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  1. Most people here are in extreme disbelief about everything. But it's quite obvious what's happening, XRP is becoming the standard.
  2. I'm not believing him until he makes at least 10 correct predictions.
  3. Quite hilarious to see a company thinks it's gonna be able to compete through lowering fees.
  4. I've already concluded those payment systems will be enhanced by a settlement system offered by a company called Ripple.
  5. The total amount hasnt increased in one day. The 270 million increase was over the past month, most, about 180 million in the last week of June. The API is lagging.
  6. How about XKillEverythingRelatedToXRPAsFastAsPossibleEspeciallyToAnnoyRetailXRPHodlers?
  7. You may very well be right. It’s impossible to predict future dynamics of the global financial system. But the first step is for XRP to become a bridge digital asset between fiat currencies.
  8. How much did you pay SBI for their work exactly?
  9. Señor, you are complicit in the disappointment. If you expect nothing, you can't be disappointed. Stop expecting. Okay Sir.
  10. XRP is not trying to replace any fiat currency.
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