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  1. I was going by 14:42 too, although I was already delegated.
  2. Courtesy of Tom T from Flare Network Telegram: ⏳FTSO DELEGATION UPDATE⚖️ We are pleased to announce that FTSO Voting power/delegation was locked today, Thursday Sept. 23, at approximately 04:40 UTC 💥🎉 What does this mean? It means that the FTSO system is fully operational and those who delegated to data providers prior to the above date/time have the opportunity to begin accruing rewards on Saturday Sept. 25 at approximately 08:41 UTC 🥳 Important information moving forward: ✅ALL rewards epochs will begin weekly on Saturdays at approximately 08:41 UTC ✅ The next voting power/delegation lock will occur on any random block beginning ~42 hours prior to the start of the next reward epoch. Essentially anytime between 14:41 UTC Thursdays and 08:41 UTC Saturdays ✅Rewards accrued during weekly rewards epochs cannot be called/claimed until after the following rewards epoch has begun (7 days later) This means that those who are currently eligible for delegation accrual rewards beginning Sept. 25 cannot call/claim any accrued rewards until AFTER 08:41 on Oct 2 ✅FTSO rewards calls/claims are good for 30 days. Any unclaimed rewards after that 30 day expiry are returned to the rewards pools for the next epoch.
  3. So I think that if you were to delegate now, after the voting power has been locked, then you wouldn’t receive rewards from the coming epoch rewards distribution.
  4. I thought that too, but it’s a voting power snapshot today and epoch rewards Saturday I think.
  5. Not sure Brian, but I’m intrigued. So I’ll be keeping an eye out. Epoch is imminent.
  6. Damn you Brian! Say I’m smart then set me up with a question where I need to ask a question back! I’m not seeing any pop up on my end. What does it say?
  7. There’s plenty to choose from now. Bifrost has a whole host of providers on their wallet, or you can go the direct route and connect directly to a providers website via web3 https://www.ftso.com.au/ https://www.ftso.eu/
  8. Hmmm, not sure what’s up. I used MEW for my claim and all I did was just downloaded MetaMask, so a fresh wallet and Imported the seed phrase. Have you tried importing to D’Cent?
  9. Those were my words in Flare Finance Discord. There was a Tweet a while back where Flare Finance said DFLR will be airdropped to FLR and WFLR holders. I asked for clarity in a voice chat where it was recommended that to be on the safe side, have your WFLR unstaked or undelegated. I’ll see if I can get more clarity on that as delegated WSGB/WFLR is still in your wallet. I’ll post here when I do 👍
  10. Courtesy of Tom T from Flare Network Telegram: 🛠MY ETHER WALLET (MEW) ETH MESSAGE KEY USERS🛠 For members who used a MEW Ethereum address as the message key in their self XRP custody wallets to claim their $FLR/$SGB, follow the steps below to access and interact with you $SGB tokens 👇🏼 1️⃣Users will need to import the seed phrases from their MEW Ethereum address into a Songbird supported wallet of their choosing, such as D’cent, Bifrost wallet, Trezor T, or Metamask 2️⃣To accomplish this using Metamask, do the following: - Open Metamask (mobile is fine) or create a new account and login - Click ‘Account’ at the top left hand side of your screen - Select ‘Import Account’ - Enter your 12 - 24 mnemonic seed phrases from your MEW ETH address - Click ‘Import’ You then need to connect to the Songbird Network in Metamask using the instructions below: a. Open Metamask wallet and login, if you haven’t already b. Go to ‘Settings’ c. Click ‘Networks, Add/Edit Custom RPC Networks d. Click ‘Add Network’ e. In the Network Name block input- Songbird f. In the RPC URL block input- https://songbird.towolabs.com/rpc g. In the Chain ID block input- 19 h. In the Symbol block input- SGB i. In the Block Explorer block input- https://songbird.explorer.flare.network j. Click ‘Add’ k. Songbird wallet will display and show SGB token amount
  11. I need to spend more time outside of Flare Finance. I’ve changed
  12. I’m not sure that Bifrost supports 24 word seed phrases. I’m sure I read that a while back somewhere. Edit: Talking out of my backside
  13. He’s labelled as a Dev and FTSO provider in the Flare Network Telegram. Never heard of him before Songbird launch. I dabbled with a small amount and all went well. FTSO.EU are about to onboard some beta testers for theirs and FTSO.AU has a sweet looking platform on the go. I’d give it a day or two for more to come online. Bot sure on the rewards.
  14. You could import the whole MEW wallet via mnemonic phrase into MetaMask.
  15. There is a tool by Alex Dupre https://ftso.alexdupre.com/ It supports wrapping and delegating.
  16. https://tokenlists.org/token-list?url=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TowoLabs/token-list/master/bifrost-wallet.tokenlist.json
  17. There’s quite a lot of tokens in the receive section. Haven’t tested any yet but it takes a while to scroll through them.
  18. I’m not aware of any cold wallets with that function. I think Bithomp Tools may have stopped development before that feature was implemented. XUMM if you go the hot route.
  19. @KarmaCoverage Looks familiar... @Zara Missing almost 12 months of project news is lacking significant interest on your part. Flare will not alter the snapshot just to accommodate those who were unaware.
  20. Cool, you have the secret key that begins with ‘s’ XUMM is the go to wallet for XRP nowadays, so you can import your secret key into XUMM wallet and do as you please with your XRP.
  21. Indeed. Just a matter of switching between networks.
  22. I think as long as that APY Cloud is pumping out rewards, there will be demand for YFIN and YFLR. I think there will be more demand for YFIN initially due to the Farming rewards, then it’s down to weight within governance. Have to wait and see on that one.
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