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  2. Man, don’t sweat it I understand your posts just fine and while the format isn’t perfect, it doesn’t affect my ability to understand what you’re expressing. Ppl are just teasing you and others are annoyed by it but pay no mind. Same! Most times I speak to Americans, thet think I’m an American until they hear me speaking spanish with a Puerto Rican accent to one of my friends and then they’re like wait a minute, where are you from? To which I reply born and raised in PR and they’re always like “rlly? I thought you were born and raised over here in the states! Where did you l
  3. Our Crypto who are in blockchain... hollowed be thy name... Thy bullishness come, thy work be done; on earth as it is on moon. Give us this year, our yearly bubble, forgive us of our bad trades, for we are a 0 sum game, forgive the bears for their sins, they know not what they do, and lead us not to margin calls... But deliver us into profits... In Satochi's name...
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  5. This is starting to look really good. I suspect that XRP is going to break out in a major way once Bitcoin has finished $hitting the bed.
  6. People pray for BTC comeback 🤣🤣🤣
  7. paym8


    no fun anymore? that was just a little satire, But if one does get caught funding terrorism, or money laundering they may well get prison. how big/small the amount needs to be before prison is unclear, if you just do it a little bit say $20 is it ok, but not ok if you do $250 or $250million? where is the line?
  8. It wasn't a well thought out plan on how to game the system, I merely observed that one possibility for a high IOU price was to create the perception that FLR had high value - selling FLR to FXRP would be ok, but if the price of FLR tanks later and there's not enough collateral to redeem FXRP for an equal value of XRP ... pumping the IOUs to a high price to get the network started at that price means you could collateralize a lot of XRP with your FLR, it was merely an observation of how the system might be abused and not a strategy that is guaranteed to work.
  9. Did some TA and it looks really similar to what happened on the 2017 run, reaching 20k sats would leave us on 9,5$ with the current BTC price or around 13,5$ if BTC reaches full extension, a range of prices that has been talked a lot by BCB.
  10. I would like to do some ledger analysis, for which i need an entire ledger history. I started the full history node, but downloading ledgers is painfully slow (about 15K ledgers per day) Is there anywhere where i could download the entire ledger history in a compressed format? I can try hitting the public API endpoints, but im sure there are limits there as well Any pointers would be appreciated
  11. Elon must have invited them, to help launch Paypal Galactic
  12. Honestly I think support and resistance levels are just a way for people to try to rationalize something that isn't there. All the time these supposed levels are broken as though they don't even exist. My observation is that the markets move at the whim of the whales and nothing else. I guess right now we're just waiting for the next whale to do something, which can be up or down without any reason other than the whale's desires. Afterwards we'll just look for a new explanation. Oh it went up/down because such and such.
  13. · The TCN token has been gaining a lot of attention from the wide crypto community. · This article will cover what is TCN and TCN price prediction. · TCN token is predicted to cross $1 by June and $8 within 5 years. In 2021, cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of momentum and have been a hot topic of discussion. Many tech enthusiasts and the general public are taking interest in the trending currencies. Moreover, analysing the absolute massive returns of cryptocurrencies, users consider them as a valid investment option in the current market ecosystem.
  14. https://www.security.nl/posting/695681/Cryptovaluta+tientallen+T-Mobile-klanten+gestolen+via+sim-swapping The article is in Dutch, you need google translate to read it if you can't read Dutch.
  15. I send XRP from my nicehash Wallet to my trustwallet. In Trustwallet i copied the adress from the "normal" XRP, without Bep2 and Binance Peg. Now, 2h later, no transaction is listed in trustwallet. In nicehash it says its confirmed and completed and xrp transactions are fast anyways... I'm aware of the 20 XRP fee but i send a little bit more and the transaction should be shown nevertheless right? So was this a problem with confusing "normal" Bep2 and Binance Peg or could it just take longer the first time? Are my coins lost or can i recover them if i sent it to the wrong version of x
  16. Be careful there is a rise in SIMSWAPPING scams. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIM_swap_scam This can be a simswapping attempt. How does this work? If you click on the link they know which telephone number to attack. Once your Authenticator info got stolen and they do a succesful SIMSWAP, they literally can change a lot of things to get to your funds. 2 months ago an employee of T-mobile in The Netherlands stole a lot crypto via SIMSWAPPING, he could literally access the system because he was working there, but he was dumb enough to leave traces and get caught.
  17. I found that this is not related to BTC when you look at ADA's chart. ADA is defying gravity when it goes up, even BTC dip can only make it drop a bit and then it pump in double speed. It is more related to XRP's resistance level.
  18. at3n


    Seems a little drastic to be concerned about prison, seems to me like you're describing a private sale of XRP, which is completely different to establishing a money-transmitting business. Just don't money-launder or fund terrorism, regardless of the asset you're using! Know your tax obligations though.
  19. I got the same thing a few days ago!!
  20. yes...always when we start to have fun...BTC....
  21. Hi, I received this Text today !!! If You get anything similar Do Not respond. Phishing Scam.
  22. Just my opinion, but I think the early BTC community was attracted by the idea of running some code (mining) and getting something for seemingly nothing. Ignoring electricity costs was easier back then because mining was easier + less competition. When XRP came around, they tried to engage the crypto community in a way that would mirror what the community was attracted to, "mining". So Ripple teamed up with Computing For Good, and people could contribute their extra compute power to Science projects, and earn XRP. I used to run all my office computers overnight for them. It didnt ta
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