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Using Rippex for trading (Arbitrage)


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Is anyone using Rippex to trade XRP ?

I'm trying to find a more convenient way to Arbitrage trade XRP between exchanges and I thought I heard someone say before they use Rippex for this purpose ? Currently I essentially have to have fiat on the exchange with the lower prices ... sell at another exchange with higher prices ... then shuffle xrp back to the higher exchange, and fiat to the lower exchange. The time to make the USDT transfers just stinks ...

I've not been able to find a setup/user guide for Rippex showing how trading is done with it.

Appreciate any notes on the topic or how-to's ... I'll get reading if anyone knows where the info is.

Anything you can share, would be great.

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@Luschka maybe you could try TheWorldExchange created by @pftq?    I think that is using the Rpplenetwork to do the exchange.

I have looked at arbitrage using XRP but was unable to get a setup that consistently worked for me... but I hadn't thought at that time of using TheWorldExchange.

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