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  1. BS crypto journalism avoids making insightful and interesting articles.
  2. It means nobody will ever use XRP. They either use it now or never.
  3. There are a lot of whiny children here. Sadly they don’t have anything better to do than blame others for their decisions.
  4. Sell your XRP and move on. How hard is that? Some people really like suffering I guess. And even more hilarious, they like to show it day in day out on this forum. Like that changes anything or somebody cares that they are petulant children that will never grow up. Nobody gives a ****, dear complainers, you are wasting your time and talking to yourself. Bye!
  5. Yes the bitcoin network got congested, we'll see how it goes next time. Bitcoin won't survive another ten years as the main crypto if no fundamental changes are made. But that's more than enough time for other DLT-related ideas to take root and become independent of the first mover.
  6. Yes that's very well possible. I don't think any regulation or Greenpeace-kind of org will kill it. The Politburo will do what it wants, whatever benefits them at that point.
  7. The clue is that bitcoin is truly awful and will disappear when the Chinese elite no longer needs bitcoin mining profits.
  8. Yes they will use it. Just to counter all this pessimistic sentiment.
  9. XRP has a shot at $10 every single day. Depends on who is buying and selling.
  10. Nobody can predict the future price, not you, not me, not the whales. They sell now because they either don't need the XRP, or they need the fiat, or both.
  11. The US government took over Florida in 1845. You really wanna argue governments never take over useless things?
  12. Are you kidding me? How do you still not know basic facts about the XRPL?
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