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  1. I'm already on Anchor with a smaller sum but I was thinking about moving some savings there. And for that there's not enough liquidity (between stable coins). TerraSwap seems to have the required liquidity for Luna-UST but I don't want to expose myself to any risk outside stable coins. PancakeSwap doesn't have enough liquidity to realistically convert more than four figures without you paying too much on the fees and spread. BUSD-UST seems to be the most liquid pair and swapping even five figures is getting pretty expensive pretty fast. Example: BUSD 10000, minimum received UST 9876 BUSD 100000, minimum received UST 97670 With the 10K investment (9876 after it's been converted to UST) Anchor would earn it back in around 25 days (at 20% APY). With the 100K investment it would take 47 days. In addition I have to consider what happens if I suddenly need the money and have to get it back to an exchange. Again, without going outside stable coins. Then I'd have to bridge it back and convert again before I get it to an exchange and back to fiat. So better double the estimations in order to pay back for the, so to speak round-trip, conversion fees. And if the liquidity happens to dry up during that time... The Terra network seems to be a bit young to my taste for a "safe haven". Maybe I'll siphon some smaller sums there over time.
  2. I have some fiat on Binance and wanted to transfer it to Anchor but the spread and fees make it difficult. Trading for UST with other stable coins on a DEX is pretty bad. UST still needs a lot more liquidity. Binance doesn't have UST (yet) and I don't want to sign up for other exchanges for now (kind of defeats the purpose of defi). So I ended up converting it to USDC and USDT on Binance (that was the cheapest option) and put it on Pancake Swap's USDC/USDT LP with a ~9% APR. Where are all the Euro DeFi products? Over longer time frames the EUR/USD pair is fluctuating quite a bit. For the past twelve months the low has been ~1.16 while the high has been 1.23. I'd prefer to avoid the currency risk but for some reason the Euro hasn't really caught wind in crypto...
  3. Dipping my toes in Terra and Anchor. Deposited a small amount of UST into Anchor. @brianwalden Why aren't the UST and aUST pegged? The exchange rate was around 1.09. Have you noticed any change in the exchange rate as this could cause impermanent loss?
  4. September 12. These things always run late and it's better to steal from a thief.
  5. @LeonidasH Any chance xrparcade could become Brave verified? Would be nice to send some BAT that way.
  6. But there is a "this", "that" and "other" thing? Please elaborate... /troll I had to, sorry.
  7. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-worldbank-cba-blockchain/world-bank-launches-world-first-blockchain-bond-idUSKCN1L80DP?il=0 The World Bank has priced the world’s first public bond created and managed using only blockchain in a A$100 million ($73.16 million) deal designed to test how the technology might improve decades-old bond sales practices.
  8. As long as the bikini's have the correct number embroided.
  9. You do understand that the Dallas cowboy thingie was the THE thing to make this stupid. I have no idea what I'm talking about because I'm not from the US and have no idea if we are talking about the NHL/NFL/NBA/WHATEVERL or one of those with a W prefix.
  10. Sigh... Ripple does NOT equal XRP. Maybe they'll get it right eventually.
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