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Relation between XRP and Ripple´s banking services

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I was trying to get a better understanding of the relationship between XRP (the crypto currency) and the Ripple banking / financial services products. I tend to think that ripple the currency is based on DLT like bitcoin and that is open source but when I read about how banks are using it to settle transactions across I cannot imagine those transactions being transparent to the public or openly distributed. So are these separate things? Are the settlement channels across banks closed source i.e. a network set up among them where they control the nodes and trxs. are verified by or within a closed network? or how is this working? In which case, would not this verifications generate XRPs as well? Would a miner on the open source be verifying a transaction that is happening across banks just like any other participant?

I am not tech. so apologies upfront if the question sounds unclear.


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