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Gatehub Copycat Phishing Through AdWords


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Hi guys, today a friend of mine had to set up his account and he almost fell for a phishing attempt through Google AdWords. Luckily he sent me a screenshot of the url, and it was gatahub.net. A tiny difference easily overlooked by newbies. These phishing attempts through AdWords ads are more and more common nowadays, please be careful (same thing when Googling for "bittrex", there is usually one or two ads pointing to other sites that look exactly the same, only to steal your login data.

This was the ad that appeared on a "gatehub" Google search:



And this is what the site looks like:


I'm pretty sure most people won't fall for this, but it's good to keep an eye out on these types of scams.

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13 minutes ago, stuffie said:


All phishing sites, this was already mentioned in another topic.

Always check address and certificate before logging in!

Thanks for mentioning the other topic! Yeah, I was just amazed at the effort some folks go through just to screw other people over. I also filed a complaint with Google because the ads are used for phishing.

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Good looking out man. I saw what happened to one of our forum members and it made me throw up in my mouth. Gotta watch out for these crooks. They are getting pretty slick these days. After I heard that I spent all night setting up my Nano S. It was a little bit of a pain in the a#$ setting up, but it's done and my XRP are now safer than they were online. Nano S works great. It took like half of a second for them to show up on Nano S. Sh#^ is screaming fast!!!!!

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I am not going to merge the two posts as this one is more of a general warning and the other started off as one users experience.

I have also Featured this post- it is up to each user to do due diligence and remain vigilant, that being said a common thread where we can report and track blatant phishing attempts is a good idea IMO.

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