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R3 sues Ripple (What?!)

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I actually like this development.  Cryptocurrency has long suffered a stigma of borne of its origins.  These lawsuits, no matter how they play out, legitimise XRP specifically as an asset of significa

The Bloomberg article provides the case numbers:  R3HoldCo. LLC v. Ripple Labs Inc., CA 2017-0652, Delaware Chancery Court Ripple Labs Inc. v. R3 LRC LLC, 15-561205,  Superior Court of Ca

After reading Ripple's response, it's loud and clear, R3 needs Ripple/XRP  much more than Ripple needs R3. Very bullish day for XRP. 

9 minutes ago, Duke67 said:

"Blockchain startup R3 sues competitor Ripple"



Someone would love to get those sweet XRPs...


Well those 5 billion will be tied up for a while now.. better start using 95 billion in your calculations for the time being. So, can we assume R3 will be using XRP and Ripple is selling at market value, at least when the contract is written?

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1 minute ago, Tull said:

And why wouldn't R3 have exercised the option to purchase prior to the June email from Brad? A lot of run up in price happened prior to that.

If you think the price can rise more, then you're in no hurry to exercise an option.... Or maybe they didn't have enough capital for this purchase at that time.



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