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  1. As always, alts starting to look weaker as BTC dumps. BTC dominance at resistance, if it breaks it, it could signal more downside to come as alts fall harder than BTC in a dump. too soon to draw conclusions, let’s just watch how it develops. alt coins could form an inverse head and shoulders. So about 5% more down to go and then form the right shoulder. This would be a positive sign.
  2. My latest take. We are in a big ABC correction. This ABC has subwaves of 1,2,3,4,5. Then a small ABC up again(the B-wave of the big ABC) followed by another 1,2,3,4,5 subwaves structure. The A leg usually has the same decline as the C leg. This would give a target of aprox. 39.5k for BTC. Looks pretty likely scenario to me at this point. The correction top to bottom is 32% and very healthy for BTC if it halts there.
  3. Held it, made good profit and moved onto other projects with staking. Has plenty potential left.
  4. BTC dominance broke down but got support at the downward trend line. The black line is my expectation for the coming days/weeks. This could mean alts stall a bit here until the upwards trend line becomes resistance. Alts almost ready to break out. Look at that volume, usually this would be a sign of a double bottom, but it is best to wait until confirmation. Furthermore, the RSI is showing strength on there 2nd touch of the local bottom. Good sign. We now want alts to break above the 21 EMA. We want this trend line to become support and bounce.
  5. I shared my short term ADA thoughts on the charting the course thread. ADA, VET, TRX, ICX, XTZ, XVG, ARK. Maybe i’ll buy some XRP later on, I expect it to be a laggard so i’d rather not hold it now.
  6. I agree. I have a strategy and plan in place for multiple scenario’s. I was just curious about the fib placement, I had not seen it before. Let’s hope both our strategies pan out and we at least walk away with good profits.
  7. What is the logic behind it? Seriously curious.
  8. Your fibs are drawn wrong. You have the ‘ 1’ drawn on 15 USD on the right chart, it should be on ~3.2 and the lowest ‘0’ on 0.115. This gives a maximum target of 13USD, not a 100.
  9. This one is for free 😜 ADA reached first short term fib target at 1.4 and got rejected. Wil probably get to the next fib targets at 1.75 and 2 USD. I expect ADA to sell off around the 1st of march when Mary update comes out. Many technicals are overbought and it could go back to the previous ATH of around 1-1.2. Then consolidate there before the parabolic move comes.
  10. BTC dominance dropping from medium term support on high volume. This is GOOD. Exactly as I was hoping to see, so far most is still going as I charted a few days ago. If BTC can keep slow bullish momentum, alts will get their chance. Alt season is upon us, i stand by my prediction of end of march/ beginning of april that we start to see parabolic moves across the board. But as said earlier, time is hard to predict, but it can’t take much longer looking at the charts. Oh an I have 0 worries about Tether. It is such old and classic FUD that people just keep believing in it. Even after t
  11. Tulip mania contributed in making Holland the biggest flower exporter in the world to date. Not only bad things come out of bubbles.
  12. It’s not about the technology, it is about the economic proposition of BTC. Does BTC have the best or competitive technology compared to other crypto? No. Does it matter at this point? No. Eventually BTC can be superseded by another project, but that moment lies far in the future. We are seeing a shift in old money from traditional assets to BTC, en masse. I don’t hold BTC, never have, but to ignore it’s impact on the macro economic situation we are in right now would be a mistake imo.
  13. In alt season, ALL alts benefit and get parabolic moves one after the other. Money rotates and we have some weeks of crazy gains across the entire board. We have only just broken out of the bearish trend with alt market cap entering new highs, the best has yet to come. My guess would be end of March/beginning of April in which we see alt season kick off, but time is impossible to predict.
  14. Exactly. It would also coincide perfectly with the alts retesting the previous 2017 ATH again giving the spring needed to start alt season. It all aligns perfectly, but any big news event can cause a sudden move. Crypto fundamentals have never looked better and with institutions joining, we might even be in for a supercycle. The mother of cycles wherein full adoption takes places among retail and institutions https://danheld.substack.com/p/a-bitcoin-supercycle
  15. This is what I expect. Also still in line with the chart I posted yesterday. After the target is hit between 38-42k, alt party can commence. Just my view, trade at your own peril.
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