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  1. It happens after ever major event, announcements or action. Leading up to it expectations run high and people inevitable are disappointed. There is also a rash of signups on the forum after an event that seem to focus mostly on a negative and bellicose postings that keep moderators busy (for every one you see another two are removed). Aftera week or so the fight saps out of the newcomers and most become inactive, leaving only those who really want to be part of the community behind. Existing members right their expectations and over analyze everyone's reaction... And we all move on looking forward to the next big event, announcements or actions.
  2. bittrex and other exchanges

    @Bitstamp-Domen has been confirmed to be communicating on behalf of Bitstamp
  3. I would like to think having some sort of verification third party like the former IRBA directly involved would give both it and it's partners more credibility, and allow the third party a bigger constructive role
  4. Wouldn't having a validator associated with a company, regardless if that company operates the validator directly or via a subsidiary/ contract, still place ultimate responsibility with that company?
  5. I vaguely call @nikb saying we are free to write a best practice guideline (not saying it would be adopted). As a exercise what would you like to see @T8493, @Sukrim and others? Some basic guidelines- it has to be reasonable that a business/ operator would adopt, adhere to industry best practices, be certifiable by others, etc. One thing I would like would be perhaps some sort of multi sign key signature (could be used in the signed domain @T8493 talks about). The reason is it limits the risk while keeping authorship verifiable (and can help recovery of the eventual tech screw ups). The other party in the multi signature could be Ripple itself (logical extension of the UNL), or perhaps the oft talked about resurrected IRBA successor- giving some oversights, verification and another sustainable income feed.
  6. Project Overview

    At least all the great Pens captains are Canadian, but as for the team itself... They broke my heart last year. Beating Ottawa in double over time in game seven in a Stanley Cup series...
  7. Project Overview

    Seriously. You're going there?
  8. Also where Alan Turing debuted his machine based on mathematical logic that bears his name
  9. XRP lending

    Only in part. What about high frequency short term trades? Gold is not itself traded but rather ETRs, bit XRP itself is the instrument of final settlement. I bet that can be a tad confusing for areas of regulation that deal with end of day settlement and rate calculations ( you might end up in situations were settlement is pre paid rather than post). It could be any of this and none. Nevermind the difference between international regulations.
  10. XRP lending

    I would hazard a guess and say it might be something as simple as classification. Derivatives are regulated. As are loans, outstanding assets, capital and foreign reserves. XRP in this use case is all and none of these.
  11. XRP lending

    I think this address a few areas such as: It can act as liquidity on tap. If setup as short term contracts banks and more likely MM wont need to keep a large inventory- driving their costs down even more. Regulatory compliance. All assets held have to end up on the books, and their owners held accountable for. By renting an asset it might change who has 'ownership' and therefore the risk and regulatory exposure. Testing. A cheaper way to test out high volume usage without the corresponding need for large working inventory. Price protection, if the contracts are weighted (say a 5 year lease may have fixed amounts) it can act as a derivative I suppose.
  12. This thread seems to be attracting nothing but teenage angst and sedition amongst forum members. Locking down
  13. Hey Brad...

    This thread is worthy of a face of shame and disgust
  14. I would direct them to either a few threads on this forum or Hodors blogs
  15. I just merged, hid or otherwise combines the various threads on this same topic