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  2. Tinyaccount

    xRapid Brings on Three New Exchange Partners

    Great news. I'm wondering how XRapid 'prefers' an exchange. With auto-path finding I'm assuming it might get multiple near-equivelant options in the future. So I'm guessing there is a default exchange list that these Prefered exchanges will be on for when it's going to use the default for any particular currency. One day in the future lobbying Ripple to be their Prefered is going to be a 'thing'. If I was wiser, and had funds for investing, there does appear to be clear indications what areas might be worth buying stock in....
  3. SanHolo

    BearWhale research

    I Clicked myself a hole with Bithomp. The account Dangermoose was activated by an account that was activated etc etc it ends up with ahbritto. Couldn’t people create their own account without being activated by another or can we assume, whoever DangerMoose is, it has to be an entity of some sorts. Not an individual?
  4. He's provided insight into how his hedge fund works in a number of interviews. XRP is one of many investment holdings, albeit a significantly smaller position than others, but still a holding. The real power of XRP for Arrington Capital is in the speed at which they can move a multitude of digital assets and/or fiat currencies from a trading standpoint. They also denominate the portfolio's in XRP's value and pay employee salaries in XRP and possibly profits as well (not 100% certain on the profits / cash out). So yes they don't specifically target XRP as a large investment option for their hedge fund, but they are using XRP to move value between the many investment holdings of their portfolio and I think that is a very good thing to see from a usability standpoint. It would be really cool if other hedge funds start to follow the same approach with XRP as they enter the digital assets market over the next couple of years.
  5. XtraReadytoParty

    Arrington, Binance and Ripple

    CZ tweeted it too from a slightly different perspective and called it his own pic but now I can't find on his page, cat outta bag too soon?..
  6. Kalarie


    I know Hodor is still around, but how many of the others do you think sold out during the rise/fall since then?
  7. I really like the fact that Ripple is publicly announcing preferred exchange partnerships exclusively for the target of specific xRapid fiat corridors in the near future. IMHO it's the single most significant piece of news to date concerning xRapid and it's development.
  8. FixnUrPowerline

    Mark one down as a winner!!!

    Very cool @BarryM17! Sometimes a nudge in the right direction is all it takes. Hopefully this investment pays off for all of us and for those we took the time to educate about this potentially World changing movement.
  9. XtraReadytoParty

    Arrington, Binance and Ripple

    Both Arrington and CZ also tweeted the same picture from a cabin (or chalet if you will) in Liechtenstein. Looks like the dudes were bunked up together last night. Big things happening over in that tiny lil country in da Alps...
  10. tulo

    Perspective from a trader

    So why are you spending time here instead of enjoying the infinite amount of money you made with your crystal ball?
  11. Excerpts

    The Truth

    You state that XRP is being used by remittance institutions.... are you talking about Cuallix? How much is being used and what value in Fiat has been transmitted using XRP by these institutions? That is what I want to know. You state that these institutions are using XRP. Really? where is this data? I have personally not seen Any data on this. I am waiting for that day (holding a position long) and what follows beyond. XRP will rise in terms of speculative market valuation when BTC does, but outside of that, it’s going to take some real data and usage of XRP in its Use case to see significant market valuation rise.
  12. https://globalcoinreport.com/ripple-solutions-can-help-amazon-reach-next-level/
  13. If we come to 40 per XRP in 10 years would be more then perfect! Remember that Ripple will release their XRP.
  14. Trickery

    Perspective from a trader

    We aren't the only ones watching.
  15. PriceIsRight

    Binance CEO + Michael Arrington Joint Venture

    I completely understand about wanting to be diversified in your portfolio but when you Hedge fund name has a asset that less than 5% of your portfolio holds it could be precieved different ways.
  16. 8 trillion dollar company. 4000 per XRP at least.
  17. Today
  18. "Services providing online, non-downloadable computer software for use as a storage vault for cryptocurrency." -- from its 10 August 2018 US trademark application. I hope this is a sign of dotting i's and crossing t's before more information arrives publicly.
  19. Well, you're still the front runner in the short story competition (in which I did vote for you), so soon you should be 1000 XRP richer shortly.
  20. ripplegigolo

    Ripple’s (XRP) xRapid Bags Three New Partnerships

    And too much news every day, can`t be real😁
  21. Not for no reason massively oversold just as is XRP, in fact it’s VET, and as a price it would of been comparable to XRP hitting below $0.20 cents
  22. Credit given to @RikkiTikki for this. https://binged.it/2A7si73
  23. JV2017

    The Truth

    What should I tell the police and big Steve now... 3 partnerships, in some shape or form
  24. "I'm king of the world!" Supposedly, it was an ad lib that James Cameron decided to incorporate into the movie.
  25. XRPSlovenia

    xRapid Brings on Three New Exchange Partners

    Does this mean we have passed 200 partners?
  26. Locked. A reminder this club is for trading discussion, not... whatever this is.
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