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  1. Oh@nikb you always know just what to say, just as I was starting to think@miguel supplemented you as sexiest Ripple employee around you go and say such sweet things
  2. Hell of a faucet. The idea can be branched out to gateway incentives/ investments particular in areas without a IOU asset represented yet. Ripple could be more free with XRP backed investment that is locked up with faucet. If the gateway goes under or doesn't meet certain guidelines such as KYC the amount can be returned to be reinvested
  3. I think this is a great plan for Ripple- it provides long term monetization of their asset and provides an answer to those FIs not comfortable holding digital assets or from a company that holds the majority of them (as was the case from Australian trails). Not sure for consumer side use. One the one hand this is a a great way to increase liquidity between pairs and all traders would benefit. I think I would need to hear more of this plan (just an idea at this point), especially on lending terms, uses, limitations, etc. I believe @miguel mentioned the possibility of splintering off or setting up a separate financial identity to deal with this- that from a user perspective could be great with one pure technical team... Not enough info, just interesting as I never considered this before
  4. Opps, sorry @velmet. I was typing on my way to work before the coffee... rather embarrassing. Indeed- thanks for the save @gregor I think its always better to offer opt in for crypto, just make sure the option is there early. Also a big thanks to @gatehub and @gregor for addressing this early and openly.
  5. Too much money in the system and no way for it get out with value intact. Big OTC pipelines have been built but they mostly run in one direction. With the Chinese frozen and so many buying in high the prices are stuck on a slow drop off. I just wish ripple and ILP was integrated at more exchanhes, even if most value ends in other coins the increased network use as capital runs helter skelter would have been amazing
  6. Finally had a chance to listen to the whole interview and that section stuck out to me. Mostly because it was the first time I heard anyone from Ripple mention it and because of its potential impact. In one hand these XRP would be 'locked up' or set aside for a specific case. Depending on transparency it should solve the fears of the markets being flooded. On the other hand it might mean the price remains flat as FI would have no incentive to buy and hold. Personally I always thought it unlikely that FIs would ever buy and hold large amounts, especially once treasurer departments got involved to solve the issue of holding dead capital to simply meet offer fulfillments- why would they simply replace one dead capital for another? But this would change expectations a bit. Not exactly sure how, would need to think about it.
  7. The major difference between coins of yesterday and the coins of tomorrow is the theory of their development. Serious coins of the past were tweaks of existing coins focusing on improving technical operation or improved operation function and then searching for a raison d'être, think litecoins silver to bitcoins gold. The coins of tomorrow will be created to serve specific functions or needs. In this case XRP is perfect and well ahead of the pack. It has a defined role and is perfectly suited for what it does. The benefit of being a perfect fit for a specific purpose is it crowds out or prevents others from getting in. So while XRP may never reach crazy price speculation heights it won't have a whole lot of competition in its core role and should out last most of the existing and future coins.
  8. I think this is a good idea personally but I know a few would take an exception to IOUs just showing up and trust lines enabled without thier permission. Might be better to leave it as a opt-in. Maybe have the option to have the trust line added now though so people can trade the min a fork happens.
  9. The simplest way to cool the ardour of the angry groupies second guessing every decision Ripple has made is to have[mention=30]JoelKatz[/mention] Chuck Norris the door down and start blasting away with a ripple t-shirt cannon. "You get a t-shirt! You get a t-shirt! We all get t-shirts!" Seriously this space is young, changes happen fast and the tech is not mature by any stretch of the imagination. There are countless coins that have crashed and burnt already, Ripple is laying the foundation for what heopefully will be a permanent and lasting protocol and asset. When we are old and drinking fruity cocktails with umbrellas on[mention=46]Dizer[/mention] island we will look back and realize it all happened so fast. But seriously, where is my t-shirt already?
  10. Bluezelle and xagate are Canadian gateways, however both suffer from liquidity issues. Bluezelle is operational but super quite of late, I have been able to withdraw at least. Xagate is having restructuring and other issues but its owner pops on the forum now and then. With the closure of Vogogo a lot of access points, Bitcoin or ripple were lost. Coinbase, the Rock Trading, etc. For an idea started in Canada by a Canadian ripples presence here is muted at best. The biggest thing is that almost all the big banks here are somewhat involved with Ripple (steering committees, trails, partnership, etc. ) but limited consumer access.
  11. Interac is a Canadian based inter bank network so not suitable for US purchases. @Max Entropy Interac Online isn't that old, started in about 2005 and used by all major banks with the exception of CIBC. The issue is that few if any merchants acept it (since most online shopping is dominated by US processing companies) making Visa/ debit co branded cards popular. Interac Online is also superceded by the use of Interac Email for p2p exchanges and direct bank payments
  12. Thanks, appreciate you keeping us informed. I am sure you guys are just as bemused and flustered as we are.
  13. Got the following email from Crypto Facilities Anyone know how Bitstamp and Gatehub will report/ trade a fork?
  14. I wonder... If instead of a few big MM's there was a way to leverage several smaller one's such as yours. What would the number one thing you would say that would help or even encourage others to get where you are now? Like some sort of pooled fund that could award out assets to be invested based on past results (if you have a good run you get more assets to re-invest)? Or even some sort of hosted services for your bots or even some common tools (like bots for rent, or simple to program bots based on a few pre programmed scenarios)? I would think that some sort of affiliated co-op program that would encourage or aid smaller MM might receive some official backing. Ripple could either donate the start XRP for the pooled funds (say a equal amount matched to whatever fiat the MM is trading) or the expertise in the bots (ex: the API calls)... Said co-op could be self sufficient in collecting a small fee for pool management, bot rentals, hosting, FMM (perhaps another pooled tool that would back the pairs the MM's are trading), etc. That way its not a charity, or a Ripple meddling in the markets directly (removing conflicts of interest or other issues) and help organic community growth. Just throwing out ideas
  15. Not to pry or to get too personal but what sort of extra resources would you need to get to the next level based on your experience? Assume you still do this on the side, so not full time, just maintaining the bots. I wonder if we pooled some resources together if it would make a difference...