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Cant find proper balance Bitstamp


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I have approximately  4000 xrp send to my wallet on Bitstamp from different sources. On Bitstamp it show the right amount. The thing I dont understand is the following: when I type Wallet Account (to which the ripples were sent) on Rippleinfo, ripplerm.github and xrpcharts.ripple.com  it show a balance of around XRP 8667044.564............................

I wish it was true...how is this possible, I dont get it.

Thanks in advance

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Hey Zim,


Thanks for the Reply. I included the adress ofcourse but not the destination tag. I can't specify it more cause you can't fill in the destination tag. I thought when I used the above mentioned  sites they give my the excact XRP amount on my account only. I know Bistamp uses the same destination tag when sending ripples to, so what I see is all the XRP sent to that destination ID I'm geussing. This is probably also the reason one can''t transfer funds to one Bitstamp account to another. When you sent to an Bitstamp account you need to put in the destination tag, so I'm guessing thats were Bitstamp sends the incoming ripples to, which mentioned sites cant see..


This is what I see:




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