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  2. Walmart & Ripplenet?

    Partnership with Santa Claus confirmed
  3. Ripple T-shirt design competition

    I will print the Winner T-shirt. Not all in the competition. And it will be just ONE T-shirt.
  4. Walmart & Ripplenet?

    Jesus partnership would result in parabolic growth lol.
  5. When im done buying the amount of xrp i want i might buy a lil vert and sit on it
  6. Your designs are like concepts and white papers to me. This has a real use case, like Ripple
  7. Ltc and vert have a very freindly relationship, ltc is the better and improved btc and vert is the better and improved ltc
  8. I have just taken a position at Vertcoin. For me it is appealing because it is true to the original idea of Bitcoin. They have successfully implemented an algorithm which cannot be executed on special mining hardware such as the asic miner. This thread is about privacy coin and currently Vertcoin does not provide that, but it's under development. Vertcoin is currently only available on a few exchanges, so it naturally has a low market cap right now. You can compare VTC with Litecoin, and I believe that VTC has a lot of growing potential. If you like altcoins think of it like this. VTC has right now $333M market cap. By reaching top 20 ($1.2B market cap) would give ~400% returns. So in general it has a lot of room for growth.
  9. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    well, i am not one to be outdone, so I too just bought more.
  10. Qtum is getting pumped now on Bithumb , Litecoin before. Soon Ripple again hopefully
  11. Walmart & Ripplenet?

    Jesus was the first in frictionless cross-border transfer
  12. Walmart & Ripplenet?

    What about jesus partnering with Ripple?
  13. We all have to remember once the money starts pouring in from the FOREX Market in 2018, we will see continued parabolic growth. I think Xrp is the best HODL if you missed the Bitcoin wave.
  14. Could not keep my hand of the Trigger, just bought some more.
  15. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    here's a reminder for us all: https://medium.com/@scheplick/how-the-founder-of-the-5th-largest-cryptocurrency-learned-about-long-term-investing-87e178b0ea1e
  16. Haha so true, I was so it seems actually looking up XRP in the bittrex list not by name, but by 0.2x in last price column. But he, it's cool!
  17. Predicted price ranges

    what i'm saying is that those people who bought XRP at $.006 will be 99% out of the game at $2. and those people who see it at $2 and go all in thinking it's a great price will be 99% out by $10 and those people who buy in at $10 will be 99% out at $30 and those people who buy in at $30 will be out at $35, and $40, and $60. and those people who buy in at $50 will be 99% out at $100. Meaning when XRP prices actually do hit astronomical sums, the people who own 100,000+ xrps now will already be out of the market before it hits $5, $10, or more because they'll cash in their profits and move on. Very few people who mined 10,000+ BTC in the early days still hold their 10,000+ BTC. People cash out early. I've posted this link many times, but even Charlie Lee cashed out a massive portion of his LTC at $.20ea thinking it wouldn't go higher. If he had 1,000,000 LTC back then, it would be worth $300,000,000 today. https://medium.com/@scheplick/how-the-founder-of-the-5th-largest-cryptocurrency-learned-about-long-term-investing-87e178b0ea1e
  18. Try binance.com, super easy registration..you can skip and later activate the 2FA feature. While registration if you add refer me with my code 11130660 binance supports me. It costs you zero none.
  19. If they get onto Coinbase, then I have no doubt they will get to this price in no time. If Xrp does not get onto Coinbase then we will see Xrp hit the $3.20 by Q2 2018. Just my thoughts
  20. I think everyone is discombobulated right now. even just USD/XRP. it's a weird number. People who owned xrp at $.22 were panicking when the price dropped from $.80 to $.70. why? its only up 300% LOL.
  21. I was traveling to San Diego two weeks ago and I bought a sizeable block of LTC @ $70 to move to BitStamp and flip for a another block of XRP. The price jumped to $85, then $95, and I was afraid of not locking in some profit before I got on the plane so I set a stop loss @ $85. Got off the plane, saw the stop loss triggered and I locked a little profit in. Then I watched LTC jump to $125...and $175...and $275...and $300+
  22. Gotcha. I actually missed that, but more importantly, it just serves as an example of the general nature of details people would like more of.
  23. She looks like every grandma I've ever seen, ever. I wonder if she has some great smelling christmas cookies at home right now with lights up and music playing in the background.
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