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Interledger on webpayments soon

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5 hours ago, Xrphunter said:

They are working on progress 


ILP draft spec:




API is currently being implemented in browsers including Google's Chrome, Microsoft's Edge, Apple’s Webkit, Mozilla’s Firefox, the Samsung Internet Browser and Facebook's in-app browser.

This is a sign cryptos are here to stay, which ones though? Lol 

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I have always wondered though.. I know Ripple is aiming for a share of the bigger pie via ILP and @JoelKatz has mentioned this too that there is no guarantee that XRP will be the dominating currency within ILP. However, I wonder what Ripple have been thinking in terms of helping XRP to become widely adopted within the ILP?

Perhaps the idea to increase liquidity via getting banks to adopt would be helpful? and perhaps the technology behind Ripple's XRP Leger ensures it integrates the best with ILP?

I'm just saying this because there are other currencies such as IOTA that is cheaper to transact than XRP as the transaction cost is zero.



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