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  1. @Xilobyte, this guide was created with beginners in mind and kept simple as a result. If transferring millions of XRP I would hope a user would take a few extra seconds to further read threads and post on the forum for more advanced steps. As you noted the page could be opened offline and caches could be cleared to offer more security. I will update the post to mention these.
  2. It sounds like the poster is a few months behind. Ripple had pivoted away from direct consumer facing services and public XRP offerings, focusing more on banks. With the introduction of ILP Ripple pitched its as the benefits of RCL without XRP (it's more than that, but close enough to the layman). Recently Ripple is again making noise in regards to XRP, if nothing else as a companion or better optional paring for ILP. Your question is a correct one though, anyone with any real 'insider' knowledge would not disclose this on a public forum. Snitches and contract breakers don't get 'inside'.
  3. Most do. Of course they charge for the service, although for those dollar amounts it shouldn't be an issue
  4. The best example I can think up is Android, it was released to the wilds as an open sourced platform. A lot of phone manufacturers and forks were created, however there is a recent push to refocus on the main stock distro under Google for increased performance, security and features. Obviously a lot of those that were running their own Android version are unhappy, but by now Android serves the majority of mobile phones and its users are used to and expect a certain level or performance.
  5. Prob the same to any other highly regulated and closed market forced to suddenly compete. Prices dive, positions of risk are exposed, a fight to recover the status quo is sought, and if that is unsuccessful then competitive edges are sought.
  6. Taxi plates. Forgot about that market, in my city the plates and the second market for them is astronomical.
  7. I think most realize that the crypto space is really, really small- even if they never admit it. This leads to cannibalization and chasing the same invest money. There are a few 'advocacy groups', but they seem singularly focused on getting BTC legalized. I appreciate the efforts to start a grass roots initiative. If something comparable to 'Be kind, rewind' phrase could be coined and repeated over and over it might eventually sink in
  8. Are time shares considered a security? I wonder how property temporarily lent out (AirBnB, car sharing, etc) is viewed. I know I could find this out somewhere, but is a dreary Friday and I am feeling lazy. These are all value backed assets of a sorts
  9. Issuing an IOU from any wallet is not difficult, throughout my lifetime as a rippler (or zerper I suppose) I have issued and recieved several 'private' IOUs. A quick method with Gatehub is described in @brainwalden hotdog event. Getting another to trust your IOU is the trick. When at home I could offer up more details
  10. At this point this is all head games to be honest. What happens when all the Bitcoins are mined? Will early whales cash out? Would they become the defacto pressure release without any form of lockup or accountability? We simply don't know. While Ripple provides certainty today (perhaps not as 'hardwired' as some purists would like), tomorrow and for years to come. Other coins with a fixed supply are simply punting the decision down the road, with a health does of uncertainty thrown in.
  11. That's one way to do it!
  12. That's one way. But I am also torn, I feel some stuff on a forum SHOULD be free, I mean it is a community and members lean on another. I had and continue to have questions that I am extremely glad to answered by the community at large (such as this one) I am thinking of those who may wish for a more comprehensive walkthrough or don't even know where to start, or how to get from funding a wallet to first trades to deciphering crypto in general- you know the ones where a simple hour long call would give a good grounding/ start. Something like an overview of ripple, best practices, warnings and risks, walking through a first wallet funding, a couple trust lines, a few easy trades, etc. Think a verbal tutorial coach.
  13. I am facing a quandary, partially self inflicted, that I am looking for some feedback on. I periodically help out other users with anything from tracking down payments or a one-on-one setup/ intro to Ripple. Don't get me wrong, I am more than happy to help, however, with increased newcomers there comes increased demand. I am finding myself unable to help as often as I like, plus there are some who I feel spam everyone until they find someone willing to help them. I am debating ways I can help, filter out those seeking to take advantage and better manage my time. I am reminded of Steven Zeiller's 'Zeiller' IOU, one unit being equivalent to one hour of his time that you could 'buy' and then redeem. Something similar would certainly weed out less than serious individuals while at the same time acting as a intro to ripple in itself. Any other ideas?
  14. The important thing is to know when to ask the question- say when being pestered by the old man from scene 24 who is the keeper of the Bridge of Death
  15. I am 50% of all your reading base in Canada