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  1. Lime is alkaline so should counter the saltiness if it’s a little acidic. Should really get a soil testing kit to test it. Hopefully good ol’ rainwater and sunshine will sort it out.
  2. I’m guilty of watering with tap water so going to switch to rain water only and see if it helps. Failing that, a bit of lime.
  3. @XRPto50dollars Yes, aluminium frame. Bicycle pump connected underneath to a bottle stopper with a valve through it. Bit of water in the bottle and pressurised with air to around 80-100 psi. The curved ends of the pins will be tied together and will be yanked by the kids at some speed. As the opposite ends of the pins release from the holes, they should open like scissors as the bottle pushes upwards. The pins are round so little friction. Your suggestion is likely to work also, depending on the kids pulling at the same time. My Avocado has suffered from brown tips too. Not sure on the cause yet. Hoping them being outside will perk them up a bit. Limes are doing great! Pics soon.
  4. @XRPto50dollars Here’s another little project I’ve been working on recently. A launch pad for bottle rockets! I’m more excited than the kids! Those 2 pins with the curved ends hold the bottle neck in place so you can get more psi into the bottle without it taking off. Some string attached to the pins to release and she’s off to the moon Just need to make the rockets now!
  5. @dr_ed Pics.... or it never happened We need pics! @BobWay Do you have green fingers?
  6. Avo’s are going out in the garden 2moro. Think we’ve had our last frost
  7. @MegaNerd You can download the offline tools and generate a key-pair offline, but that still doesn't resolve the following issue, unless you can verify the code yourself, you still have an element of trust. To eliminate any trust, have a clean machine that will never see the internet again. Install NPM and Node.js and derive your key-pair from the following code: var keypairs = require('ripple-keypairs'); var seed = (process.argv.length==3) ? process.argv[2] : keypairs.generateSeed(); var keypair = keypairs.deriveKeypair(seed); console.log("Ripple-address: " + keypairs.deriveAddress(keypair.publicKey)); console.log("Ripple-secret: " + seed); See this post: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/10503-generating-keys-on-ripple-site/
  8. Have a look through here first to get an understanding of how wallets work and how to create one https://www.xrpchat.com/links/ as there are various ways. I recommend creating one offline on a safe air-gapped computer that will not connect to the internet. You can never be too safe. https://bithomp.com/wallets
  9. Nathanial Popper is the source for that bit of intel 🤨
  10. @Dinoizzy I’m not too clued up on mnemonics but member @gray had a wallet generator that had a good explanation of how they work. Ripplewarpwallet i think it is. Bithomp’s offline tools is great and Warbler is always around to help out. I recommend a RaspberryPi for all your offline needs 👍
  11. @Dinoizzy Just keep a few copies of your phrase safe, in different locations. Alternatively, for extra security, you could also create your own code by selecting a book or text and finding the words from your phrase within the book, and making a note of page number- line number- word number. E.g 17-6-8 for each word of your phrase. To crack the code, you would need to know which book or text you used. But that maybe a bit OTT if you need to make frequent payments.
  12. Flintstone


    Make sure you write down your public and secret keys and make copies
  13. Flintstone


    Do you have xrp in your wallet? A wallet is not active until 20xrp have been deposited into it. To check your balance, enter your public address into Bithomp explorer.
  14. @zenkert Hey mate. Hope all is well. Seem to be coming across the problem below quite often lately: So, if you lose your phone or delete the app without doing a backup of your Toast wallet, your funds are lost. I highly recommend creating a key-pair (paper wallet) first, then importing that into Toast wallet. At least that way, if you don’t make a backup and lose your phone/app, you can still access your XRP with your secret key via any other wallet.
  15. I’m sure I received a thanked reply when providing a link to the ‘when moon’ thread for this exact question on another thread. Maybe it was asked twice on separate threads.
  16. Since Bob’s arrival, I haven’t ventured outside of my notifications. By the time I’ve read through them all, it’s back to ‘normal’ life. Feels great having all this info on a plate @Tinyaccount Congratz on the 10k when it arrives mate. You’ve earned that the hard way 😉 Thanks for the graft you’ve put in over your time here
  17. I’m assuming you would update it in the App Store. Please, please, please make a backup of your wallet if you have not done so and keep it safe. A lot of folks have not done this and lose their phone/ delete app and lose their funds. https://toastwallet.com/faq
  18. @GoodTimesRoll I’m not going to trawl through the hi, I’m Bob thread, but this might help
  19. Do you have your rXXXXX and sXXXXX keys? If so, you can access your XRP from any other wallet. If you created the wallet with the Toast app, read here: https://toastwallet.com/faq
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