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  1. Those big red letters are an easy summary for dumb ignorant people.
  2. In my opinion, backed up by previous patterns and cycles; we are seeing a classic support/resistance flip after a prolonged accumulation period for most coins. I bought more. As much as I safely could. Turning bearish after a good impulse up, while flipping resistance into support is a big mistake and fueled by emotions instead of facts. bears will be bears and bulls will be bulls. But I watch the charts and I follow their story. Good luck to us all, I hope everyone can make a healthy profit anyhow.
  3. Looks to me BTC is headed to 9500 and we to .225 As long as we can hold those levels and dont drop below, I remain bullish.
  4. You have much to learn look at the XRP market cycles and fractals, which are very important in an specultive nascent market. Look at the S/R lines and you’ll see we are making significant moves right now which reassemble the past bevaviour. But you have already made up your mind with your own chosen metrics, and that is fine. But it show a serious lack of knowledge and know-how about our market structure and investing in general imho.
  5. Look at the price movements of the last 8 years, not of the past 2 years. DYOR
  6. It’s the other way around. XRP moves on fractals within cycles. Fundamentals have never really mattered that much. Not even the escrow news, it was purely market/BTC driven pump back then, but when a few people claim it was about the escrow news, many whom are ignorant follow. History is key, especially in this market. Just compare the previous cycles and fractals for XRP with Fibonacci retracements and it all suddenly makes sense.
  7. @tar found this video, looks very similar to your analysis. Let’s hope for some fireworks eoy.
  8. That wouldn’t be all too bad, if it is indeed just a correction within a larger uptrend. I am actually planning to buy a bit more if we were to hit .25 again. It is important to convincingly break .35 within a couple of weeks though, to confirm we can actually make a higher high. But I give it some time and am willing to ‘bet’ a retrace to .25 will be short lived and a nice buying opportunity.
  9. My guess is they are only buying when needed to increase liquidity on the open markets. This way, they can ramp up ODL volumes for their customers.
  10. Crypto screws with your head. Especially the more inexperienced traders (enough examples of them in this thread) whom have entered in a bull market have done very bad in this bearmarket that started early ‘18. Same goes for the people who have mostly experienced this bearmarket, they will do very bad in this new bullmarket following trends that are no longer applicable. If this truly is a new trend/cycle wherein the bulls will favor the bears, then these huge retraced people expect will not happen. It will be small flash crashes that will be bought up rather quickly and the
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