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Something Shiny Comes This Way... **DONE!**


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Profits Use

Most of the generated sales will be used to cover costs of the project. 80% of the profits will be re-invested into the 2theMoon project with the remaining 20% as reimbursement for work/ effort done.

Accounting and tally will be posted in the 2theMoon club forum.


Stay Tuned for Future Non-Coin Options

There is one additional option, a paper version featuring artwork by members of the community. This is to be cheapest option for those wanting to proselytize the word of Ripple and will be prefunded with 30 XRP and sold in batches of five. This is not included in the pre-order batch and more information will be released later.

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Further details on how to order will be released on Monday, September the 25. 

For further information feel free to PM, follow this thread or visit and join the 2theMoon club.

One last point- as this is a pre-oder the final costs per coin might fluctuate slightly. I have built in some room for slight adjustments in pricing and will do my best to honour all coins ordered in good faith. In the event there is a massive price decrease I will refund the extra amounts, and in the case of a massive price increase orders can be refunded on demand. Other then due to these changes, or the inability to meet pre-order amounts, all sales are considered final.

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