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  1. Great question. There are several tutorials and guides on the forum, and I must give a shout out to @Allvor who have posted a good guide on trustlines on their site. In short you need a trustline before you can hold and trade another asset on Ripple (with the exception of XRP). Gatehub --Advanced option in you wallet -Set Trust button -Enter your password -Copy and paste the SMT ripple address ( rJCDKXt4EBxbfA3kvxv895g8i9dzY62y1u ) into the Ripple Address and enter the currency code ( SMT ). -Click Submit. Then you simply trade tokens as you would normally on Gatehub. The two established markets are between SMT and USD. Bitstamp and Gatehub (default USD for Gatehub users). Other markets can be created if a user wishes although no guarantee it will be filled. It is worth mentioning that you do not need to hold USD Bitstamp/ Gatehub to take advantage of the market thanks to autobridging.
  2. Well I suppose I could sharpie something on it... heck if you ask nicely enough I might even fold a nice little hat for the capsule
  3. Are you referring to something that would look like Inked Pixels often used design? Technically it would be possible. Gold is expensive and it would make this somewhat too costly to most here I think. I also believe for an asset to be considered bullion investment grade it can't be bi-metal, even if the individual metals themselves are refined enough.
  4. Oh- and in case your coming to this poll new- the design winner gets a free medallion which of course will feature their design on it
  5. Yes. I have a site ready to launch soon for regular orders. I have not setup preorders on it though. As per @zenkert suggestion (I believe it was @zenkert) a Ripple token has been created SMT (Silver Medallion Token) and issued by rJCDKXt4EBxbfA3kvxv895g8i9dzY62y1u. There are currently two markets Gatehub and Bitstamp USD, users are free to trade and create new ones. When site is finally launched these tokens can be traded in for the medallions at 1:1. Also, IF there is a lot holders of the tokens then the medallions will be secured until cashed out. This allows those who may not want to pay full price to hold fractions and accumulate over time if desired. Finally those that participated in the first batch round get 10% off up to $100 USD from this batch orders of 2theMoon medallions AND/OR this token. This will be applied at the final point of sale (not to the Ripple token).
  6. And finally about the mint. The mint that was used for 2theMoon medallions has closed and is no longer accepting new orders. I have acquired a new minting partner (after an exhaustive search). I will withhold the new mints name for now until I have given final confirmation, but it is of a higher tier and quality than the previous one. The 2theMoon medallion design will be taken over by the new mint. Pricing is comparative, although slightly higher due to a second design element, better metal fineness and service. While bullion .999 is guaranteed the fineness might even score higher. The mint is a heritage private mint of impressive record and I am very lucky to do business with them. In regards to the 2theMoon medallions there is also a special announcement coming out soon once I nail done some special agreements- it should make us all, even those not interested in the project, very happy...
  7. About the medallions themselves. As mentioned they will be bullion grade silver (.999). This means they will be investment grade and therefore tax free in most jurisdictions, no tax will be applied at point of sale. In some jurisdictions bullion investments is also something that can be applied against income tax (please consult your local tax authority). I have also confirmed and re-researched the shipping options to better mark packages to avoid costumes issues (the tax exemption will be better outlined). Fineness: .999 silver Weight: 15.55 grams (1/2 Troy ounce) Diameter: 32.25 mm capsules included
  8. I should clarify when I say that this will be an ongoing and uncapped release. There WILL be a cap for this design, of no more than 500 medallions. Reasoning is that since it is a larger size there is an increased cost and perhaps a decreased demand compared to the 2theMoon medallions. However, the same size and metal type will be reordered if more than 500 is sold. I am not sure if there will be a new design at this point or not, if there is interest we can make this into a repeating competition.
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    @karlos- is this a new feature or something that has always been there and I am just seeing it now?
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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Whoa... was the option to sign up for a Club's newsletter always there?
  11. I never noticed... and now can't stop... will have to do some slight redesign
  12. Did some shuffling to add more spacing!
  13. The original series is not complete, but will be released with this new medallion. The first series will continue to feature the same design and is dedicated 2theMoon initiative (one of those medallions is already at Astrobotics facility awaiting launch). That series is capped at 2019 medallions. The only difference between the first batch and the next is that there will now be a reverse design and a wallet can no longer be added. This second series features a larger size (from 1/10 troy ounce to 1/2) and will be ongoing (perhaps with slight design changes). It is currently uncapped and a wallet could be included.