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Forgot the optional tag from exchange sending xrp to bittrex


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Hi there,

I did a transfer of 2701xrp from an exchange to bittrex.

I have forgot to put an tag, so I haven't any pending deposits. I did a transfer before using the same details to deposit and withdraw,

was all working fine.


Please what can I do now ? I send it to the right Address just without the tag destination which was:



please help

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Your XRP went into the exchange wallet.  The tag lets the exchange know who owns what....   yours are kind of in general revenue now.

Just need to contact the exchange with all the transaction details and they will move them into your section of the wallet.  It will probably take a long while...  but you should get them OK in the end.

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Thanks very much for the reply. So I have to asked the exchange for all the details of my transactions? Any idea about how long it will takes eta?

such a big relieve to know that I still get my xrps and it is not lost. Bad help from bittrex side they just asked me for ID/HASH and I said I don't have any and no  more replys.



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Bittrex need to be sure that you are the correct recipient....   To assist that you need to find the amount, the time, the place you sent from.  But in particular....   The transaction ID.   You can probably get that from your transaction history on the sending exchange.  If it's not visible try clicking in to the transaction...   sometimes it's a link to greater detail even though it doesn't look like a link.  If not then you need to give the same details to the sending exchange and ask them for the ID.  This could take a week or four to resolve because of the slowness of help response from the exchanges but you should get it sorted eventually.

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