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  1. Mercury

    Bullion Silver Medallions

    Most if not all orders should start receiving shipping/ tracking emails this coming weekend
  2. Mercury

    Bullion Silver Medallions

    These are 1/2 troy ounce (technically a tad heavier since its in grams, but so close it makes no real world difference)
  3. Mercury

    Entering a large position in CAD?

    Coinsquare has high fees and some hoops to go through BUT they do have a high wealth management services and account managers that should help
  4. Agreed. Depositing via Japan defeated the whole point having a trade in our currency. Never mind explaining the wire instructions to a bank. I am curious who the local provider gateway is though. The list of those willing to work with cryptocurrencies is small... very small
  5. Mercury


    I have given up on these guys. XRP has not yet been listed and they do not respond to requests for updates
  6. Mercury

    Ripple still helping out, what are your thoughts?

    Can you find a bank branch that doesn't sponsor a local charity or a national bank without a cause? Having a group of smiling teachers and kids hanging in your boardroom doesn't hurt your company's profile. Of course its advertising. Doesn't mean its bad though. They could have just as easily donated the money to a game reserve, an endangered cute animal or offer to help clean up the oceans. There was a reason this cause was chosen from a long list of worthy causes and it could be simple because they like teachers and kids
  7. I have to be honest and say i do not know a lot about CLS. But it appears they separate processing and settlement, ie. Same old workflow, but perhaps on faster technology or with deeper middle market management to give the illusion of instant settlement (instant payouts, later batch settlements). CLS has been around since 2002 and it looks like your standard FX company that is implementing new fintech to gain a market edge vs. Ripple wich is building from the ground up with the new technology.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum @Jkumar! There are several examples under tutorials and the new members section on a cold wallet setup- man that could be run on a live distro. The question you have to ask yourself is how often will you be accessing the wallet?Is this a cold wallet for long term storage or a hot wallet for daily trading? If its a cold wallet a paper wallet, writing/ printing off the secret key is all you need. If a hot wallet than desktop Toast wallet would work.
  9. Mercury

    Net Neutrality VS Ripple

    Techcrunch had an article that was interesting on the subject. https://techcrunch.com/2018/06/12/netflix-and-alphabet-will-need-to-become-isps-fast/ I do not agree that Google and Netflix need to become ISP, but the changing landscape of vertically integrated ISPs (AT&T merging with Time Warner and eyeing Fox) makes a strong business case for throttling or simple offering paid access. We might see a return to the cable setup- providers acquiring rights to special access (or being paid for customer access) and the whole package being offered as a bundle to consumers.
  10. Mercury

    Net Neutrality VS Ripple

    I admire your faith in common sense lol Personally I will side with history- someone will come make a mess of it- and that will spur change.
  11. Mercury

    Net Neutrality VS Ripple

    Metered content also runs into the same issues surrounding premium or niche products/ services. There is a reason why channels are bundled together, individually it they could not attract enough interest to support themselves. If you pay for everything you only shell out what you want/ need and rarely branch out to other items/ services. Consider, how many times have you watched or even waited in line for a paid movie you knew nothing about? VS. trying a new show or movie on Netflix because it was there and free? Comcast already rents out users routers for public wifi, I see it going more that way. The big guys offer a pass to access their products/ services and those paid access points. A form of metered or walled garden toll
  12. Mercury

    Net Neutrality VS Ripple

    'Ways around it' do not equate easy access. Getting users to try a new payment system is hard enough- having them jump hoops to do it would be a none starter. Also consider platform restrictions all ready- apps that sell cryptocurrency are frequently banned or limited, I could see a ISP easily adopting similar practices. We might be heading back towards walled gardens and AOL/ Yahoo landing pages with their own preferred content and 'paid' access points. Another angel to consider is that ISP already have some restrictions or liabilities to report fraudulent activity (mostly pirated data) and to monitor/ report some behaviours when required. They might use their new powers to 'protect the consumer' by simply restricting access to questionable endpoints. A ledger database might be grouped under file sharing, or un-regulated e-money, or who knows what. Right or wrong it would take tremendous effort to overcome. People will scream if Netflix is taken off line, but a little known/ used wallet for a little understood payment system?
  13. There have been numerous complaints and sub par behaviour on this thread. Users have been warned and I am locking this down. Oh... and the face of shame and disgust.
  14. I was wondering what other members thoughts were over the net neutrality degradation in the US and its potential threats to Ripple. I think it less likely that the protocol would be threatened but there might be some concern for services built ontop of it. If an ISP such as AT&T wanted to launch its own payment system/ wallet it could throttle apps/ sites that used competing services. Startup or even community based services could be restricted or blacklisted. Perhaps nothing overt, but we could see something similar to Twitters blacklisted efforts to starve out undesirable elements or even pay to deliver channels for services in competition to a ISP/ data provider.