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Gatehub import/delete xrp wallet


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Hello gentlemen!

I have some XRP paper wallet and a Gatehub account.

I imported a wallet on Gatehub (using of course my secret key)and everything was ok.

Then I deleted ("disconnected" should be the right word on Gatehub web interface) the same wallet from Gatehub in the hope that this procedure would delete from Gatehub server both the wallet address and secret key. Correctly I didn't see anymore the wallet in my Gatehub account.

After that I sent form another exchange some XRP to the wallet address that I previously "deleted" form Gatehub.

Now the strange thing: Gatehub notify me by email everytime I send XRP to that wallet even if that wallet is not more "imported" in Gatehub.

This make me think that when you delete a wallet on Gatehub they really don't delete it. 

is it possible?


Forgive my poor english.

Thank you


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3 hours ago, cmbartley said:

@Snafu If I remember correctly it takes Gatehub a month or so to completely delete all the details from their blob vault. Alternatively, the account monitoring functions may be separate from the account management functions. 

Do you know why Gatehub says that before deleting wallet it has to be empty?


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