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Withdrawing XRP from Bittrex


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8 minutes ago, RedPat said:

Cannot withdraw my XRP to my new Nano S Ripple wallet. No help from Bittrex in nearly a month, even with a Service Request Number. Need help!

Try not to worry ( I know it's easy to say) ... you cannot transfer from Bittrex because you first need to activate your nano s xrp wallet with 20 xrp. This 20 xrp must come via another source. Do you have an xrp wallet at another location like gatehub or bitstamp or Toast etc?

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After you have sent the activating 20 xrp from your alternative source you will be able to transfer your full xrp balance from bittrex using ID tag number 0 for the receiving nano s wallet. Recommend you do a minimum 30 xrp to activate nano so you can to a test withdraw of 5 or so xrp. If you are transferring back to bittrex, you MUST use the ID tag number bittrex provides for you.

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