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  1. 21 weekly EMA is the level I watch, recapture that and then the bullmarket is back in full swing.
  2. Thank you. I do have to admit my approach in counter argumenting both the trolls and genuine bears wasn’t always very tactful or refined, but when people get under my skin it is not always possible to remain the gentleman. But enough about that, weak hands are now either gone or will scream SELL at the next red candle again and remain ignorant about the true nature of financial markets, which simply moves in waves and cycles. A few months of deep red during a clear macro uptrend, is no reason to get so extremely bearish and expect the market to keep going down. Bottoms are found in depressed downturns, tops are found in euphoria. Fingers crossed I have indeed judged this market correctly once again and hopefully many people in here will be able to profit immensely throughout the remainder of the year. We’re all in the same boat after all. Good luck to us all
  3. A few months of drawturn and consolidation doesn’t make a bearmarket or confirm a long term trend. Weak hands have been shaken out and market is returning the bullish trend as it should(cycle and fundamental wise). This is the trend I see unfolding and BTC dominance is headed towards 12% IMO. Very bullish on alts for the remainder of the year, the bigger the dump the higher te pump. We are in for a treat later this year, if you can remain patient and don’t get shaken out by fear and market noise. Bullmarket in crypto aint easy at all, as you can see it is very hard to remain bullish during a few months of deep red and retail investors complaining and with constant fearmongering. Luckily the market moves on a trend but also in waves. We had over 6-8 months of upwards waves, now 2 months of downward waves. We are still within a bullish trend until this cycle ends, bears will deny it until we make a new ATH probably, but if we can maintain a clear and broad vision and perspective, it’s pretty darn clear where this market is headed next. I give it about 1-2 months to recover and then 3 months to pump to ATH and way beyond. Then it’s time to sell or live through another bearmarket. But that bearmarket is certainly not here yet!
  4. The ‘worst’ was in terms of many coins not reaching ATH or come even close, but indeed there were plenty opportunities to make money around the market. The bullcycle is still not lost as long as we hold that 28k. So far, dips keep being bought up and bearish pressure seems to be fading. Usually when all seems lost, the market turns on itself. Hopefully we’re close to that moment Or we’ll keep dwindling down and I was wrong all along. We’ll see, I am still fully long.
  5. Well we lost 30k and 28k is now the last hope we’ve got. If we loose that as well, we have witnessed the shortest and worst bullrun in history of crypto. And most of all: the most selective. Only a handful of alts and especially meme coins and certain newer projects have truly mooned, most have not even taken back their 2017 ATH’s. Really tough market to read and do TA on right now, cycle and history wise we should hold and go up again. But looking at our rejections at MA’s ever since the dump, we could be in a prolonged bear period. I remain hopeful, but it’s no easy time to be long in crypto.
  6. Fair enough. The jurassic park meme was not meant to offend anyone. Let’s return back to topic
  7. Totally different, a personal attack vs a meme of a sh!tmarket as reaction on someone else. if you really compare those, you’re just looking to bash me any way possible. Sad.
  8. Good you ask, I would have stayed 100% true to my strategy and I eould be happy I had sold a good part of my ADA and VET around the top and then went down with the ship indeed. Would then re-Learn bottoming structures, as apparently they failed me. I would learn from those mistakes and adjust mu strategy accordingly. I never ever adjust my strategy based on my fears, dreams or emotions, that’s my golden rule, and hard to uphold as is.
  9. Perfect example of that is right now. I shared a ‘funny’ meme on how the market is like sh!t right now, as a reply on a different member than Troote. Then he targets me personally, while immediately after his ‘friends’ show up(that always choose to share a very negative outlook, surprise surprise) and they somehow turn the blame of derailing the topic to me. Can’t make this sh!t up, lol.
  10. Actually, I just shared a pile of sh!t meme as a reply on a different member because the market is so boring for 2 months already. A sh!t market right now. You immediately took it personal and made it about yourself. Says more about you that me mate.
  11. BTC’s bullrun isn’t over and alt season still has ways to make IMO, I have shown why I believe that again and again through multiple analyses. So far, I am neither wrong nor right, but time will soon tell. But if this is indeed the bottom region as I fully expect, you both have nailed the concept of ‘sell low’ i.e. making emotional decisions during retail panic. That is the opposite you want to do as a serious investor. I don’t care how much profit you still made, probably means you gambled with much more than you should have, if you still made that much by actually selling the bottom region. The point is, the profits weren’t made because of a solid plan or strategy, it was a mere emotional decision after not being able to handle the strain of mounting losses. That shows bad financial and personal insight, meanwhile coming here ‘teaching’ us lessons. Just can’t take you guys seriously, at all.
  12. I think this pretty much sums up your investment skills and decision making. You have a certain attitude as if you are a seasoned smart investor. While you clearly behave and act like the average joe. Selling between 19-22 May were the panic lows of that impulse down. I am happy you took at least some profits while selling near the bottom. But it clearly shows me you are the about the worst person to take advice from, as you just follow the crowd’s behaviour in fomo/fear moments. You sold right in the heat of the moment: emotional sell. Recipe for disaster. I rather draw 600 magical TA lines and be wrong about it than to follow your ‘strategy’. Enjoy the profits though, but I highly doubt it will last long judging from your recent history and attitude towards people whom share actual knowledge about their experience in these markets. Good luck.
  13. Okay I can agree with you here, finally a post I can relate to and sounds reasonable fair
  14. I highly doubt selling was part of a ‘strategy’ in this case. If I recall correctly, most whom have sold and shared it in here, have done it out of fear of prices going lower i.e. a new bear market. It had nothing to do with a solid plan or strategy. Unless the strategy was simply to sell when you get scared…
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