my XRP and don’t intend to as I firmly believe higher prices are coming. When? Who knows? Your guess is as good as mine.
  10. It’s all good. My predictions were off but so were many others. I still stand by my $100 long term prediction. It just seems to be taking a lot longer. Am I way off and XRP never gets above $3.40 again? Absolutely I could be!! I am not an insider or god forbid a riddler. I’m just a guy that has done thousands of hours of research and still firmly believes in the success of XRP. If the trolls or maxxis want to attack me for my beliefs go ahead. But I won’t shy away from them!!
  11. I am far from being expert @Tinyaccount, but this reminds me that that you can send a quantum of momenta in a certain channel by emitting an excitation in one direction or by emitting anti-excitation in opposite direction. Let me give you an example: You have some large enough supply (vacuum) of XRP from previous days when nobody cared about it. (Funny assumption, right?) You can transfer AUD to USD by 1) first buying XRP for AUD, transferring XRP, selling XRP for USD or 2) first selling XRP for USD, transferring XRP to fill the hole and buying XRP for AUD. Just saying that buy doesn't have to be always the first, if you consider only these small isolated situations. But this is more a smartass comment that anything wise.
  12. But you are assuming that no one dies in Wuhan for any other reason other than Corona Virus. In a city of 10 million, I'm sure there are other causes of death.
  13. Yeah but that chatter has more been to do with the severity of the virus, not really exploring where we can see how it’s effecting crypto prices. There are plenty of global factors that effect crypto prices (eg what’s going in the Middle East / Syria) but we don’t really dedicate much discussion to those topics.
  14. Big red day taking out all of yesterday's gains and then some. XRP is down 6.5% litecoin is down 7%. I think it's a good time to pick up more XRP. Litecoin is bouncing between $70 and $80 so if you are playing that trade you might want to get buys in for $70. Yup Corona Virus is def messing up the stock markets, but crypto? maybe? kinda?
  15. @jbjnr, where did you get your data from? I look forward to analyzing it myself as well.
  16. Hi guys, despite being active on Coil almost daily missed a few that I didn't added here for lack of time, you can check them on my blog page: https://coil.com/u/PatriciaC But for today I bring you guys with our bi-weekly stream about Coil, Coil Creators, web monetization, etc... Enjoy! 😘 https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/Do-you-have-a-PLAN-in-your-life-/kXhvfBFh
  17. I agree. And I've said this before and I'll say it again if anyone doesn't understand. I would not get our hopes up on a dramatic Bull Run leading up to halvening. The entire crypto market is expecting a run before May so I would say it is priced in. I would say something dramatic would happen sometime after halvening, maybe even end of the year or next year.
  18. Black hole accounts don't actually remove it from cap though. I understand it would remove the XRP from play, but it still exists, so just like any other crypto with lost keys and frozen assets, there would be no impact at all on the market price. In fact, It'd have even less of an impact than burning it. I suppose the validators could always vote on an amendment to delete black-hole accounts officially removing them and their XRP from the ledger and from cap, but to what end, honestly? (Validators haven't even voted to enable 1.4.0 for adoption yet and that would allow old accounts with only the reserve in them to be deleted and the reserve XRP recovered, not removed. I really don't see this happening soon, just on the off chance some whale decides they're going to flush millions of dollars into a black-hole account.) Also, again, Jed would never burn or put his XRP into a black-hole account. He has no horse in the XRP race, he just wants the money. Honestly though, do any of us really know someone willing to throw away hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crypto in an attempt to rise the price of a crypto they no longer want anything to do with? Even if someone did it'd rise the price like it did(n't) when Jeb burned the Stellar foundation's XLM and cut the total supply in half. (Note: Again not his XLM because he wouldn't do that)
  19. I would imagine many BM would love to see 13 cents again in regards to adding more to their position!
  20. Probably true. But then again, we've seen XRP tank all by its lonesome, even while BTC rises. Just a bad day in the markets all around. This is one of those times when it probably pays huge dividends to just tune out for a while.
  21. There are known black hole accounts that have been there since the beginning.... XRP sent there cannot be ever moved again.
  22. Right. Welcome to Cryptoland, the twilight zone of investments
  23. Dont think it really matters. If btc goes up then the h&s becomes invalid, right?
  24. I think it's fair to say the virus is effecting price. DOW down 1,000 and BTC down 4%. The Global panic is tot to be dragging us down some today. But then again 4% is pretty much not out of the ordinary for BTC.
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