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  2. Interesting thought. I will try to get to it tonight.
  3. This right here. One of the underlining messages I've been reading from multiple sources for "moon" is the 4 year BTC halving. Coupled with institutional investment not joining yet, I do not expect anything north of $5 permanently until 2021. I'll recoup some of my initial investment in the $5 range with a fractional sale, but the bulk of investment shall remain untouched for the foreseeable future.
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  5. CasinoCoin is becoming more active on twitter, these are some good accounts to follow: https://twitter.com/Ermac_CSC https://twitter.com/mass_adoption https://twitter.com/HolyK1cks https://twitter.com/CryptMoo https://twitter.com/KenKane27600250 https://twitter.com/daniel_wwf
  6. You can debate whether owning a half-dozen alts is really diversification, but I think it still is to some degree. I don't own much BTC at all. Part of that is the idea that I WANT things to change.... and I don't like the enormous resource waste associated with mining, and I think BTC is not a great long term hodl for the reasons (arguments) we zerpers are all familiar with......although I think BTC is still a good asset to own today. My net worth is a somewhat nebulous number since most of my assets are not liquid...but at most crypto has now crept up to about 5%, which is more than I ever intended, actually. I am not adding, and I plan to reduce exposure if the market doesn't heat up. In terms of total assets I have in my portfolio, it's somewhat less, more like 3%. the difference there is the leverage on some real estate that I should be able to easily retire over the next few years. I'm busy trying to burn one mortgage at a time, these days. I burned one last year, and have several others with fairly low balances now. There is some compensation for getting older. Those percentages are based on very conservative estimates on the value of my other assets, which are primarily in local real estate. Obviously there is plenty of potential volatility in that market too....although I'm in an excellent market. I do believe that crypto will become a much larger piece of my investment pie over time, based on appreciation of crypto assets I've bought very early. But my future comfort is not overly dependent on it. As my crypto matures I anticipate putting more on deposit with Celsius and Nexo and perhaps others...although those are my favorites. I (my wife and I anyway) also have some bonds that have matured that I could see better put now in some crypto banks.
  7. Just to add : Fed Reserve in Boston is hiring a CIO for this initiative. Looks like they want it ready by 2023 / 2024 Found on a exec job site: Job Title: Chief Information Officer Client Name: Federal Reserve Bank How To Apply: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, is seeking a Chief Information Officer to oversee the design and development of a new round-the-clock real-time payment and settlement service, called the FedNow„ Service, to support faster payments in the United States. Description: RESPONSIBILITIES The Federal Reserve is developing a new interbank 24x7x365 real-time gross settlement (RTGS) service with integrated clearing functionality, called the FedNow service. This service will help enable financial institutions to provide their customers with the ability to send and receive payments any time, any day, and have full access to those funds within seconds. This position is a unique opportunity to be part of a new mission-critical Federal Reserve initiative that will be transformative to the payments landscape in the United States. The FedNow Chief Information Officer (CIO) will be responsible for delivering the faster payments solution. The CIO will need to be an execution and delivery-focused expert with a proven track record in successfully delivering high volume transaction platforms. Working closely with the product development team, the CIO will evaluate the appropriate solution (whether build versus buy), manage and direct related application development, architecture and hosting strategies, and ultimately deliver a solution that fully meets market-driven business requirements while ensuring all the appropriate standards for resiliency and security. _______________________________ Some of the basic requirements of the the system: https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/fed-announces-fednow-real-time-payments-99607/
  8. I always support Hodor because he's the greatest!
  9. yes. it's a very sensible strategy to be diversified.. just curious though, what percentage of your net worth is in crypto ?.. Mine is just 0.8% of my net worth.. so not a lot ...but a SWAN amount that let's me sleep well whether any of it takes off or falls back down to zero..
  10. If there is a grand reveal and @Hodor is actually @Julian_Williams I'm gonna be pretty disappointed... Think about it - the latter always instantaneously replies to the former's posts, and has anybody actually seen the two of them in the same place at the same time? I know I certainly haven't.. QED Thank me later. 🤫
  11. @Molten @dr_ed - not sure if this exercise would make sense but is there a way to provide TA analysis on the overall crypto market cap? Could be an interesting way of gauging overall crypto sentiment - just not sure if it would make sense or if it's even possible to do.
