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    Please keep the discussion related to XRP/Ripple protocol. Please keep the trolling to twitter :)
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  • Hello and thanks for visiting Xrp Chat :party2: 

    "How do I chat in the Zerpbox?"
    The zerpbox is read-only for the first 24 hours of joining the forum.

  • More chat options:

    discordThe Zerpbox. Channels for #alt-coins, #help-me and more!
    discord-app_108230.pngRipple (XRP). A large community about Ripple on Discord.
    discord-app_108230.pngThe Real Zerpbox
    discord-app_108230.pngZerp Lab 
    facebook-icon-preview-1-400x400.pngRipple (XRP). Facebook group: A place to learn about the Crypto Currency Ripple (XRP)
     telegram-logo-52EACC2D94-seeklogo.com.png Ripple XRP Telegram
             MeWe XRP Group

    Contact us to add your groups chat here!

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