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  1. https://t.me/FlareFinance/100290 Changelog We're happy to announce the V2 launch is right around the corner. At community request we have prepared an update/changelog to keep users informed of the changes to the platform. For V2, small UI-related bugs were fixed all across the board, UX was improved in several places, and new functionality was added. Let's go over what's new. 🦜 SGB Delegation rewards When SGB is used as collateral (FlareLoans), or staked (FlareX liquidity pools and FlareFarms), it is automatically wrapped, and delegated to DeFiOracles and the other highest earning TSO until governance is activated in a 50:50 ratio. Post governance the other TSO with be chosen by Governance Stakers. The delegation rewards start accruing 7 days after launch, and the UI allows to claim delegation rewards at any time after that. 🤝 FlareX Swap New chart time segment options: It is now possible to choose different time segments for the candlestick chart (1m, 15m, 1d, 1w). Liquidity Complete UI revamp: Liquidity section now has a cleaner UI and displays your LP tokens in the pool. SGB Delegation rewards: SGB staked in pools is now automatically wrapped and delegated, making it eligible for accruing delegation rewards. 💳 FlareLoans WSGB collateral option: WSGB can now be used to collateralize a loan. SGB Delegation rewards: SGB used as collateral is now automatically wrapped and delegated, making it eligible for accruing delegation rewards. Stability pool gains are withdrawn separately: You can now withdraw liquidation gains (SGB) and DFLR rewards independently of each other. Gas compensation for liquidations increased: To properly incentivize liquidations, the gas compensation has been raised to 100 CAND per liquidation. 👩‍🌾 FlareFarms UI revamp: Farms got a facelift which makes the presented information clearer. Intelligent pool ordering: Pools are now ordered by stake, and empty pools are displayed at the bottom of the list. 📄 FlareFinance docs Docs are live: First version of product documentation was published at http://help.flr.finance. Transitioning from V1 to V2 If you are currently staking in V1 liquidity pools and want to migrate to V2 liquidity pools, you need to withdraw liquidity from V1, and stake it again in V2. Loans do not get transferred from V1 to V2. Closing notes ExFi is still an experimental product on the Songbird Canary network. You are participating at your own risk. https://t.co/0KpJMqosuU?amp=1 Countdown Timer
  2. Hello. The Flare Finance ExFi beta was suspended to integrate WSGB delegation rewards and to fix a few bugs. It will begin again shortly. Best to keep an eye on their Telegram and Discord or Twitter for an announcement. Its also recommended not to use FlareX currently as CAND isn’t pegged to a dollar and there’s low liquidity there.
  3. Hey Patty. Good to see you join the club. Its a great place to bounce ideas around and get a discussion going 👍
  4. I think I remember having to use “address -tag” before on an exchange way back when. But my memory should never be trusted.
  5. Yeah, pretty much happened right after the announcement. Guess the price was rising beforehand with anticipation of the EXFI snapshot of SGB.
  6. There’s a 3 minute window where they submit their price data. Towards the very end of that window is where there will be less opportunity for volatility to spoil your submitted data. Alex Dupre and Scandi were aware of this from the start and I’m assuming that Alex’s prep work had himself fully optimised from the off without much tweaking necessary.
  7. Yep, that’s the plan. WSGB being used as collateral in Loans or liquidity in FlareX, will be eligible for delegation rewards.
  8. You’ll probably find that Lending platforms like Nexo probably didn’t have that much XRP on the books for the snapshot as they lend out customer deposits. Now they have to acquire SGB on the secondary market to satisfy their customers.
  9. Should be fine. You’re only connecting your wallet, not importing it anywhere. If you plan on interacting with the ecosystem, then sending SGB/FLR to Bifrost/D’Cent may be a good option as Ledger is a bit cumbersome with connectivity.
  10. That was the EXFI airdrop. They announced support for DFLR a while back.
  11. Maybe something to do with the APY Cloud, but not entirely sure. I know FF want to launch to some degree once the Flare Network is live. There was talk of a DFLR IOU before too, so may see that at some point.
  12. Well, I can’t see many people using exchanges for airdrops in the future, that’s for sure.
  13. I was going by 14:42 too, although I was already delegated.
  14. Courtesy of Tom T from Flare Network Telegram: ⏳FTSO DELEGATION UPDATE⚖️ We are pleased to announce that FTSO Voting power/delegation was locked today, Thursday Sept. 23, at approximately 04:40 UTC 💥🎉 What does this mean? It means that the FTSO system is fully operational and those who delegated to data providers prior to the above date/time have the opportunity to begin accruing rewards on Saturday Sept. 25 at approximately 08:41 UTC 🥳 Important information moving forward: ✅ALL rewards epochs will begin weekly on Saturdays at approximately 08:41 UTC ✅ The next voting power/delegation lock will occur on any random block beginning ~42 hours prior to the start of the next reward epoch. Essentially anytime between 14:41 UTC Thursdays and 08:41 UTC Saturdays ✅Rewards accrued during weekly rewards epochs cannot be called/claimed until after the following rewards epoch has begun (7 days later) This means that those who are currently eligible for delegation accrual rewards beginning Sept. 25 cannot call/claim any accrued rewards until AFTER 08:41 on Oct 2 ✅FTSO rewards calls/claims are good for 30 days. Any unclaimed rewards after that 30 day expiry are returned to the rewards pools for the next epoch.
  15. So I think that if you were to delegate now, after the voting power has been locked, then you wouldn’t receive rewards from the coming epoch rewards distribution.
  16. I thought that too, but it’s a voting power snapshot today and epoch rewards Saturday I think.
  17. Not sure Brian, but I’m intrigued. So I’ll be keeping an eye out. Epoch is imminent.
  18. Damn you Brian! Say I’m smart then set me up with a question where I need to ask a question back! I’m not seeing any pop up on my end. What does it say?
  19. There’s plenty to choose from now. Bifrost has a whole host of providers on their wallet, or you can go the direct route and connect directly to a providers website via web3 https://www.ftso.com.au/ https://www.ftso.eu/
  20. Hmmm, not sure what’s up. I used MEW for my claim and all I did was just downloaded MetaMask, so a fresh wallet and Imported the seed phrase. Have you tried importing to D’Cent?
  21. Those were my words in Flare Finance Discord. There was a Tweet a while back where Flare Finance said DFLR will be airdropped to FLR and WFLR holders. I asked for clarity in a voice chat where it was recommended that to be on the safe side, have your WFLR unstaked or undelegated. I’ll see if I can get more clarity on that as delegated WSGB/WFLR is still in your wallet. I’ll post here when I do 👍
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