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  1. That I am not sure about. I believe it is a fixed release/ amount schedule, similar to a auto market sell order, but I can be wrong
  2. An amendment to my last post- These lock ups are one part that help differentiate Ripple from the other crypto in IMO. Take Bitcoin for example; besides a reclusive nature and a communities myth making of a benevolent Creator, the creator has boatloads BTC with no guarantee that they wont be cashed in. There is no hard code preventing this or legal structure, there isn't even a real ID established that future legal action may be taken. Ripple now has hard code (escrow), legal (lockups and agreements), a known identity (company and founders names). Ripple has taken legal action against a former founder to secure a lockup and has also taken legal action when they felt an agreement was violated (R3)/
  3. As per the final settlement Jed has no control over his XRP holdings, Ripple sells them on his behalf on a fixed schedule. For all intents and purposes it is locked up. The other founders have volunteered to place their holding in similar lockups. With the companies escrow lockup and the ongoing partnership legally fixed release agreements there is only a handful of early adopter big whales who are free to act as free agents.
  4. I doubt this will catch on a big way, but can see a soft connection- there is already a growing acceptance of fingerprint scans for payments. A gateway that can match fingerprints to a specific wallet would essentially do the same thing without the invasive implant
  5. This forum discourages p2p wallet funding due to issues in the past. Please visit Links and Resources and Our Picks for alternative funding methods
  6. This forum discourages p2p wallet funding due to issues in the past. Visit Links and Resources and Our Picks for alternative funding methods
  7. Fund that pays XRP dividends?

    Heya @brianwalden! Long time no see.
  8. What does it take to be a 1%er?

    There are some lists floating out there, but I think one thing to note is that this is tracking wallets and not individuals. I would guess of the top 1% many are businesses accounts that are linked, ie. owned by the same entities that may move amounts around. I would also hazard a guess and say another large percentage are behemoth whale sharks that have multiple accounts. The amount of 'unique' individual wallets in the top 10% are very, very small.
  9. Ripple tech was coined as 'ledger-chain' by a forum member (sorry, can't remember who). For how the ledger works see here: https://ripple.com/build/ledger-format/ and here: https://ripple.com/build/reaching-consensus-xrp-ledger/ Roughly every 4-6 seconds the ledger closes and the next starts based on the last closing ledger totals (chain of ledgers), the full ledger history is kept on nodes (why consensues and UNL is important as they are the custodians of the cryptographic 'truth'. Vs blockchain that tries to encapsulate all information all the time. To the average laymen these are the same but there are some differences. @JoelKatz and others can explain it better than I
  10. Had two XRP wallets cleared out.

    It wont hurt, but the idea behind the Beginners Guide is if your a total fresh to crypto it will be as simple or painless as possible. There are other tutorials and guides for more intermediate and advanced users. Some such as @Xilobyte have some VERY comprehensive security minded guides. I have tried to source material from trustworthy sources, hence Bithomp. I will place/ update the disclaimer that users are executed to use normal caution when online
  11. Had two XRP wallets cleared out.

    @ChavasRegal there has been an increase of malicious users, the consequence of Ripple growing more popular sadly. I have started a Black List of suspected wallets and posted the two you mentioned


    This post is to list suspected malicious wallets. These wallets have accused of been linked to theft or other criminal behavior. There are three categories: proven; suspected; and suspicious. Proven is when there has been a police or other law enforcement action taken, these have been shared with a mod. Suspected are wallets that have had a lot of suspicious activity, collaborated by several forum members personal experience (ie. theft), but no legal action taken. Suspicious are wallets associated or linked to wallets in the first two categories but with no further proof. If you suspect a wallet or have information to add please private message a mod to add or review the list. If a gateway wishes to disclose their own blacklist please contact mod to confirm identity. NOTE: This forum and its members can NOT take action against wallets and their owners, legal or otherwise. This is to act as a cautionary tale and PSA to the general community.
  14. Had two XRP wallets cleared out.

    I have updated the tutorial to 3.0 to use the now actively supported Bithomp wallet generator and posted a note on the last post explaining why