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  2. This has nothing to do with Aliens, but if you're reading this thread and like looking at things that fly, then this is for you
  3. To sum up - money flows out of banks into other platforms that offer better terms and returns etc, banks have power because they hold investors money, no money, no power. The powers that be, well, you get the gist! Politicians answer to the voters!, but as most people know they invariably answer to big money.
  4. I appreciate the detail you’ve gone to and would add the below so that people can use the detailed version or the bare bones version…
  5. Oh man, I just realized I could have said all that in three words: It's like staking.
  6. This is my best attempt at describing Flare/Songbird Time Series Oracle voting from the perspective of an ordinary person who doesn't care about all the details of what's going on at the network level, just what it means for them and their birds. Things still aren't crystal clear yet, so feel free to chime in if I've got something wrong and I'll update the post. Songbird has basically created a fun game where you can bet on who can provide the best price feeds to the network at no cost to yourself. The game runs on a weekly cycle running from 04:40 UTC (Greenwich Mean Time) on one Saturday to 04:40 UTC on the next Saturday. While it doesn't cost you anything to play, you do have to tell Songbird how many tokens you want to play with. You do that by wrapping your SGB, turning it into WSGB. If there's WSGB in your wallet, that tells Songbird that you want it to count toward your bet. You can always unwrap it to turn it back to SGB at anytime. So you've told Songbird how many tokens you want to bet with, now you have to tell it who to bet on. This is called delegating. You can bet on one or two data providers. If you choose two you can set how much WSGB you want to bet on each one by percent (50/50, 80/20, etc.). Once set, your delegations will be used for each weekly contest until you change them. Those are the two steps to play. You must have some WSGB in your wallet and you must have told Songbird how you want to bet. Your WSGB never leaves your wallet or gets locked up - it costs you nothing to play. Before each contest starts, Songbird records everybody's bets for the upcoming week. But here's the catch. If there was just one set time to bet each week, people could keep their tokens on exchanges trading all week and then move them over for the vote and send them back immediately afterwards. That doesn't help the network, so instead Songbird has a 48-hour window where the bets are recorded from 04:40 UTC on Thursday to 04:40 UTC on Saturday (just before the contest starts). The bets will be recorded at some random time in that 2-day window, but no one knows when. Whenever the bets get recorded, that's it, they're locked in for the upcoming week. At that point, any changes you make either to your WSGB balance or your delegations won't have an effect on the game until the next time bets are recorded in about a week. The game isn't like a horse race where there's one winner and a bunch of losers. Instead all the data providers will win something over the course of the week, the best ones will just win a little more. At the end of the week all the rewards that the data providers win will be divided up among the people who bet on them. You'll be able to claim your winnings once the week ends (they don't go into your wallet automatically), paid in WSGB. If you don't claim your winnings within 30 days, you will forfeit them and they'll go back into the rewards pool for the next contest. Songbird is set up to inflate the total SGB supply by 10% each year to run this game. If my math is right that means for this first year, they'll be paying out 28 Million WSGB in prizes each week. 20% of that goes to the data providers - if you want to keep the analogy going, you can think of that as the vig. The remaining 80% will go to all of us degenerate gamblers who played in the contest.
  7. Guys perhaps I’m missing something but I don’t understand why there is any angst or confusion. It seems clear to me. - So long as you claim within a month you won’t lose your reward. - Any change takes effect in the epoch following the lock-in. - If you claim, then wrap, every week you are getting the maximum compounding interest. - Weekly on any day Sunday through Wednesday is the optimal claim then wrap days. - You don’t need to repeat delegate once you have set your delegation, newly wrapped rewards will be auto-delegated in the proportions you set. Perhaps I’m missing something but that seems simple and clear to me.
  8. Now let me think....hmmmmm...where have i heard that name Perkins Coie before.......oh yeah, they're the dirty scum of the earth criminally corrupt hatchetman law firm of the Democratic National Covention and more specifically, Hillary Clinton. They are the folks the DNC paid to hire Fusion GPS who ginned up the infamous "Steele Dossier"...wow, just wow. What a tangled web. Now to find out they're involved in the hitjob on Ripple and XRP too. You can't make this s*#^ up if you were writing a book.
  9. Today
  10. Good clarity, so Tuesday would be a good day, any given week, to switch and delegate on a new provider. Maybe. Perhaps. Who knows.
  11. Just an FYI for anyone with a Trust Wallet, I was hacked somehow about 36 minutes ago and and had BTC transferred out of my wallet, I was not logged in, I did not click on or answer and phishing emails, I did not respond to any email saying my account was compromised, I got an email about a BTC transfer that took place on my Trust wallet, figured it may have been a phishing email, got my phone and logged into my wallet only to see sure enough I had been a victim of a hack.
  12. Ooops, the lid of the can is being pulled open…. I see worms
  13. I just read through 100's of Discord messages looking for clarity on this and I found this from Flare team member Tom: "Let’s say you delegate to FTSO_xyz before the voting power lock and are eligible for rewards beginning Saturday. If you decide on Tuesday to change/undelegate from FTSO_xyz and delegate to FTSO_ABC instead, you are fixed to FTSO_xyz until the end of that rewards epoch. The system then switches to FTSO_ABC at the beginning of that next rewards epoch. Any rewards accumulated while “fixed” to FTSO_xyz, you keep. But you do not earn rewards with FTSO_ABC until the next rewards epoch begins. Switching delegation keeps you ‘fixed’ to the initial data provider you chose while you continue to earn any rewards with them for the remainder of the week. You are not eligible to earn rewards with the newly chosen provider until a new rewards epoch begins."
  14. This is only my guess, I don't have any documentation, but it looks like they basically take a snapshot a few days before the rewards week begins and that snapshot will reflect your vote for that whole week. So I think you can do whatever you want with your WSGB after the snapshot and still get the rewards for that week. EDIT: But if you change your delegation it won't go into effect until the following week. But this is just my best guess.
  15. From betwixt the fecal crevasse me thinks.
  16. I only delegated today. It doesn't matter because I think for years. As promised, I voted for FTSO_AU.
  17. seems it has begun to recover a bit, lets hope that was it! If it recovers fast that was another shakeout, and should put us into a better position to move through current resistance
  18. is there any info on whether or not we can change our WSGB delegation after a round has started? do we then lose the rewards for that round (roughly 1 week from what i understand)?
  19. Old China FUD disguised as breaking news to wipe out the gains made the last two days. About average behavior for Crypto. https://cointelegraph.com/news/old-fud-new-btc-price-dip-month-old-china-crypto-ban-sparks-42k-bitcoin-price-drop Don't let them steal your coins. ETH below 3k NEO below $40 these low prices won't last.
  20. in any case if BTC consolidates above 30K it's not so bad as starting point for another run
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