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  2. By this definition, XRP is a security while Jed is being prevented from dumping XRP all at once. Unless you clarify 'free and clear owners' to exclude Jed.
  3. I think bitcoin hype eventually caused the bearmarket and every other crypto is following suit. There is no way in hell that Ripple would let anyone dump inordinate amounts of XRP onto the market in any way. Especially not if it was a donation like indicated above. The whole point of Ripple owning a large part of XRP is to control the amount of XRP that enters the market, and then suddenly there is a mysterious whale with 7 billion that can kill the market in one order? Nope.
  4. If you think that spreading out one billion over one year is dumping, then yes. I don't think it matters at all. Just like the Jed-sales don't matter.
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    Does the White House Prefer XRP to BTC?

    Good read. I believe it's only a matter of time before this concern regarding the coal-powered-bitcoin network will translate into a shift towards other cryptos. The current whales are still by and large btc-whales, who obviously use that influence to play with the "alts" (terrible, terrible word for other DA's). I don't think us amateur hodlers can change that situation. It will change once companies and institutions will real financial firepower will make a choice, bitcoin not being the best choice.
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    Any truth to Ripple / Trump rumors?

    No coffee after 2pm. Also no bright lights after sunset. Sleep like baby.
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    BAKKT and XRP

    Again dude, we get it. You don't have to hijack every topic by saying it could be nothing. Everybody knows there is no guarantee for the future.
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    Ripple's UNL was updated again

    New FUD: Ripple is getting way too decentralized.
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    Ripple's UNL was updated again

    My jets are frozen by now. Hope I can start them back up when we leave for Jupiter next month.
  10. I've seen this posted quite a few times already. But I guess one more can't hurt.
  11. Yes, there are no direct quotes from the White House, my dear skeptics. It is 'suggested'. I already said it so you don't have to. You are welcome.