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  1. Well, I do have a sword in my hand, so I dont blame you 😛😛
  2. This bearmarket is harsh, even for the most experienced or hardened investors it is rough. Some do profit massively at the moment, most don’t. When the tide turns, so will the tone in this forum. I applaud everyone that is still around and kept researching and contributing. We dont know where this will end, but I trust my own judgement it will get much better within 1-2 years time. If not, so be it. Then it will be a very expensive lesson, but a good one nonetheless.
  3. There are plenty more sources of information than XRPChat only. And I am not talking YT or Discord. Actual factual research about XRP, financial markets, bubbles, market cycles, investment companies, banks, accountancy bureays and much more is simply googable by me and you. Some choose to only see what is right before their eyes: a declining price. Judging an asset on it’s price is the stupidest thing to do in investing. I’ve learnt that the hard way. It goes both ways too. Dont buy in fomo times, dont sell in fud times. 99% of the people complaining about their investment do the conp,ete opposite. Learn from your mistakes, then change your tactic and adapt. It is not that hard. Oh and never blame others for your own decisions. That goes both ways too: dont blame moonboys for a declining price, dont blame fudders for a decreasing price it is what it is, just g along with the flow of the market and learn from experience. damnant quod not intelligunt - they condemn what they don’t understand
  4. Yes, sadly that is true. But we have decoupled on ocassions and shown some additional strength. If BTC market cycles repeats(like it always has) then XRP will flourish as well(and probably way more). There is no reason to assume that past results will not happen again. They always have, so the biggest chance is they will again. It is not a certainty, but the biggest probability nonetheless. And this is not taking into account the actual utility usage of XRP could change in the mean time. If the cycle repeats, we will enter a bull market in maximum 1 year time, not 7. Again: not a certainty, merely the highest probability.
  5. 7 years? Clearly you have no clue about crypto market cycles and that everything that happened last year is nothing out of the ordinary. An estimation of 7 years is just a random number out of the blue, or based on?
  6. The likes of me? I dont spread fomo nor fud. Rather objective and level-headed discussions. Clearly you are just salty(again), because you bought at ATH. Still blaming others I see. I bought at ATH as well, bur rhanks to extensive research and being able to distinguish FUD and facts, I know what the potential of XRP is and how market cycles work. You bought at the top, and are deeply in red. Get over it already, or go do some actual research instead of being the pitifull sad persona p!ssing on others all the time. That is getting old as well.
  7. Because 99% what people come up with, has either been discussed dozens of times and debunked. It is getting old. Let’s make a 20th topic about XRP being a security, or 5th topic about richtlist or what about Jed? Maybe we could discuss some extra FUD about him that has already been dealt with in 50 topics before. It is getting tiresome to keep reading the same non-sense or exact same debates that come up every other month or so. Use the search function to find out what you’re looking for or in the case that anyone actually has some interesting NEW insights to share about those topics, I’m all ear. But thusfar, that is very very rare. Just look at this topic, the topicstarter is a clear FUDster with an agenda. Otherwise he would make a post adding value to the conversation or come up with something new and interesting. But nope, same old, same old. Just sad.
  8. Maybe because the FUD side is just plain stupid, arfuments with little common sense. Same goes for 589 btw. I rather stick to factual, level-headed debates. Not sh!t FUD like ‘rich list’ nonsense that has been debunked many times over.
  9. Plikk

    2019 is winter

    Nonsense topic that adds no value whatsoever.
  10. Plikk

    Euro exim bank

    Then it would have been stated on the document
  11. Plikk

    Euro exim bank

    Apple’s sheet is thousands x millions (so we are talking about billions there) We all knew that after ‘Banks wont use XRP’ the next FUD would be ‘but it is just a small bank’ it is getting pathetic
  12. Plikk

    Down down down

    Stop losses are being triggered, that is why it dumps that hard. Panic comes next and makes sure we drop again triggering even more stop losses. Bots make sure all the coins are coupled. Then the whales will make it look like a recovery, a few weeks of some green and then it starts all over again. We need utility volume and decoupling asap.
  13. KITAO went double or nothing!💪