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  1. Something for demoralized XRP hodlers around the globe: I believe it is early in the morning into Crypto's day - well before sunrise. There is a lot of money waiting on the sidelines including institutions and individuals. We peaked at $800B market VALUATION and we will see $1 Trn this year. The night is darkest just before dawn, which I believe is just around the corner.
  2. I think Coinbase adding XRP amongst other coins out of the top 10-25 is inevitable. I say this because other exchanges are starting to pop up and compete, especially since here in America there isn't a way to buy it in all 50 states yet... I want you to consider this: Ripple twitter following is marginally ahead of the Bitcoin twitter following BTC accessibility is extremely ahead of XRP accessibility I actually believe in the long run that XRP will have the same if not better global accessibility seeing that it aims to be pretty much a global currency. We are just lucky speculators who stumbled upon a diamond in the rough.
  3. I am by no means a "Chart Expert" but what we are seeing right now is a wedge (standoff between buyers and sellers). From here we will most likely see a breakout or price loss, small chance it keeps going on. It's been developing for the past 2-3 days.
  4. Very interesting showdown going on right now... its a standoff between the bears and bulls!
  5. I try to follow development in the company's fundamentals as well as the charts closely every day. I can say that there is a loose correlation between these types of announcements and positive price movement. I mean if you want to look at something interesting, see the hourly chart and look at the correction pattern at 12/30 and compare that to the one we are in now, specifically starting on the 16th... Eerily similar. Perhaps we'll see a breakout soon?
  6. I can't even begin to imagine each one, i'm constantly surprised with all of the possibility there. Welcome @NorthLane, I have been lurking for some time but began posting amidst the most recent correction and increasing business development (announced, that is). I somehow expect BTC's dominance to slip as the overall market widens and more money pours in. It will continue to remain relevant but only to a point. Something like XRP and Ripple's corresponding ledger (network) will support many more uses and one of those will probably be to become the overall currency pairing for crypto. I would really enjoy that as using BTC as the currency pair only works when its volatility is low. My take on BTC is that eventually institutional money will replace the majority of current weak hands and that it will continue to inflate in price and stabilize eventually. So it may never happen that XRP becomes the currency pairing for the majority of cryptos but it is very possible still. I thoroughly enjoy analyzing both sides of the market, technical and fundamental all at once, my goal is always to find the synergies between them. The charts right now seem like we have since hit rock bottom and are slowly beginning to turn the corner towards another run.
  7. If you're a Ripple FIEND like me you probably watch the news cycle, price, and these forums constantly. I commend every rational mind that is looking long term, as the short term for the ENTIRE crypto market is just about as predictable as throwing a dart blind folded from 100 feet away (and there are still some who believe they can do it). That being said, there is one critical aspect of building a business that Ripple is doing right - their slow but sure adoption of XRP by money transfer companies will pay dividends^10000000 down the road. Before this morning we really only had Cualix and Moneygram with promises to use XRP from the Korean / Japanese corridor volunteers should their pilots go well. Right now there are probably many other unannounced companies testing out XRP through XRapid or at least looking into it. The tipping point I am most focused with has to do with adoption. Every business with an innovative product will face FUD at the hands of people who cry out "BUT WHO IS USING IT RIGHT NOW?" That is the last argument that these guys who back coins without any real business behind them really have. Companies using the rest of the Ripple product suite are much more vast than Xrapid, so it's reasonable to assume they're enjoying the various efficiencies the tech provides. Very soon (less than 6 months) I believe we will reach that tipping point, where one large FI will see the advantages over its competition and choose to move first. Then the rest of the competition will react. Stick with what you believe in at the end of the day - I believe efficiency wins out in business, especially in the financial world.
  8. http://fortune.com/2018/01/24/ripple-cryptocurrency-bitcoin-xrp-idt/ Hold on for dear life!
  9. I've been checking into XRP Chat since July of last year. I heard about Ripple and XRP in May/June when the XRP price had a pretty nice spike and decided to do a lot of research on the company and fundamentals first. I have bought in 3 times below $0.20 and a few times above, I even plan on buying up to $10. I knew jumping into this space I'd have to stomach serious volatility if I were to HODL effectively. I want to shout out @Hodor for great balanced opinions on Ripple as a company and the future of XRP. I believe this is the first of many corrections we will face along the way up, however I still watch the price genuinely excited about future movement. I watched as we traded between the $0.20 channel for months feeling one thing "The price will eventually catch up to this thing's real value." I've never quite seen an asset that can become more useful as it's recognized value increases. I think we have a bright future ahead, these guys are disrupting the fintech world in a major way.
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