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  1. And now why is it jumping? Today is the crypto mistery day! I was so lucky I bought more at 0,29 but we'll see.... (my previous buy was back in may...
  2. well right after I posted it started jumping a bit at least.. It will probably just do a little peak and then continue to fall until february...
  3. Coinbase just announced they are exploring adding XRP and the price doesn't seem to be able to climb for just a little peak... What does it mean? Is coinbase that doomed? https://twitter.com/coinbase/status/1071041856006287360 https://blog.coinbase.com/coinbase-continues-to-explore-support-for-new-digital-assets-92ba4ab7f465
  4. I'm relax, My view is quite positive in fact. Instead of crashing after swell I think it will hold the gains. But I'm staying realistic adding that I think it will not continue to skyrocket after swell and my stay around 0,90$. But yeah it's just speculation it may do a thousands other scenarii!
  5. Forget Lambo, now everyone has one, McLaren is the best!
  6. Ok since no one reply yet I'll answer to myself: I think it will just stay stable. I guess that the announcement will be that 2 or 3 banks are using xRapid, it's a beginning and in 2 or 3 years we'll have a decent xRapid network if all goes well. Something around those lines... Nothing to skyrocket after swell... It may go to 1$ on swell fisrt day and then just stabilize around 0,90$. That's my speculation around this boom. Last year it raised for ten days before Swell and lost all gain during Swell because there was nothing special after that famous count down...
  7. Do you think it will crash after swell like last year?
  8. Well... I don't know if it was a pump, but it is dumping. But volume are a lot lower on the dump.
  9. The volume is there so I guess there is some insinder info out somewhere. SEC decision about security status, Coinbase, Xrapid launch... Someone somewhere knows something and told it to few others that's all.
  10. 20% up and ETH and BTC almost flat.... What's going on???
  11. The new exchange Bitbox has a even bigger XRP volume with 89M$ even though it's closed to USA and Japan citizens. That exchange is the worst case of WASH trading I ever saw. https://www.bitbox.me/exchange?coin=XRP&market=ETH
  12. I looked everywhere and found nothing from this morning. In fact I was expecting this when the news about xrapid going live next month went up but that was yesterday. Maybe some details leaked about the SEC and xrp being a security or more details about the Xrapid launch. On my part I started converting a lot to XRP as soon as I heard Brad Garlinghouse say: "If XRP is a security, it's a security if what????" That made me thought that XRP can never deemed a security.
  13. And another little boost to 32!
  14. Strovu

    Are we back?

    In Canada we already have a Bitcoin Fund. Only for the whealthiest so far but it's a beginning. They can hold it in their retirement saving account! https://www.theglobeandmail.com/investing/globe-wealth/article-high-net-worth-investors-now-able-to-hold-bitcoin-in-registered/