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  1. actually I lied to you: there's 3 options: 1 sell 2 hodl 3 get stupidly Drunk on Glennfiddich and forget about crypto
  2. I think you nailed it: once/ if/ when average Joe get's interested again in buying crypto with Fiat money, price will climb again regardless of BTC-price. Question that remains: what will start the necessary Bullrun to do so? We all know now that good news about XRP doesn't move the price, on the contrary... I really think everybody who invested in XRP during the Bullrun is facked. I spend two years now dca-ing my price down from $ 1.50 average to $ 0.49. Costed me a sh!tload of money and hey, i'm still more than 50% in red. There are two options for me: sell at a 50% loss, or hodl and hope to see some gains in the future. The last it will be. If I were a new investor and invested in XRP right now, I only would need a 10 cent rise to make 50% gains on my investment. Many new investors will take such % and sell at 50% profit. That's why we, the old and wise burned investors will have to wait a long time to see our investments turning green. My hopes are for 2021-2022. No way XRP will be above .50 next year. I'm quite bearish, but that's easy for me, being an actual Bear..
  3. Two year ago, XRP was about to explode to $ 3,84, despite of nobody needing it then
  4. Our mutual "problem" is that most of all saw green numbers with a modest stack in XRP late 2017/early 2018 during the Bullrun and we all thougth this party would last at least another few months. So: almost nobody even thinked of selling their XRP at ATH because of pure and simple Greed. (me included) After the ATH when the price plunged, we all lost money and were in red. It''s part of human psychology to get out of debt/losses so most of us, again including me invested way more than we've ever thought that was possible to buy more XRP on the way down to lower our DCA. That's fine of course, but the greed is still inside us. If XRP goes to .52 i'm in green again. Could happen in a few weeks, or could take years, no one knows. I've figured out my exit strategy when the price is above .52 cents: i would ladder sell a part of my stack in the run up. BUT: imagine .59 is the new ATH to come? Knowing that XRP once hit $3.84 wouldn''t make me sell all my stack at .59, not even half. Why: because we all want to see at least a few dollars a coin. That's why we take a huge risk hodling. If XRP would fly to 5 dollars, only few would sell all of it and cash out, because "imagine if XRP goes to 25 dollars?" We'll if XRP reaches 25 dollars 80% of my stack would have been sold, and 20% will be kept for future higher prices. But there's a fair chance by then Greed has taken over in my head and I refused to sell and I'm left in self-pity because after the 25 dollar ath XRP nosedived to 1.13 again... "There are only two things infinite", Einstein once said: "The Universe and mankinds Stupidity".
  5. We''ll that didn't work. I received the semi-airdrop tweet five minutes ago...
  6. He's got his own burger in Japan: The Mc-Blinker.
  7. Well Bull, I've never seen such revenues in one day for a new coin I hold: invested 392 dollars a month ago, and now it's doing 1,400 dollars on day one. If XRP would do this we'd all be rich by now... (almost x3,5 in 1 day is pretty good...)
  8. Let me guess: They postponed the postponed postponening of the original launchday?
  9. Being a Panda, I'm Bearish as by nature. I don't believe a thing about this predictions We are struggling between .35 and .45 for 5 months now. Everytime we break .45 I get the feeling something's brewing. It always appears to be the pot of Coffee on the stove.. .65 EOY would be huge.... in this G.dforsaken stupid market..
  10. I get your concerns. Many of us have the same... It's not easy to stick to your plan when you see that XRP isn't performing the way we all wanted it should atm. I still think we have to trust Ripple and her partners, and sometime soon we'll get rewarded for all the waiting. If not: Banksters Scam-coin!
  11. You are very right brother. And I want to add one more tip: Don't rely on traditional stocks & bonds as your strategy to trade on Crypto: it won't work. TA won't work either. This market is still at it's infancy.The only thing that might work is your educated guess. It worked for me: I lost about 50% of my stack daytrading last year. Evertime I had the feeling I could time the market, I was wrong. It's almost like gambling: The first few times you'll win and you think you are that lucky ******** who knows how things work. Remember it's far more difficult to take small gains than to accept big losses. That's how human psychology works: I you lose, you will try everything to get your money back, and that's the moment your investing skills will be conflicting with your emotions. I've learned my lessons: *1: shouldn't have invested in crypto during Bullmarket *2: shouldn't have been dragged away on FOMO *3: shouldn't have tried to understand trading this market because of it's infancy *4: I should have stepped into crypto in 2014.But at that time it was to shady for me to get in (whish i did) *5: put a limit to your investments, only invest the part you are willing to lose *6: Hodl and ride the crypto waves. Great chance you will win over time, and less stress. *7: post silly pic's and gifs on The Zerpening to keep up the spirit *8: If you can't handle the crypto stress, sell, get back your sanity and grow Avocado's or Pot.
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