  12. I'm happy about my low basis on XRP, but I want to skim off some cash every year. Unfortunately I can't really afford to just hodl ALL my XRP forever since I diversified into several other coins. At some point, I'll have to sell some to raise some cash.....if the market continues to stagnate. It just is what it is. And one has to consider than you can now make a decent return just hodling stablecoins. If that continues to be as good as it is now, (and if I have some big gains especially) that will eventually be a more important part of my long term strategy. It's a great alternative to holding bonds, for instance.
  13. already reclaimed .283 0, so far it is a small bump in the road, but always interested in your charts.
  14. I'm curious to see how my channel held up... Will update the charts this evening but i suspect that we will find some clarity on the next few days action in the charts tonight...
  15. TRX chart does look like its trend off the bottom is broken, fwiw. VET looks intact. Not sure how much these trends matter for the lower mc coins, but many alts turned up on 9-25 and they've mostly been looking better, just not as good as XRP and BAT and 0x. It does not make me happy to see BTC struggling. The rally does depend on it holding a reasonable level.
  16. I have been surprised by the way XRP did not lift with the others in 2019, and yes at times found it frustrating, but disappointed is too strong a word. Low prices have had a silver lining far more valuable than any increase in value...it has let me go on accumulating whilst the good news about the growth of the XRP ecosystem became ever more overwhelmingly positive. Look back in five years, when XRP will quite probably be valued at between 5 and 500 dollars, and you will look back and say yes 2019 was a golden year. I bought 1,000 XRP for 250 dollars, I was scooping them up week after week, and now look at my fortune.
  17. I think your POV is understandable. When we corrected this morning (which I didn't expect) I just started looking for busted patterns. Sometimes it's easy to see that the Cinderella story you were counting on has gone straight into the crapper.....thing is.......I don't really see any busted charts anywhere...as of yet. If you see one, feel free to point it out immediately. TA is a dynamic exercise, and the most important thing about it is that it should keep us reality based. It should help us face the hard realities. and not allow us to have any kind of false hopes based on fantasy. I am definitely still bruised from months and months of disappointment. I get it. We'll see where this goes.
  18. Very interesting, thanks doc. I will take a closer look tonight.
  19. I think today was all BTC related but as others pointed out, XRP stayed relatively strong and is bouncing back. I'm not sure the patterns on XRPUSD still hold when BTC is dumping but if you don't mind, draw out the wedge with current action and let's take a look!
  20. Very interesting insight. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting increasingly nervous that everyone is expecting an upwards move sooner rather than later. But perhaps after being in a drawdown for so long all the hope has been beaten out of me. From a market sentiment point of view, do you get the feeling that another run could be supported fairly soon by retail investors?
  21. Since Molten is busy, I thought I'd post some more charts from one of my friends on another site. This is my friend who is a student of Wyckoff TA. It isn't Elliot Wave, but there are some similarities. This guy could probably answer all of @Tinyaccount's questions. I have great respect for his work. A more advanced student than I am. My friend says we could be in Phase D...see below.
  22. that's why i'm asking if there's a way to peg to an average of multiple price feeds (on and/or off ledger), and use consensus to validate feeds sort of like the way actual transactions are done -- so if one weak point does fail, it's like a bad actor manipulating an XRPL transaction problem is you'd need enough sources or validators engaging in validation, but then again if you don't have lots of people providing liquidity it doesn't work anyway (just like ripple couldn't decentralise the XRPL until they slowly, carefully added trusted parties one by one, until a critical mass
  23. Source : https://www.ktnv.com/news/inside-the-global-gaming-expo-in-las-vegas
  24. As I just posted in that thread, it's horseshit clickbait. This is what the actual tweet says: "The world of payments and currencies is changing. Is big tech the future of finance? Watch our live conversation on October 16 at 3pm EDT (7pm UTC)" It's advertising a livestreamed conversation, it's absolutely nothing to do with an announcement. Note the opening statement is a question, something there to prompt discussion... wait for it... for the livestreamed conversation they're going to host.
  25. This is the tweet it's talking about, to save you a click: https://twitter.com/IMFLive/status/1182733003853910017 That's not an announcement, that's a 'live conversation'. And the bit about the world of payments and currencies changing is the bloody topic of the discussion, not a preamble for an announcement. Either the person writing this news post is stupid, or is wilfully misrepresenting what was tweeted. You get to have the fun of choosing which one.
  26. We are living in the best run of 2019 !!! Almost climbed to .30 cents and falling back to .21 cents! Exciting times! We are approaching the start of a head, shoulders, knees and toes pattern on the double Big Mac 15 day moving chart. Don't forget to S.H.O.R.T immediately after Swell to take even more profits! Now I sound like every crypto trader out there. Anyone hungry for more?
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