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  2. No, it does not. A trustline set on your XRPL account simply means the designated account may deposit their tokens into your account (up to configured maximum you have set).
  3. Never mentioned anything about Ripple caring about day to day price action. However when techies who run validators state things like this for no financial gain I listen
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  5. It may be due to new KYC requirements from XRPLabs new license. Not that you have to KYC every new wallet, but the requirement may still blanket be enforced, IDK. XRPForensics is a trust worthy operation IMHO. It could also be that the "new acct" is not actually an "un activated" acct, and that the acct is just new to XUMM. again IDK. I have many XRPL wallets, all "activated" and none on XUMM. would be interesting to see if one of those created the same notice. I think if it is only for "unactivated" accts then it would seem like a useless double check. Unless the "check" is an on going check. So imagine you activate a new wallet, then a knows criminal/thief's wallet starts sending XRP into the newly activated wallet.
  6. Thanks Eric123. Smartest post I’ve read in a while. 👍
  7. Dude, what i do and don't is non of your damn busines, and everything else is just speculation because you dont know me, so get lost.
  8. Well, not really because if an account is inactive, there is no historical data stored in the XRP ledger, hence, why it is not possible to know if an unactivated account was created by a criminal because anyone can create a pair of keys.
  9. In my opinion, this is an excellent opportunity to buy it. It is now at a meager price, and the chances that it will go up again are very high soon. It happens whenever a currency falls. Bitcoin is an essential part of my work because I need to make significant transactions in different countries. The cryptocurrency helps me do it faster, without any intermediate banks that take their vast commission. Usually, I use https://www.fatpigsignals.com/ to tell me when it's the best time to buy coins. Then I do the transactions via other companies that accept them.
  10. XRPForensics tracks known money laundering accounts and other accounts previously flagged for illegal activity. If I have to guess, if you're trying to activate a new XRPL account, Xumm is going to check if that new account was created by a known bad account and warn you because you might be getting scammed.
  11. https://support.xumm.app/hc/en-us/articles/4410772538642-XUMM-2-2-5-Release-notes hey @Wietse, some of us are confused on XUMM's recent update, what good does this feature do?:
  12. I think I have a similar problem. What I did was placing a few selling orders on Gatehub and forgot about it. A year later I found I had 500 USD sitting in an account called “ rock trading”. I managed to exchange 300 USD from this account to my Gatehub account in a very ridiculous rate! (1.2 rock trading USD= 1 Gatehub USD). But still there is nothing I could do with the remaining 200 USD. I had some USD in snapswap from my sale of XRP. But I successfully exchanged those money to my Gatehub account. These things happened during my early experience with Gatehub. Very weird. I thought the USD from my sales should go to my Gatehub account. Never heard of these “ rock trading” and “snap swap” before.
  13. Hope everyone is OK and safe after the Crypto crash. After a little time spent in the crypto markets you will come to realize (if you haven't already) that wild price swings are possible. The exaggerated price swings you find in crypto as opposed to those you find in the equity markets, are caused by several reasons, not the least of which are (high) leveraged trading and low liquidity. As market adoption continues the price peaks and valleys should become less dramatic, until that time volatility and also opportunity will continue. This drop has had no effect on my price predictions for this cycle. Drops are gonna happen and buying the dip has proved to be the best strategy over Bitcoin's life. These pull backs are opportunities to add to your stack. I realize most people do not have my tolerance for volatility - what doesn't phase me throws many people into a panic. Many don't have the stomach for crypto, but for those that can take it, so far they have been rewarded. Here's the chart - Here's the lines to break through.
  14. Hi, I need a help. I claimed my Spark on 12/12/20 with my Nano S Ledger. I registered my 3 XRP accounts at the same time with one ETH address on XRP Toolkit. I received my Spark and Songbird on those 3 accounts. But, the Flare address is registered only for one account. The other 2 accounts the Flare address is not registered. I need to register the flare address for those 2 accounts to be able to receive my Songbird and then Spark. My question : how I register Flare address for those 2 accounts ? Can someone help me and explain me how to do that ? Thank you.
  15. Hi, I claimed Spark with Ledger Nano S and I registered my 3 XRP accounts on XRP toolkit with One ETH address. I received my Spark and Songbird on those 3 XRP accounts. But, the Flare address is only registered on one XRP account. The other 2 accounts the Flare address is not registered. But the Spark and Songbird are there. My question is : how to register my Flare address on those 2 other accounts to receive my Songbird and then Spark ? Thank you for your help.
  16. Depends on what answer means. Can be something like: "We not ready to do it"? And than start its own game later in hearing.
  17. I believe the SEC are meant to answer some very pivotal questions in about 8 hours time specific to the lawsuit...could be interesting later on.
  18. @retep tries to find a balance, lower DCA and release steam, bounce negative emotions. It also can be just negative motivation. In any case, I want 0.06 🤣
  19. Lets say, i set up a trustline with Sologenic. Does that mean Sologenic can borrow non-XRP funds from me? and if so, do i get in debt if they dont pay back? Best regardes Johan
  20. XRP is indeed not performing as well as others, but it's is not a crap coin. Everybody is entitled to his opinion, but I fail to understand why somebody would hold on to a "crap coin" and evey say they would buy more of it if it goes down 60%. That being said, I'm just as tired as overly positive people as overly negative people. So I agree with you there. But at least I can understand why someone overly positive would hold his coins.
  21. It is one of the worst performing, fact. It has overlooked development in space, compared to others, fact. I also tired of constant over optimism or Ripple neck sitters, or 589 riddlers.
  22. What if he would what? Buy more XRP? That would be fine I guess? I don't care, I was just getting tired of his constant negativism. He thinks XRP is a crap coin and the worst performing coin there is, but he still holds it and keeps whining about it.
  23. It seems like I hit a sensitive point. Your arguments are getting a bit all over the place. 1) Taking statistics on a very small amount of data isn't very meaningful. So 10% of 30 posts? Yeah, so what? 2) Again, I'm not mocking your English. N00b isn't even an English word, so what are you on about? 3) And then back to the origin of this discussion: you said you would buy again a 0.25. Why would you do that? Didn't you have plenty of time to buy at that price (and lower) the previous years? I (and many others) have seen you panic and talk negatively about XRP when the price goes down (or doesn't rise as quickly as others). Based on those 2 facts, it's not so unreasonable to conclude that you wouldn't buy more XRP if it goes down by 60% from here.
  24. Denial is mental health issue too, as well as white knight syndrome, follow your own advice time to time 🤣
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