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    You have good taste my friend!
  2. @KarmaCoverage Fair do's, you've got some knowledge in that noggin(head) of yours
  3. @KarmaCoverage https://www.gov.uk/government/news/hm-land-registry-to-explore-the-benefits-of-blockchain
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    Have a read through their news page. It’s my most trusted exchange. https://www.bitstamp.net/news/ Edit: They are supposedly quite strict regarding AML/KYC. You’ll find plenty of disgruntled opinions regarding this, but that is what is needed for this market to move forward and if you have nothing to hide, then all should be fine 😉
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    I've heard Bitstamp make you jump through hoops (I.D). on withdrwals. Not sure if only over a certain amount. Transfers of 10K and over into your bank account and HMRC are notified (not sure on this, never had 10k ) Profit over £11,700 and you need to file a tax return.
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    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    @King34Maine +999 Couldn't resist!
  7. That thought has crossed my mind. How much would you pay for that piece of positive influence?
  8. I'm not so sure that would be the reason as the SEC commission clarified that tokens sold in a functioning network are not considered securities.
  9. I'd be worried if Ripple wasn't offering XRP and good salaries to employ the best in the business!
  10. @lucky I think the discrepancy is supposedly down to Ripple's recruiter's and not that of the engineer.
  11. What ever software you choose, make sure you generate your keys in an offline state and for extra security, on a device that will never re-connect to the internet. I like to use Bithomp Tools offline. It’s a nice user interface with many tools like multi-sign and escrow if needed. Hardware - always try and buy direct from the manufacturer. Nano seems to be the go to hardware wallet.
  12. So you already have a key-pair (r and s keys) with an amount of XRP and you want to import these keys into Toast wallet or have already done so? If you have imported your original key-pair(cold-wallet keys) to Toast wallet and have lost the Toast passphrase, your XRP are fine as you still have your secret key. Just for clarity, you can have many wallets and one key-pair. A wallet is just an interface that connects to your key-pair.
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    Bitstamp has an XRP/EUR pairing. Sell there, then transfer to your bank account.
  14. I know what you mean. I’ve got XRP on Revolut(non-withdrawable), Bitstamp and a paper wallet. The one I feel is the safest is Revolut... safest from myself, that is If you want a hand setting up a paper wallet on a raspberry pi offline, zero trust involved and only using code from David Schwartz’s mouth, i’d be willing to help out. You’ll have to trust yourself to look after the private key though
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    @Warbler Excellent!!
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    Setting up Escrows

    Have a read through this https://developers.ripple.com/escrow.html
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    ILP, eli5

    My assumption of a CBDC is basically tokenised fiat. There would be no competition with XRP as a CBDC would essentially be a national walled garden.
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    Clean up the forum

    This would be very messy. Each topic has specific tags relating to the content published within which is very helpful when searching for content. Searching words contained within topic titles is also very useful. As for promoting content, I'm all for it. I'd much rather see people be tipped for quality content and grow the ecosystem we are all invested in, instead of that content being hidden behind a subscription, or even worse disappearing due to a lack of appreciation. A lot of folk here do not have Twitter so Hodor posting his articles in here - I consider a freebie. Hopefully Karlos is working on something behind the scenes as we know Wietse would like to see xrptipbot implemented here. That would be a nice search filter - 'Most Tipped Posts'.
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    Hello and
  20. I’m sure someone from this forum released the 2nd or 3rd Escrow with an amusing memo attached. There was a post about it at the time.
  21. Here is one theory... Carry on reading that thread. It's a good discussion on the topic.
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    Avocado Tree Time Machine

    @VladWSV The more the merrier. Welcome to the forum
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    Avocado Tree Time Machine

  24. Flintstone

    Avocado Tree Time Machine

    Light is a bit naff but here’s the ladies. Can’t wait to get them outside! Not long now
  25. @KarmaCoverage @Wandering_Dog I’m struggling to understand most of this, but does this tie in anyhow? https://www.gtreview.com/news/fintech/ripple-and-euro-exim-to-trial-new-blockchain-based-trade-finance-capability-for-xcurrent/#.XE2iz-2f35A.twitter