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I've been hacked Gatehub


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24800 Xrp to other account 

I was just checking and without any permission somebody did dot..

Please help is there anyway Gatehub can cancelled that or get my Xrp back 




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Top Posters In This Topic

When I attempted to open up a GateHub account a few weeks back, something wasn't working right with my access. I attempted to correct this with the typical reset link that's sent to one's email, but again, it wasn't working right and failed to forward a reset link into my email correctly. This rose my suspicion that maybe I wasn't actually on the genuine GateHub website & that this was an elaborate phishing scheme. Furthermore, when I went through all the various email inboxes/outboxes that I have, I noticed a bot-like duplication of a carbon copy email, with only a minute or two separating each of the copies, which numbered in the hundreds. I immediately dropped my efforts to open an account and purchased some 'fresh' antivirus software.  A trojan horse was discovered, which I promptly cleared. A day or two later I opened an account on another exchange. (NOT Polionex)  This experience, and reading about those of others who've lost major amounts of their cryptocurrencies, has me a bit rattled as to how any of these exchanges, or even the internet itself, can truly be trusted with my hard earned money. 

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