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ShapeShift.io problem


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I am having difficulties with this crypto exchange website. It has been over 50 hours now since I have sent them my bitcoin in exchange of ripples and still no XRP on my wallet.

I have opened a ticked on their support system 2 days ago and I still got no reply from them. Bitcoin has not been refunded, nor XRP has been received in my wallet.  

This is the second time I am using their service. First time it took about 4 hours to get the exchange done, but this time it really is getting on my nerves.


Any idea why it could be taking so long ? Can anyone please share their experience with this website ?

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59 minutes ago, cmbartley said:

Are you sure you entered the right destination address?

Yes absolutely. I double checked everything before I have placed the order. 

I wasn't worried till today, I read another person's comment (attached). Apparently this person has been waiting for a month and still got no resolution. I am afraid same thing might happen to me... 

In any case, I will keep this topic updated, hopefully I get their response and my coins as soon as possible.


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I received a reply on my ticket from ShapeShift. I attach below...

Basically, they said they haven't received my BTC... but it has left from my wallet ?? So they blame blockchain for it... Any idea how I can fix this ? Please help me out...



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