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The Aliens are here...


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  • 2 weeks later...
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I can not wait to communicate

to the aliens... 

But I will wait, then congratulate

all the aliens...

If I hesitate instead of incumbate

blame the aliens...

Gonna tribulate and procrastinate

with the aliens...

Goal was to fornicate yet I ma$turbate

with the aliens...




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but yeah.... hyper excited about aliens, ufos, etc... etc....

always have been... and we are being slowly desensitized without a doubt...

billions of planets... billions!

We are not alone...

and we are definitely not all that smart.  (see comments re XRP on twitter)

dammit, take me away!

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..... was taken away... thank you... but transplaced onto a planet of plants... yes... only plants as the

main form of life.... 

pretty sure it was a clerical error... 

no worries.

try again?

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