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  1. Yeah, we need some major banks in the EST zones. Getting tired of waking up and realizing that the financial world took yet another major leap ahead without me. I was considering getting alerts for every news release, but with all the different time zones in play I would never sleep again
  2. Some pro tips @thanhnhut: 1- Please don't post your private email on the public forum- not unless you want a lot of unsolicited mail 2- Make sure your title clearly states what your asking for. This helps future readers with similar issues and allows helpful forum members provide answers
  3. Also while Ripple does offer products outside RCL and XRP I believe they are RCL/XRP ready, meaning after banks are more comfortable with DL they can opt into using XRP
  4. RC Cloud is a Ripple product. PoC is 'Proof of Concept'.
  5. Would it be feasible or even desirable to have some sort of micro fee as part of the wallet? Like % of every trade or something. Trying to think of alternative methods of making the wallet self sustainable instead of asking for continues donations or ads.
  6. What is 'enough consensus'?
  7. Instead of alternative direct transfers* I foresee more complex multi hop ones based loosely on the existing system. Ex: instead of cash flow from US to Mexico we might see US to Canada then to Mexico. With every hop there is more fees (therefore pushed by banks with a presence in all markets, providers that work through these corridors like money gram and new entrees that take a cut at every step). The inevitable raising of fees and extended settlement time will make money flow to those with the lowest barriers (as a business competition if nothing else) and potentially to industry tool such as Ripple Connect. With increasing use of a service such as Ripple we could see funds routed from US to Japan and then to Mexico at a lower cost and quicker turn around. Ironically such government measures might end up spurring growth in a financial system that defeats the very goal that they were created for. @ most direct transfers are just another layer on top of the existing systems. They often adopt more risk in paying out funds earlier while they wait for the final settlement- and charge accordingly. There is also the increase hassle of getting both sides of the transaction to adopt, and with a direct p2p 'look and operation' they have to prove that they are not sending direct over the border, increasing compliance costs and therefore fees as well
  8. Stress Gear. The cause or the cure? I wonder...
  9. Security. Ownership. Control. Politics. Those four points are the main deciding factors. While RCL might address some it doesn't cover all. If there is a blockchain expect it be private and local regionaly controled. I have been looking into CAD Coin. The self contained and controlled aspect is probably the route that national and governments issued fiat will go. If these connect to outside networks is another matter though. At some point these will have to be traded and exchanged. I see it as RCL blown up. Nations will be gateways were the residents are users who trade and use the token on their own dedicated platform with backend connectivity between other exchanges provided via ILP.
  10. I doubt blockchain would give any serious pause to the creation of money, at least to those central banks operating in the US mold. Public money creation can still be excessive with the Treasury buying debt (creating demand) and private creation (banks loans and credit sheets) would be just opaque. Sent from my LG-K210 using Tapatalk
  11. Keep in mind who Ripples customers are. Unlike a pure tech to consumer company, whose business success depends in part out shouting the competition and dazzling the public, banks are the opposite. They are discreet and overly secretive and have a strong allergic reaction to public exposure. Quite and steady is the mantra and I am sure they would have baked that into several layers of paperwork and agreements with Ripple. Any topic about code or monetary theory gets Ripple employee feedback. Any questions about banks and business gets chasms of deafening silence. Go to any established banks website (not a new web based startup one) and try to find a informative behind the scenes FAQ section. Odds are you can't. Go to the banks major suppliers and try the same. You can't. Ripple is no different. One the one hand the silence means that they DO have agreements in place. . . Sent from my LG-K210 using Tapatalk
  12. @Dizer This DH press release doesn't mention Ripple directly (but strongly seems to imply) but you might find it interesting In the past DH has host webnars with Ripple
  13. This is addressed in some other threads but there several possible reasons. 1) Regulation clarity, Japan has official rules and regulation that clarifies digital transactions that helps provide clarity to banks. 2) Culture, Asian countries in general are more tech friendly and often have the mindset of fierce technological investments to drive profits (rather than procedural changes found on Wall Street). This is also true of these countries consumers, who are more open to new tech. 3) Many countries in Asia feel that SWIFT, World Bank and other international banking tools are tailored to Western countries and are heavily influenced by them. Asian countries may seek another option, if not to replace, to at least offer counter balance. 4) Internal fund transfer systems are a hodgepodge of various technologies and are at times slow (Japan's are very complex), a system like Ripple that can offer inter and external bank connections can be all-in-one solution. 5) Snowball effect, there was some early heavy adopters in Japan. With their smaller international presence domestic banks face stiffer competition in their home markets from each other and might fear be left out. By joining a consortium you not only reap the benefits of whatever is deployed, but you also keep tabs and abreast of your internal competition while fending off foreign competition. 6) To redeem that fast and furious Tokyo drift movie, not really, just checking to see if your still reading. 7) Ripple has a kick *** Asian sales team