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  1. It absolutely is crazy. I am as astonished as any TA’er. Did not see this coming. Hopefully a prelude to the rest if the market😅
  2. Doge broke through it’s 4.236 full extension fib target with force, which means it could happen to BTC too. The next target then would be to overlay the entire .236 fib over the 2017 top-2020 low period. This would mean BTC could keep running until years end, justifying 4 year cycle theory. These would be the targets, staggering...
  3. Bull pennant, not flag. But bullish nonetheless!
  4. It’s of the smallest wick. The big wick was a glitch and not reliable. It is confirmed by the price movt. around the drawn fibs of the smaller wick I chose to start from.
  5. Good call, I loaded up on Tron at 3 cents. It has just done a full fib extension of the latest swing low. If it breaks even higher, next major restinance is around 20 cents. Alt coins just retested the 1.618 fib and so far it is holding nicely. If it holds, next stop is 865 Bil. BTC.D, which is the most important alt-season indicator, just printed a fresh new low and is on it's way down to next support at 57%.
  6. I think the previous low will either be broken or ar the very least retested as a possible support.
  7. I expect BTC to go sideways/up while alts flourish. BTC dominance broke down, all signs point toward an alt season starting now. BTC is still above .786 fib and trendline support.
  8. I made this graph a week ago. We are only just starting alt season, the parsbolic gains have yet to come(exceptions are there ofc).
  9. For BTC, the S2F model has been pretty on point for the previous cycles. This would mean a BTC price of 250-400k is possible, but I don't see it going any higher. Once prices keep increasing so do the people predicting more and more outrageous price predictions. Be careful of that It's time for the alts now to shine first now, which is looking great.
  10. BTc formed an IHS and the target is 57k. This is a bullish scenario, but we can also get rejected sooner and move down to 52k. I favour the bull scenario 70/30. BTC dominance is weakening. Alt season has started, but is still nascent.
  11. Only if BTC doesn’t dump below 55k. But it’s looking good for the alts. I have always said the alt party would start end of March/early April and so far I seem to be right. But seeing is believing!
  12. True, but in a BTC bullmarket I see this as a positive sign. RSI got room to breath and now has much room to the upside again. I am not that concerned.
  13. Critical converge point in Crypto: BTC Dominance at support while ALT market cap at ATH resistance and trendline support. All signs point towards a major move coming up before 24th of March. Good luck all.
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