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  2. Yes, @LeonidasH, thank you and congrats!
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  4. "When the regulators told us clearly that something that an ICO that begins as a security can later be declared not a security, they might well have been thinking of XRP." Why does it matter? For me it's obvious they are talking about xrp.
  5. So the Visa token is not a cryptocurrency, so to speak, it is a online TX token that they are putting on blockchain for security's sake. It represents a card, or perhaps the card transaction, but it is not the transfer of value itself, just a secure record. This "token" will never be on an exchange; it's an ID security protocol for the internet. The W3C has been working to standardize some of these things.
  6. Cycle analysis point of interest regarding my chart... You will notice that the pivots form triangles (dotted yellow lines). When there is no trend, ie price is flat, the high-point of the triangle is roughly mid-way between the lows. When the trend is down, the mid-point skews to the left and when it is up the high pivot skews to the right. This can be used as confirmation of the underlying trend and also indicative of it's strength. Another point of confirmation is the direction of the envelopes, ie. red, green and blue.
  7. I said it was thin cover, So why are you belly aching? Something to hang a hat on. There are all sorts of other reasons why it could be classified as not a security, certainly it is not a security now. Do you believe the plaintiffs story that they thought they were buying stock in Ripple. That is the biggest BS, do you believe it?
  8. It is a fact. A fact that has been understood and known all along. Nothing changed about that. There has been no change to ‘the agenda’ as you put it.
  9. Oh come on, do you really believe in that crap that it was gifted??? Some people in here repeat like parrots every BS that comes out of ripple. I wonder why they do not call them out when CEO predicts dozen of banks will use xrp in 2019?? And yes, when you are a CEO of a company that is being worth 10 billions you cant predict wet dreams. Every stupid sentence that comes out of your mouth has weight and has influence on the price. Oh ye, they had been saying for years its their asset and then out of the sudden they changed the agenda to "it was gifted to us". BS !
  10. Funny thing is half of the XRP army probably never heard of Davos until this week. lol
  11. I was joking. I should have clarified. :)
  12. Yesterday
  13. Single days are meaningless, we need at least a few weeks of sustained green! Nice to see though, XRP had been extremely red lately.
  14. I have some that are available to everyone for a mere $0.0001 per drop.
  15. Up day for XRP, XTZ, VET, and TKY. Rare to have 4 move at once.
  16. Helps that you are so heavy in VET these days, had a nice little run.
  17. I really liked the breadth of the rally today. Best day for my portfolio in a few months.
  18. I know it's tricky, but MG can play a key role in building liquidity. Banks will not help and so is WU. After a merger they're in front seat to go for full speed. With MG just as partner it will go on a far lower pace...
  19. For every amazon there are 100 counter examples . We will see
  20. Something like Xrp can only work if it was available for everyone .
  21. it will go to moon soon with gold standard coming to fix the broken system
  22. JPM coin is a shitcoin
  23. You're doing an amazing job @LeonidasH and you're a real credit to the XRP community, There's so much "noise" in this space but you keep us all informed with everything relevant
  24. I’m fairly sure it will go much higher. But apparently not sure enough to tell my boss I’m retiring now. Sigh.
  25. Short-term (next day or two) I see a rise up to $9150. My uptrend VTL has not yet been broken, so the underlying trend is still up.
  26. In this case I hope that you are wrong. In my mind it would show that they are not expecting any more growth with other key money transfer companies as total vertical integration like this would cause significant conflicts of interest. I'm not sure what extra benefit would be derived by such a merger, though if there are huge benefits which I can't see, then happy to be proved wrong.
  27. JPM coin will kill ripple so will will visa and they will also take bitcoin, ethereum, ect. Honestly it looks like a different use case entirely.
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