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  1. "Nobody will use wheels, highly volatile and worse, when it stops rolling it can fall over", CNBC around the time the wheel was invented probably.
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    The TRROOONNNN-thread!

    Doubled my TRX stack yesterday. If this price stays for another week, I can double it again. So cheap. So good.
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    BearWhale research

    Agreed it does happen in societies, but XRP (and all crypto) is different in that it started out that way. If accumulation happens over decades it's a normal process, but normal doesn't apply here.
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    BearWhale research

    So a random theory: the SEC may have problems with large holdings of XRP (don't know the details, something I picked up in the security discussions), and the large hodlers of XRP are offloading their position so that it wouldn't be an obstacle. It's not sensible for Chris Larsen to keep billions anyway. Why have it? He wants the internet of value more than anything, Ripple's objectives are his objectives. If his XRP holdings can be put on the market without disturbing it, then it's a decent move. The current bear market is related to bitcoin anyway, and still the 'bearwhale' can offload hundreds of millions of zerps. Feel free to poke holes in this theory.
  5. Rest in peace. My dear XRP. You will be missed.
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    Turkey: patient zero?

    Never, definitely not without a properly functioning system with balance of power. Short term greed always wins, people in government are regular people who get elected for short periods. What happens after that period is none of their concern. The statesmen who stand out, did things that have positive effects way beyond their term of office, even if it would harm their personal interests in the short term. They are very rare.
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    Turkey: patient zero?

    Well it's an interesting subject for sure. Turkey has a history of currency related issues, the difference now is that the people have easy access to other currencies, including crypto. Won't be long before the Turkish gov decides to crack down on crypto.
  8. That perfectly summarizes my thinking. I couldn't find the right words, and it doesn't get easier to explain when Ripple the company is equated to XRP the asset. Ripple is leading crypto in terms of real world usage. Yes, XRP is down more than ninety percent since the all time high, but it's not indicative of the XRP ecosystem. The price drop indicates something else that's unrelated to either XRP or Ripple.
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    Suicide (chatroom) Hot Line

    Also don't beat yourself up for feeling bad. Totally normal to feel bad, even ****** off. Accept your feelings as you accept yourself. The crypto market is out of our control, this type of crazy market movement will continue for a while.
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    Possible update

    Just wait it out, kind people. Rome wasn't built in a day. Do your research on Ripple, the problems & their solutions with and without XRP. SBI is but a minor step.
  11. Obviously crypto-markets are a chew toy for some whales. It's too small. Now you can guess what exactly Ripple is trying to achieve for XRP. Are they trying to make the market smaller or larger? Don't expect huge changes within anything less than 5 years.
  12. Belgium is home to SWIFT. I'm gonna guess they will try a lot to keep their outdated institution.
  13. That's where the minds of the people at Ripple come into play. They're trying to change a decades old system. They need a lot of brain power and financial power, and they have both. Brad himself said he doesn't worry about price within the next months but within the next years. It simply doesn't go faster if it is to be done right.