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  1. Agreed. But next time, please use paragraphs. Makes reading a lot easier😬
  2. Maybe that is because XRP is not aiming to become/replace a currency, but rather be a bridge asset.
  3. Almost everything in your reasoning is flawed. Succes or XRP’s growth is not going to change because you are not lucky enough or because you will become rich out of it. Judging on the way you reason, you probably will sell way too early to become a millionaire anyway. Becoming rich is not about having luck, it is about making the right choices and having enough patience to wait for those choices to come to fruition.
  4. Dude... Ripple and Xpring are not even the same thing or company! Let Ripple tackle their objectives and let Xpring search for new ways to use XRP. They both do a fantastic job, we have had massive improvements in XRP’s fundamentals thank to Ripple and Xpring. That is called a win-win. that you lack patience and more in depth understanding of this space, and therefore open uninformed topics like this, is FUD to the more educated speculators in here
  5. It’s clearly getting harder to come up with new FUD nowadays😂
  6. Plikk

    Hi! I'm Bob

    This thread should become a sticky in General Discussion imho. It deserves more exposure👌
  7. She is not really into XRPchat unfortunately
  8. Then I dont get why you present the september price bump as a confirmed ‘test’. That is not a fact, merely an educated guess. It is very important to distinguish between those two. I’m sorry if I offended you, but I don’t like it when things are presented as fact, while it is far from that. It causes confusion which isnt necessary.
  9. There is 0 evidence banks were responsible for that move in September. Only circumstantial evidence, mostly fueled by connecting dots. It could have been a test, or not. We dont know for sure. What we do know for sure, is that XRP's(crypto in general) price movements since it's inception have been based on 99% speculation and therefore, making it the most logical reason it was again in September(Ockhams razor). It amazes me people are so easily convinced with little to no real proof to back such claims up.. I remember lots of people going the same route early '18 claiming it must have been live tests in December 2017, and the price would shoot up any time when test were resumed or when xRpaid would go live thing would go nuts. I was gullible enough to believe such claims back then, since I was new to crypto. I have learned it the hard way... by doing tons of research on crypto market behavior, cycles and speculative bubbles, I now am much harder convinced by empty claims that we are in the utility phase of XRP. My estimation is the same as Brad, It could easily take another 2-4 years before XRP will move big time on utility volume. Before we are there, speculation is what we've got. That is not necessarily a bad thing: speculation has brought us this far, It could take us leaps further until the real big boom comes when utility kicks in. I am strapped in for the ride, but fully aware it could take longer than we'd like(or not, it's still crypto and anything can happen).
  10. At the monent, that is. eToro is working towards becoming a real exchange and not only a broker, I hve a feeling that is one of the reasons they are flirting with ripple to discover the posisbilities of becoming a xRapid partner themselves(Bitstamp already is). They also received over 100 million USD last summer, SBI was part of that investment round as well... Let’s follow it closely👍
  11. Plikk

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Yes if you have any insight in that which you can share, it would really help out.
  12. Plikk

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Nice to have you here Bob. Thanks for your time you take to answer all of our questions, much appreciated! I hope you feel welcome here👍
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