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  2. Zerpening Part 2: The Sequel

    Remember, rockets don’t launch sideways. When a rocket launches it lurches violently upwards and it DOES. NOT. STOP. Once it takes off, you won’t have enough time to get on. Take advantage of the fueling phase.
  3. Rippled - Bearableguy123

    Yeah that is why I'll be looking at the bilderberg attendee list this year. Would be very interesting if someone from Ripple is invited. Definitely feeds conspiracy theories but at the very least we know this meeting does occur yearly and if they were invited, it puts them in the same room with some of the most influential people in the world.
  4. If anyone here is taking a prediction too much to heart, they shouldn't be in crypto. I really don't recall anyone upset about XRPCallings 2nd prediction not hitting. He has interesting posts to read and it was good to hear his point of view. I'm a huge planner and love to think about different scenarios. Bearableguy got me to think outside the box a little, which I have enjoyed. It has me thinking hey, if we reach $50-$100 this year (my original guess), maybe I will hold out longer instead of selling. Whereas before I was doubtful of a $100+ scenario, people on here have given many different ways it could happen. This is the fun part of speculation (for me).
  5. Everyone say it with me CHART!, CHART!, CHART!, CHART! Some of that sweet T&A if you would be so kind. Everyone together now. When Moon? When Lambo?
  6. Thanks... basically how I'd do it too. Hopefully this process gets better for us soon.
  7. Just checking to see if anyone else is buying TRX Tron before the coin burn next month. I'm HODL on XRP, XLM, and XVG and buying TRX between .04-.05 as I think its a real steal at these Prices and can't go wrong. TRX will be burning a large amount of coin resembling the XRP lockup next month which will drive u Prices I think between .17 to .25 maybe a even a little higher Still adding a little XRP to the stack and every now and then.
  8. Strange Activity On The XRP Ledger...

    This looks like XRP being used for its use case. What other activity surrounding the movement of such a tremendous volume of value would explain this?
  9. Poll: Coinbase Adding Ripple

    Maybe they'll add xrp once the price is higher and they have a better infrastructure ready to handle all the traffic.
  10. Strange Activity On The XRP Ledger...

    This wasn't trades, this was just moving coins around.
  11. Ripple $10?? More like $500 Per XRP

    Saved. For darker days
  12. Hehem... Excuse me...
  13. On-ramp Bank -> Coinbase -> Exchange Off-ramp Exchange -> Coinbase -> Bank (Keep enough on exchange to still make money; remember you dont want to have to add more from your bank to the exchange and accrue fees).
  14. Today
  15. @Stedas it’s spreading. Thinking crypto did a whole video around it.
  16. Congratulations and welcome to, what I believe, is the greatest nation on earth! We have faults and don't get everything right and our politics, well, stink (fyi, poly = many, ticks = little blood suckers, eg: politics = many little blood suckers!). But you know that because you've been here and have become "one of us"...an American. Take pride in your accomplishment! And welcome, fellow citizen!
  17. Possibly a dumb question here. Monetary value is an intermediary between other assets, this makes perfect sense, money was created to make it easier to trade assets fairly. But XRP isn't replacing money, XRP is an asset that makes it faster and cheaper to move money. Why would decreasing the efficiency and cost of moving money impact the value of the monetary supply in either direction?
  18. Ripple $10?? More like $500 Per XRP

    Corak, speaking from the side line. I enjoy your perspective on this.
  19. Pickle Rick presents....

    Annnnnnnd BOOM! Become an affiliate and make some dough selling our Crypto Shirts, Crypto Sweaters, Crypto Hats and Crypto Gear! We've also started working with Coinbase Commerce to accept BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH! Fingers crossed XRP is next
  20. Rippled - Bearableguy123

    Malta? EDIT: Nm. Answered.
  21. http://woobull.com/introducing-nvt-ratio-bitcoins-pe-ratio-use-it-to-detect-bubbles/ Interesting article suggesting that market cap might be better as "Network Value" from which we can try to come up with a Network Value/Transaction Value ratio. The author of the article argues that this could be used in place of a P/E ratio
  22. ...or Mr. Bucket
  23. Do you guys think that derivatives settlement could potentially fall under two categories? B2B and P2B? @OzAlphaWolf It's a huge market regardless so even gaining some market share for xrp as a settlement layer will drive value, depending on velocity. Edit: It might also be interesting to also know a rough ballpark of how many XRP are held by founders/individuals (hodler's) with no intent to sell since those units aren't circulating on exchanges or on the XRP ledger I would argue we can deduct them from the 100 billion (and declining) XRP, available to facilitate all use cases.
  24. Strange Activity On The XRP Ledger...

    Yeah, that makes sense, thanks.
  25. Strange Activity On The XRP Ledger...

    This is only 1 player in the game moving that amount of value though. They are using the same pool of XRP to move it since the transaction rate is so fast. What about when you get thousands of players in the game moving value? They all need a pool of XRP to do so. Whether they use a market maker or own the XRP themselves, more XRP is needed to move value at the same time. So if you have 1000 institutions moving a certain value say 1000 times a day, that pool of XRP needs to be larger since the same XRP cannot be used in multiple places at the same point in time. So either these pools of XRP need to be really large, or 1 XRP needs to be able to move more value in one use, hence the need for a higher $ value per XRP
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