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  1. DYOR. Macro view is insanely bullish. No one can accurately predict short timeframe price behaviour.
  2. I honestly don’t care if we overtake ETH or BTC. Al I look at is the $$ value. Remeber: a rising tide lifts all boats. I want the entire space to flourish and draw in an insane amount of money.
  3. XRP is less centralized than BTC or ETH. BTC hashing power is for 70% in China’s hands and same goes for ETH where the largest holders have too much influence. I do agree that XRP’s success is largely dependant on Ripple’s progress, but that doesn’t mean it is a centralised protocol, far from it. Ripple needs lots of XRP liquidity to make ODL work, so speculators are needed. Plus Ripple could never have grown this much without the much needed cash from retail, it is a genius design to make money and make your business grow to get more usecases for XRP at the same time. Win win.
  4. I think that is actually quite likely, to double tap our .45 support before moving upwards again. I just hope it wont takes tons of consolidation like in Sept-Nov.
  5. That is a general term for inexperienced investors that act on instinct(i.e. fear/hope) alone, and yes she falls in that category judging from her posts. She did make a good profit so that’s nice and I would have applaud her, but why come back and plainly FUD because the price dropped 35% just after a 300% increase when you have sold anyway? Meh I don’t feel bad for calling someone out on such behaviour.
  6. There is a reason why they are called ‘dumb money’. I was the same in 2017, the difference is that I taught myself how to become closer to smart money. There is always more to learn and I love to read the different perspectives and POV’s from the more experienced traders or investors.
  7. .45-50 cents and then a small one at .39. most important is that we hold .305, that should be the strongest support point but I doubt if we would go that low.
  8. Corrections are never fun to watch and they hurt, but it was in the cards that we could return to 45-50 cent range. It was a 50% chance so to speak so I am not surprised or shocked at all. what is most important is that we dont fall below .305, how crazy it sounds but that is the pricepoint we NEED to hold to keep an insanely bullish scenario for 2021 intact. If we look back at previous runs, we always had corrections that brought us back to a previous resistance, which in this case was .45-.50. With .305 being the breakout pricepoint where massive 3 year resistance was. It
  9. Dude relax, you are way too sensitive to hourly price movements. Even if we drop back to .45 and consolidate there, it is still a bullish setup. Although this look like the March 2017 run, it doesnt mean we will just shoot up endlessly. It is fun speculating it will and I like to draw similarities, but none is a given. I was feeling very euphoric yesterday and today, could be a sign we need to cool off before we get more joy.
  10. I don’t think we’ll see eye to eye or maybe I simply misunderstood your intent. I think we can agree that you have a gamblers mindset and I don’t. We’ll leave it at that. in any case, we both hope for the price to rise so let’s start celeberating😅😃
  11. You have described XRP as a mere lottery ticket on 2 occasions and you literally stated that XRP has no tangible value as of now.
  12. Your statements are derived from a gambling point of view, that is fine but it doesn’t mean other have to agree. For many XRP is an tangible asset and a real investment vehicle. I guess the truth is somewhere in the middle.
  13. Now you are the one pushing your definition of investing and crypto as the one truth. Talk about pot blaming the kettle But I do agree with some points you make, albeit in a lesser degree. But I dont think it is as black and white as you put it. This is not 2016 anymore, there has been tangible and real progress being made by many projects, although probably only 5% of projects out there will actually be deployed or utilized. I truly believe that as long aa we see these bubble structures repeat, the real utility value of a crypto project doesnt matter that much(but is important
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