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  1. It's a parody. There's no way the marketing people at IBM could have approved this.
  2. It might be a competitor to Ripple, the company, as another company that offers enterprise software for cross border payments. That's separate from the moving of value by a digital asset within a certain ecosystem. IBM seems to leverage their reputation as a trustworthy company to further this part of their business. I could understand that IBM has benefited from the knowledge of Stellar (Jed probably alone) in laying the groundwork, as a glorified consultant. And in return, Jed demanded they say nice things about Stellar. That's just my two cents. The people at IBM are not idiots, they know how to google 'Jed McCaleb'.
  3. I can see how you would have that influence. Your posts make me very excited about the future of money, I can only imagine how convincing you sound in a personal pitch for Ripple.
  4. Then make money on DOGE. I don't see the problem here.
  5. The only kind of bot that is relevant are the thousands of trading bots employed by whales and smaller traders.
  6. Susie has made many outlandish calculations and other ridiculous claims. Not reliable. So did I, but I'm not a "social media influencer".
  7. Yes, everyone is a bot. Sorry if you did not know this about yourself yet. Bots 4 life.
  8. I am totally okay with never hearing your number. It's completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, but sadly there are some members on this board who insist stuff like this.
  9. WU either stands to gain a lot from RippleNet, or they will lose a lot when their competitors sign up. Their choice, and their (possible) downfall. I could not care less about WU either way.
  10. Look at volume averaged out over the year. Start at 2013 and do all subsequent years. Volume is increasing.
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