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  1. Died in season 6. Move on.
  2. I would have loved a honest and clear explanation from Ripple on this matter. It all feels too much as damage control instead.
  3. Agreed. CSC is a mere lottery ticket in the best case scenario, all of crypto basically is.. even despite any fundamentals, we seem to be at the mercy of BTC cycles/whales for considerable time to come.
  4. Vias made some very bold claims about the liquidity status of XRP. He stated in 2018: ’My year goal is to make XRP liquidity as high as BTC’ He never came true to it (not even close) and constantly postponing ones goals is disappointing to me.
  5. He’d better leave indeed. We need someone more capable of actually accomplishing liquidity across the crypto space for XRP. Where we stand right now, is just sad after all these years. Ripple could do so much better, i’m actually hungry for new blood.
  6. I’d suggest to keep politics and religion out of this thread. I am sorry but to me you have just lost a ton of credibility bringing up some weird religious political viewpoints about Europe that hold little to no merit whatsoever.
  7. Keep us updated about the futures if you will, would be appreciated! Thanks
  8. Lol, you still don’t get what the real problem is? It isnt the virus itself or the death toll, but the limited health care capacity which would cause enormous problems. Governments in every country around the world aren’t doing this for fun or to be safe, it is pivotal to act like they do, many argue it isn’t even enough.
  9. Anything can happen in this stage. Trading right now is mostly gambling, but the safest bet would be that price wont go up unless Corona is seriously contained.
  10. To be fair, You said the same thing about BTC and 10k price level half a year ago. Look where we are now i still believe in crypto long term, but on the short term things could get way more ugly and no halving event is going to stop that if panic endures. i hoped manipulators/whales would have used this ‘pandamic’ to make crypto look like a safer haven, or BTC as a digital gold so to speak. But the opposite seems to be happening. All bets are off.
  11. Agreed. This is also the reason why 1000x% moves are still possible, but with ever decreasing odds after the current economic turndown.
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