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"Get Ripple on Coinbase" Petition Update


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Got this update via e-mail momets ago don't know if it warrants its own topic, but it's just to inform forum members here at xrpchat.com: https://www.change.org/p/ripple-get-ripple-on-coinbase-18f018d0-1c06-4d74-9a69-1639c9649af5/u/21304885?utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_update&utm_campaign=135094&sfmc_tk=Hw8bCBij1aFNNwd%2fxMEDK%2bwDppyVDopesNLedO29Vrdw1azbXtTDVqw8qK0Ps0TB&j=135094&sfmc_sub=533259024&l=32_HTML&u=25930668&mid=7259882&jb=2

"Sep 10, 2017 — Great news for the Get Ripple on CoinBase petition — we got a response from Ripple!

Yesterday we received a message from the company behind the Ripple cryptocurrency's Marketing & Development teams, thanking us for making this petition!

Furthermore, we have added a Bitcoin address funds for the extensive lobbying efforts behind this petition. Donate whatever possible to fund our lobby efforts and ensure this petition's success - which get results such as this Official Response from XRP!

While they could not comment on whether or not they have definite plans to list Ripple trading on CoinBase, it certainly seems more likely now that the company behind Ripple's development has acknowledged and reached out with a positive response to this Petition!"

"Help Support This Cause:
1PktKngEggxJsLfyZyAwqFExMv6VBuMa3N (Bitcoin Address)"


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It seems the ripple marketing team was being nice about them raising awareness for ripple, but they in turn put them on the spot about it with a response announcement. 

I wouldn't suggest donating to this, there's no reason to and they seem pushy.

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