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  1. Yes, which I have done for about 2 years with day trading and the likes. At the end of the day it can all go wrong in an instant. If anyone really wants to know, go back to the beginning of this club and read the posts from day 1. Count how many times we have heard this with TA (including coming from myself) , how many time we heard "the fuse is lit" "moon time" "here we go" ...on and on.... and then how many times ALL of them were wrong. Then, it is rinse and repeat. I don't care about the TA anymore or what it COULD do and MIGHT do and yada yada... I have reduced myself to just simply hold
  2. IF there is a next bull run. In all reality it is quite possible that this is not a " matter of time" .
  3. If by soon you mean within at least 5 more years... maybe.
  4. Until demand can catch up with the overwhelming amount of continued supply... it's going nowhere. It has by far the highest inflation rate over any other large-cap crypto.
  5. Well.. obviously it remains to be seen with utility. The more ya learn...
  6. You think I should have invested with hopes in a loss of price? Not sure what you are getting at.
  7. If Ripple begins to tackle any small fraction of SWIFT transactions which is what most are holding on for, my concern has always been how fast it settles. It may take X amount of XRP to do a transaction but then it is rapidly settled and back in the market so I don't see it having all that much of an effect on the price.
  8. I like that I transferred most of my XRP to Bitcoin in April and finally saw some really good gains for a change!
  9. Still holding.. worth seeing what the Bitcoin Halving affect will have on Xrp. I do think the few bitcoin I have though will out perform my xrp.
  10. Correct. I am an accredited investor and they alerted me when this was open for investment.
  11. Who is investing in the company instead of just the coin?
  12. No, the search term that its based on is " Buy Bitcoin" . Not just Bitcoin... specifically Buying bitcoin.
  13. Last time google trend showed Buy Bitcoin at its current search volume , bitcoin had a rise of nearly 300% within that month and XRP had about 75%. Keep an eye on google trend bitcoin and xrp search terms because it usually indicates if a spike will be happening.
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