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  2. Not whinging, just commenting about a bunch of clowns that have nothing better to do than make up ******** about price predictions. It's embarrassing.
  3. Julian_Williams

    XRP / XLM Chart?

    Wow! Did you just set that up? Well you are obviously being watched. Coinfield are copying you : https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-based-stellar-lumens-xlm-trading-pair-xlm-xrp-to-be-launched-on-coinfield/
  4. So by telling a fact you assume a person is not holding xrp? Nice paranoia you got there.
  5. You probably hate Santa Clause too.
  6. Now that I've got a better understand by using this "S" curve I would put exponential adoption rate tipping point at the point at which Ripple transitions from "innovation" phase to "early adoption" phase. My estimate is in the vicinity of 2.5% of banks onboarding, or 275 bank contracts.
  7. This tax nightmare stuff sounds like FUD to me, if you invest and make 800K and cash out, expect to pay close to %50 in taxes close to 400K. Sounds like these guys just cashed out at top of market and spent all the cash with no way to pay any taxes.
  8. CountZerpula

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Look, it's all very simple. Points directly to a Coinbase listing on the 7th Day of FOMO. It was in our faces the whole time.
  9. ImTheRippler

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Maybe you should be more clear about your point instead of just whining open endedly
  10. Well, look at the "S" curve in my previous post. Assuming that all Ripple production contracts are with banks, and Swift connects 11,000 banks globally, then 200 represents a very liberal value of 1.8% of the number of Swift's customers. This value represent 72% of 2.5% putting us almost three-quarters of the way through the "innovation phase" of the "S" curve. According to that "S" curve diagram in my previous post, we haven't even gotten out of the "innovator" phase using this very liberal estimate of 1.8% yet. So, we're still at the beginning, but close to phase of significant exponential growth ("early adopter" phase) once we go past 200 banks and enter the "early adopter" phase. I looked up "critical mass" and the term relates both to the "S" curve and a business. in the former, it's basically the point at which network effects just begin to grow exponentially and a business becomes self-sustaining. This definition can be used in various contexts : https://a16z.com/2016/03/07/network-effects_critical-mass/
  11. I'm sure they are not either. I't wasn't the point I was trying to make either.
  12. My recollection is dots have not been contacted. But I feel ripple is working this market. Possibly through mojoloups people and ilp. Would be nice to see tech like mpesa be ilp enabled
  13. Cryptoball

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    I really doubt people who are making decisions for FIs are sitting at their desks looking at you tube and Twitter and trying to figure out who BG123 is or what all those Riddles mean.
  14. mandelbaum

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    I only take financial advice from Cookiemonster, not some bear.
  15. Today
  16. I'm not across all this nonsense, but I do find it is very embarrassing for the XRP community. Ripple is a serious company with a respectable figure head who is presenting himself professionally on the world stage. Working with banks and FI's worldwide. Then we have these so called riddlers and jokers with stupid puzzles, pictures and riddles. It's childish and immature in my eyes.
  17. ImTheRippler

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Real. It’s on the shield too.
  18. We are hitting $50 either tomorrow or tomorrow next year. ;-)
  19. This. Go to /r/cryptocurrency on reddit and it's full of bitterness and despair. A lot of people there think blockchain is dead tech - didn't work, nobody adopted it. Game over, we got suckered. No, they were just too greedy in the last bull run and now they are too fearful. Same old same old. People get hysterical at the extreme ends of bull and bear markets. Irrational exuberance in a bull run and despair in a bear market. These emotions make people do the exact opposite of what they should be doing (buying when they should sell, sell when they should buy). People over-extend themselves or simply have no patience. They need to think like institutions - here's a great video giving great investing tips in the cryptospace (IMO of course):- https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ypJdOWLnbYGW average in on the way down bottom has very little liquidity so don't try to time it anyway and price doesn't usually stay there for long price moves up fast after the bottom is established buy a distressed asset (70% off its ATH) if you've done your research and believe it has a solid future Particularly here:- https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ypJdOWLnbYGW?t=532 retail investors lack discipline, react to emotions institutional investors buy with a longer timeframe in mind, far more disciplined than retail investors retail investors buy when they wish they should have already bought earlier retail investors sell after they wish they should have sold earlier retail investors seek comfort which leads to poor decision making
  20. What is significant about it being hooked?
  21. Since Kichiro has come up we can include them in this discussion. When they first appeared they had piqued my interest and I followed along with their posts like I followed BG123. While I was extremely skeptical, the $50 in 24 hours was an exciting thing to think about. The recent stuff with them saying they were making it all up and on drugs was weird. Even more so now that they seem to still be doing stuff on Twitter. Now they just seem like the other fake riddlers. Let me be clear: I secured my position in XRP over a year go and haven’t bought or sold any since then. None of these characters have any impact on whether or not I feel XRP is a good investment. I believe it’s only a matter of time before we have a nice return so this is just fun to pass the time until that happens.
  22. mandelbaum

    Swift CEO Steps Down After Era of Tech Disrupting Global Banking

    Looks like the guy is a bit for a crypto geek himself, if the Twitter handle is correct. https://twitter.com/geoleib
  23. There are a lot of inexperienced investors that are buying high and selling low. When prices were high, they bought as they feared missing out, and then when it dropped, they panicked and sold. Their emotions are they own worst enemies. Also, people were investing with money they couldn't afford to lose and/or needed in the near future. These amateur investors will eventually get weeded out and then we'll have a bottom. They'll be back when prices are high again...lol.
  24. Mr_Cambridge

    Stay strong!

    Grant knows how to make money. The problem is being able to purchase 16, 20 or 30 plus units to cash flow. His strategy is a no brainer. It works. He's a little cocky, but I kinda like his style. Lol. His southern drawl cracks me up.
  25. King34Maine

    Building on Ripple tech and XRP

    Here is an example of a company who will be utilizing the XRP-Ledger to do just that: Securitize - Security Tokens platform to use XRP-Ledger Securitize Platform Investors
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