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  1. Adoption of orher crypto’s has indeed been MUCH better😂 what a joke the only reason people are saying that is because the price sucks, not because of actual fundamental progress which has been amazing considering the nascent state of crypto legislation
  2. No worries, we'll probably just roam around these price points until profits flow back from BTC's rise to alts again. It's slowly happening with some alts, but I'd like to see at least ETH XRP and LTC double in value before we can even think of an 'alt season' comeback.
  3. Rhanks for the updates Eric. On a pure technical level, how does XRP look right about now? Any insight on that?
  4. It’s about damn time crypto starts pouring me some hot nice coffee.
  5. It’s not a full gamble. It is an educated guess based upon previous Crypto Cycles(which once again look like they will repeat a 4th time) and fundamental progress made by Ripple/XRP. Every investment is a ‘gamble’ of some sort, since you are essentially gambling the price will either go up, or down. It is the strategy you apply and the research you do that makes it more or less of a gamble or how i’d rather call it an educated guess. i do agree that crypto is way more speculative than traditional investments and thereby more risky. I am willing to take that risk based upon my research, obligations, strategy and age.
  6. DCA doesnt matter that much if you are a longer term investor waiting for parabolic movement. It is the sell targets that do. People who bought BTC @100 USD and sold at 200 made less than people who bought at 200 and sold at 600. It is the total picture that counts.
  7. @Xill please stop making a fool out of yourself. All your posts i’ve read clearly show you have no clue about even basic economics. I commend you for your views in trying to come up with a ‘better world’ but it is just not tangible or feasible at all. I’m sorry but your dreams have no grasp on reality and as you can see people are getting fed up by these fairy tales you sketch. I wish you a good day nonetheless.
  8. Who cares. People should stop paying attention to those clowns.
  9. Good to see you don’t let trolls get the best of you. I always enjoy your charts and I am looking forward to seeing them again, whether they pan out or not, it at least provides some guidance in this wild west crypto world.
  10. Even then, it is a very hard market. Eric for example has made some very unique calls in the beginning of the year and was pretty much spot on, he went against the masses and got it right. But lately however, the market is moving against his predictions. that is usually the problem with TA, it works upon some point, and then the method of TA used suddenly doesnt apply anymore and a different TA perspective is required.
  11. Botje11 expects a big move down to 6k levels and then a big breakout to about 9k in the days after. He’s not always right, but does a decent job on TA and most of all tries to be as neutral as possible. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/RNbwdUKi-Bitcoin-Dump-to-6000-while-making-a-Bullish-Wedge/
  12. Almost every post from you is about complaints over the price action and asking others what to do. make up your own plan and stick to it, your posts come across very whiny for us people who have seen much much worse for over 1,5 years.
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