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  1. Keep us updated about the futures if you will, would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. Lol, you still don’t get what the real problem is? It isnt the virus itself or the death toll, but the limited health care capacity which would cause enormous problems. Governments in every country around the world aren’t doing this for fun or to be safe, it is pivotal to act like they do, many argue it isn’t even enough.
  3. Anything can happen in this stage. Trading right now is mostly gambling, but the safest bet would be that price wont go up unless Corona is seriously contained.
  4. To be fair, You said the same thing about BTC and 10k price level half a year ago. Look where we are now i still believe in crypto long term, but on the short term things could get way more ugly and no halving event is going to stop that if panic endures. i hoped manipulators/whales would have used this ‘pandamic’ to make crypto look like a safer haven, or BTC as a digital gold so to speak. But the opposite seems to be happening. All bets are off.
  5. Agreed. This is also the reason why 1000x% moves are still possible, but with ever decreasing odds after the current economic turndown.
  6. Who's dumber? The rock, or the rock who follows him?
  7. A word of advice: relax. TBH you sound a little bit like a hypochondriac mate This virus has been very mild so far and the fatality rate is very low. The only issue I see is this virus disrupting the economy for now, but The facts don’t support the view of a life threatening pandemic as of now. Again, relax, you’ll be fine.
  8. Maybe it helps to share you analysis instead of just putting out timelines and $ numbers. That way we can asses ourselves if there eis merit in your resolve. This of course only if you are willing to share (part) of your knowledge
  9. This is incorrect. In october 2019 we reached local high of .325. We moved past .34 a few weeks ago actually making a higher high in the downtrend. If we are able to make a higher low as wel at .22 or at least .19 or so, it would indicate a momentum shift turning bullish. But if we make a lower low again below .17, yep I agree it’s pretty much doom&gloom.
  10. Weirdly enough, on this forum it is the other way around since ‘19.
  11. Weak hands change their mind every other week.
  12. Another member tracked the Tacostand(Jed’s account) sales and he sells about 900k XRP daily. So apparently your highlighted part is incorrect.
  13. They are usually the ones selling at 1USD and buying back at 5. But until now the joke is on us since we havent officialy left the bearmarket yet.
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