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Corda 1.0: R3 Sets Target Date for Production Distributed Ledger Tech

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31 minutes ago, dfault123 said:

There isn't a fight. Corda isn't a competitor to Ripple's settlement system

yeah but people on here love the #drama

like that time someone tried to suggest that one of ripple's posters 'hype' was about hyperledger based on nothing but the word sounded kinda similar... ended up being that ripple and hyperledger were even working together!

i dunno, a lot of connecting dots that shouldnt be connected that'd make alex jones proud

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31 minutes ago, ade said:

sounds like a rushed, desperate project to me.  will be interesting to see the outcome.

Don't look rush to me. It involves software and hardware heavyweights like Microsoft(Coco framework) and Intel (hardware-based blockchain safeguard).
Microsoft and Intel don't rush things. If they are in it, they might be able to influence the technology choices made by the banks and FIs and even central banks.


The diagram shows the other blockchain and ledgers, including Corda,  running on top of CoCo.

Maybe Joel will be free to dis-sect the competition for us :)


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