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  1. And those cryptojacking hacks are exactly why no predictions work and no TA works....nobody can predict the next major theft that sends things crashing. Well, except for those causing it. Looks like in crypto, a lot of bad guys are the ones who win. It's a good lesson.
  2. Hey at least all the , " I hope it drops more so I can buy more" wishes are being granted...
  3. Figures, finally in a nice winning position, trying to close it out and it gets rejected! I contact support and they say sorry.... having a crypto outage... wth. I became very skeptical of this exchange this week after multiple times of getting in a winning position and all the sudden my entire browser closes out on its own. I've had this computer for 3 years, very high end, never once has this happened... since day trading, it has happened 6 times. idk.. coincidence , I'm cursed, manipulation... maybe I'll stop trading after-all.
  4. OR Furbies .. I remember when they went into crazy demand, people did some insane black market stuff in order to get them.
  5. Well today was a crazy trading day.. way to active and trades happening so fast I couldn't take time to even do any chart stuff... had a bunch of good small trades, got really confident, did two large trades that both went really bad really quick, lost about $1500 in minutes. I kept getting stopped out on good trades by those large wicks that happen in a second and rebound in second... so I quit doing a stop loss since I was going to just watch... well.. those happened again but then didn't rebound of course. Anyways... ups and downs! I want my .40 profit back :-)
  6. Looks like could go back to around .37 on the 4 hour. But honestly... idk .. I am not trading anything until it consolidates. To bad I didn't short that one instead!
  7. Stopped out at the .43860 but still following pattern, if it does turn back the same and signals look good, will re-enter the long.
  8. It did follow down and start to head back up near exact as shown.. I Entered long at .437... lets see how it goes!
  9. Waiting on this to playout.. hopefully get in near bottom and ride it up.
  10. I did, got stopped out and then it had a nice big jump while I was away but still happy with the call! I can't trade overnight like that... I won't fall to sleep!
  11. Suggestions? I'm mostly going on those short term patterns. I do have the RSI, Stochastic (modified versions).
  12. Yes that is correct on the margin trading. The fee depends on the level of investment you are at and it differs across exchanges. For me it is a %0.00196 long and .00098 short . Also you usually incur an additional fee if you don't close out the trade within the day and get an overnight fee. I don't always use leverage though. It's definitely crazy risky and pretty much go into it assuming will lose, but for me, the fun of it is worth it - just like gambling in vegas - whenever I do get a chance to go, I don't expect to actually win a large amount of money, but it is fun trying and the money spent was budgeted just for it.
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