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  1. Oh loads. They are treated like Kobe beef and have their arses wiped with silk, embroidered with the XRP logo.
  2. Nice work!! Please, nobody else quote the OP. My poor thumb! 😂 @WuWei
  3. FUD! That’s just a fork of Bust-A-Move https://www.retrogames.cz/play_879-SNES.php?language=EN
  4. I like their philosophy. Built from the ground up with high assurance in mind. A bit out of date but great info if you need it https://blockgeeks.com/guides/what-is-cardano/ I also love the fact that IOHK have people like Michael Peyton-Jones doing R&D. Look at the passion this guy has towards programming languages. This was 7 years ago.
  5. I’ve got a small chunk of CSC (CasinoCoin), just in case. I hold some BTR. Now I’ve reached my XRP goal I plan to add some IOTA to cover M2M industry. VET for supply chain and ADA for smart contracts.
  6. Have you found an answer to your question yet?
  7. Inflated values due to unethical exchange practices which are included in CMC’s reporting. This space could do with a good clean out! That day is going to be interesting.
  8. https://www.bis.org/cpmi/publ/d154.pdf Central banks and other authorities may play a critical role in fostering the modernisation of payment systems in order to meet the public policy objectives of safety, efficiency and meeting end-user needs and expectations. Central banks, in particular, may contribute to the development and implementation of fast payments in their traditional roles as catalysts for change, as well as operators and overseers of payment systems, to the extent that fast payments contribute to meeting these public policy objectives. The role of central banks as operators of real-time gross settlement (RTGS) systems and providers of other types of settlement service is particularly relevant. Even if the central bank is not directly involved in the operation of a retail infrastructure processing fast payments, the provision of settlement services (via the RTGS system or other specialised settlement services) may be critical for the implementation of fast payments. Central banks should consider their role in this respect and determine what changes, if any, are warranted in their operational services in order to foster the long-run development of safe and efficient fast payments. Central banks should also consider other implications for financial stability, monetary policy or the potential impact on other payment instruments, including cash, although it is likely that any implications of fast payments in these areas will only be significant if and when fast payments gain substantial traction. Enter Ripple https://www.ripple.com/insights/who-really-cares-about-real-time-payments/
  9. @ZerpTidalWave There seems to be a lot of impatience about lately, which is understandable given all the positive news regarding Ripple, which is not reflected upon XRP. It's definitely a long hold while the infrastructure is built out. Hopefully we can cash out some profits along the way.
  10. Initially yes, high friction corridors which will build liquidity. No. I did not say it would either. Check what? How can more use cases possibly be a bad thing for XRP. It will provide even more liquidity and expand the ecosystem. If you are invested in XRP you should be thankful that XRP will not rely upon one use case only.
  11. Did they settle without pre-funding? No. And that is what XRP is for. Do some research!
  12. Try looking up your wallet address on Bithomp explorer.
  13. I don't frequent the T&PS much anymore but I like the thread title on this topic. I'm not giving out hope but what I've been doing is still putting in my monthly buys, dabbling with a play stash and making some speculative purchases like BTR (which payed off nicely). I've been doing this, not hoping for more, but to bring my cash out price closer. I'm still only putting in what I can afford to lose. Keep an eye out for some low capped coins you could chuck a small amount at. You never know, one may pay off. Hope that helps somebody.
  14. The crypto landscape has looked bleak many times before, just like a deciduous tree in Winter.
  15. Possible, but even then it would still be quite a high fee. I'm sure someone with more experience will shine some light on it.
  16. Not sure what went wrong but their must be some mistaken/unwanted relation between Value and Fee amounts. Maybe some copy and paste mishap or something.
  17. @WuWei Here's the TX json. Note the bold. "type": "payment", "address": "rJXcrnAS8XoBwjvd5VrShrLMY8buPuiuC5", "sequence": 37255, "id": "50F54A9DF5417482F601DA43086C53FCC091518E766F16CB882B33CCE2293F61", "specification": { "source": { "address": "rJXcrnAS8XoBwjvd5VrShrLMY8buPuiuC5", "maxAmount": { "currency": "XRP", "value": "518.75" } }, "destination": { "address": "r4VaPEKo4XoU27bCREgsTdbfKrKwNxJ1Cm", "tag": 75808 } }, "outcome": { "result": "tesSUCCESS", "timestamp": "2019-07-15T15:07:42.000Z", "fee": "51318.421875", "balanceChanges": { "rJXcrnAS8XoBwjvd5VrShrLMY8buPuiuC5": [ { "currency": "XRP", "value": "-51837.171875" } ], "r4VaPEKo4XoU27bCREgsTdbfKrKwNxJ1Cm": [ { "currency": "XRP", "value": "518.75" } ] }, "orderbookChanges": [], "ledgerVersion": 48672235, "indexInLedger": 42, "deliveredAmount": { "currency": "XRP", "value": "518.75"
  18. @WuWei They messed up by specifying a huge fee. User error.
  19. 45 mins..... that’s quite quick for BTC. Sometimes I’ve waited 45 mins just for the 1st confirmation to appear.
  20. Anybody know if Revolut’s crypto offerings are CFD’s? This announcement from the FCA is a bit concerning for the XRP that I have there. eToro is CFD platform so I’m guessing UK users of that platform will be affected. Not sure on Revolut though?
  21. And that is why folks around here say good news will drop the price
  22. Mine are still showing signs of life..... but that is it. I have neglected them recently though. I dropped a fence panel on one of them and I accidentally tore all the branches off of one side of one of my Limes with a piece of deck board!
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