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  1. lol.. umm wrong year... and he said " MINIMUM EOY would be $10 " (for 2018)... but thanks for showing more proof of why you should listen to nobody with these outrageous price predictions .
  2. lol... yea, that is not happening, not even for this year yet. Be happy, very happy if it is at .50 by eoy.
  3. Actually, I've been saying this for quite a long time... but unless you make some stupidly high prediction you are irrelevant in this forum. People want to hope more than they want reality.
  4. If that is your expectations you are going to be very disappointed. $5 might be achievable in that time frame but that is also doubtful. You also sound twelve and should be thinking about a good education and hard work ethic. You bought nothing.
  5. More like all the over $1 (and the impossible $589) EOY touters... what say them now?
  6. Respect. Wait.. coming from someone with 5,000 posts? That doesn't happen unless you are looking for your own C.R.A. and Publicity.. so CRAP.. yes, we'll call it CRAP from now on. I really have no need for CRAP.
  7. Correction... I am speculating that $5 is years away, not predicting... big difference.
  8. What? Embarrassing how? You mean, I posted something different like 10 months ago on a public forum that has all posts from beginning, like that wasn't known as my perspective changed over time? Do people really need the obvious stated in here? I try not to take them that ignorant.
  9. Well, yes... you can learn a lot about anything in a year. I work from home, I have time, I put many hours in which obviously is why my mindset towards XRP has changed from when I only purchased out of a bit of hatred towards my bank as well as necessary for an app I was developing which used XRP in which I sold to another company and took those proceeds to put right into XRP personally. It's kept my expectations in check, a bit more grounded in reality, and still believe it to be a great investment long term aside from my other "safe" investments. If anyone actually felt like going into the boring historical detail of my posts, you could easily see the gradual change as I continued to learn more about it... some from this forum. I have a pretty open mind, while continuing to learn.. and so at some point I could see it differently again.. as of now, I still think we are years away from the $5 mark.
  10. No Doubt... I am actually one that admits it! That is what a year of studying will do. I learned.
  11. As I stated months back it will remain under $1 and all the higher EOY people will start changing their minds, coming up with new excuses as to why when it really should be no surprise. Look at all the minds changing now as we draw a close to 2018. I've already seen quite a few people that laughed at my statements, called me fudster and everything else.. now changing their minds... I remain unshaken to this expected price range and they are wondering what the heck is going on. Maybe a lesson learned and in 2019 we can keep it more realistic.
  12. Holidays, sales, traders cashing out to use elsewhere, people not buying more because spending money instead on black friday sales, cyber week sales...etc. As I stated many times, no need to expect an EOY price over $1... this is nothing to worry about, for me anyways.
  13. Wait... what? Where did I ever say it was worthless? Over 90% of my crypto investments are into XRP, that doesn't mean I have to be a high priced fanatic, but rather still think it's a solid investment in the long term. I totally believe in the value of xrp.. just differently than others, who share their views...and I am sharing mine... what's the big deal?
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