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  1. Yeah, something hasn’t gone right for you. Try following the steps again.
  2. Platform setup information has been released for the beta https://flarefinance.medium.com/flare-finance-open-beta-reboot-609409d95ef4
  3. Pretty much the same, but the Devs have had a bit of extra downtime while Flare was rolling out Coston 2, so maybe a few UI/UX fixes.
  4. Hey Tiny. Yeah, that Captcha bot was only just implemented as there was an influx of scammer bots, but glad you managed to pass the Black Knight. Regarding the FAQ, that is currently being re-worked and regarding the anonymity, there is some news in the pipeline that should ease some concerns. I’ve also had conversations with the founders recently which highlighted their dedication into the future and the new APY Cloud is like nothing else, which is tailored to weather market cycles - so long term rewards even through the bear markets. So all in all, definitely worth participating in
  5. I was going to revive my old beta post with this news this weekend, but might as well tag along here. That NFT sale for 5 ETH has set a nice initial benchmark price and there’s another 250 up for grabs in the Public Beta. Public Beta One was cut short due to the Flare Coston Network being upgraded. So now that has been completed, the Public Beta will relaunch at the end of this week. There will likely be a warm up period to setup wallets and tokens etc before the competition goes live. MetaMask and D’Cent are compatible platforms/apps for participating in the beta
  6. If Gatehub allows you too import wallet, go for it. Not familiar with it myself, but it is a popular option.
  7. Hello. If you are confident enough, you could do it yourself in an offline environment using Bithomp Tools https://github.com/Bithomp/bithomp-tools Or you can import your wallet into the XUMM app and send from there. As you are importing, it does not create another wallet at a cost of 20xrp.
  8. Just a heads up. MetaMask and D’Cent are two common wallets capable of interacting with the Coston Testnet. The Desktop version of MetaMask can be used in Brave or Chrome(possibly others that support web3) browsers but can be a bit buggy at times. The MetaMask phone app seems to be the most smooth. D’Cent wallet doesn’t fully support iOS just yet, so iOS users will need to use MetaMask. So if you would like a head start, maybe get one of those setup ready
  9. You can buy, sell, exchange, and spend XRP within Revolut, but you can’t transfer the XRP out of Revolut, like to another wallet or exchange. Your XRP are basically stuck on Revolut. If you buy XRP on an exchange like Bitstamp, Binance, Coinbase etc, you can transfer your XRP between exchanges, or to a hardware wallet like a Nano Ledger so you can self-custody, or maybe you would like to utilise your XRP and earn interest by staking it in a liquidity pool etc. None of this can be done from Revolut. Hope that helps
  10. Couple of BioMetric wallets up for grabs too from a FF collaboration with FTSO signal provider FTSO.EU. if you fancy your chances.
  11. @Pablo Thought you might be interested.
  12. https://discord.gg/qGzV8zwH Join the Discord if you fancy taking part in the Flare Finance Public Beta. Plenty of helpful people there that will provide you with information and to help you get setup, or you can give me a shout here too and I’ll do my best to help you. It’s a hands on opportunity to get to grips with DeFi - yield farming, wrapping tokens, and providing liquidity to staking pools etc. Also, I think there are 100+ NFT’s up for grabs for those who place highest in the Beta competition as an enticement. Awaiting more details on that.
  13. Hello and welcome Plenty of info throughout the site - past and present. Your plan seems pretty good to assess at the EOY. Hopefully a bit of clarity around the SEC case later in the year will see an increase in price. Taking profits before the next bear market is also something to consider. Revolut is a pricier option and obviously cannot withdraw either. If you can use an exchange, it would be better in the long run. Bitstamp is a good EU based exchange as an on-ramp. And Binance is the best option for alt-coins.
  14. Following with interest. Hoping to get some of our resident artist @Julian_Williams work on to the NFT scene this year. The likes of Tezos, Gala (Flare), Avalanche, Cardano, Polkadot and now XRPLabs amongst others will be launching (or have done so) NFT capabilities this year.
  15. Coinbase has been terrible as of late. @Dinoizzy waited weeks for an internal Coinbase transfer.
  16. Keep an eye out for the @everyone announcements on Discord. You’ll also want to install MetaMask 😉
  17. I’m not sure but would assume that would be likely. Maybe not Wrap but some Swap function. It was difficult to work this out in the closed beta as fees were not clear. I struggled with it. Some participants managed it okay though. Need to try and wrap my head around this in the Public Beta. Have a look into Yield Farming https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.coindesk.com/defi-yield-farming-comp-token-explained%3famp=1 If you are going to take part in the Beta, the team on Discord are really helpful answering questions etc and walking people through things.
  18. @brianwalden If you’re interested 👆 Public Beta coming soon.
  19. You can still participate in the DFLR airdrop by purchasing FLR. The Flare Finance snapshot is a month after Flare goes live.
  20. I'm not sure. Been hoping for an offline version.
  21. I think this is still a proposal https://github.com/XRPL-Labs/XUMM-Issue-Tracker/issues/201
  22. @thinlyspread You should keep quoted text in its quote box to avoid any confusion as to who said what.
  23. Another Beta Tester here. KK and the Count have pretty much covered everything thankfully, as I hate a write up. So far, I’m pleased by what I see. The team have been working endless hours and the whole community there are really helpful. The product functions well and user experience is currently being monitored and improved throughout this testing phase. I’ve yet to see any concerns and have been really impressed by what I have seen so far and I’m glad to be a part of it.
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