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Technical Questions from a Ripple follower


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HI guys.

I have few questions, I have been with Ripple for some time but I am not very tech savvy so some of the questions below may be silly but I am sure apart from me  there will be plenty of newbees who will be helped by the answers by you so any help will be appreciated. 

  1. if one wants to open the new Ripple account because he has lost the recovery key of previous account, how can that be opened..?
  2. if the Ripple account is opened by a particular gateway and gateways goes bankrupt, would you still be able to access your xrps.. ? if yes how.. ?
  3. I have heard about creating a cold wallet but is it for somebody who is not tech savvy..? because there would be nobody responsible if your wallet stops working or code is not secure enough.. ? vs a wallet organization such as bitstamp or gatehub  which is referred by Ripple website.. ?
  4. if you want to reopen the gatehub account because you are unsure that your gatehub key was compromised or you lost it, would you have to submit the  id papers again to reopen the gatehub account or they should be able to reopen the account using same details they have.. ?

Thanks guys. 

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