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  1. Yes, i do not think it is a coincidence that Bakkt opens up. We either get a sell the news kind of reaction or a nice bullish impulse. I honestly have no idea what to expect, but BTC will be a very important indicator Monday.
  2. Let’s hope for a move upwards. The market seems Very undecisive at this point.
  3. I got the same perception, but that has burnt me before. I’d love to see us hold well against a possible BTC collapse.
  4. Up or down, and will alts follow direction? That is the big question this time.
  5. Yes, but only 3-4 months after it happened, at least if the market conditions then confirm it was a good choice. We don’t want to look stupid, do we?🙄
  6. I really dont care if BTC goes to 6k again, but it will probably take XRP with it, which would be devestating. That’s why I hope we can make a stand here and show some strength on our own.
  7. I think you don’t get my point, XRP was never mine-able, thus calling it pre-mined is inherently false. But I think we can all agree that holding XRP makes us pre-rich😜
  8. Then it would be a PoW system and not based upon consensus. When/if a network only operates upon concensus protocol and does not use mining at all, it is inpossible to call the coins ‘pre-mined’ since mining does not exist within that network in the first place. It’s like saying ‘hit the gas’ on an electric car, which would be a common expression in car driving jargon, but a false expression nonetheless on a fully electric car.
  9. Pre-mined term is being used by PoW maxi’s to try to make XRP look les fair in distribution. A coin which operates a concensus network like the XRPL, cannot be defined as being pre-mind, since mining is inherently not possible within that system. Mining makes no sense whatsoever anymore, but people are too blinded by their own greed to ignore that fact.
  10. Always the best time to cash our when the price is at it’s lowest 2-year point while having way better fundamentals it ever had.
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