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  1. Mercury


    Congrats to all winners! Messaged you @JCCollins for shipping details
  2. No more than what the ledger shows. rBxQw8gvC5i7GZaeNw4HjKxxyqFS54Cav3 closed the escrow, and was funded/ created as part of the 2theMoon project via purchase of one of the medallions.
  3. Here are some of the documents I am submitting alongside the medallions.
  4. One of the final Senate reports can be read here: https://sencanada.ca/Content/SEN/Committee/412/banc/rep/rep12jun15-e.pdf I believe that Kidd mentioned that NO Canadian banks were using/ testing Ripple. The report says otherwise from such sources such TD spokesperson to the committee. There are also several instances of proof that this has changed since that report/ interview, they can be found in other forum posts
  5. I was the only audience member there I went when I heard this was happening and made a post/ transcript on the old forum I believe. Very nice coffee served in real cups, the senators got served by their assistants... I had to get my own. Still not sure If I was supposed to even some...
  6. Mercury

    Entering a large position in CAD?

    Mostly due to fees and deposit limits. The amount either has to be accumulated over time using several direct deposit (ie. interac online) with each adding a cost. There are several bespoke wealth management for high value accounts, but unless you dealing in the hundreds of thousands these options tend to be unworkable for most.
  7. Mercury

    Bullion Silver Medallions

    Something shiny arrived today...
  8. Mercury

    Bullion Silver Medallions

    Most if not all orders should start receiving shipping/ tracking emails this coming weekend
  9. Mercury

    Bullion Silver Medallions

    These are 1/2 troy ounce (technically a tad heavier since its in grams, but so close it makes no real world difference)
  10. Mercury

    Entering a large position in CAD?

    Coinsquare has high fees and some hoops to go through BUT they do have a high wealth management services and account managers that should help
  11. Agreed. Depositing via Japan defeated the whole point having a trade in our currency. Never mind explaining the wire instructions to a bank. I am curious who the local provider gateway is though. The list of those willing to work with cryptocurrencies is small... very small
  12. Mercury


    I have given up on these guys. XRP has not yet been listed and they do not respond to requests for updates
  13. Mercury

    Ripple still helping out, what are your thoughts?

    Can you find a bank branch that doesn't sponsor a local charity or a national bank without a cause? Having a group of smiling teachers and kids hanging in your boardroom doesn't hurt your company's profile. Of course its advertising. Doesn't mean its bad though. They could have just as easily donated the money to a game reserve, an endangered cute animal or offer to help clean up the oceans. There was a reason this cause was chosen from a long list of worthy causes and it could be simple because they like teachers and kids