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Interledger Workshop – 25 February – Agenda

Guest Haydentiff

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Guest Haydentiff
The schedule is posted here:

"You'll note that we have carved out some time for a Smart Contracts breakout
session and also booked another room for this so remote participants can dial in
to that session if they wish. This seemed like the only way to give this broad topic enough time on the

ETA: The registration link. http://www.eventbrite.com/e/interledger-protocol-workshop-tickets-21070974853

ILP Schedule.png

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Guest Haydentiff

The Ripple office is really nice! I'll post pictures later.

(3 people recognized from social media and wanted to shake my hand. I'm twitter famous, lol.)

Oh snap, I got the tweet to post and not just the link. I'm having a really great day. (I'm ridiculously happy to be here!)



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