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Shape*S*Shift.io vs. Shapshift.io (WARNING)


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From now, I would like to apologize if I am breaking any of the forum rules with my post, but you need to understand, I am extremely angry, mad,  going crazy and many other things right now. This is to warn everyone about ShapeShift, please stay away from their services!!! MODS please if I have to edit something(remove address or whatever just tell me or edit it for me please, keep the topic up please)

I will start from beginning.

On September 8, I decided to exchange 0.30616 BTC (equal 1414 USD at that time), into XRP using https://shapeshift.io
I have placed an order, to exchange BTC into XRP and I got this order number 2cda68cc-02cc-4ecc-bc81-dfad042bafe0 (screen shot attached). 

I was asked to send my BTC to the following address: 19uxKDdti7xyC1CjPtjbpn24tnTtN3TEbz according to the order ( YOU CAN SEE IT IN THE SCREENSHOT )
I have then, sent my BTC to the address as requested and waited for the exchange to happen. I kept checking my XRP wallet for the funds through the whole day, but no funds showed up, so I decided to contact ShapeShift and to see what is going on with my transaction.
Over 24 hours later, I received a response from ShapeShift, saying that they never really received my funds and that I should contact my wallet provider  I attach a screenshot. As you can see they have put a completely different deposit address than what is shown on the first screenshot of my order -  I realised this earlier today, so I have decided to get back to them. 

I have tried to load the same URL which is seen on my order screenshot and for some reason it is showing a completely different deposit address. (this is how they scammed me, by changing the deposit address to something else and stating they never received the funds)

Attached is a screenshot of my conversation with ShapeShift in regards to the wrong deposit address. I am being completely transparent here. I am really frustrated and very angry with these people. Just lost over 1400 USD and there is absolutely no way for me to get them back. 

Screen shot 1 is the original order that I have placed, I have sent the coins to that address you can see it in the screenshot. Second photo is from today, when I typed the URL into my browser... and I couldn't believe it... deposit address is totally different. ShapeShift replies are below.....












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1 hour ago, Options said:

back to the top

Could your transaction have been intercepted by a hacker changing the destination wallet address? If so, would this be a shapeshift hack or your computer hack? I also recently lost my funds on a shapeshift btc to XRP transaction..small amount though


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1 hour ago, MDH said:

Agreed, deffo scammed.

I noticed this too. You have to check the URL very carefully. Once on the correct site, bookmark that URL and only navigate via your bookmark. I too noticed that you went to shapeSShift.io instead of shapeShift.io.

@Mercury we should change the title of this post and possibly lock it. 

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Thank you @Mercury for unlocking my topic. 

Here is the update guys, I will post the two screenshots of my conversation with ShapeShift, and I will then say a few words. Please share your thoughts with me, I appreciate all comment.





ShapeShift really did scam me, I am the victim here.

I have never loaded ShapeSshift with double S into my browser, nor have I clicked on any suspicious links.

I am 100% confident that when I placed my order, they redirected me to that fake website so they can use it as excuse after I start looking for my funds. At this point, I highly doubt they will admit any fault. It is either done on purpose  to steal my money or there is fault in their security systems.

How come they have my order with my Ripple address, if I have placed the order somewhere else? When It was my turn to deposit funds into their account, they have redirected me to the ShapeSShift (double S) in order to steal my funds and use it as an excuse *Sorry, you were scammed. Very convenient of them isn't it ? Blaming me for clicking on links "in slack" ? lol


Please share your thoughts on this, makes sense doesn't it ?


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14 minutes ago, Mercury said:

I unlocked this thread because @Options said he had reply/ resolution from Shapeshift. 

@Options I am sorry this didn't work out for you, but I am not sure what we as a community can do for you. I think you will have to follow up with Shapeshift if you want a different resolution- although I suspect it will be difficult

Well, only ShapeShift can help me by returning my funds back to my wallet :) 

Topic is here to warn other people, please stay away from ShapeShift.io . I got burned and I hope I help someone with avoiding this trashy website.

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