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  1. More forks are to be expected though. It happens naturally with PoW.
  2. Bitcoin has been in existence longer, has gotten much more attention and has by far the most trading pairs in the crypto market.
  3. True. And eventually we all die. Anyone got any more fun facts to cheer everyone up?
  4. Let's do this again next year guys. Keep the tradition alive.
  5. Wait a few weeks and the YoY numbers looks better. Less shitty I mean.
  6. Banks will never use XRP. -Moonraker, XRP hodler extraordinaire
  7. I think it's premature at this moment when we have not even scratched the surface of real world utility of RippleNet. Down the line, who knows if it will be a good idea.
  8. And XLMUSD is already dropping back to its former level. Nice move, Jeb.
  9. Don't worry. There will always be something more disappointing.
  10. Cry me a river. You spread falsehoods about random other people on XRPchat, then you complain when other people give you a taste of your own medicine?
  11. I have nothing to base this on but it might be testing of some sort. This quarter seems to be filled with utility solutions popping up for the XRPL and it's not all that weird to transfer BTC via the XRPL because it's much better in every way. That's the best theory I can come up with. It could also be a spammer, I have no idea to what purpose. Every tx still burns fees.
  12. Lot of BTC payments going back and forth between several accounts: https://dex.xrplapps.com/
  13. Let’s let everyone decide for themselves.
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