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  1. Benchmark

    Q4 analysis/prediction

    No. Great topic.
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    Dropping in to say hi

  3. Benchmark

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    Obsession is good.
  4. Benchmark

    Galgitron's new blog: Proof of Not Working

    Nice, I always enjoy a good swipe at PoW.
  5. Nothing was mined. It seems you have a lot of basic facts about Ripple and XRP wrong. Yes semantics. ******** is another term.
  6. Nobody needs to 'bring down' bitcoin. It will happen naturally. Bitcoin's flaw won't hold up in a world where, surprise, energy is not unlimited. Though if someone found a way to mine profitably with solar panels or fusion reactors, that would be cool. There's better things to do with that energy than supporting an outdated technology though, so it won't happen. Either way, the fate of XRP is not tied to bitcoin long term. The current cryptomarket may be revolving around bitcoin because it was the first, markets evolve as we've seen before our eyes. Bring down bitcoin.
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    Chris Larsen latest blog post

    He's not the CEO though, but executive chairman.
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    Ripple XRP Groupthink

    The risk of groupthink is real, but the good thing in most internet communities is that they are fluid and flexible. People join, leave, change minds all the time. If something smells like ********, it's easy to say it on a forum and challenging whatever opinion rules.
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    Euro exim bank

    We know enough by your idiotic posts on this forum. Another moron joins the ignore list.
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    Kichiro Fukui

    What's up Bill? Nice beard you have there. You don't look at all like the Bill Gates I've seen on other photos, but that's okay.
  11. Is any serious board room really reading tweets of random internet people to help them decide? Or are they perhaps doing actual work to make real world decisions?
  12. I'm fine with that. He's obviously a very smart boy.
  13. So sell your XRP and move on. Nobody forces you to watch this process unfold.
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    What is Ripple waiting on??

    They're not waiting, they simply do what is under their control. But if you are asking about what externals are relevant, I would say decisions made by regulators, and decisions made by their customers.